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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1226 playlist up with 52125 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-07-26TombstonerFractured SoulsVictims of Vile TortureRedefining Darkness Records
2. 2020-09-21RegurgitateOwner of a Necrotic IntestineEffortless Regurgitation...The Torture SessionsPower It Up
3. 2020-08-03Water TortureExposureWater Torture/thedowngoing Split EP
4. 2020-01-20Despondent SoulChildren of An Immolated GodConspiracy of Torture
5. 2019-12-09EffigyProphet of EvilTortured Souls (Demo)
6. 2019-07-22BereavedDissolute Paternal GodTortured Souls (Demo 1994)
7. 2018-12-03RegurgitateSplattered BrainsEffortless Regurgitation...The Torture SessionsPower It Up
8. 2017-08-14SodomCannibalEpitome Of Torture
9. 2017-05-01Aborted FetusBurning at StakeThe Art of Violent TortureComatose Music
10. 2017-03-27BrodequinStrappadoInstruments of TortureUnmatched Brutality Records
11. 2017-03-13RegurgitateChronic Lymphatic LeukemieEffortless Regurgitation...The Torture SessionsPower It Up
12. 2017-03-13John ZornBlood DusterTorture Garden
13. 2017-02-06Aborted FetusHanged on the Hook by the RibThe Art of Violent TortureComatose Music
14. 2016-11-21BrodequinFeast of FleshInstruments of TortureUnmatched Brutality Records
15. 2016-10-17Demolition HammerCrippling VelocityTortured Existence
16. 2016-05-16GUTPerpetual Sperm Ejaculation''odour of torture'' '95
17. 2016-04-04RegurgitateBloody EjaculationEffortless Regurgitation...The Torture Sessionsrelapse
18. 2015-12-21Cannibal CorpseIntestinal CrankTortureMetal Blade
19. 2015-12-14BrodequinInfested with WormsInstruments of TortureUnmatched Brutality Records
20. 2015-12-14ClitortureVomit ChristeningClitortureBrain-Cycle Productions
21. 2015-08-17Cock and Ball TorturepoontaSplit CD - Cock And Ball Torture/Disgorge
22. 2015-08-03RegurgitateEffortless Regurgitation Of Bright Red BloodEffortless Regurgitation... the Torture Sessionrelapse
23. 2015-06-22RegurgitateMalignant TumourEffortless Regurgitation... the Torture Sessionrelapse
24. 2015-02-23GutDildo DeliriumOdour Of Torture '95
25. 2015-01-19RegurgitateCorpse AllergyEffortless Regurgitation... the Torture Sessionrelapse
26. 2014-12-15RegurgitateRevel in Mentral ExcrementsEffortless Regurgitation... the Torture Sessionrelapse
27. 2014-11-24GutEmbalmed In Pig SpermOdour Of Torture '95
28. 2014-09-22RegurgitateCarnal CacophonyEffortless Regurgitation... the Torture Sessionrelapse
29. 2014-09-15Torn The Fuck ApartSkinned And SodomizedSexually Transmitted TortureOssuary Industries
30. 2014-09-08Torn The Fuck ApartDigested GenitaliaSexually Transmitted TortureOssuary Industries
31. 2014-04-07FilthRickySplit - Cock and Ball Torture/Filth/Downthroat/Negligent Collateral Collapse
32. 2014-03-31FilthDog PleaserSplit - Cock and Ball Torture/Filth/Downthroat/Negligent Collateral Collapse
33. 2014-01-13DownthroatUncontrollable Discharge of Blood PussSplit - Cock and Ball Torture/Filth/Downthroat/Negligent Collateral Collapse
34. 2013-08-05RegurgitateFrenzy Fecal MunchingEffortless Regurgitation... the Torture Sessionrelapse
35. 2013-06-10Age Of TaurusAlways In The EyeDesperate Souls Of Tortured Timesmetalblade
36. 2013-01-07Brodequinthe Virgin of NurenbergInstruments of Tortureunmatched_brutality
37. 2012-12-10AntropofagiaI'm SingleExcrements Of Torture
38. 2012-12-03Cannibal CorpseEncased In ConcreteTorturemetalblade
39. 2012-08-20Cannibal CorpseIntestinal CrankTorturemetalblade
40. 2012-07-16Cannibal CorpseFollowed Home Then KilledTorturemetalblade
41. 2012-05-07Cannibal CorpseCrucifier AvengedTorturemetalblade
42. 2012-04-09Cannibal CorpseDemented AggressionTorturemetalblade
43. 2012-03-26Cannibal CorpseThe Strangulation ChairTorturemetalblade
44. 2012-03-19Cannibal CorpseCrucifier AvengedTorturemetalblade
45. 2012-03-12Cannibal CorpseAs Deep As The Knife Will GoTorturemetalblade
46. 2012-03-05Cannibal CorpseFollowed Home Then KilledTorturemetalblade
47. 2012-02-27Cannibal CorpseEncased In ConcreteTorturemetalblade
48. 2010-06-28BrodequinBurnt In EffigyInstruments of Tortureunmatched_brutality
49. 2010-05-31ClitortureFlesh PollutionClitorture-Goreality Splitpathos
50. 2008-12-01Brodequinthe Virgins of NurenbergInstruments of Tortureunmatched_brutality
51. 2008-09-08RegurgitateDisgorging FoetusEffortless Regurgitation... the Torture Sessionrelapse
52. 2008-06-23ClitortureFlesh PollutionClitorture-Goreality Splitpathos
53. 2008-01-28BrodequinDuke of ExeterInstruments of Tortureunmatched_brutality
54. 2007-07-09GorealityGorealityClitorture/Goreality splitpathos
55. 2006-07-31Gorealityskin on, skin offClitorture/Goreality splitpathos
56. 2006-07-17GorealityGorealityClitorture/Goreality splitpathos
57. 2006-06-12Gorealityskin on, skin offClitorture/Goreality splitpathos
58. 2006-05-29Gorealityzombified cuntClitorture/Goreality splitpathos
59. 2006-05-22Gorealityzombified cuntClitorture/Goreality splitpathos
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