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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1097 playlist up with 46970 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-03-25MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
2. 2019-03-25
3. 2019-03-25WrenThe HerdAuburn Rule
4. 2019-03-25Dark EliteEarth-Ash-MutedVoid Omnipotent
5. 2019-03-25BeheritPagan MoonEngramSpinefarm
6. 2019-03-25The ManipulatedNeon MessiahNeon Messiah
7. 2019-03-25
8. 2019-03-25Cerebral ExtinctionLogic And ConspiracyNecro Parasite Anomaly
9. 2019-03-25Fallujah08 Eyes Like The SunUndying LightNuclear Blast Records
10. 2019-03-25The OceanNeoarcheanPrecambrianMetal Blade Records
11. 2019-03-25Darkest HourNo Closer Than a StrangerSo Sedated, So SecureVictory Records
12. 2019-03-25
13. 2019-03-25ThoriumThe lurkerFeral Creation
14. 2019-03-25Dark CenturyFrom Pain to FierceUnder Disorder
15. 2019-03-25Dying FetusEviscerated OffspringInfatuation With Malevolence Special Edition
16. 2019-03-25
17. 2019-03-25BEDTIMEMAGICDirty SheetsFuck 'Em AllSelf-Released
18. 2019-03-25Filtheater05 Swallowed at DuskBlight of Sempiternal PutrefactionMemento Mori
19. 2019-03-25FATAL CURSE04 Can't Stop the ThunderBreaking the Trance (CD, LP, TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
20. 2019-03-25New HellSnake CircleDeath, Rot, and RuinSelf-Released
21. 2019-03-25
22. 2019-03-25THE MACHINISTStrength Through SufferingConfidimus in MorteProsthetic Records
23. 2019-03-25TRIPSITTERBury MeThe Other Side Of SadnessProsthetic Records
24. 2019-03-25COSMIC PUTREFACTIONThe Ancient DemagogueAt The Threshold Of The Greatest ChasmI, Voidhanger Records
25. 2019-03-25
26. 2019-03-25Solitude AeturnusPainThrough the Darkest HourPavement Music
27. 2019-03-25NocturnusStanding in BloodThe KeyEarache
28. 2019-03-18MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
29. 2019-03-18
30. 2019-03-18Cannibal CorpseA Skull Full Of MaggotsEaten Back To Life
31. 2019-03-18HypocrisyFire in the SkyInto the AbyssNuclear Blast Records
32. 2019-03-18CrematoryThe Eyes Of SufferingTransmigration
33. 2019-03-18Iron HandOld HabitsUsurper Divine EPRedscroll Records
34. 2019-03-18
35. 2019-03-18Bastard SaplingSubterranean Rivers Of BloodInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media
36. 2019-03-18GorgutsConsidered Dead (Demo 1991)Demo Anthology
37. 2019-03-18MalignancyVaginal IncisorsMotivated by Hunger
38. 2019-03-18BenumbFlesh for FleshWithering Strands of HopeRelapse Records
39. 2019-03-18Outer HeavenEchoes From BeyondRealms Of Eternal DecayRelapse Records
40. 2019-03-18
41. 2019-03-18Cave InJuggernautUntil Your Heart StopsHydra Head
42. 2019-03-18Embrace the EndCarbombs and ConversationsListen or Pose (Abacus Records spring 2005)Abacus Recordings
43. 2019-03-18Kingdom of SorrowWith Barely a BreathBehind the Blackest TearsRelapse Records
44. 2019-03-18CandlemassAt The Gallows EndNightfall
45. 2019-03-18
46. 2019-03-18FALAISE3 - When The Sun Was Warming My HeartA Place I Don't Belong ToA Sad Sadness Song
47. 2019-03-18Malokarpatan02 Cesta podzemnými sálami KovovladaCesta podzemnými sálami KovovladaSun & Moon Records
48. 2019-03-18Martelo Negro04 Rameira NecromanteParthenogenesisHelldprod Records
49. 2019-03-18
50. 2019-03-18Toxik AttackLoucos Pelo Old SchoolEXTREME METAL ATTACK-ANNO XVI 2019 // Porto - PortugalHelldprod Records
51. 2019-03-18Sacrilegia02 Beyond the Fouler's SnareThe Triclavian AdventInvictus Productions
52. 2019-03-18Exumer03 Carnage RiderHostile DefianceMetal Blade Records
53. 2019-03-18
54. 2019-03-18American War MachineBullet in the HeadUnholy WarBridge Nine Records
55. 2019-03-18Sworn EnemySeeds of HateGamechangerM-Theory Audio
56. 2019-03-18Doombringer (Poland)Sworn to MaliceWalpurgis Fires LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
57. 2019-03-18WORMWITCHTwo WolvesHeaven That Dwells WithinProsthetic Records
58. 2019-03-18
59. 2019-03-18AgathodaimonWinterchildPhoenix
60. 2019-03-18Etherial WindsWinterSaved (EP)
61. 2019-03-18AshtarothAngel Of Lust, Angel Of DeathAngel Of Lust, Angel Of Death
62. 2019-03-18PeccatumI Breathe Without Access to AirBlackend, Vol. 4, Disc 2Metal Blade
63. 2019-03-18
64. 2019-03-18DantalionMy Last BreathAll Roads Lead to DeathXtreem Music
65. 2019-03-18BorknagarPanoramaWinter ThriceCentury Media Records
66. 2019-03-18Dark TranquillityVernal AwakeningTrail of Life Decayed
67. 2019-03-18Black BreathRazor To OblivionRazor To Oblivion EP
68. 2019-03-18
69. 2019-03-18SlugdgeSlave Goo WorldEsoteric Malacology
70. 2019-03-18Decaying ContinuumExpending Humanity WithinThe Burden of Entropy [Demo]
71. 2019-03-18Crown, The1999-Revolution 666Hell Is HereMetal Blade Records
72. 2019-03-18
73. 2019-03-18BLCKWVSBL
74. 2019-03-18NechochwenTraversing the Shades of DeathHeart of AkamonNordvis Produktion
75. 2019-03-18Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
76. 2019-03-11MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
77. 2019-03-11
78. 2019-03-11Judas PriestThe Hellion/Electric EyeLiving After Midnight
79. 2019-03-11Running WildKiss Of DeathThe Rivalry
80. 2019-03-11Fates WarningDon't Follow MeParallelsMetal Blade Records
81. 2019-03-11AvskumCuteRe-Crucified by the Systemarmageddon
82. 2019-03-11
83. 2019-03-11SodomRemember the FallenAgent OrangeSteamhammer/SPV
84. 2019-03-11Totalitarian (Italy)05 Of Bullets And GasBloodlandsBarren Void Records
85. 2019-03-11Cro MagsStreet justiceAge of quarrel
86. 2019-03-11Jesus PieceOppressorS/T EP
87. 2019-03-11VeinRebirth ProtocolErrorzone
88. 2019-03-11Vision of DisorderLiberationVision of DisorderRoadrunner Records
89. 2019-03-11CatatomicClawdioCatatomic
90. 2019-03-11
91. 2019-03-11Pro-PainThe Beast Is BackThe Truth HurtsSpitfire
92. 2019-03-11ObituaryMemories RemainCause of DeathRoadrunner Records
93. 2019-03-11
94. 2019-03-11Misery Index05 Hammering the NailsRituals Of PowerSeason of Mist
95. 2019-03-11Vananidr05. RiseVananidrPurity Through Fire
96. 2019-03-11OltretombaEpitaph on the cenotaphTHE HORROR - Figure del TerroreMoribund Records
97. 2019-03-11LATITUDESDovestonePart IslandDebemur Morti Productions
98. 2019-03-11
99. 2019-03-11SEAX04 Bring Down the BeastFallout Rituals (CD, LP, TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
100. 2019-03-11VIUDA NEGRA04 Sigue AsíAl Final / In the EndFighter Records
101. 2019-03-11Triumvir Foul02 Urine of Abomination IIUrine of AbominationInvictus Productions
102. 2019-03-11SERMON04 - ContritionBirth of the MarvellousProsthetic Records
103. 2019-03-11
104. 2019-03-11Goblet02 DinobotSpring Thaw EP
105. 2019-03-11Rivers of NihilThe Silent LifeWhere Owls Know My NameMetal Blade Records
106. 2019-03-11CEMETERY URNBarbaric RetributionBarbaric Retribution (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
107. 2019-03-11They And The ChildrenMeasure Of WorthTor Johnson Records SamplerTor Johnson Records
108. 2019-03-11
109. 2019-03-11Fallujah04 DopamineUndying LightNuclear Blast Records
110. 2019-03-11Artificial BrainEstranged From OrbitInfrared Horizon
111. 2019-03-11OverkillWelcome To The Garden StateThe Wings Of WarNuclear Blast Records
112. 2019-03-11Morbid AngelRebel LandsBlessed Are The SickCombat Records
113. 2019-03-11
114. 2019-03-11RudraSlay The Demons Of DualityEnemy Of Duality
115. 2019-03-11Internal BleedingInvisibleDriven to ConquerCrash Music, Inc.
116. 2019-03-11PsychoI'm going nuts
117. 2019-03-11IranachUnititled AKA "yay for Things That Fall Apart"Split - Structure of Lies Vs. Iranachdeepsix
118. 2019-03-11EzophagothomiaInstinct Of Inhuman DevourmentInstinct Of Inhuman Devourment
119. 2019-03-11
120. 2019-03-11Despised IconSheltered ReminiscenceIlls of Modern ManCentury Media Records
121. 2019-03-11DysenteryBaptized In DisbeliefDemo
122. 2019-03-11DråpVedergällningEn Naturlig DödXtreem Music
123. 2019-03-11Toxic HolocaustDeathmasterLive - Only Deaf Is Real
124. 2019-03-11
125. 2019-03-11Blood Incantation02 ChaoplasmStarspawnDark Descent Records
126. 2019-03-11Tomb Mold08 Vernal Grace _ OutroPrimordial Malignity CD/LPBlood Harvest Records
127. 2019-03-11Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
128. 2019-03-04MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
129. 2019-03-04
130. 2019-03-04Have HeartWatch Me Rise10.17.09
131. 2019-03-04ExpireVulturesWith Regret
132. 2019-03-04IntegrityBeneath Black Flames VVe Ride (2015)Integrity/Power Trip
133. 2019-03-04WormrotButt Krieg Is ShowingDirge
134. 2019-03-04HORRENDOUS04 Golgothan TonguesIdolSeason of Mist
135. 2019-03-04Power TripWaiting Around To DieNightmare Logic
136. 2019-03-04
137. 2019-03-04MeshuggahThis Spiteful SnakeObzenNuclear Blast
138. 2019-03-04NephasthFlames TriumphImmortal Unholy TriumphWorld War III (American Music Corp)
139. 2019-03-04DeathDenial Of LifeScream Bloody Gore
140. 2019-03-04VileSurgeryStench Of The Deceased
141. 2019-03-04
142. 2019-03-04AmorphisThe CastawayTales From the Thousand LakesRelapse Records
143. 2019-03-04MatriarchProfanityRevered Unto The Ages
144. 2019-03-04
145. 2019-03-04UNDEATH03 - Perverted Self ReflectionsDemo '19Caligari Records
146. 2019-03-04Ashen HordeProfound DarknessFallen CathedralsExtrem Metal Music
147. 2019-03-04AIHOS03. Eilinen Palaa (Yesterday's Return)Hävityksen Maa (The Land of Destruction)Helter Skelter Productions
148. 2019-03-04Grave InfestationMortality RateInfesticideInvictus Productions
149. 2019-03-04
150. 2019-03-04Battle BeastEdenNo More Hollywood EndingsNuclear Blast Records
151. 2019-03-04AvantasiaInvincibleMoonglowNuclear Blast Records
152. 2019-03-04AenimusBetween Iron and SilverDreamcatcherNuclear Blast Records
153. 2019-03-04Nailed To ObscurityThe Aberrant HostBlack FrostNuclear Blast Records
154. 2019-03-04
155. 2019-03-04SoilworkFull Moon ShoalsVerklighetenNuclear Blast Records
156. 2019-03-04SarvasSteadfastThe Throne EP
157. 2019-03-04Vainaja07 Risti Kädessäni (Cross in my hand)KadotetutSvart Records
158. 2019-03-04MAMMOTH STORMFORNJOTFornjotNapalm Records
159. 2019-03-04
160. 2019-03-04SidiousInfernal reignRevealed in profane splendourKaotoxin Records
161. 2019-03-04DECEASEDEndless WellGhostly White (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
162. 2019-03-04IncantationIncorporeal DespairProfane NexusRelapse Records
163. 2019-03-04Dead ConfederateSlow PoisonsIn the MarrowSpiderbomb
164. 2019-03-04
165. 2019-03-04Obtained EnslavementJoining the PastOut Of The Crypts
166. 2019-03-04CaliginosityThe Bitter PoisonIn Celebration of the SerpentBlack Plague Records - via Metalhit
167. 2019-03-04I Shalt BecomeThe Finest Cut of the ScalpelPoisonMoribund Records
168. 2019-03-04
169. 2019-03-04BarathrumBlack GoatEerieNazgul's Eyrie Productions
170. 2019-03-04Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
171. 2019-02-25MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
172. 2019-02-25
173. 2019-02-25DEATHTogether as OneHuman - 2 Disc Reissue (Radio Promo)Relapse Records
174. 2019-02-25EzophagothomiaWhen Earth Will Be Tired Of UsInstinct Of Inhuman Devourment
175. 2019-02-25SoreptionNothingness BecomingMonument Of The End
176. 2019-02-25IngestedPurveyors of TruthThe Level Above Human
177. 2019-02-25
178. 2019-02-25Incinerate04 - From Distant WorldsEradicating Terrestrial SpeciesComatose Music
179. 2019-02-25KatalepsyUnearthly Urge To SupremacyAutopsychosisUnique Leader Records
180. 2019-02-25ApiarySolidified FoundationLost in FocusMetal Blade/Ironclad
181. 2019-02-25Red Chord, TheIt Came from Over TherePrey for EyesMetal Blade
182. 2019-02-25
183. 2019-02-25AbyssalA Casual LandscapeAntikatastaseis
184. 2019-02-25KatahdinGreywolf (of the Dark Forest)Pamolaself-released
185. 2019-02-25Exordium MorsAscension Through Vanquished FleshThe Apotheosis of DeathIron Blood & Death Corporation
186. 2019-02-25KataklysmMaelstrom 2010The Temple of Knowledge
187. 2019-02-25DehumanizedDoomed to DieProphecies ForetoldPathos Productions
188. 2019-02-25
189. 2019-02-25Totalitarian02 On The Wings Of The Great TerrorBloodlandsBarren Void Records
190. 2019-02-25DrastusCrawling FireLa Croix de SangNorma Evangelium Diaboli
191. 2019-02-25AORATOSOf Harvest, Scythe and Sickle MoonGods Without NameDebemur Morti Productions
192. 2019-02-25
193. 2019-02-25Fallujah05 The Ocean AboveUndying LightNuclear Blast Records
194. 2019-02-25OBSCURING VEILDo You Want to See the Knife I Used?Fleshvoid To NaughtI, Voidhanger Records
195. 2019-02-25YSENGRINSans Appui Et Avec AppuiRéincrudationI, Voidhanger Records
196. 2019-02-25
197. 2019-02-25OverkillA Mother's PrayerThe Wings Of WarNuclear Blast Records
198. 2019-02-25Accursed Spawn03. Interrogated BludgeonmentThe Virulent Host - Out March 22, 2019PRC Music
199. 2019-02-25EstuaryLies of PromiseThe Craft of ContradictionIbex Moon Records
200. 2019-02-25ClitortureFlesh PollutionDisassembling the Human Form
201. 2019-02-25
202. 2019-02-25Faxed HeadGore and GutsExhumed at BirthAmarillo
203. 2019-02-25VornthRapid DeathVornthIron Tyrant
204. 2019-02-25BlisteredKingdom of TraitorsThe Poison of Self Confinement6131 Records
205. 2019-02-25In Dire NeedThe Granite CityThe Blood Of The Damned And The Waters Of False Prophecyself-released
206. 2019-02-25As Long As We're All Living We're All DyingSlitting Your Wrists On The Company Copy Machines/t
207. 2019-02-25Cult LeaderUseless AnimalUseless Animal
208. 2019-02-25
209. 2019-02-25Into the MoatThe Last CenturyThe CampaignMetal Blade
210. 2019-02-25Demoncy02 Risen From The Ancient RuinsEmpire of the Fallen Angel (Eternal Black Dominion) CD/LPForever Plagued Records
211. 2019-02-25Deny The CrossAlpha GhoulAlpha Ghoul LP
212. 2019-02-25BenedictionWest Of HellGrind Bastard
213. 2019-02-25CANCERGruesome TasksDeath Shall Rise
214. 2019-02-25
215. 2019-02-25TNT @ LabIndian SummerRealized FantasiesAtlantic
216. 2019-02-25Y&TMy Way or the HighwayBlack TigerA&M
217. 2019-02-25Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
218. 2019-02-18MinistryStigmataLand Of Rape And HoneyWarner Bros.
