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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1160 playlist up with 49506 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-01-20In FlamesCloud ConnectedReroute To RemainToy's Factory Records
2. 2019-11-25Flamekeeper03 Until This Earth Takes MeWe Who Light the FireInvictus Productions
3. 2019-09-30PRAISE THE FLAME08 RISE THE WITCHPOWERManifest RebellionCaverna Abismal Records
4. 2019-07-15Flame AcausalInwards DamnationContra Mundum in Aeternum CDBlood Harvest Records
5. 2019-07-01Fear Before the March of FlamesShould Have Stayed in the ShallowsSpring Sampler 2005
6. 2019-07-01FLAMEBurning HorrorMarch Into FirelandsHells Headbangers Records
7. 2019-06-24Praise the FlameBefore The Creation of Time (Unleashed cover)Profane Cult 12" MLPBlood Harvest
8. 2019-02-18Praise the FlameDoomed By DarknessProfane Cult 12" MLPBlood Harvest
9. 2018-10-22Inside The FlamesBlack: These Shadows Know My NameColors Of Death
10. 2018-05-07Flame Acausal02 Shunned WolvesContra Mundum in Aeternum CDBlood Harvest Records
11. 2017-10-09Fear Before the March of FlamesThe State of Texas vs Fear BeforeSpring Sampler 2005
12. 2017-09-04In FlamesBiosphere (Rare Track)War DanceRelapse Records
13. 2017-07-17FLAMEBurning HorrorMarch Into FirelandsHells Headbangers Records
14. 2017-02-27FLAMEBlack Realm of SatanasMarch Into FirelandsHells Headbangers Records
15. 2017-01-23In FlamesMorphing Into PrimalWhoracleNuclear Blast
16. 2016-05-30In FlamesDialogue With the StarsWhoracleNuclear Blast
17. 2016-03-14In FlamesFood for the GodsWhoracleNuclear Blast
18. 2016-03-14FLAMEFirelandMarch Into FirelandsHells Headbangers Records
19. 2015-12-07In FlamesDecember FlowerThe Jester Race / Black-Ash Inheritancecenturymedia
20. 2015-05-04Praise The FlameBefore The Creation OF Time (Unleashed)Profane CultBlood Harvest
21. 2015-03-16With Faith or FlamesHeir to the Viking Thronea Conquest Triumphantstand_and_deliver
22. 2014-09-15In FlamesWhen The World ExplodesSiren Charmsepic
23. 2014-09-01Dying Out FlameVayuputraShiva Rudrastakemxtreem
24. 2014-02-10In FlamesBehind spaceLunar Strainwrong_again
25. 2013-10-28Praise The FlameEndless ScourgeProfane CultBlood Harvest
26. 2013-10-14Praise The FlameMayhemic Wrath of GloriorProfane CultBlood Harvest
27. 2013-09-30Praise The FlameDoomed By DarknessProfane CultBlood Harvest
28. 2013-09-09Praise The FlameDoomed By DarknessProfane CultBlood Harvest
29. 2012-07-23In FlamesGyroscopeWhoraclenuclearblast
30. 2011-09-05FlameBurning HorrorMarch Into Firelandshells_headbangers
31. 2011-08-29In FlamesFear Is The WeaknessSounds Of A Playground Fadingcenturymedia
32. 2011-07-04FlameDoomed....March Into Firelandshells_headbangers
33. 2011-06-20FlameFlaming Magic AssaultMarch Into Firelandshells_headbangers
34. 2011-06-06FlameRites Of Endless HatredMarch Into Firelandshells_headbangers
35. 2011-06-06In FlamesDead God In MeThe Jester Racenuclearblast
36. 2011-05-16FlameFirelandMarch Into Firelandshells_headbangers
37. 2011-05-09FlameBurning HorrorMarch Into Firelandshells_headbangers
38. 2008-09-01With Faith or FlamesPower of the Morning Stara Conquest Triumphantstand_and_deliver
39. 2008-08-18With Faith or FlamesPower of the Morning Stara Conquest Triumphantstand_and_deliver
40. 2008-08-11With Faith or Flamesthe Vagrant deada Conquest Triumphantstand_and_deliver
41. 2008-08-04With Faith or FlamesBendin Spacea Conquest Triumphantstand_and_deliver
42. 2008-08-04In FlamesLeechesCome Clarityferret
43. 2008-07-28With Faith or Flamesthe Abominationa Conquest Triumphantstand_and_deliver
44. 2008-07-21With Faith or FlamesHeir to the Viking Thronea Conquest Triumphantstand_and_deliver
45. 2008-07-14In FlamesEpisode 666Whoraclenuclearblast
46. 2008-05-05In FlamesPinball MapClaymannuclearblast
47. 2008-03-24In FlamesI'm the HighwayA Sense of Purposekoch
48. 2008-03-17In FlamesBehind spaceLunar Strainwrong_again
49. 2008-03-10In Flamesthe Mirror's Truththe Mirror's Truth (single)koch
50. 2007-12-24In FlamesDialogue with the StarsWhoraclenuclearblast
51. 2007-07-16In FlamesEmbody the Invisible (live)Tokyo Showdownnuclearblast
