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ATTENTION: This server isn't set up 100% yet from the Nov 2020 forced migration and we are moving again. This server already costs me about the price of a car payment each month which isn't changing. So if something doesn't work, needs to be removed, updated, forgotten or whatever, either bear with me or email rev at return to the pit dot com. Remember, this site is basically a 90's flying toaster screensaver with pictures of people before they got their first tattoo.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1199 playlist up with 51170 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-11-02SuffocationSeeds Of The SufferingEffigy Of The Forgotten
2. 2019-09-16SuffocationThe Warmth Within The Dark...Of The Dark LightNuclear Blast Records
3. 2019-07-01SuffocationYour Last Breaths...Of The Dark LightNuclear Blast Records
4. 2019-05-06SuffocationInfecting The CryptsHuman Waste
5. 2018-06-25SuffocationSeeds Of The SufferingEffigy Of The Forgotten
6. 2018-02-19SuffocationSynthetically RevivedPierced From WithinRoadrunner Records
7. 2017-12-25SUFFOCATIONSuffocation - Jesus WeptLive Death
8. 2017-07-31SuffocationSome Things Should Be Left Alone...Of The Dark LightNuclear Blast Records
9. 2017-07-17SuffocationThe Warmth Within The Dark...Of The Dark LightNuclear Blast Records
10. 2017-07-10SuffocationYour Last Breaths...Of The Dark LightNuclear Blast Records
11. 2017-06-26SuffocationReturn To The Abyss...Of The Dark LightNuclear Blast Records
12. 2017-05-08Suffocation (Pre-Fleshcrawl)Festering FleshFestering Flesh Demo
13. 2016-11-21SuffocationSynthetically RevivedHuman Wastenuclearblast
14. 2016-08-29Halo Suffocation MachineComaDemo 2000
15. 2016-05-02SuffocationInfecting the CryptsHuman Wastenuclearblast
16. 2015-07-20SuffocationSynthetically RevivedHuman Wastenuclearblast
17. 2015-06-22Halo Suffocation MachineLeft StandingDemo 2000
18. 2014-12-29SuffocationSynthetically RevivedHuman Wastenuclearblast
19. 2014-10-13SuffocationSynthetically RevivedHuman Wastenuclearblast
20. 2013-12-30SuffocationAs Grace DescendsPinnacle Of Bedlamnuclearblast
21. 2013-03-25SuffocationBeginning Of SorrowPinnacle Of Bedlamnuclearblast
22. 2013-02-25SuffocationSullen DaysPinnacle Of Bedlamnuclearblast
23. 2012-02-06SuffocationInfecting the CryptsBest ofn/a
24. 2012-01-16SuffocationDemise Of The CloneSouls to Denyrelapse
25. 2012-01-02SuffocationSenthetically RevivedPierced from Withinroadrunner
26. 2011-05-09SuffocationSynthetically RevivedHuman Wastenuclearblast
27. 2010-09-13SuffocationInfecting the CryptsBest ofn/a
28. 2010-03-01SuffocationLiege Of InversityBest of
29. 2009-12-28SuffocationInfecting the CryptsBest of
30. 2009-11-23SuffocationLeige of InveracityBest ofn/a
31. 2009-09-07SuffocationJesus WeptHuman Wastenuclearblast
32. 2009-08-10SuffocationLeige of InveracityBest ofn/a
33. 2009-04-27SuffocationJesus WeptHuman Wastenuclearblast
34. 2009-04-06SuffocationTorn into EnthrallmentPierced from Withinroadrunner
35. 2009-02-16SuffocationSuspended In TribulationPierced from Withinroadrunner
36. 2009-02-09SuffocationThrones of BloodPierced from Withinroadrunner
37. 2008-12-08SuffocationSynthetically RevivedHuman Wastenuclearblast
38. 2008-06-30SuffocationInfecting the CryptsHuman Wastenuclearblast
39. 2008-03-31SuffocationCatatoniaHuman Wastenuclearblast
40. 2008-01-28SuffocationPierced from WithinPierced from Withinroadrunner
41. 2008-01-21SuffocationSubconsciously EnslavedSouls to Denyrelapse