219. 2019-02-18
220. 2019-02-18Cradle of FilthSaffron's CurseMidianKoch Records
221. 2019-02-18Dimmu BorgirTormentor of Christian SoulsEnthrone Darkness TriumphantNuclear Blast Records
222. 2019-02-18WolfbrigadeWARSAW SPEEDWOLFRun With The HuntedSouthern Lord
223. 2019-02-18Judas PriestBetween The Hammer & The AnvilPainkiller [The Re-Masters]
224. 2019-02-18
225. 2019-02-18TyrantShadows of the NightThe Tyrant AnthologySteel Legacy Records
226. 2019-02-18ZaoThe End of His WorldSelf-TitledTooth & Nail
227. 2019-02-18Brother's KeeperThe Poison PlotFantasy KillerKingfisher Records
228. 2019-02-18PunchGet BackPunchDiscos Huelga / 625 Thrash
229. 2019-02-18ZoroasterBlack HoleMatadorE1 Entertainment
230. 2019-02-18
231. 2019-02-18Immortal SufferingDawn of the DeadInsatanity & Immortal Suffering split CD
232. 2019-02-18GATECREEPERPatriarchal GripSonoran DepravationRelapse Records
233. 2019-02-18NecropsyRefusal of Cross
234. 2019-02-18Knocked LooseDeadringerLaugh TracksPure Noise Records
235. 2019-02-18
236. 2019-02-18VoluptuaryNhìn vào bên trong (Look into the self)Hóa Thân (metamorphosis)
237. 2019-02-18FallujahCarved From StoneThe Flesh Prevails
238. 2019-02-18SutureMorbid SculptureMorbid Sculptureamputated_vein
239. 2019-02-18DisgorgeLymphatic Orgy in a Ulcerated IncubationChronic Corpora InfestAmerican Line Productions
240. 2019-02-18
241. 2019-02-18Praise the FlameDoomed By DarknessProfane Cult 12" MLPBlood Harvest
242. 2019-02-18The EternalNothing Remains Without UsUnder A New SunSombre Light Music
243. 2019-02-18MotorheadDancing On Your GraveNo Remorse (1999 Remaster) Disc I
244. 2019-02-18DanzigTired Of Being AliveDanzig II Lucifuge
245. 2019-02-18
246. 2019-02-18BLOODHUNTER07 All these Souls Shall Serve ForevThe End of FaithXtreem Music
247. 2019-02-18AT THE GATESThe ChasmTo Drink From The Night ItselfCentury Media Records
248. 2019-02-18Bastard PriestSacrilegious GroundGhouls Of The Endless NightBlood Harvest
249. 2019-02-18Dementia SimplexSlice 1088Yeah, I Killed My Mama
250. 2019-02-18
251. 2019-02-18Crowpaththe deedOne With Filth
252. 2019-02-18Iron LungPolitics of ScienceSexless/No SexPrank Records
253. 2019-02-18Coke BustCountdown To DeathLines In The Sand
254. 2019-02-18Hatred SurgePressuresDiscography
255. 2019-02-18Poison the Well12-23-93The Opposite of DecemberRoadrunner Records
256. 2019-02-18Mind EraserCoping MethodsGlacial Reign
257. 2019-02-18Innumerable FormsPetrifiedPromo 2016
258. 2019-02-18VeinOld Data in a Dead MachineErrorzone
259. 2019-02-18
260. 2019-02-18GodfleshStreetcleanerStreetcleanercombat
261. 2019-02-18East of the WallClowning AchievementFarmer's AlmanacForgotten Empire
262. 2019-02-18INTER ARMAThe Paradise GallowsParadise GallowsRelapse Records
263. 2019-02-18Year Of No LightSomnambuleNord [2CD Deluxe Edition - Nord I]
264. 2019-02-18ZozobraBird of PreyChampions of Sound 2008 7" Compilation
265. 2019-02-18
266. 2019-02-18SoreptionKing Of Undisputed NonsenseMonument Of The End
267. 2019-02-18General SurgerySevere catatonia in pathologyInternecine Prurience Rehearsal Demo III 09.90
268. 2019-02-18Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
269. 2019-02-11MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
270. 2019-02-11
271. 2019-02-11KyussHappy BirthdaySons of KyussBlack Highway Magic
272. 2019-02-11Electric WizardPatterns Of EvilBlack MassesMetal Blade
273. 2019-02-11ProvocatorGeneral Commander BaphometSatan, Chaos, Blood and TerrorMoribund Records
274. 2019-02-11TýrThe Hammer Of ThorRagnaroknapalm
275. 2019-02-11
276. 2019-02-11WaldgeflüsterDer TraumschänderSplit album- Panopticon & WaldgeflüsterNordvis Produktion
277. 2019-02-11
278. 2019-02-11AlphoenixForeshadowFinal Crusades
279. 2019-02-11AsaruInvoking the Serpent of DeathFrom The Chasms Of Oblivion
280. 2019-02-11ZgardWinter WithcraftReclusionSolitude Productions
281. 2019-02-11
282. 2019-02-11ChokeDown But Not OutChoke
283. 2019-02-11CREMATORY STENCH (us)Septic OffalGrotesque DeformitiesBlood Harvest Records
284. 2019-02-11Malevolent CreationCanvas Of FleshThe 13th BeastM-Theory Audio
285. 2019-02-11Bergraven03 Den följsamma plåganDet framlidna minnetNordvis Productions
286. 2019-02-11
287. 2019-02-11ONIROPHAGUS02 Book of the Half MenEndarkenmentXtreem Music
288. 2019-02-11OMICIDA03 Omicida - (Shot At Point Blank)Defrauded ReignSelf-Released
289. 2019-02-11BEWITCHERSide A - Too Fast For The FlamesToo Fast for the Flames 7" EPShadow Kingdom Records
290. 2019-02-11FORGED IN BLACKOne in the ChamberDescent of the SerpentFighter Records
291. 2019-02-11
292. 2019-02-11UrkraftThe Great SummerInhuman AberrationEarache
293. 2019-02-11ToundraMedusaToundra
294. 2019-02-11Downfall Of Gaia02 The Grotesque Illusion of BeingEthic Of Radical FinitudeMetal Blade Records
295. 2019-02-11
296. 2019-02-11NecrophiliacNecrotic Narcosis [Unreleased EP I '91]Maze of Forking Paths [CD1]Xtreem Music
297. 2019-02-11Dawn of DreamsHell BeneathDarklight AwakeningWorld War III
298. 2019-02-11Thy PrimordialBlodsgräsUnder Iskall Troll ManeWorld War III (American Music Corp)
299. 2019-02-11Iron MonkeyBig LoaderIron MonkeyEarache
300. 2019-02-11SighAletheiaHeir To Despair
301. 2019-02-11
303. 2019-02-11MassacraWorld Dies ScreamingSigns of the Decline
304. 2019-02-11NecrófagoScreams Of Pain - track 2/3Desire For Blood ( 1987 )
305. 2019-02-11Down from the WoundDrown in Unjustified ExtinctionViolence and the MacabreComatose Music
306. 2019-02-11
307. 2019-02-11ImpietyAs Judea BurnsTerroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)Agonia Records
308. 2019-02-11PeccatumI Breathe Without Access to AirBlackend, Vol. 4, Disc 2Metal Blade
309. 2019-02-11Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
310. 2019-02-04MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
311. 2019-02-04
312. 2019-02-04MIDNIGHTDeath ScreamShox of ViolenceHells Headbangers Records
313. 2019-02-04Angel Corpse07.SoulflayerHammer of Gods (re-release)
314. 2019-02-04Bleeding FistDeath Almighty DeathDeaths Old StenchMoribund Records
315. 2019-02-04MoonspellThe Southern DeathstyleThe AntidoteCentury Media
316. 2019-02-04
317. 2019-02-04DeathRegurgitated GutsScream Bloody Gore
318. 2019-02-04GhoulCoffins and CuriosWe Came for the Dead
319. 2019-02-04BLACK DEATH05 Scream of the Iron MessiahBlack Death (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
320. 2019-02-04DiabolicalGod of the UnderworldA Thousand DeathsWorld War III Music
321. 2019-02-04
322. 2019-02-04KarmacipherStagnantNecroracle
323. 2019-02-04WormholeAutomated Distress SignalGenesis
324. 2019-02-04INVOCATION SPELLSROTTING SACRIFICESpread Cruelty In The Abyss (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
325. 2019-02-04Book Of Black EarthAntarcticaThe Cold TestamentProsthetic Records
326. 2019-02-04
327. 2019-02-04GWARHell IntroViolence Has ArrivedMetal Blade Records
328. 2019-02-04GWARBattle-LustViolence Has ArrivedMetal Blade Records
329. 2019-02-04
330. 2019-02-04THE MOTH GATHERERMotionless In OceaniaEsoteric OppressionAgonia Records
331. 2019-02-04YERuSELEM02_AUTOIMMUNITYThe SublimeDebemur Morti Productions
332. 2019-02-04Lucifera (Colombia)Sigillum DiaboliLa Caceria De BrujasDunkelheit Produktionen
333. 2019-02-04Nomenclature DiablerieLovecraft888 12" MLPNuclear War Now! Productions
334. 2019-02-04
335. 2019-02-04CénotapheFace aux feux d'un soleil porphyréEmpyrée 12" MLPNuclear War Now! Productions
336. 2019-02-04Mortanius03. JadedTill Death Do Us Part - Out Feb 22, 2019Rockshots Records
337. 2019-02-04FUNEREAL PRESENCEWherein a Messenger of the Devil AppearsAchatiusThe Ajna Offensive
338. 2019-02-04
339. 2019-02-04Carpathian ForestDeath TriumphantBlack Shining Leather/Through Chasm, Caves and Titan WoodsWorld War III Music
340. 2019-02-04ExcommunionThe Rites of the ExcommunicationSuperionWorld War III
341. 2019-02-04
342. 2019-02-04Fear of EternityAtrocious PainSpirit Of SorrowMoribund Records
343. 2019-02-04Blasphemy04 Victory (Son of the Damned)Victory (Son of the Damned) DLP/CD/TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
344. 2019-02-04AbythosOmnimalevolentKillzome Records Release Sampler 2006/2007
345. 2019-02-04AmpütatorHellpanzer ExecrateSatanic Forcefucked Annihilation
346. 2019-02-04
347. 2019-02-04Withered EarthFrom Whence the Flesh We ConquerInto the Deepest WoundsOlympic
348. 2019-02-04KreatorWitching HourIn The Name Of Satan
349. 2019-02-04Demolition HammerPyroclastic AnnihilationEpidemic of ViolenceCentury Media Records
350. 2019-02-041349ExorcismMassive Cauldron of ChaosSeason of Mist
351. 2019-02-04
352. 2019-02-04Bestial WarlustSatanicVengeance War Till Death
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735. 2018-12-10
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895. 2018-11-19
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1054. 2018-10-29
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1059. 2018-10-29ACID WITCH03 I Hate HalloweenEvil Sound Screamers (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1060. 2018-10-29
1061. 2018-10-29GravelandBarbarism ReturnsCarpathian Wolves
1062. 2018-10-29Autopsy10. Parasitic EyeTourniquets, Hacksaws and GravesPeaceville Records
1063. 2018-10-29VenomRiddle Of SteelThe Waste LandsUnder One Flag
1064. 2018-10-29BeheritDestroyer of Thousand WorldsEngramSpinefarm
1065. 2018-10-29
1066. 2018-10-29Metal AllegianceTerminal Illusion (feat. Mark Tornillo)Volume II - Power Drunk MajestyNuclear Blast Records
1067. 2018-10-29ZEALOT CULTRepent In FlamesSpiritual SicknessBlood Harvest Records
1068. 2018-10-29FUNERAL CHIC03 - FUNERAL CHIC - LEFT ALONESuperstitionProsthetic Records
1069. 2018-10-29LanguishRecommenceUnworthyProsthetic Records
1070. 2018-10-29Cripple BastardsLa Memoria Del DoloreLa Fine Cresce Da DentroRelapse Records
1071. 2018-10-29
1072. 2018-10-29MonstrathIncbus In ChurchThe World Serves To EvilDownfall Records
1073. 2018-10-29VoodusThe GoldenInto the Wild CD/LP/TAPEShadow Records
1074. 2018-10-29Sacrificium CarmenKaitselmuksen tähtiHermeticaSaturnal Records
1075. 2018-10-29Witchthroat Serpent03 Pauper's GraveSwallow The VenomSvart Records
1076. 2018-10-29
1077. 2018-10-29HrizgThe Mystery Of The Dead StarsSoterionMoribund Records
1078. 2018-10-29PROFANATICAAltar of the Virgin WhoreAltar of the Virgin Whore (MCD, 12" MLP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1079. 2018-10-29191405. Beat The BastardsThe Blind Leading the BlindDarkness Records
1080. 2018-10-29LetheriaOne Spit of a Thousand SwearsDeath - PrincipleSaturnal Records
