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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1361 playlist up with 56716 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2011-01-31MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2011-01-31
3. 2011-01-31DeathPull the PlugLeprosyrelativity
4. 2011-01-31Vio-lenceBodies on BodiesEternal Nightmaremca
5. 2011-01-31AnthraxCaught In A MoshAmong the Livingisland
6. 2011-01-31Shipwreck adThawAbyssdeathwishinc
7. 2011-01-31PowerwolvesUnleash The WolvesSlaughtering The Machines - demo 2010self-released
8. 2011-01-31
9. 2011-01-31Demilichthe crythe Echo
10. 2011-01-31Black BreathEscape From DeathHeavy Breathingsouthernlord
11. 2011-01-31Cannibal CorpseBeyond The CemeteryTomb of the Mutilatedmetalblade
12. 2011-01-31Ingurgitating OblivionNothingnessVoyage Towards Abhorrenceunmatched_brutality
13. 2011-01-31
14. 2011-01-31AyatCurses! Curses! And Never Sleep...Six Years Of Dormant Hatredmoribund
15. 2011-01-31Swordmasterthe Angels and the MasterMoribund Transgoriaosmose
16. 2011-01-31
17. 2011-01-31RazormazeMiseries Of The FleshMiseriesself-released
18. 2011-01-31BalforIn A Thunder Of Ancient GloryBarbaric Bloodpulverised
19. 2011-01-31
20. 2011-01-31CommanderA Vengful AngelThe Enemies We Createbad_land
21. 2011-01-31EntombedBlack BreathContempt singleearache
22. 2011-01-31ExhumedOpen the AbscessGore Metalrelapse
23. 2011-01-31AbscessDawn Of InhumanityDawn Of Inhumanitypeaceville
24. 2011-01-31
25. 2011-01-31Cirith UngolFinger Of ScornKing of the Deadenigma
26. 2011-01-31Sky ForgerSon Of The MareKurbadsmetalblade
27. 2011-01-31AversedAversionAversionself-released
28. 2011-01-31CannaeWhite Walls Reap Black FiguresTroubleshooting Deatheast_coast_empire
29. 2011-01-31
30. 2011-01-31Corpsefucking ArtBloodcraving (Mortician Cover)Corpse Fuck Art/Goretrade splitunited_gutteral
31. 2011-01-31FermentoUntermenschInsigniapathos
32. 2011-01-31SeveranceInferior SuperiorsWhat Lies Ahead...world_war_iii
33. 2011-01-31GraveDismembered MindBurial Groundregain
34. 2011-01-31
35. 2011-01-31SacrificeForever EnslavedForward to Terminationmetalblade
36. 2011-01-31SabbatBehind The Crooked CrossHistory of a Time to Comenoise
37. 2011-01-31Vicious RumorsThe CrestDigital Dictatorshrapnel
38. 2011-01-31SaratanDead InsideAntireligionmy_kingdom
39. 2011-01-31
40. 2011-01-31ScaphismChainsodomyBoarcorpse-Composted-Scaphism - splitself-released
41. 2011-01-31Children Of The Dying SunPossessed By HatredTo Welcome Deathself-released
42. 2011-01-31Agoraphobic NosebleedBaby CannonBestial Machineryrelapse
43. 2011-01-31Living VoidCaltrops Teethself-titleddilapidated_enterprises
44. 2011-01-31
45. 2011-01-31Storming DarknessSteps for HellSin-thesisknightmare
46. 2011-01-31Obsidian TongueDissociationDemo 2010self-released
47. 2011-01-31ExcrecorThe SirenSyncronicityself-released
48. 2011-01-31Imperial TyrantsGrand Violator Of God's TriumphMCBL: Heathen Blood Cultold_cemetery
49. 2011-01-31
50. 2011-01-31RamessesBlack Hash MassTake The Curseritual_production
51. 2011-01-31MotherboarNoose Of FireThe Beast Becomes The Servantself-released
52. 2011-01-31EvildeadHoly TrialsAnnihilation of Civilizationspv
53. 2011-01-31NecrosThe Power Of FearTangled Uprestless
54. 2011-01-31NeaeraExaltationForging The Eclipsemetalblade
55. 2011-01-31
56. 2011-01-31SargeistBurning Voice Of AdorationLet The Devil Inmoribund
57. 2011-01-31NileWhat Can Be Safely WrittenIthyphallicnuclearblast
58. 2011-01-31Death SkullReady To Nail Him AgainAnnihilation Of The Pigold_cemetery
59. 2011-01-31DeteriorotBeyond This EmptinessThe Faithlessxtreem
60. 2011-01-31
61. 2011-01-31The SwarmPlagueThe Swarm aka Knee Deep In The Dead
62. 2011-01-31GonerJapanese Titledemoself-released
63. 2011-01-31DefeatistNameless HellIn Praise of False Hope EPchainsaw_safety
64. 2011-01-31NocturnalSlaughter CommandViolent Revengedispleased
65. 2011-01-31Sacred ChildBad As You Want Itself-titledtarget_music_group
66. 2011-01-31
67. 2011-01-31Blessed DeathDeath In The SkyDestined for Extinctionroadracer
68. 2011-01-31TankardZombie AttackZombie Attackcombat
69. 2011-01-31Seges FindereKrieg Macht FreiProclamation Of Blood Vengeanceold_cemetery
70. 2011-01-31Hail of BulletsFull Scale WarOn Divine Windsmetalblade
71. 2011-01-31CadaverRunaway BrainIn Painsrelativity
72. 2011-01-31
73. 2011-01-31MelecheshMystics Of The PillarThe Epigenesisnuclearblast
74. 2011-01-31DevastatorWitching CommandNocturnal Slutold_cemetery
75. 2011-01-31Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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