42. 2007-11-19SuffocationThe InvokingPierced from Withinroadrunner
43. 2007-11-12SuffocationInfecting the CryptsHuman Wastenuclearblast
44. 2007-11-05SuffocationThe InvokingPierced from Withinroadrunner
45. 2007-04-23SuffocationDepths of Depravity
46. 2007-03-26suffocationsynthetically revived
47. 2007-02-05Halo Suffocation Machine#11 (untitled)
48. 2006-12-18suffocationSynthetically Revived
49. 2006-11-27Suffocationregret
50. 2006-11-20suffocationabomination reborn
51. 2006-11-13suffocationjesus weptHuman Wastenuclearblast
52. 2006-11-06suffocationbind torture kill
53. 2006-10-30suffocationabomination reborn
54. 2006-10-23suffocationentrails of you
55. 2006-10-16suffocationtranslusent patterns of delerium
56. 2006-10-09suffocationbind torture kill
57. 2006-10-02suffocationabomination reborn
58. 2006-09-25suffocationentrails of you
59. 2006-09-18suffocationcreed of the infidel
60. 2006-09-11suffocationabomination reborn
61. 2006-09-04halo suffocation machine#6 live 2000-12-26
62. 2006-09-04suffocationmisconcieved
63. 2006-07-17suffocationinfecting the cryptsHuman Wastenuclearblast
64. 2006-06-19suffocationpierced from within
65. 2006-05-15suffocationcatatonia
66. 2006-04-24suffocationdeceit
67. 2006-04-17suffocationsurgery of impalement
68. 2006-02-06suffocationbloodchurn
69. 2006-01-02suffocationbrood of hatredPierced from Withinroadrunner
70. 2005-09-12halo suffocation machine#11
71. 2005-04-18suffocationmass obliteration
72. 2005-02-21suffocationpierced from within
73. 2004-11-29suffocationTorn into EnthrallmentPierced from Withinroadrunner
74. 2004-11-22halo suffocation machine#11
75. 2004-11-15suffocationjesus weptHuman Wastenuclearblast
76. 2004-08-02suffocationto weep once more
77. 2004-07-26suffocationsurgery of impalement
78. 2004-07-12suffocationsubconsciously enslavedSouls to Denyrelapse
79. 2004-07-05suffocationdemise of the close
80. 2004-06-28suffocationto weep once more
81. 2004-06-21suffocationsouls to deny
82. 2004-06-14suffocationpierced from within
83. 2004-06-07suffocationsurgery of impalement
84. 2004-05-31suffocationtomes of acrimony
85. 2004-05-24suffocationsould to denySouls to Denyrelapse
86. 2004-05-17suffocationimmortally condemend
87. 2004-05-10suffocationimmortally condemend
88. 2004-05-03suffocationdemise of the clone
89. 2004-04-19suffocationfuneral inception
90. 2004-04-12suffocationsurgery of impalement
91. 2004-04-05suffocationSubconsciously EnslavedSouls to Denyrelapse
92. 2004-03-15suffocationSubconsciously EnslavedSouls to Denyrelapse
93. 2004-02-16suffocationfuneral inception
94. 2004-01-19suffocationfuneral inception
95. 2003-12-15halo suffocation machine#11
96. 2003-11-24suffocationtorn into enthrallment
97. 2003-11-17suffocationpierced from within
98. 2003-08-05Hal Suffocation Machine#11
99. 2003-06-03SuffocationDevoid of Truth
100. 2003-05-27Halo Suffocation MachinePrelude of Portenousness
101. 2003-05-20SuffocationSynthetically Revived
102. 2003-04-08SuffocationFurneral Inception
103. 2003-03-04SuffocationDespise the sun
104. 2003-02-11SuffocationSuspended in Tribulation
105. 2003-01-07SuffocationDevoid of Truth
106. 2002-11-19SuffocationInfecting the CryptsHuman Wastenuclearblast
107. 2002-10-29Halo Suffocation Machine#11
108. 2002-09-10SuffocationSynthetically Revived
109. 2002-05-21Halo Suffocation Machine#1 live (coma)
110. 2002-04-16Halo Suffocation Machine#11 (untitled)
111. 2002-02-05Halo Suffocation MachineMetamorphis
112. 2002-01-29Halo Suffocation Machine#11
113. 2002-01-15Halo Suffocation Machineuntitled
114. 2002-01-04SuffocationPrelude to Repulsion