1081. 2018-10-29
1082. 2018-10-29The OceanSilurian: Age of Sea ScorpionsPhanerozoic I: PalaeozoicMetal Blade Records
1083. 2018-10-29PsycropticEuphorinasiaThe Inherited RepressionNuclear Blast GmbH
1084. 2018-10-29BARBARIAN (Italy)06 Bone KnifeCult of the Empty Grave (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1085. 2018-10-29GravebreakerPray For DeathSacrificeGates of Hell Records
1086. 2018-10-29
1087. 2018-10-29MORBIDBeyond The Last MidnightLast Supper (Demo 1988)
1088. 2018-10-29ZygoatsisBlack-Forced KhaostormS.K.U.D. (Satanic Kultus - Unholy Desecration)
1089. 2018-10-29Temeluchusregions of hell's fire kingdomDemo II
1090. 2018-10-29Tengger CavalryIn The StormBlack Steed
1091. 2018-10-29WeltmachtBurning Red In The CloudsAnd To Every Beast Its Prey
1092. 2018-10-29
1093. 2018-10-29LASCARSubmissionWildlifeA Sad Sadness Song
1094. 2018-10-29Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1095. 2018-10-22MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1096. 2018-10-22
1097. 2018-10-22All That RemainsEraseBehind Silence and SolitudeRazor & Tie Music
1098. 2018-10-22Souls at ZeroTaken ApartA Taste for the PerverseEnergy Records
1099. 2018-10-22Deathspell OmegaWings Of PredationParacletusNorma Evangelium Diaboli
1100. 2018-10-22CULTES DES GHOULESThe Woods of PowerSinister (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1101. 2018-10-22
1102. 2018-10-22Outre-TombeAberrationNécrovortexTemple of Mystery
1103. 2018-10-22SadusThrough the Eyes of GreedA Vision of MiseryRoadrunner Records
1104. 2018-10-22Demolition HammerSkull Fracturing NightmareEpidemic of ViolenceCentury Media Records
1105. 2018-10-22GruesomeInhumaneTwisted PrayersRelapse Records
1106. 2018-10-22
1107. 2018-10-22Avatar (Swe)Torn ApartBlack Waltz
1108. 2018-10-22GhoulLife of the Living DeadSplatterthrashRazorback Records
1109. 2018-10-22
1110. 2018-10-22LUCIFER'S CHILD3.Fall Of The Rebel AngelsThe OrderAgonia Records
1111. 2018-10-22ESOCTRILIHUMDramath ÜrhInhümaI, Voidhanger Records
1112. 2018-10-22BARÚSEngorgeDrownedMemento Mori
1113. 2018-10-22RUINDeath Meditation TranceHuman AnnihilationMemento Mori
1114. 2018-10-22
1115. 2018-10-22IomairDance Of Eternal InsanityIomairInfamous Butcher Records
1116. 2018-10-22KorpiklaaniHarmajaKulkijaNuclear Blast Records
1117. 2018-10-22DoroBackstage To HeavenForever WarriorsNuclear Blast Records
1118. 2018-10-22HöstblodTomheten del 2Mörkrets IntågWolfspell Records
1119. 2018-10-22
1120. 2018-10-22SAGE04 Dragon HeartAnno Domini 1573Rockshots Records
1121. 2018-10-22VHÄLDEMAR04 The Rest of my LifeShadows of CombatFighter Records
1122. 2018-10-22BewitchedLet The Blood Run RedAt The Gates Of Hell
1123. 2018-10-22OblivionizedThe Nullification of PhilanthropyNullify The Cycle
1124. 2018-10-22
1125. 2018-10-22All Shall PerishLaid to RestHate. Malice. RevengeNuclear Blast
1126. 2018-10-22Waking the CadaverBlood Splattered SatisfactionPerverse Recollections of a Necromangler (2007)
1127. 2018-10-22Ghoulgotha06 Damp Breeze of Sleeping VeinsTo Starve the CrossDark Descent Records
1128. 2018-10-22BehemothIf Crucifixion Was Not Enough...I Loved You at Your DarkestMetal Blade Records
1129. 2018-10-22
1130. 2018-10-22Godless RisingThrough the Flames of RageTrumpet of TriumphMoribund Records
1131. 2018-10-22Skeletal EarthDying By The DollarEulogy Of A Dying Fetus
1132. 2018-10-22ExodusAnd Then There Were NoneBonded By Blood [1989 Combat Re-release]
1133. 2018-10-22Inside The FlamesBlack: These Shadows Know My NameColors Of Death
1134. 2018-10-22
1135. 2018-10-22The Gloom In the CornerMud (ft. Jerry Chard of Honest Crooks)Fear Me
1136. 2018-10-22Agressor02 The Unknown SpellNeverending Destiny
1137. 2018-10-22AscarisMortuum FlagellasGrapes of Wrath
1138. 2018-10-22CharonBreezeSorrowburn
1139. 2018-10-22
1140. 2018-10-22MerrimackSeraphic Conspiracy (Of the Angels and Their Mission)Of Entropy and Life DenialMoribund Records
1141. 2018-10-22Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1142. 2018-10-15MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1143. 2018-10-15
1144. 2018-10-15Outer HeavenMulticellular SavageryRealms Of Eternal DecayRelapse Records
1145. 2018-10-15RevocationFathomless CatacombsThe Outer OnesMetal Blade Records
1146. 2018-10-15Napalm DeathCD1 3. It Failed To ExplodeCoded Smears and More Uncommon SlursCentury Media Records
1147. 2018-10-15ObituarySplatteredWorld DemiseRoadrunner Records
1148. 2018-10-15DismemberShadowlandsMisanthropic EPNuclear Blast Records
1149. 2018-10-15
1150. 2018-10-15Ablaze My SorrowMy Last JourneyIf Emotions Still BurnNo Fashion Records
1151. 2018-10-15EucharistWith The SunMirrorworlds
1152. 2018-10-15DevastationForsaken HatredIdolatryCombat Records
1153. 2018-10-15Forced EntryAnacondaUncertain FutureCombat Records
1154. 2018-10-15
1155. 2018-10-15WindhandFirst To DieEternal ReturnRelapse Records
1156. 2018-10-15Type O NegativeBe My DruidessOctober Rust
1157. 2018-10-15
1158. 2018-10-15HaidukIcevoid NemesisExomancerSelf-Released
1159. 2018-10-15SUMERUEmbrace The ColdSUMMON DESTROYERWormhole Death Records
1160. 2018-10-15AIHOS (fin)Hetki Ennen KuolemaaIkuisuuden SuojaanRegain Records
1161. 2018-10-15NothgardShades of WarMalady XMetal Blade Records
1162. 2018-10-15
1163. 2018-10-15PSYCROPTIC05 - As The Kingdom DrownsAs The Kingdom DrownsProsthetic Records
1164. 2018-10-15FlageladörMicromegaPredileção Pelo MacabroHelldprod Records
1165. 2018-10-15Sex MessiahDrawing Closer to Sex MessiahEastern Cult of SodomyNuclear War Now! Productions
1166. 2018-10-15Blood Chalice (Finland)Saint FornicatorBlood Chalice CD + DVD/10" EPBlood Harvest Records
1167. 2018-10-15
1168. 2018-10-15ASYLUMRoad To Ruin3-3-88Shadow Kingdom Records
1169. 2018-10-15Witches HammerRabid CaptorCanadian Speed MetalNuclear War Now! Productions
1170. 2018-10-15VANIKWe Like to be FrightenedII Dark Season (CD)Shadow Kingdom Records
1171. 2018-10-15Cemetery LightsLemuraliaLemuralia TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
1172. 2018-10-15
1173. 2018-10-15Cirith UngolDoomed Plant (Live)Witch's GameMetal Blade Records
1174. 2018-10-15AnthraxI Am the LawAmong the LivingMegaforce/Island
1175. 2018-10-15PyrithionThe Invention of HatredThe Burden of Sorrow - SingleMetal Blade
1176. 2018-10-15Brutal TruthStench of ProfitExtreme Conditions Demand Extreme ResponsesCombat Records
1177. 2018-10-15Intense Hammer RageLaugh at You You're DyingAvagoyamugs
1178. 2018-10-15
1179. 2018-10-15Cro MagsStreet justiceAge of quarrel
1180. 2018-10-15American NightmareIt's The Limit (Cro-Mags cover)The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter
1181. 2018-10-15108Declarations on a GraveA New Beat from a Dead HeartDeathwish Records
1182. 2018-10-15Pig DestroyerThe Torture FieldsHead CageRelapse Records
1183. 2018-10-15Knocked LooseMy HeroesLaugh TracksPure Noise Records
1184. 2018-10-15
1185. 2018-10-15Combat NoiseAK47Frontline Offensive ForceOld Cemetery Records
1186. 2018-10-15Anaal NathrakhNew Bethlehem/Mass Death FuturesA New Kind of HorrorMetal Blade Records
1187. 2018-10-15Abominator11 Blood of the DamnedBarbaran War Worship CD/DLPNuclear War Now! Productions
1188. 2018-10-15Acid DeathWhile The End Is ComingPieces Of Mankind
1189. 2018-10-15
1190. 2018-10-15Dark AngelHunger of the UndeadDarkness Descendscombat
1191. 2018-10-15INVOCATION SPELLS02 LUST TO DEATHDescendent The Black Throne (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1192. 2018-10-15Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1193. 2018-10-08MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1194. 2018-10-08
1195. 2018-10-08Anaal NathrakhMother of SatanA New Kind of HorrorMetal Blade Records
1196. 2018-10-08Arcana ImperiaEntrails Fucking (Cadaveric StBetter Than Now
1197. 2018-10-08NaharMillenium's EchoLa Fascination du PireAvantgarde Music
1198. 2018-10-08ThouBelt of Fire to Guide Me, Cloak of Night to Hide MePeasantAutopsy Kitchen
1199. 2018-10-08
1200. 2018-10-08108WomanSongs of SeparationEqual Vision
1201. 2018-10-08IntegrityScorched EarthSplit - Integrity & KriegRelapse Records
1202. 2018-10-08ImperialLove LostWe Sail At Dawnpluto
1203. 2018-10-08TEMPLE OF VOID07 Graven DesiresLords of Death (CD, LP, TAPE)Shadow Kingdom
1204. 2018-10-08
1205. 2018-10-08Cult of LunaLeashThe BeyondEarache
1206. 2018-10-08PentagramWhen the Screams ComeTurn to StoneSnapper
1207. 2018-10-08SkinflintOkoveNyemba
1208. 2018-10-08
1209. 2018-10-08ARSIS03 Easy PreyVisitantAgonia Records
1210. 2018-10-08Morbid MessiahGraveyard HeadhunterDemoniac ParoxysmMemento Mori
1211. 2018-10-08MOSS UPON THE SKULL3. Impending EvilIn Vengeful ReverenceI, Voidhanger Records
1212. 2018-10-08EneferensAmethystThe Bleakness of Our ConstantBindrune Recordings
1213. 2018-10-08
1214. 2018-10-08Rise Of The Northstar06_Step By StepThe Legaci Of ShiSharpTone Records
1215. 2018-10-08THE ORDER OF APOLLYON03 Grey FatherMoriahAgonia Records
1216. 2018-10-08LASCARPetalsWildlifeA Sad Sadness Song
1217. 2018-10-08WindhandGrey GardenEternal ReturnRelapse Records
1218. 2018-10-08
1219. 2018-10-08OutreCombustionHollow EarthDebemur Morti Productions
1220. 2018-10-08Daagh02DaaghWolfspell Records
1221. 2018-10-08Mourning by Morning3. The Bride Of IceMourning by MorningWolfspell Records
1222. 2018-10-08
1223. 2018-10-08IntronautA Monolithic VulgarityVoidLifeforce
1224. 2018-10-08A Life Once LostI Give InHunterRoadrunner Records
1225. 2018-10-08HatebreedLife Is PainFor the LionsE1 Entertainment
1226. 2018-10-08MerauderTrack 01Demo 93 w/ Minus
1227. 2018-10-08TerrorBetter Off Without YouLowest of the LowBridge Nine Records
1228. 2018-10-08Dead KennedysLife SentenceGive Me Convenience or Give Me DeathAlternative Tentacles
1229. 2018-10-08
1230. 2018-10-08100 DemonsSomething Terrible100 DemonsDead Serious
1231. 2018-10-08UnearthArise the War CryDarkness in the LightMetal Blade
1232. 2018-10-08Rise & FallTo the BottomOur Circle Is ViciousDeathwish Records
1233. 2018-10-08Sworn EnemyNeverIntegrity Defines StrengthNon EMI
1234. 2018-10-08
1235. 2018-10-08Pig DestroyerSnuff Film at ElevenProwler in the YardRelapse Records
1236. 2018-10-08RiseThe Fallacy of Retrospective DeterminismSignal to NoiseFerret Music
1237. 2018-10-08UnmooredNow and ForeverCimmerianChrome Dreams
1238. 2018-10-08Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1239. 2018-10-01MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1240. 2018-10-01
1241. 2018-10-01There Were Wiresbigger and better thingsThere Were Wires
