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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1140 playlist up with 48616 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-06-17EmperorThe Majesty of the Night SkyScattered AshesCandlelight Records
2. 2018-12-10EmperorThus Spake the NightspiritConquering Europe
3. 2018-07-16EmperorWrath Of The TyrantEmperor / Wrath Of The Tyrant
4. 2018-02-19EmperorThe Ancient QueenAs The Shadows Rise (7'')
5. 2018-01-01EmperorAn Elegy of IcarosScattered AshesCandlelight Records
6. 2017-06-19EmperorThe Warriors of Modern DeathIX EquilibriumCentury Media Records
7. 2017-06-05EmperorWrath Of The TyrantEmperor [EP]Century Media
8. 2017-04-17EmperorEnsorcelled By KhaosAnthems To The Welkin At Dusk
9. 2017-01-23EmperorI Am The Black WizardsEmperor [EP]Century Media
10. 2016-10-17EmperorI Am The Black WizardsEmperor [EP]Century Media
11. 2016-02-22EmperorInto The Infinity Of ThoughtsIn The Nightside Eclipse
12. 2016-02-15EmperorThe ProphetPrometheusCandlelight Records
13. 2014-03-31EmperorHe Who Sought the FirePrometheus - The Discipline of Fire and Demisecenturymedia
14. 2013-06-03EmperorDepravedPrometheus - The Discipline of Fire and Demisecandlelight
15. 2013-05-20EmperorFuneral FogScattered Ashes: A Dacade of Emperial Wrathcandlelight
16. 2013-02-18EmperorLord of the StormsScattered Ashes: A Dacade of Emperial Wrathcandlelight
17. 2011-06-20EmperorDepravedPrometheus - The Discipline of Fire and Demisecenturymedia
18. 2010-12-20Emperorthe Warriors of Modern DeathIX Equilibriumcenturymedia
19. 2010-08-02EmperorI am the Black WizardScattered Ashes: A Dacade of Emperial Wrathcandlelight
20. 2010-02-15EmperorIn the Wordless ChamberPrometheus - The Discipline of Fire and Demisecandlelight
21. 2010-01-11EmperorI am the Black WizardScattered Ashes: A Dacade of Emperial Wrathcandlelight
22. 2009-12-14EmperorDecrystallizing ReasonIX Equilibriumcenturymedia
23. 2009-03-23Emperori am the Black WizardScattered Ashes: A Dacade of Emperial Wrathcandlelight
24. 2008-09-29EmperorSwornIX Equilibriumcenturymedia
25. 2008-07-21EmperorDecrystallizing ReasonIX Equilibriumcenturymedia
26. 2008-02-04EmperorDecrystallizing ReasonBlackend IV - Various Artistsmetalblade
27. 2007-11-19EmperorDecrystallizing ReasonIX Equilibriumcenturymedia
28. 2007-03-12EmperorI am the Black Wizard
29. 2006-10-09emperorthe tongue of fire
30. 2006-05-22emperorthe tongue of fire
31. 2006-03-27emperorI am the black wizard live
32. 2006-01-16emperora fine day to die
33. 2005-11-28emperorHe Who Sought the Fire
34. 2005-10-24emperordecrystallizing reasonIX Equilibriumcenturymedia
35. 2005-02-28emperorcurse you all men
36. 2004-10-25emperorcurse you all men
37. 2004-08-30emperorDecrystallizing ReasonIX Equilibriumcenturymedia
38. 2004-08-02emperorthe tongue of fire
39. 2004-04-05emperorthus spoke the night spirits
40. 2004-03-15emperorfuneral fog
41. 2003-12-01emperorthe loss and curse of reverence
42. 2003-04-22EmperorCurse you all Man!
43. 2003-04-15EmperorFuneral Fog
44. 2003-04-01EmperorFuneral Fog
45. 2003-03-18EmperorWreath of the Tyrannt
46. 2003-03-11Emperori am the Black Wizard
47. 2002-07-09Emperorthe Tongue of Fire
48. 2002-01-04EmperorDecrystallizing ReasonIX Equilibriumcenturymedia
49. 2001-12-11EmperorHe Alone Sought Fire
50. 2001-11-06EmperorEmpty
51. 2001-10-16EmperorHe who sought Fire
52. 2001-10-09Emperorthe Eruption
53. 2001-10-02EmperorIn the Wordless Chamber
54. 2001-07-24EmperorEnscrolled by Kaos
55. 2001-07-24EmperorEnscrolled by Kaos
56. 2001-05-22EmperorA fine Day to Die
57. 2001-02-06EmperorDecrystallizing ReasonIX Equilibriumcenturymedia
58. 2000-12-25EmperorCurse You all men
59. 2000-08-28EmperorWith Streyl
60. 2000-08-07EmperorA fine day to die
61. 2000-07-03EmperorWith Strength I Burn
62. 2000-06-12EmperorA Fine day to Die
63. 2000-06-05EmperorThe Majesty of the Night sky (live)
64. 2000-05-29EmperorI am the Black Wizard
65. 2000-04-03Emperorthe Warriors of Modern Death
66. 2000-03-20Emperorthe Elegy of Icarus
67. 2000-01-24EmperorA fine day to Die
68. 1999-11-01Emperorthe Warriors of Modern Death
69. 1999-09-13EmperorYew Entrance Inperium
70. 1999-09-06EmperorDecrystallizing ReasonIX Equilibriumcenturymedia
71. 1999-08-21EmperorCurse you all Men
72. 1999-08-21EmperorCurse you all Men
73. 1999-08-02Emperorthe Burning Shadows of Silence
74. 1999-07-12EmperorDecrystallizing reasonIX Equilibriumcenturymedia
75. 1999-07-05EmperorSworn
76. 1999-06-28EmperorCurse you all Men
77. 1999-06-14Emperorof Blindness and Subsequent Seers
78. 1999-06-07EmperorDecrystallizing ReasonIX Equilibriumcenturymedia
79. 1999-05-31Emperorthe Warriors of Modern Death
80. 1999-05-24Emperorthe Warriors of Modern DEath
81. 1999-05-17EmperorNonus Aequilibrium
82. 1999-05-10EmperorAn Elegy of Icaros
83. 1999-04-27EmperorA Fine Day to Die
84. 1999-03-22Emperorthe loss and curse of reverence
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