115. 2002-01-04Halo Suffocation Machine#6
116. 2001-11-27Halo Suffocation Machine$5
117. 2001-11-06Halo Suffocation Machine#9
118. 2001-10-30SuffocationThrones of Blood
119. 2001-10-30SuffocationThrones of Blood
120. 2001-10-16Halo Suffocation Machine#11
121. 2001-09-25Halo Suffocation Machine#5
122. 2001-09-04Halo Suffocation Machine#11
123. 2001-09-04Halo Suffocation Machine#11
124. 2001-08-28Halo Suffocation MachineComa
125. 2001-08-28Halo Suffocation MachineComa
126. 2001-08-21Halo Suffocation MachineLive in the Studio
127. 2001-08-21Halo Suffocation MachineLive in the Studio
128. 2001-08-07SuffocationBreeding the spawn
129. 2001-08-07SuffocationBreeding the spawn
130. 2001-05-15SuffocationBreeding the Spawn
131. 2001-04-24SuffocationMass Obliteration
132. 2001-02-27Halo Suffocation Machine#4
133. 2001-02-13Halo Suffocation Machine#4
134. 2001-02-06SuffocationInfecting the CryptsHuman Wastenuclearblast
135. 2001-02-06Halo Suffocation Machine#1
136. 2001-01-23Halo Suffocation Machine#3
137. 2000-12-31Halo Suffocation Machine#5
138. 2000-12-25Halo Suffocation MachineLive in the Studio
139. 2000-12-25Halo Suffocation MachineLive in the Studio
140. 2000-12-25SuffocationSuspended In Tribulation
141. 2000-11-28Halo Suffocation MachineComa
142. 2000-11-07SuffocationSenthetically RevivedPierced from Withinroadrunner
143. 2000-11-07SuffocationSenthetically RevivedPierced from Withinroadrunner
144. 2000-10-24Halo Suffocation MachineSo far Gone
145. 2000-10-24Halo Suffocation MachineSo far Gone
146. 2000-10-17SuffocationInfecting the CryptsHuman Wastenuclearblast
147. 2000-10-17SuffocationInfecting the CryptsHuman Wastenuclearblast
148. 2000-10-10Halo Suffocation MachineLeft Standing
149. 2000-10-10Halo Suffocation MachineLeft Standing
150. 2000-09-18Suffocationthe Thrones of bloodPierced from Withinroadrunner
151. 2000-09-04SuffocationSuspended In Tribulation
152. 2000-07-31SuffocationTorn into Enthrallment
153. 2000-07-10SuffocationHuman WAsteHuman Wastenuclearblast
154. 2000-06-26SuffocationSynthetically Revived
155. 2000-06-19SuffocationJesus WeptHuman Wastenuclearblast
156. 2000-05-08SuffocationMass Obliteration
157. 2000-04-10SuffocationInfecting the CryptsHuman Wastenuclearblast
158. 2000-04-03SuffocationBrood of HateredPierced from Withinroadrunner
159. 2000-03-13SuffocationThrones of BloodPierced from Withinroadrunner
160. 2000-03-06SuffocationBreeding the Spawn
161. 2000-02-21SuffocationLiege of inversity
162. 1999-12-13SuffocationThrones of BloodPierced from Withinroadrunner
163. 1999-09-06SuffocationBreeding the Spawn
164. 1997-09-01SuffocationThe InvokingPierced from Withinroadrunner
165. 1997-06-09SuffocationJesus WeptHuman Wastenuclearblast
166. 1997-01-20SuffocationPierced from WithinPierced from Withinroadrunner
167. 1996-11-04SuffocationPierced from WithinPierced from Withinroadrunner
168. 1996-10-21SuffocationPierced from Within
169. 1996-10-14SuffocationPierced from within
170. 0000-00-00SuffocationSuspended In Tribulation
ATTENTION: This server isn't set up 100% yet from the Nov 2020 forced migration and we are moving again. This server already costs me about the price of a car payment each month which isn't changing. So if something doesn't work, needs to be removed, updated, forgotten or whatever, either bear with me or email rev at return to the pit dot com. Remember, this site is basically a 90's flying toaster screensaver with pictures of people before they got their first tattoo.
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