1242. 2018-10-01LifeloverBecksvart FrustrationSjukdomProphecy
1243. 2018-10-01GruesomeA Waste of LifeTwisted PrayersRelapse Records
1244. 2018-10-01DeathLeft To DieLeprosyrelativity
1245. 2018-10-01
1246. 2018-10-01Grief Of EmeraldVisual AggressionOrder of the TyrantsDwell Records
1247. 2018-10-01Year Of No LightMetanoiaNord [2CD Deluxe Edition - Nord II]
1248. 2018-10-01CsejtheTranscendanceTranscendanceMorbid Winter Records
1249. 2018-10-01Life is PainOppressive Nights in Mental AsylumBloody Melancholy
1250. 2018-10-01
1251. 2018-10-01NunslaughterHells Unholy Fire (The Rotting Christ)Demoslaughter [Disc 1]Hells Headbangers Records
1252. 2018-10-01ROTTING CHRIST5. Grandis Spiritus DiavolosLucifer Over AthensSeason of Mist
1253. 2018-10-01
1254. 2018-10-01CULTES DES GHOULESDay of JoySinister (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1255. 2018-10-01SkepticismPourStormcrowfleetSvart Records
1256. 2018-10-01
1257. 2018-10-01BehemothEcclesia Diabolica CatholicaI Loved You at Your DarkestMetal Blade Records
1258. 2018-10-01ExxxekutionerMass DisorderDeath SentenceUlthar Records
1259. 2018-10-01Waxen03 Waxen Terror DecreeTerror DecreeDigital Servicing
1260. 2018-10-01Kyprian's CircleKun puhui myrskyn henki (Speaking of the storm spirit)Noitatulen vartija (The wreath guard)Werewolf Records
1261. 2018-10-01Realms Of Eternal Decay
1262. 2018-10-01Outer HeavenPulsating SwarmRealms Of Eternal DecayRelapse Records
1263. 2018-10-01PUTRISECTRealm Of MalevolenceCascading InfernoBlood Harvest Records
1264. 2018-10-01Cirith UngolWitches GameWitch's GameMetal Blade Records
1265. 2018-10-01InfestusSeed of AgonyThrypsisDebemur Morti Productions
1266. 2018-10-01
1267. 2018-10-01Forgotten TombUnder Saturn Retrograde Part IIUnder Saturn RetrogradeAgonia Records
1268. 2018-10-01Thy LightA Crawling Worm in a World of LiesSuici.De.pression
1269. 2018-10-01Etherial WindsTrageyFind The Way... Together
1270. 2018-10-01
1271. 2018-10-01Eternal SufferingRemain Forever in MiseryRecollections of Tragedy and MiseryPathos Productions
1272. 2018-10-01RevocationVanitasThe Outer OnesMetal Blade Records
1273. 2018-10-01DEICIDEDefying The SacredOvertures Of BlasphemyCentury Media Records
1274. 2018-10-01EntrailsEnd of all ExistenceThe Tomb Awaitsmetalblade
1275. 2018-10-01
1276. 2018-10-01Happy DaysDefeated By LifeDefeated by Life
1277. 2018-10-01Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1278. 2018-09-24MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1279. 2018-09-24
1280. 2018-09-24ABORTEDExquisite Covinous DramaTerrorVisionCentury Media Records
1281. 2018-09-24DEICIDEAnointed In BloodOvertures Of BlasphemyCentury Media Records
1282. 2018-09-24Down from the WoundIll Fated AnnihilationViolence and the MacabreComatose Music
1283. 2018-09-24ObituarySeal Your FateXecutioner's Return
1284. 2018-09-24
1285. 2018-09-24SutureHemorrhage HeadMorbid Sculpture
1286. 2018-09-24Atrocious Abnormality04 - Erotic Tales of DisembowelmentFormed in DisgustComatose Music
1287. 2018-09-24Visceral DisgorgeStrangled And SodomizedIngesting PutridityAmputated Vein Records
1288. 2018-09-24WømbIn the Abyss of this Darkness in which the Spirit has Died to ItselfTaciturnPurodium Rekords
1289. 2018-09-24Blasphemy RitesApocalyptic WarHideous LordPagan Records
1290. 2018-09-24
1291. 2018-09-24Pig DestroyerArmy of CopsHead CageRelapse Records
1292. 2018-09-24BenumbOf My OwnSoul Of The Martyr
1293. 2018-09-24Forest StreamLegendTears of Mortal Solitude, Disc 1Earache Records
1294. 2018-09-24PanopticonSubject (CD2)Revisions Of The PastBindrune Recordings
1295. 2018-09-24
1296. 2018-09-24Morta SkuldHatred CreationDying Remains
1297. 2018-09-24MasterJustice Or FateCollection Of Souls
1298. 2018-09-24Agnostic FrontForgive Me MotherWarriorsNuclear Blast
1299. 2018-09-24WarzoneDon't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The StreetsDon't Forget The Struggle, Don't Forget The Streets
1300. 2018-09-24Rained InLoose EndsDemo 2018
1301. 2018-09-24DistressorPatience Runs ThinDemo 2018
1302. 2018-09-24
1303. 2018-09-24VeinQuitting InfinityErrorzone
1304. 2018-09-24
1305. 2018-09-24Anaal NathrakhObscene as CancerA New Kind of HorrorMetal Blade Records
1306. 2018-09-24HacavitzRelentless SleepNEX NIHILMoribund Records
1307. 2018-09-24GraveborneJumalan palvelija1918Wolfspell Records
1308. 2018-09-24
1309. 2018-09-24RevocationBlood AtonementThe Outer OnesMetal Blade Records
1310. 2018-09-24DEATHHAMMERBlack Speed InfernoChained to HellHells Headbangers Records
1311. 2018-09-24RuneshardDreaming SpireDreaming SpireWolfspell Records
1312. 2018-09-24ValkyriaTierra HostilTierra HostilFighter Records
1313. 2018-09-24
1314. 2018-09-24Malepeste/DysylumnLachésisCe qui fut, ce qui est, ce qui seraGoathorned Productions
1315. 2018-09-24Black Moldblackmold atavism 02 Worship NothingAtavismHelldprod Records
1316. 2018-09-24BONEHUNTERChildren of the AtomChildren of the AtomHells Headbangers Records
1317. 2018-09-24
1318. 2018-09-24Satanic Goat RitualBlack Beast Of Damnation/SSPSplit - Satanic Goat Ritual/Goat Felchfudgeworthy
1319. 2018-09-24ConvergeHomewreckerJane DoeEqual Vision
1320. 2018-09-24Hemdale18-Exhumed-Disinterred, DigestExhumed / In The Name Of Gore
1321. 2018-09-24Circle of Dead ChildrenDigestive CeremonyThe Genocide MachineDeathvomit Records
1322. 2018-09-24Random Acts Of ViolenceUnleashingPromo
1323. 2018-09-24
1324. 2018-09-24NoctemThe Adamantine DoorsExiliumProsthetic Records
1325. 2018-09-24TartarosImages of the Mystic SphereThe Grand Psychotic CastleNecropolis
1326. 2018-09-24Woods Of DesolationUnfoldAs The Stars
1327. 2018-09-24OpethThe Drapery FallsBlackwater ParkMusic For Nations
1328. 2018-09-24
1329. 2018-09-24CULT OF ERINYES (BEL)5. LonerTiberivsCaverna Abismal Records
1330. 2018-09-24ThyateriraThe UnspeakableBeholder
1331. 2018-09-24ABHOMINE08 - Abhomine- Nest Of DisgustLarvae Offal SwineOsmose Productions
1332. 2018-09-24Blood for BloodWasted Youth Crew (My Kind Belong Nowhere)Revenge on SocietyVictory Records
1333. 2018-09-24Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1334. 2018-09-17MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1335. 2018-09-17
1336. 2018-09-17EyehategodRobitussin and RejectionEyehategod
1337. 2018-09-17Primitive ManNakedSplit - Primitive Man & Unearthly TranceRelapse Records
1338. 2018-09-17AutopsyDestined to FesterMental Funeral
1339. 2018-09-17
1340. 2018-09-17GruesomeFatal IllusionsTwisted PrayersRelapse Records
1341. 2018-09-17WolfchantI Am WarEmbraced By Fire
1342. 2018-09-17Repulsive DissectionGenetically DerangedCut Open the AberrationSevared Records
1343. 2018-09-17WrongPustuleFeel GreatRelapse records
1344. 2018-09-17
1345. 2018-09-17Infinitum ObscureShunned by Thy Dark LightAncient Gods & Infinitum Obscure Split
1346. 2018-09-17Ossuary Insane02 UnfaithfulDecimation of the Flesh LPBlood Harvest Records
1347. 2018-09-17DisgustYou Have No RightBrutality of WarEarache Records
1348. 2018-09-17Disfigured DeadVisions of DeathVisions of DeathHells Headbangers Records
1349. 2018-09-17Blasphemy07 Atomic Nuclear DesolationLive RitualNuclear War Now! Productions
1350. 2018-09-17NACHASHRed Death Eclipse (A Savage Darkening)Phantasmal Trinunity (CD, LP, TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
1351. 2018-09-17
1352. 2018-09-17Chthonic03-Flames upon the WeepingBattlefields of AsuraSpinefarm Records
1353. 2018-09-17Rodent EpochMayhem In the Courtyard Of GodRodentlordSaturnal Records
1354. 2018-09-17Outre-TombeConcile CadavériqueNécrovortexTemple of Mystery
1355. 2018-09-17AdversoII - ConsummatioEx InanisPurodium Rekords
1356. 2018-09-17
1357. 2018-09-17LUCIFERICONSuccubus Of The 12th AetherAl-Khem-MeInvictus Productions
1358. 2018-09-17Valdrin04 Funeral Tides Of OrcusTwo Carrion Talismans CD/LPBlood Harvest Records
1359. 2018-09-17ELEGIACThrough Ancient EyesPagan StormATMF
1360. 2018-09-17DÖDSRITA drowning voiceSpirit CrusherProsthetic Records
1361. 2018-09-17
1362. 2018-09-17PsychoRiches And FamePsychoAx/cTION Records
1363. 2018-09-17PIG DESTROYERDeny Everything (Circle Jerks Cover)‘Blind, Deaf and Bleeding’ EPRelapse Records
1364. 2018-09-17VoivodBlowerWar And Pain
1365. 2018-09-17RancorAddicted to HateDark FutureXtreem Music
1366. 2018-09-17MiasmalExcelsiorCursed RedeemerCentury Media Records
1367. 2018-09-17
1368. 2018-09-17ChurchburnLines Of RedNonce Shall Live... The Hymns Of MiseryArmageddon Label
1369. 2018-09-17KOMMANDANTBlood EelBlood EelATMF
1370. 2018-09-17SheolDeluge of TehomSepulchral Ruins Below The Temple 12" MLPIron Bonehead Productions
1371. 2018-09-17Goat Disciple03 Torture SiddhiWolfcult Domination CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
1372. 2018-09-17
1373. 2018-09-17At WarDawn of deathOrdered to kill -1986
1374. 2018-09-17Witch KingMocking the SeraphimVoice of the Ossuary CD/LPBlood Harvest Records
1375. 2018-09-17ARCHGOATStar of DarknessThe Luciferian CrownDebemur Morti Productions
1376. 2018-09-17ConanVexxagonExistential Void GuardianIron Avantgarde Publishing GmbH
1377. 2018-09-17
1378. 2018-09-17Circus TreesFloating StillFloating Still
1379. 2018-09-17Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1380. 2018-09-10MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1381. 2018-09-10
1382. 2018-09-10ONLY LIVING WITNESSSome will never knowInnocentscenturymedia
1383. 2018-09-10MorgionAll the Glory...SolinariRelapse Records
1384. 2018-09-10All Out WarSoaked in TormentFor Those Who Were CrucifiedVictory Records
1385. 2018-09-10ConvergeA Single TearThe Dusk In UsEpitaph Records
1386. 2018-09-10
1387. 2018-09-10EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
1388. 2018-09-10Today Is the DayKiss the PigKiss the PigRelapse Records
1389. 2018-09-10DEICIDEAll That Is EvilOvertures Of BlasphemyCentury Media Records
1390. 2018-09-10GolemMutilated OrgansRecall The Day Of Incarnation (Demo '93)
1391. 2018-09-10
1392. 2018-09-10Drawn & QuarteredEmbrace of DarknessExtermination RevelryMoribund Records
1393. 2018-09-10Funeral NationVisions of Hypocrisy
1394. 2018-09-10Ripping CorpseThrough the Skin to the SoulDreaming with the DeadMaze/Kraze Records
1395. 2018-09-10GATECREEPERSterilizedSonoran DepravationRelapse Records
1396. 2018-09-10
1397. 2018-09-10Beyond the Sixth SealThe Gates of RedemptionA Homocide Divine
1398. 2018-09-10
1399. 2018-09-10Death Of A NationNo Love From AboveDeath Of A Nation
1400. 2018-09-10DealbreakerDead EndReflectionsSelf-Released
1401. 2018-09-10RamallahThe Horror and the GagKill a CelebrityThorp