52. 2006-12-04in flamesepisode 666Whoraclenuclearblast
53. 2006-09-04in flamesepisode 666Whoraclenuclearblast
54. 2006-06-05In Flamesepisode 666
55. 2006-03-27in flamesbullet ride
56. 2006-03-20in flamesLeeches
57. 2006-03-13in flamesscream
58. 2006-02-20in flamescrawl through knives
59. 2006-02-13in flamestake this life
60. 2006-02-06in flamesreflect the storm
61. 2006-01-30in flamescome clarity
62. 2006-01-02In Flamesepisode 666
63. 2005-07-18in flamesepisode 666Whoraclenuclearblast
64. 2005-05-02in flamessystem
65. 2005-04-04In Flamesepisode666
66. 2004-11-22In Flamesbiosphere
67. 2004-10-25in flamesepisode 666Whoraclenuclearblast
68. 2004-09-06In Flamespinball map
69. 2004-07-26In Flamesgyroscope
70. 2004-07-05In Flamesmy seet shadow
71. 2004-06-07In Flamesdead alone
72. 2004-05-31In Flamesf(r)iend
73. 2004-05-17In Flamesbiosphere
74. 2004-05-17In Flameslike you better dead
75. 2004-05-10In Flamesborders and computers
76. 2004-03-29in flamestouch of red
77. 2004-03-22in flamesepisode 666Whoraclenuclearblast
78. 2004-02-23in flamespinball map
79. 2003-11-24in flamesswim
80. 2003-11-10In Flamesordinary story
81. 2003-09-22In Flameszombie inc
82. 2003-09-15In Flamespinball map
83. 2003-07-29in flamesland of confusion
84. 2003-07-15In FlamesLand of Confusion
85. 2003-06-03In FlamesLand of Confusion
86. 2003-05-27In FlamesSeven Day lie
87. 2003-04-08In FlamesMoonsheild (live)
88. 2003-03-25In FlamesEpisode 666Whoraclenuclearblast
89. 2003-02-11In flamesPinball Map
90. 2003-02-04In FlamesPinball Map
91. 2003-01-07In FlamesSystem
92. 2002-12-17In FlamesCloud Connected
93. 2002-11-12In FlamesReroute to remain
94. 2002-11-05In FlamesTransparent
95. 2002-10-22In Flamesdrifter
96. 2002-10-15In FlamesCloud Connected
97. 2002-10-08In FlamesEpisode 666 (live)
98. 2002-10-01In FlamesSystem
99. 2002-09-24In FlamesSystem
100. 2002-09-17in FlamesDismiss the Cynics
101. 2002-09-10In FlamesReroute to remain
102. 2002-09-03In FlamesCloud Connected
103. 2002-08-27In FlamesSystem
104. 2002-08-06In flamesEpisode 666Whoraclenuclearblast
105. 2002-07-17In FlamesPinball Map
106. 2002-05-07In FlamesOrdanady Story
107. 2002-04-02In FlamesEpisode 666Whoraclenuclearblast
108. 2002-01-08in flamesEmbody the Invisible
109. 2001-12-11In flamesPinball Map
110. 2001-10-09In FlamesClayman (live)
111. 2001-09-25In FlamesJotun (live)
112. 2001-09-18In FlamesEpisode 666Whoraclenuclearblast
113. 2001-09-11In FlamesPinball Map
114. 2001-09-11In FlamesPinball Map
115. 2001-09-04In FlamesClayman
116. 2001-09-04In FlamesClayman
117. 2001-08-28In FlamesEpisode 666 (live in Japan)
118. 2001-08-28In FlamesEpisode 666 (live in Japan)
119. 2001-08-21In FlamesClayman (live)
120. 2001-08-21In FlamesClayman (live)
121. 2001-08-14In FlamesPinball map (live)
122. 2001-08-14In FlamesPinball map (live)
123. 2001-06-19In FlamesPinball map
124. 2001-05-22In FlamesBiosphere
125. 2001-02-27In Flamesthe Hive
126. 2000-12-19In FlamesOnly for the Weak
127. 2000-12-19In FlamesOnly for the Weak
128. 2000-11-21In FlamesEpisode 666
129. 2000-10-31In FlamesEpisode 666
130. 2000-10-31In FlamesEpisode 666
131. 2000-10-24In flamesJotum
132. 2000-10-24In flamesJotum
133. 2000-09-25In the Future Repeats Today
134. 2000-09-18In Flames... and the future repeats today
135. 2000-08-07In FlamesPinball map
136. 2000-07-31In FlamesPinball map
137. 2000-07-24In FlamesAnother day in Quicksand
138. 2000-07-17In Flamesswim
139. 2000-07-17In Flamesswim
140. 2000-07-10In FlamesOnly for the Weak
141. 2000-03-13In FlamesJotun
142. 2000-02-07In FlamesJotun
143. 1999-12-20In FlamesEpisode 666Whoraclenuclearblast
144. 1999-11-30In FlamesEpisode 666Whoraclenuclearblast
145. 1999-09-27In FlamesEpisode 666Whoraclenuclearblast
146. 1999-08-23In FlamesBehind space 99
147. 1999-08-16In FlamesCoerced coexistence
148. 1999-08-09In Flamesbehind space 99
149. 1999-08-02In flamesZombie Inc
150. 1999-07-26In FlamesEmbody the Invisible
151. 1999-07-19In FlamesCoerced Coexistence
152. 1999-07-05In FlamesEpisode 666Whoraclenuclearblast
153. 1999-03-22In FlamesEpisode 666
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