1402. 2018-09-10Reign SupremePerservere and OvercomeTesting the Limits of InfiniteDeathwish Records
1403. 2018-09-10Love Lost But Not ForgottenLoathingLove Lost But Not ForgottenHappy Couples Never Last
1404. 2018-09-10Into the MoatThe Golden VileMeans By Which The End Is JustifiedLoveLost Records
1405. 2018-09-10
1406. 2018-09-10Ire WolvesThe Beguiling SerpentHeirs
1407. 2018-09-10Ed GeinChristianity as Foreign PolicyJudas Goats and DieseleatersMetal Blade
1408. 2018-09-10ShiverClean SlateDemoShift
1409. 2018-09-10LividityGore EpitomiteUsed, Abused and LeftMorbid
1410. 2018-09-10WhiplashWarlordWhiplash
1411. 2018-09-10
1412. 2018-09-10EnthronedRetribution of the Holy TrinityThe Apocalypse Manifestosomber_music
1413. 2018-09-10Keep of KalessinThe Dragontower (Extreme Version)Introspection EP
1414. 2018-09-10Dragon LordWolf HuntRaptureSpitfire Records
1415. 2018-09-10CrucifyreWolf's HourBlack Magic FirePulverised Records
1416. 2018-09-10
1417. 2018-09-10AbsurdEternal WinterFacta Loquuntur
1418. 2018-09-10WasteformCycles of TyrannyIgnorance Through
1419. 2018-09-10GorezoneMass Murder by One FormBrutalities of Modern DominationXtreem Music
1420. 2018-09-10Cerebral BoreHorrendous Acts of IniquityI Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)/Horrendous Acts of IniquityEarache Records
1421. 2018-09-10
1422. 2018-09-10Amon AmarthThe Pursuit Of VikingsFate of NornsMetal Blade
1423. 2018-09-10PsycropticBlood Stained LineageOb(servant), Disc 1Nuclear Blast
1424. 2018-09-10SORROWforced repressionHatred and Disgust
1425. 2018-09-10Cannibal CorpsePurification by FireKillMetal Blade Records
1426. 2018-09-10
1427. 2018-09-10So HideousGloryLast Poem / First LightProsthetic Records
1428. 2018-09-10RamessesBlack Hash MassTake the CurseRitual Productions
1429. 2018-09-10Unholy GhostSoul DismentTorrential ReignCentury Media
1430. 2018-09-10Dark TranquilityFeast Of BurdenHaven
1431. 2018-09-10Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1432. 2018-09-03MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1433. 2018-09-03
1434. 2018-09-03ConanDying GiantHorseback Battle HammerThrone Records
1435. 2018-09-03EyehategodNobody Told MeEyehategod
1436. 2018-09-03ThouFucking Chained to the Bottom of the OceanTyrantGilead Media
1437. 2018-09-03HorsebackTyrant SymmetryThe Invisible MountainRelapse Records
1438. 2018-09-03
1439. 2018-09-03Among the DecayedVexxxedDead RisingWormblud
1440. 2018-09-03WormedDehydratingPlanisphærium
1441. 2018-09-03Inherit DiseaseHivemindVisceral TranscendenceUnique Leader Records
1442. 2018-09-03Cerebral Effusionforthcoming cannibalismViolence In Motion
1443. 2018-09-03
1444. 2018-09-03Suffering Hour06 Through Vessels of Arcane PowerIn Passing Ascension CD/LPBlood Harvest Records
1445. 2018-09-03CandlemassBlack Stone WielderEpicus Doomicus Metallicus
1446. 2018-09-03
1447. 2018-09-03Sepulcher03 Corrupting the CosmosPanoptic HorrorEdged Circle Productions
1448. 2018-09-03Burial ShrineIV - To See Beyond The MaskLabyrinth of BridgesSaturnal Records
1449. 2018-09-03BlasphemyWeltering in BloodBlood Upon the Altar LPNuclear War Now! Productions
1450. 2018-09-03Cultural Warfare04-Eyes of the LandWarmageddonM-Theory Audio
1451. 2018-09-03
1452. 2018-09-03They GrieveThe Name Of The VoidI Made My Sacrifice AccordinglyTranscending Records
1453. 2018-09-03OwlTransparent MonumentNights In DistortionTemple of Torturous
1454. 2018-09-03OSSUARY ANEXDivine ChastisementHoly BlasphemitionXtreem Music
1455. 2018-09-03GRISLYThe Casket EatersThe Spectral WarsXtreem Music
1456. 2018-09-03
1457. 2018-09-03Diabolic Force (Brazil)Cross in FirePraise of SatanHells Headbangers Records
1458. 2018-09-03Ominous EclipseLost At SeaSinisterSelf-Released
1459. 2018-09-03Set Before UsIdentityVitaeEclipse Records
1460. 2018-09-03WILD05 Vuela AltoSin PiedadFighter Records
1461. 2018-09-03
1462. 2018-09-03Solitude AeturnusThe 8th DayThrough the Darkest HourPavement Music
1463. 2018-09-03Acid BathVenus Blue (W/ No Shit)Paegan Terrorism Tactics (Radio Edits)
1464. 2018-09-03WATAIN8. The Fire of PowerTrident Wolf EclipseCentury Media Records
1465. 2018-09-03
1466. 2018-09-03Within Choking RangeSea of RazorsMost People Just Die
1467. 2018-09-03Animals Killing PeopleHuman Disgusting SpeciesKentucky Fried KillingSevared Records - via Metalhit
1468. 2018-09-03SepsismDissectionPurulent DecompositionRepulse
1469. 2018-09-03All Shall PerishSo Far Too LongHate. Malice. RevengeNuclear Blast
1470. 2018-09-03
1471. 2018-09-03BloodletStew for the Murder MindedSeraphim FallVictory Records
1472. 2018-09-03NekrogoblikonKilling Time (and Space)Welcome to Bonkers
1473. 2018-09-03Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1474. 2018-08-27MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1475. 2018-08-27
1476. 2018-08-27AcceptBalls To The WallBalls To The Wall
1477. 2018-08-27Ramming SpeedBogus FacadeBrainwreckTeenage Disco Bloodbath
1478. 2018-08-27EkbombsRecidivist Divisiondemo
1479. 2018-08-27Malevolent Creation04.HalvedEnvenomed
1480. 2018-08-27
1481. 2018-08-27DissectionBlack DragonReinkaosThe End Records
1482. 2018-08-27MeshuggahCorridor of ChameleonsChaosphereNuclear Blast
1483. 2018-08-27MucopusOne Is Too Many and a Thousand Is Never EnoughMulch?!?
1484. 2018-08-27AutopsyDeath TwitchActs of the UnspeakablePeaceville Records
1485. 2018-08-27
1486. 2018-08-27Grim ReaperSee You In HellSee You In Hellrca
1487. 2018-08-27SacrificeExistence Within EternitySoldiers of Misfortune
1488. 2018-08-27Ossuary Insane02 Killing Mortals_Laid To Waste (20Possession of the Flesh LPBlood Harvest Records
1489. 2018-08-27Rotten Casket08 Falling SkiesEmerged From BeyondUnderground Movement
1490. 2018-08-27
1491. 2018-08-27KOMMANDANTIce GiantBlood EelATMF
1492. 2018-08-27ARCHGOATThe messiah of pigsThe Luciferian CrownDebemur Morti Productions
1493. 2018-08-27BesraDwell In GloomAnhedoniaTemple of Torturous
1494. 2018-08-27Witch KingApocalypse TribeVoice of the Ossuary CD/LPBlood Harvest Records
1495. 2018-08-27
1496. 2018-08-27DEICIDESeal the Tomb BelowOvertures Of BlasphemyCentury Media Records
1497. 2018-08-27Monstrosity03 RadiatedThe Passage Of ExistenceMetal Blade Records
1498. 2018-08-27ABORTEDVespertine DecayTerrorVisionCentury Media Records
1499. 2018-08-27Siege Of Power04 Born into HateWarning BlastMetal Blade Records
1500. 2018-08-27
1501. 2018-08-27Pig DestroyerConcrete BeastHead CageRelapse Records
1502. 2018-08-27INFERA BRUOEndnotesCerementProsthetic Records
1503. 2018-08-27Malthusian03 Sublunar HexAcross DeathsInvictus Productions
1504. 2018-08-27All My SinsVetrovo KoloPra Sila - Vukov TotemSaturnal Records
1505. 2018-08-27
1506. 2018-08-27Circle Of Dead ChildrenSleepwalkerHuman Harvest
1507. 2018-08-27Beast Of DamnationConsumed by AlgaeGrizzly Tales Of Terror
1508. 2018-08-27WEEKEND NACHOSBlack EarthWorthlessRelapse Records
1509. 2018-08-27
1510. 2018-08-27Cruel HandVigilant CitizenThe Negatives
1511. 2018-08-27One King DownIn the BloodGod Loves, Man KillsEqual Vision
1512. 2018-08-27MalignancyOvarian IncubationCross Species TransmutationUnited Guttural Records
1513. 2018-08-27DeathLeft To DieFate
1514. 2018-08-27
1516. 2018-08-27Acid BathNew Death SensationPaegan Terrorism Tactics (Radio Edits)Rotten Records
1517. 2018-08-27MIASMADrowning In BloodChangesNapalm
1518. 2018-08-27Black FeastHideous MorbidityLarenuf JubileumNuclear War Now! Productions
1519. 2018-08-27
1520. 2018-08-27CEMETERY LUST07 Hideous NatureRotting in Piss (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1521. 2018-08-27Devoured FateUnleashed RaptureReality's Nightmare IllusionsHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
1522. 2018-08-27Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1523. 2018-08-20MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1524. 2018-08-20
1525. 2018-08-20HUNTRESS03_I Want To Fuck You To DeathStarbound BeastNapalm Records
1526. 2018-08-20LeviathanRun ForeverDeepest Secrets Beneath
1527. 2018-08-20WrathTest of FaithInsane SocietyMedusa Records
1528. 2018-08-20BurzumEn Ring Til Aa HerskeDet Som Engang VarDead Ringer
1529. 2018-08-20
1530. 2018-08-20Life At ZeroBaptised In PissLife In Piss - Demo 2001
1531. 2018-08-20Letters From The DeadBlue Eyed CorpseLive on WUNH
1532. 2018-08-20TherionKings Of EdomSitra AhraNuclear Blast GmbH
1533. 2018-08-20ThyrfingThe VoyagerVansinnesvisorHammerheart Records
1534. 2018-08-20
1535. 2018-08-20VYGRGalactic GarbageHypersleepCreator-Destructor
1536. 2018-08-20WhorgasmHighway StarSmothered Remake RemodelRawkus Entertainment
1537. 2018-08-20
1538. 2018-08-20IntegrityFlames of the ImmortalSplit - Integrity & KriegRelapse Records
1539. 2018-08-20Agoraphobic NosebleedQuestion of IntegrityAgorapocalypseRelapse Records
1540. 2018-08-20EvocationParasitesApocalypticMetal Blade
1541. 2018-08-20Unearthly TranceTriumphSplit - Primitive Man & Unearthly TranceRelapse Records
1542. 2018-08-20GOAT WORSHIP05 WolfShore of the DeadXtreem Music
1543. 2018-08-20
1544. 2018-08-20HAUNT (U.S.)05 WanderlustBurst Into Flame (CD, LP, TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
1545. 2018-08-20NecropsyAllienced With Darkness
1546. 2018-08-20Cattle DecapitationMolested/DigestedHomovorethree_one_g
1547. 2018-08-20Annotations of an AutopsyYears of DisgustBefore the Throne of InfectionPlastic Head Music
1548. 2018-08-20
1549. 2018-08-20UnleashedDissection LeftoversHell's UnleashedCentury Media
1550. 2018-08-20Cannibal CorpseDisfiguredVileMetal Blade
1551. 2018-08-20EstuaryDraining the DebtorTo Exist and EndureIbex Moon Records
1552. 2018-08-20VaderThe Black EyeWelcome to the Morbid ReichNuclear Blast (Warner)
1553. 2018-08-20
1554. 2018-08-20SodomBack to WarTapping the VeinSteamhammer
1555. 2018-08-20ImmortalGrim And DarkNorthern Chaos GodsNuclear Blast Records
1556. 2018-08-20PYREFICATIVMOm Namah Shivaya(Path of the world)Living Temple Records
1557. 2018-08-20THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR07 Destruction of the Holy SepulchreAnd Darkness Fell (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1558. 2018-08-20
1559. 2018-08-20VOIDHANGER04. High on HateDark Days Of The SoulAgonia Records
1560. 2018-08-20ThyraneSacrifiresBlack Harmony
1561. 2018-08-20Dragon LordTradition and FireRaptureSpitfire Records
1562. 2018-08-20BehemothOf Sephirolic Transformalion and CarnalityBehemoth SatanicaDwell Ministries
1563. 2018-08-20
1564. 2018-08-20MorbidDisgusting SemlaA Tribute to the Black Emperors
1565. 2018-08-20Sepsism06 Morbid ConsumptionTo Prevail In Disgust
1566. 2018-08-20SHED THE SKIN06 Warband Under the BaphometHarrowing Faith (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1567. 2018-08-20BanishedSkinnedDeliver Me Unto Pain
1568. 2018-08-20
1569. 2018-08-20WasteformRemnants Of...Designed By DisgustPathos Productions
1570. 2018-08-20Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1571. 2018-08-13MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1572. 2018-08-13
1573. 2018-08-13Running WildLonewolfBlazon Stone
1574. 2018-08-13Orphaned Land- From Broken VesselsThe Never Ending Way Of ORwarriorCentury Media Records
1575. 2018-08-13Devin TownsendHide NowhereOcean Machine
1576. 2018-08-13NevermoreDreaming Neon BlackDreaming Neon BlackCentury Media Records
1577. 2018-08-13
1578. 2018-08-13King DiamondBlack of NightGive Me Your Soul...PleaseMassacre Records
1579. 2018-08-13Keep of KalessinAs Mist Lay Silent BeneathAgnenPeaceville Records
1580. 2018-08-13Cult LeaderBroken BladesLightless Walk
1581. 2018-08-13The Endless BlockadePerfectionPrimitive20 Buck Spin
1582. 2018-08-13End, TheOpalescence, No. 1Transfer Trachea Reverberations from PointRelapse Records
1583. 2018-08-13Curl Up and DieTed Nugent Goes AOLUnfortunately We're Not RobotsRevelation Records
1584. 2018-08-13DysenteryBreeding the ApocalypseExcruciatingly Euphoric TormentAmputated Vein Records
1585. 2018-08-13
1586. 2018-08-13SlayerDie By The SwordShow No Mercy
1587. 2018-08-13WargasmSudden DeathWhy Play Around?profile
1588. 2018-08-13
1589. 2018-08-13DistressorDestroy The WeakDemo 2018
1590. 2018-08-13DROID03 Abandon Celestial StateTerrestrial Mutations (LP)Shadow Kingdom Records
1591. 2018-08-13HAUNT03 ReflectorsBurst Into Flame (CD, LP, TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
1592. 2018-08-13
1593. 2018-08-13Skeletal EarthGenerations Of The LameEulogy Of A Dying FetusPavement Music
1594. 2018-08-13GraveBanished To LiveInto The Grave
1595. 2018-08-13Strong Intention02 Messiah WhoreRazorblade Express (featuring Mike IX Williams of EYEHATEGOD)PATAC Records
1596. 2018-08-13MindrotDissipationSoulRelapse Records
1597. 2018-08-13DisembodiedRotgutDisfigured (Demo)
1598. 2018-08-13
1599. 2018-08-13Septycal GorgeNo Spawn No Reign (Sons of Enoch pt 1)Scourge of the Formless BreedComatose Music
1600. 2018-08-13NecronomiconThe Valley of the Lost SoulRise of the Elder Ones
1601. 2018-08-13Cradle To GraveBeheaded in ParisTexas Medicineyear_of_the_sun
1602. 2018-08-13OPPOSITION RISINGPink-Slip Murder SuicideAftermathematicsSelf-Released
1603. 2018-08-13Held HostageChapter Three in the Liars ManualDemo 2001
1604. 2018-08-13Bleeding ThroughLove Lost in a Hail of Gun FireThis Is Love, This Is MurderousTrustkill Records
1605. 2018-08-13
1606. 2018-08-13GoratoryPreschool ProwlerOrgasm Induced DiarrheaAmputated Vein Records
1607. 2018-08-13LeukorrheaRope Burn DestinyDenied Existence
1608. 2018-08-13Godless TruthReprobate IntentionArrogance of Supreme PowerAmputated Vein Records
1609. 2018-08-13Cannibal CorpseFive Nails Through the NeckKillMetal Blade Records
1610. 2018-08-13
1611. 2018-08-13WormholeAutomated Distress SignalGenesis
1612. 2018-08-13ScorchedLust for StrangulationFinal State of ExistenceEdged Circle Productions
1613. 2018-08-13BelphegorDiaboli Virtus In Lumbar EstLucifer Incestus
1614. 2018-08-13Blood Incantation03 Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2)StarspawnDark Descent Records
1615. 2018-08-13
1616. 2018-08-13Vomit RemnantsDecomposed Of StructureSupreme Entity (Reissue)Brutal Mind
1617. 2018-08-13Six Feet UnderVictim of the ParanoidMaximum Violence
1618. 2018-08-13
1619. 2018-08-13GWARImmortal CorrupterViolence Has ArrivedMetal Blade Records
1620. 2018-08-13Damnation A.D.AddictionMisericordiaJade Tree Records
1621. 2018-08-13Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1622. 2018-08-06MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1623. 2018-08-06
1624. 2018-08-06WolfbrigadeWARSAW SPEEDWOLFRun With The HuntedSouthern Lord
1625. 2018-08-06IMPURE CONSECRATIONSuccumb to Impurity FireSuccumb to Impurity FireBlood Harvest Records
1626. 2018-08-06Shadow BuilderSilver & BlackVoices from the Arctic CircleArctic
1627. 2018-08-06Apostle of SolitudeWhore's WingsOf Woe and WoundsCruz del Sur Music
1628. 2018-08-06
1629. 2018-08-06ObscuraEthereal SkiesDiluviumRelapse Records
1630. 2018-08-06SPAWN OF POSSESSIONThe EvangelistIncursoRelapse Records
1631. 2018-08-06Rumpelstiltskin GrinderDethroning the Tyrant, Pt. 2Living for Death, Destroying the RestRelapse Records
1632. 2018-08-06Burnt by the SunYou Will MoveBurnt by the SunRelapse Records
1633. 2018-08-06Nicaea RoomThe HostageBullet Proof Benny Takes on the Yuppie Brigade
1634. 2018-08-06Book Of Black EarthTerminationThe Cold TestamentProsthetic Records
1635. 2018-08-06
1636. 2018-08-06Vicious RumorsRite Of DevastationRazorback KillersSPV
1637. 2018-08-06Ion DissonanceShe's StrychnineSolaceAbacus
1638. 2018-08-06Soulrot10 Transfigured Through the VoidNameless Hideous ManifestationsMemento Mori
1639. 2018-08-06Circle Of Dead ChildrenCorsage Of Fresh Meat And RottHuman Harvest
1640. 2018-08-06
1641. 2018-08-06PIG DESTROYEREveBook Burner (ADD 10/15)Relapse Records
1642. 2018-08-06Insect WarfareDecontaminationWorld ExterminationEarache
1643. 2018-08-06Brutal TruthDenial of ExistenceExtreme Conditions Demand Extreme ResponsesCombat Records
1644. 2018-08-06Cephalic CarnagePseudoLucid IntervalRelapse Records
1645. 2018-08-06Cloud RatSmoke RingsFever Dreams
1646. 2018-08-06
1647. 2018-08-06IntegritySons of SatanSplit - Integrity & KriegRelapse Records
1648. 2018-08-06Primitive ManNakedSplit - Primitive Man & Unearthly TranceRelapse Records
1649. 2018-08-06GOAT WORSHIP03 The Burning of the WitchesShore of the DeadXtreem Music
1650. 2018-08-06
1651. 2018-08-06CAST THE STONE2-The Burning HorizonEmpyrean AtrophyAgonia Records
1652. 2018-08-06MalignerReign Of FearAttraction to Annihilation CD/LPBlood Harvest Records
1653. 2018-08-06OPPROBRIUMSADISTIC SINNERSupernatural DeathBrutal Records
1654. 2018-08-06Faustcoven03 Yet He WalksIn the Shadow of Doom LP/CD/TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
1655. 2018-08-06
1656. 2018-08-06OpethThe Leper AffinityBlackwater ParkMusic For Nations
1657. 2018-08-06Year Of No LightThe Figurehead (The Cure cover)Nord [2CD Deluxe Edition - Nord II]
1658. 2018-08-06
1659. 2018-08-06Skeletal SpectreShe-Wolf Of Devil's RiverVoodoo DawnPulverised Records
1660. 2018-08-06GENERAL SURGERYDeadhouseA Collection of Depravation (Radio Promo - ADDS 3/20)Relapse Records
1661. 2018-08-06CarcassNo Love LostHeartwork
1662. 2018-08-06OriginMithridaticUnparalleled UniverseNuclear Blast Records
1663. 2018-08-06DEATH YELL07 THY WILL BE DONEDescent Into Hell (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1664. 2018-08-06
1665. 2018-08-06Malevolent CreationDissect the EradicatedFine Art of MurderPavement Music
1666. 2018-08-06HAEMORRHAGEFlesh-Devouring PandemiaHospital CarnageRelapse Records
1667. 2018-08-06Discordance AxisThe End of RebirthThe Inalienable DreamlessHydra Head Records
1668. 2018-08-06as the sun setsi saw the saturday sky over i-95 explode7744
1669. 2018-08-06Abaroth...And As The Sun Sets WestEnter The Kingdom Of Night
1670. 2018-08-06
1671. 2018-08-06CRETINThe Beast and the Drowning BucketStrangerRelapse Records
1672. 2018-08-06Light This CityA Guardian in a PasserbyRemains of the GodsProsthetic
1673. 2018-08-06ROTTEN SOUNDAddictCursed (Radio Promo)Relapse Records
1674. 2018-08-06Hatred SurgeOut of My HeadSplit With Hatred Surge/Insect Warfare
1675. 2018-08-06Kill the ClientLiberty or DeathEscalation of HostilityWillowtip Records
1676. 2018-08-06
1677. 2018-08-06White DeathBorn From the Unholy FireWhite DeathWerewolf Records
1678. 2018-08-06SadismDays of TribulationTribulated Bells
1679. 2018-08-06GruesomeCrusade of BrutalityTwisted PrayersRelapse Records
1680. 2018-08-06Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1681. 2018-07-30MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1682. 2018-07-30
1683. 2018-07-30ArkangelDay Of The ApocalypsePrayers Upon Deaf Ears
1684. 2018-07-30One King DownMore Hate Than FearBloodlust RevengeEqual Vision
1685. 2018-07-30SaxonBeyond The GraveLionheart
1686. 2018-07-30U.D.O.They Want WarAnimal House
1687. 2018-07-30
1688. 2018-07-30Into EternityNowhere NearThe SirensSelf-Released
1689. 2018-07-30Dragon LordTradition and FireRaptureSpitfire Records
1690. 2018-07-30Keep of KalessinAs Mist Lay Silent BeneathAgnenPeaceville Records
1691. 2018-07-30DeathTrapped In A CornerIndividual Thought Patterns
1692. 2018-07-30
1693. 2018-07-30Wrecking CrewGuts and Glory1987-1991Bridge Nine Records
1694. 2018-07-30Skeletal EarthGenerations Of The LameEulogy Of A Dying FetusPavement Music
1695. 2018-07-30ArghoslentHymns of ConquestArsenal of Glory
1696. 2018-07-30Chasm, TheCosmic Landscapes of SorrowProcession to the InfraworldDwell Records
1697. 2018-07-30
1698. 2018-07-30CEMETERY URNDown The Path Of The DeadBarbaric Retribution (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1699. 2018-07-30DEMISE05. De La Manipulacion a La IgnoranciaDe La Manipulacion a La IgnoranciaBrutal Records
1700. 2018-07-30LEECHEDGuiltYou Took The Sun When You LeftProsthetic Records
1701. 2018-07-30MORKETIDA04 Serpent's GrailPanphage Mysticism (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
1702. 2018-07-30
1703. 2018-07-30REBEL WIZARDThe poor and ridiculous alchemy of Christ and Lucifer and us allVoluptuous Worship of Rapture and ResponseProsthetic Records
1704. 2018-07-30Fragments of UnbecomingA Faint IlluminationSterling Black IconMetal Blade Records
1705. 2018-07-30SERPENTINE PATHDisfigured ColossusEmanationsRelapse Records
1706. 2018-07-30
1707. 2018-07-30MithrasTime Never LastsOn Strange LoopsMithras
1708. 2018-07-30Forest of ImpaledWings of ApocalypseDemonvoidRed Stream
1709. 2018-07-30BanishmentAn Inimical FigureCleansing the InfirmLacerated Enemy Records - via Metalhit
1710. 2018-07-30Thy Art Is MurderVile CreationsHate
1711. 2018-07-30
1712. 2018-07-30ImpaledFaeces of DeathThe Dead Shall Dead Remain
1713. 2018-07-30LeukorrheaDigesting The DeadBreeding Salvationprimative
1714. 2018-07-30the GrotesqueryOf Death and Unspeakable ThingsCurse of the Skinless Bride
1715. 2018-07-30Zombie AssaultThe PlagueVideo NastyEclectic Productions
1716. 2018-07-30
1717. 2018-07-30Manilla RoadReturn of the Old OnesOut of the AbyssShadow Kingdom Records
1718. 2018-07-30????Track 4Aleph
1719. 2018-07-30From Autumn to AshesThe Second Wrong Makes You Feel RightThe Fiction We LiveVagrant Records
1720. 2018-07-30Love Lost But Not ForgottenHeadless, Sleeping SoundlyUpon the Right, I Saw a New MiseryHappy Couples Never Last
1721. 2018-07-30Dillinger Escape Plan, TheSunshine the Werewolf (Live)Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants
1722. 2018-07-30DealbreakerNothing's Over (Featuring Jim Death)ReflectionsSelf-Released
1723. 2018-07-30
1724. 2018-07-30GATECREEPERStrongholdSonoran DepravationRelapse Records
1725. 2018-07-30AllegaeonPoint Of DisfigurementFragments Of Form And Functionmetalblade
1726. 2018-07-30Abysmal DawnPixilated IgnoranceLeveling The Plane Of ExistenceRelapse Records
1727. 2018-07-30Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1728. 2018-07-23MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1729. 2018-07-23
1730. 2018-07-23WargasmRevengeWhy Play Around?profile
1731. 2018-07-23Iron MaidenAlexander The GreatSomewhere in Time
1732. 2018-07-23Vision of DisorderSufferVision of DisorderRoadrunner Records
1733. 2018-07-23Code OrangeForeverForever
1734. 2018-07-23
1735. 2018-07-23Into the MoatThe Golden VileMeans By Which The End Is JustifiedLoveLost Records
1736. 2018-07-23ConvergeEye of the QuarrelThe Dusk In UsEpitaph Records
1737. 2018-07-23Fuck the FactsTaken from the NestStigmata High-FiveRelapse Records
1738. 2018-07-23ShiverClean SlateDemoShift
1739. 2018-07-23Knocked LooseOblivions PeakLaugh TracksPure Noise Records
1740. 2018-07-23Leng Tch'eIngest/DissentThe Process of EliminationRelapse Records
1741. 2018-07-23
1742. 2018-07-23Deeds of FleshInbreeding the AnthropophagiInbreeding the AnthropophagiRepulse Records
1743. 2018-07-23SinisterChained in RealityAggressive MeasuresNuclear Blast
1744. 2018-07-23NoisemDesire & DisgustAgony Defined
1745. 2018-07-23
1746. 2018-07-23VeinBroken Glass ComplexionErrorzone
1747. 2018-07-23Moenen of Xezbeth03 Oath of MalignancyAncient Spells of Darkness... LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
1748. 2018-07-23Siege Column04 Blasting the MoongateInferno Deathpassion LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
1749. 2018-07-23
1750. 2018-07-23Blizzard at SeaIslands of StarsInvariance
1751. 2018-07-23Nargaroth06 Epicedium To A Broken DreamEra of ThrenodyInter Arma Productions
1752. 2018-07-23INTER ARMAThe Long Road HomeSky BurialRelapse Records
1753. 2018-07-23PRIMITIVE MANAstral SleepScornRelapse Records
1754. 2018-07-23
1755. 2018-07-23UlcerateBurning SkiesThe Destroyers of AllRelapse Records
1756. 2018-07-23Razor Of OccamShadow Of The CrossHomage To MartyrsMetal Blade
1757. 2018-07-23Pissing RazorsBetween Heaven and HellFields of DisbeliefMarket Square
1758. 2018-07-23CarcassNo Love LostHeartwork
1759. 2018-07-23UnanimatedDiabolic VoicesIn the Light of Darkness the Covenant of DeathRegain Records
1760. 2018-07-23
1761. 2018-07-23FallujahThe Prodigal SonDreamlessNuclear Blast Records
1762. 2018-07-23AnataBetter Grieved Than FooledConductor's DepartureWicked World
1763. 2018-07-23SkinlessLine of DissentSavageryRelapse records
1764. 2018-07-23Napalm DeathRipe For The BreakingDiatribes
1765. 2018-07-23GruesomeAt Death's DoorTwisted PrayersRelapse Records
1766. 2018-07-23
1767. 2018-07-23Daylight DiesUnending WavesNo ReplyRelapse Records
1768. 2018-07-23Quo VadisBreak The CycleDefiant Imagination
1769. 2018-07-23Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1770. 2018-07-16MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1771. 2018-07-16
1772. 2018-07-16Fuck the FactsWhat's Left BehindStigmata High-FiveRelapse Records
1773. 2018-07-16Ed GeinChristianity as Foreign PolicyJudas Goats and DieseleatersMetal Blade
1774. 2018-07-16HivesmasherUnwingedAscension into Dismal Stagesvacant_seas
1775. 2018-07-16InsomniumCollapsing WordsShadows Of The Dying SunCentury Media Records
1776. 2018-07-16MythicThe OracleThe Immortal Realm (demo)
1777. 2018-07-16
1778. 2018-07-16ImmortalWhere Mountains RiseNorthern Chaos GodsNuclear Blast Records
1779. 2018-07-16DarkthroneWeakling AvengerPlaguewielder
1780. 2018-07-16EmperorWrath Of The TyrantEmperor / Wrath Of The Tyrant
1781. 2018-07-16SatyriconSuffering the TyrantsVolcanoRed Ink
1782. 2018-07-16
1783. 2018-07-16Bane of ExistenceCankerousHumanity's. Splintered. Salvation
1784. 2018-07-16Odious SanctionPunishment of LifePsychotically Enraged
1785. 2018-07-16SpaceslugThe Great Pylon ColliderTime Travel Dilemma
1786. 2018-07-16
1787. 2018-07-16Obscure EvilTribes Of UethSplit 10" EPBlood Harvest Records
1788. 2018-07-16CinzasIIDemo IPurodium Rekords
1789. 2018-07-16CreaturesCREATURES - II - 02 - What Would Rick Sanchez DoIIOld Haunt Records
1790. 2018-07-16NACHASH03 ASTRAL SACRIFICEPhantasmal Trinunity (CD, LP, TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
1791. 2018-07-16
1792. 2018-07-16PYREFICATIVMEmanations From the Drakonian Vessel(Path of the world)Living Temple Records
1793. 2018-07-16Dying FetusGrotesque ImpalementGrotesque Impalement
1794. 2018-07-16PleuriticUnholy IncantationTemple of Satan
1795. 2018-07-16GorezoneDriven by Cells of BigotryBrutalities of Modern DominationXtreem Music
1796. 2018-07-16Prostitute DisfigurementThe corpse gardenProstitute Disfigurement - Left In Grisly Fashion
1797. 2018-07-16Sturmgewehr 666TerrorizeChallenging CrossReich Cowards
1798. 2018-07-16Witch TombServantWitch Tomb - Martyrvore
1799. 2018-07-16
1800. 2018-07-16Euphoric DefilementFracments of the ParadigmAscending To the WormsUnique Leader Records
1801. 2018-07-16Satan's HostMetal from Hell - 2011 version. Original appear...CELEBRATIONMoribund Records
1802. 2018-07-16OppressorThrough Their EyesElements of CorrosionSerious Entertainment
1803. 2018-07-16XerxesSummer Storms/Winter LeavesOur Home is a DeathbedNo Sleep Records
1804. 2018-07-16
1805. 2018-07-16AlgolMysterious PentagramEntering The Woods Of Enchantment
1806. 2018-07-16NecromancerBrutal Murder In downtown HotelTombstone Epitaph
1807. 2018-07-16Yog Sothots07. Slasher NoiseDemo 87
1808. 2018-07-16Aeon of HorusArrogantly Opposing RealityThe Embodiment of Darkness and Light
1809. 2018-07-16
1810. 2018-07-16ObscuraMortification of the Vulgar SunDiluviumRelapse Records
1811. 2018-07-16Od'SaheDream ov the Dragon - Kha Bog MorokPhilosophy ov Self-destructionBlack Plague Records - via Metalhit
1812. 2018-07-16ReincarnationThe Way of All Flesh (MCD '95)Seed of Hate (MCD)Xtreem Music
1813. 2018-07-16Blood Red ThroneThe Light The HateSouls Of Damnation
1814. 2018-07-16
1815. 2018-07-16Heathen LifecodeChaos ContinuumBlaskphemization Through IntoleranceOld Cemetery Records
1816. 2018-07-16Anaal NathrakhDo Not SpeakDomine Non Es DignusSeason of Mist
1817. 2018-07-16Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1818. 2018-07-09MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1819. 2018-07-09
1820. 2018-07-09Malevolent CreationThou Shall Kill!The Ten CommandmentsRoadrunner Records
1821. 2018-07-09Cannibal CorpsePit of ZombiesGore ObsessedMetal Blade Records
1822. 2018-07-09ObscuraEkpyrosisDiluviumRelapse Records
1823. 2018-07-09PYRRHONBalkanizedThe Mother of Virtues (NA Promo)Relapse Records
1824. 2018-07-09
1825. 2018-07-09HelstarRun With The PackBurning Starcombat
1826. 2018-07-09W.A.S.P.Sleeping (In the Fire)W.A.S.P.Capitol
1827. 2018-07-09The Red ChordAntmanLive on WUNH
1828. 2018-07-09MumakilBlack SheepBehold the FailureRelapse Records
1829. 2018-07-09
1830. 2018-07-09Portal13 GlobesOutre
1831. 2018-07-09Dead CongregationQuintessence MalignedPromulgation Of The Fall
1832. 2018-07-09TribulationSpellThe Formulas of DeathAjna Records
1833. 2018-07-09
1834. 2018-07-09ImmortalCalled To IceNorthern Chaos GodsNuclear Blast Records
1835. 2018-07-09TengilIt's All For SpringtimeshouldhavebeensProphecy Productions
1836. 2018-07-09AbigailA2.Nuclear HammerFar East Black Metal OnslaughtHelldprod Records
1837. 2018-07-09INVOCATION SPELLSVICTIMS OF DOOMSpread Cruelty In The Abyss (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1838. 2018-07-09
1839. 2018-07-09MONGREL'S CROSS02 Neurian TransformationPsalter of the Royal Dragon Court (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1840. 2018-07-09FAITHXTRACTORThe Slaughter UltimateProverbial Lambs to the Ultimate Slaughter (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1841. 2018-07-09RAVENS CREED04 Get Killed or Try DyingGet Killed or Try DyingXtreme Records
1842. 2018-07-09SHED THE SKIN03 Trepanning SanityWe of Scorn (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1843. 2018-07-09
1844. 2018-07-09Into Eternity4 This Frozen HellThe SirensSelf-Released
1845. 2018-07-09WITCHFYRE03 No Rest For the WitchedGrimorium VerumFighter Records
1846. 2018-07-09MadballTempestFor The CauseNuclear Blast Records
1847. 2018-07-09
1848. 2018-07-09Jesus PieceSinkingS/T EP
1849. 2018-07-09LionheartTrial by FireWelcome to the West Coast II
1850. 2018-07-09BiohazardWrong Side Of The TracksUrban Discipline
1851. 2018-07-09Rude AwakeningUntamed WorldRA Demo 2011Self-Released
1852. 2018-07-09IncendiaryStill BurningThousand Mile StareClosed Casket Activities
1853. 2018-07-09ULCERATEChasm Of FireShrines of ParalysisRelapse Records
1854. 2018-07-09
1855. 2018-07-09Troll04 - Burn the WitchNeo-Satanic Supremacy [Norwegian Black Metal]Napalm Records
1856. 2018-07-09Guttural SecreteCoprophilic AsphyxiaReek of Pubescent Despoilment
1857. 2018-07-09Animals Killing PeopleHomo Sapiens Lab RatsKentucky Fried KillingSevared Records - via Metalhit
1858. 2018-07-09Atlantis ChroniclesHomoceneTen Miles Under Water
1859. 2018-07-09
1860. 2018-07-09NaharWhere Others Have DrownedLa Fascination du PireAvantgarde Music
1861. 2018-07-09ForteressePar la Bouche de Mes CanonsThèmes pour la RébellionSepulchral Productions
1862. 2018-07-09PanopticonKilling the Giants as They SleKentucky
1863. 2018-07-09Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1864. 2018-07-02MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1865. 2018-07-02
1866. 2018-07-02ManowarMetal WarriorsThe Triumph Of Steel
1867. 2018-07-02Twisted SisterBurn In HellStay Hungry [25th Anniversary Edition] (CD1)
1868. 2018-07-02Dark LordShoot Your GunState Of Rock
1869. 2018-07-02Dark FuneralThe Trial (King Diamond)Diabolis Interium, Disc 2Necropolis Records
1870. 2018-07-02
1871. 2018-07-02Thy Darkened ShadeNox ProfundaLiber Lvcifer I: Khem SedjetW.T.C.Productions
1872. 2018-07-02Sig:Ar:TyrBlood of the NorthGodsagaMorbid Winter Records
1873. 2018-07-02Conspiracy Of SilenceFlesh Burned BleckFacelessShiver Records
1874. 2018-07-02VOIDCEREMONYThrough the Woe of the Dismal PandemoniumFoul Origins Of HumanityBlood Harvest Records
1875. 2018-07-02
1876. 2018-07-02Cramps, TheCreature from the Black Leather LagoonCreature from the Black Leather LagoonEnigma
1877. 2018-07-02Bruisers, TheIron ChinCrusin' for a Bruisin'Primitive
1878. 2018-07-02Circle JerksGroup SexGroup Sex / Wild In The Streets
1879. 2018-07-02Agnostic FrontFall of the ParasiteAnother VoiceNuclear Blast
1880. 2018-07-02Municipal WasteHeadbanger Face RipThe Art of PartyingEarache
1881. 2018-07-02HiraxVictims of the DeadImmortal Legacy
1882. 2018-07-02
1883. 2018-07-02ImmortalCryptic WinterstormsDiabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
1884. 2018-07-02INTESTINAL DISEASEX-Mas GoozeIntestinal Disease + Brutal Mutilation - Split 7'' EP '93
1885. 2018-07-02HeadrotBeyond RecognitionGulping the RemainsPathos Productions
1886. 2018-07-02MUMAKILLet The World BurnFlies WIll StarveRelapse Records
1887. 2018-07-02Dark Morbid DeathLamentation and WeepingSatanic KillsOld Cemetery Records
1888. 2018-07-02
1889. 2018-07-02IRON HUNTERThe DeathbringerMankind ResistanceFighter Records
1890. 2018-07-02NaberusSplit In TwoHollowEclipse Records
1891. 2018-07-02KHANUSAgelessFlammarion (CD/LP/Digital)I, Voidhanger Records
1892. 2018-07-02
1893. 2018-07-02ConfessorCollapse Into DespairCondemnedCombat Records
1894. 2018-07-02ConvulseInfernal EndWorld Without God
1895. 2018-07-02AncientA Woeful SummoningThe Halls of Eternity
1896. 2018-07-02Profanal05 Across Death's PathSupreme FireIron Tyrant
1897. 2018-07-02Aetherius ObscuritasFirst BreathFekete Orvossag - Black MedicineParagon Records
1898. 2018-07-02
1899. 2018-07-02AzarathI Hate Your KindPraise the BeastAgonia Records
1900. 2018-07-02WretchedMephistos WillThe Exodus of AutonomyVictory Records
1901. 2018-07-02HemotoxinDecadenceBiological EnslavementUnspeakable Axe Records
1902. 2018-07-02Harm's WayCode Of The HunsReality Approaches
1903. 2018-07-02Smouldering in ForgottenGod Of The UnderworldLegions Into Black FlamesOld Cemetery Records
1904. 2018-07-02
1905. 2018-07-02Occult (HOL)Jaws of SatanLive Demo
1906. 2018-07-02DodecahedronInterludekwintessensSeason of Mist
1907. 2018-07-02HypothermiaDel IIIRakbladsvalsen
1908. 2018-07-02SkyforgerThe DevilslayerKurbadsMetal Blade
1909. 2018-07-02
1910. 2018-07-02ZonariaGunpoint SalvationArrival of the Red Sun
1911. 2018-07-02Theatrum ChemicumWakening of the BeastClepsydraMusica Maxima Magnetica
1912. 2018-07-02Northern TerrorScreams Of The ForestBlacker Than Black
1913. 2018-07-02Prophecy of DoomEarth Reality VictimAcknowledge the Confusion Master
1914. 2018-07-02
1915. 2018-07-02Rites of Thy Degringolade02 The Blade PhilosophicalThe Blade Philosophical LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
1916. 2018-07-02Blood CeremonyBallad of the Weird SistersThe Eldritch DarkMetal Blade
1917. 2018-07-02
1918. 2018-07-02The OceanMesopelagicPelagialMetal Blade
1919. 2018-07-02Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1920. 2018-06-25MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1921. 2018-06-25
1922. 2018-06-25Pantera5 Minutes AloneFar Beyond Driven (20th Anniversary Edition)
1923. 2018-06-25DeicideWalk with the Devil in Dreams You BeholdThe Stench of RedemptionEarache Records
1924. 2018-06-25Iced EarthWhen the Eagle CriesThe Glorious BurdenSteamhammer
1925. 2018-06-25PortalThe EndmillsSeepia
1926. 2018-06-25
1927. 2018-06-25Cirith UngolMaster of the PitKing of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)Metal Blade Records
1928. 2018-06-25ExhorderI Am the CrossThe LawRelativity Records
1929. 2018-06-25TOMB MOLDMerciless WatcherPrimordial MalignityBlood Harvest Records
1930. 2018-06-25SuffocationSeeds Of The SufferingEffigy Of The Forgotten
1931. 2018-06-25
1932. 2018-06-25EXCEEDput to deaththe blood in on your hands
1933. 2018-06-25
1934. 2018-06-25ObscuraDiluviumDiluviumRelapse Records
1935. 2018-06-25Mouth Of Sauron11. Desolation of ArdaHearken The Echo Of MusicTranscending Records
1936. 2018-06-25CEMETERY LUSTFatal InfestationRotting in Piss (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1937. 2018-06-25PHANTOMUntil DeathDeath Epic (CD/Digital)I, Voidhanger Records
1938. 2018-06-25
1939. 2018-06-25YobIn ReverieOur Raw HeartRelapse Records
1940. 2018-06-25AtavismaMonolithsThe Chthonic RitualsMemento Mori
1941. 2018-06-25ZombieficationDeliverence from the Astral SeaBelow the GriefDoomentia
1942. 2018-06-25Tunjum03 Antiguo Dios De La NocheDeidades del inframundoDunkelheit Produktionen
1943. 2018-06-25
1944. 2018-06-25Firtan02 Tag verweilOkeanosAOP Records
1945. 2018-06-25CANCERCancer - Hung, Drawn and QuarteredLive Death
1946. 2018-06-25ExcruciateEndless SuffocationPassage Of Life
1947. 2018-06-25DeceasedMorbid Shape in BlackBlueprints for MadnessRelapse Records
1948. 2018-06-25
1949. 2018-06-25Adolf SatanSnail TrailAdolf Satan
1950. 2018-06-25NortherNAlaskan IceDesolate Ways to Ultima ThuleMoribund Records
1951. 2018-06-25ChurchburnAuthorized To CleanseNonce Shall Live... The Hymns Of MiseryArmageddon Label
1952. 2018-06-25AutopsyBludgeoned And BrainedMacabre EternalPeaceville
1953. 2018-06-25
1954. 2018-06-25Anaal NathrakhParadigm Shift + AnnihilationThe Codex Necro
1955. 2018-06-25PitchshifterGritter (Version)SubmitEarache Records
1956. 2018-06-25
1957. 2018-06-25Have HeartNo Roses, No SkiesTopshelf Records 2008 Northeast SamplerTopshelf Recordings
1958. 2018-06-25Rained InCoilDemo 2018
1959. 2018-06-25Death Of A NationNo Love From AboveDeath Of A Nation
1960. 2018-06-25XibalbaStone HeartIncendiary/Xibalba splitclosed_casket_activities
1961. 2018-06-25Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
1962. 2018-06-18MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1963. 2018-06-18
1964. 2018-06-18Napalm DeathSuffer The ChildrenSuffer The Children
1965. 2018-06-18Lich KingAggressive Perfector (Slayer Cover)World Gone Dead
1966. 2018-06-18Edge Of SanityLivin' HellThe Spectral Sorrows
1967. 2018-06-18Infernal CurseThe End Upon UsThe End Upon Us MLPIron Bonehead Productions
1968. 2018-06-18
1969. 2018-06-18NAMELESSAncient Burial GroundsDemo
1970. 2018-06-18BestializedThe Bestial Black HordeAnnihilating the Judeo - Christian GenerationsOld Cemetery Records
1971. 2018-06-18CrucifixionWoods for the SuicidesDesert of Shattered HopesMausoleum Records
1972. 2018-06-18NoctiferiaRudra The RoarerPax
1973. 2018-06-18
1974. 2018-06-18Reverie04 Blood In The SeaBlissInvictus Productions
1975. 2018-06-18PATHOLOGY STENCHMemories On SlayerAccion Mutanterock_extremum
1976. 2018-06-18KataklysmMystical Plane of EvilThe Death Gate Cycle of Reincarnation
1977. 2018-06-18Dead Eyes UnderStricken / ApathesiaCursed be the Deceiverself-released
1978. 2018-06-18
1979. 2018-06-18Tomb Mold01 (Regions Of Sorrow) Intro _ DemonThe Bottomless Perdition TAPEBlood Harvest Records
1980. 2018-06-18ArtasThrough Dark GatesThe Healingnapalm
1981. 2018-06-18ObituaryBurned InWorld Demiseroadrunner
1982. 2018-06-18Black AngelHarlots Of SatanPura Musica del DiabloOld Cemetery Records
1983. 2018-06-18
1984. 2018-06-18AbigailAttack With SpellMantak / The Eastern Desekratorzold_cemetery
1985. 2018-06-18DevastatorSummon the NightConjuring EvilOld Cemetery Records
1986. 2018-06-18GazaHe Is Never Coming BackHe Is Never Coming BackBlack Market Activities
1987. 2018-06-18VaderIncarnationDe Profundis
1988. 2018-06-18
1989. 2018-06-18At The GatesSuicide Nation ('95 Demo)Slaughter of the Soul
1990. 2018-06-18Black Dahlia Murder, TheSpite SuicideMiasmaMetal Blade Records
1991. 2018-06-18EncoffinationNefarious Yet Elegant... Are the Bowels of HellRitual Ascension Beyond Flesh
1992. 2018-06-18GolemBeyond The Future SkiesRecall The Day Of Incarnation (Demo '93)
1993. 2018-06-18
1994. 2018-06-18FleshwroughtProgramming the HerdsDementia / DyslexiaMetal Blade
1995. 2018-06-18Zombie AssaultThe Eel and the SwordVideo NastyEclectic Productions
1996. 2018-06-18PRIMITIVE MANAntietamScornRelapse Records
1997. 2018-06-18
1998. 2018-06-18The Beast of the ApocalypseA Voice from the Four Horns of the Golden AltarA Voice from the Four Horns of the Golden AltarTranscendental Creations
1999. 2018-06-18Dark FuneralThe Dawn No More RisesThe Secrets of the Black ArtsDeath Records
2000. 2018-06-18Tengger CavalryHymn of the EarthAncient Call
2001. 2018-06-18HeidevolkWinter WoedeVelua (Limited First Edition)
2002. 2018-06-18AnasarcaThe Weird WaysGodmachine, Disc 2Blackend
2003. 2018-06-18
2004. 2018-06-18SadusThrowing Away the DayA Vision of MiseryRoadrunner Records
2005. 2018-06-18DragonwindMorning Of The PestThrones Of Redemption
2006. 2018-06-18PsycropticThe Valley Of Winds Breath And Dragons FireThe Scepter of the AncientsNuclear Blast GmbH
2007. 2018-06-18TrollbandCenturies of SandSamsara
2008. 2018-06-18
2009. 2018-06-18Headhunter Death CultPrepare To Die
2010. 2018-06-18Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
2011. 2018-06-11MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2012. 2018-06-11
2013. 2018-06-11Death Of A NationNo Love From AboveDeath Of A NationNo Sleep Records
2014. 2018-06-11Harms WayCall My NamePosthumanMetal Blade Records
2015. 2018-06-11Knocked LooseNo ThanksLaugh TracksPure Noise Records
2016. 2018-06-11ConvergeEye Of The QuarrelThe Dusk In UsEpitaph Records
2017. 2018-06-11
2018. 2018-06-11CableBe the WolfFailed ConvictThe End
2019. 2018-06-11SourveinHigh TideAquatic OccultMetal Blade Records
2020. 2018-06-11IlsaOld MaidCorpse FortressRelapse records
2021. 2018-06-11AnthraxI Am the LawAmong the LivingMegaforce/Island
2022. 2018-06-11
2023. 2018-06-11Cro MagsMalfunctionAge of quarrel
2024. 2018-06-11XenomorphValley of The KingsEmpyreal Regimes
2025. 2018-06-11InferionUnrestrainedThis will DecayHorror Pain Gore Death
2026. 2018-06-11God DethronedSigma EnigmaThe Lair of the White WormMetal Blade Records
2027. 2018-06-11
2028. 2018-06-11NECROPHOBICBlack Night RavenWomb of LilithuSeason Of Mist
2029. 2018-06-11Edge of SanityWaiting to DieThe Spectral Sorrows
2030. 2018-06-11
2031. 2018-06-11Lizzy BordenThe Scar Across My HeartMy Midnight ThingsMetal Blade Records
2032. 2018-06-11Riot VAngel's Thunder, Devil's ReignArmor Of LightNuclear Blast Records
2033. 2018-06-11Centauro06 En DecadenciaDaño ColateralSelf-Released
2034. 2018-06-11Satan My Master04-Scepter of doomThe King Of Hell ArrivesHelldprod Records
2035. 2018-06-11
2036. 2018-06-11Blasphamagoatachrist04 Bl