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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1131 playlist up with 48274 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-10-28Nocturnal Depression03. Living in a Mass GraveTides of DespairSun & Moon Records
2. 2019-09-09Baphomets HornsMass Graves for ChristianitySatanic Forcefucked Annihilation
3. 2019-09-02Unborn SufferMass SuicideDesecrate/Retaliate/ObliterateSoulflesh Collector Records - via Metalhit
4. 2019-07-29MorticianIntro/Mortal MassacreMortal MassacreRelapse Records
5. 2019-06-10Last Days of HumanityPutrid Mass Of Burnt ExcrementSounds of Rancid Juice Sloshing Around Your Coffin
6. 2018-12-31Pagan AltarThe Black MassJudgement Of The Dead
7. 2018-12-03Cripple BastardsMass Medis (Indigesti)Frammenti Di Vita (Ep)
8. 2018-11-26GorefestFor the MassesLa Muerte
9. 2018-11-26VomitileUnleashing the MassacreIgniting ChaosPain Gore Death Productions
10. 2018-11-19WarlordBlack MassDeliver Us
11. 2018-10-15Anaal NathrakhNew Bethlehem/Mass Death FuturesA New Kind of HorrorMetal Blade Records
12. 2018-10-01ExxxekutionerMass DisorderDeath SentenceUlthar Records
13. 2018-09-10GorezoneMass Murder by One FormBrutalities of Modern DominationXtreem Music
14. 2018-09-10RamessesBlack Hash MassTake the CurseRitual Productions
15. 2018-05-07Cesspool of VerminSwirling Carnivorous MassBestial NecrophiliaSevared Records - via Metalhit
16. 2017-12-18From First to LastChristmassacreTaste of ChristmasWarcon
17. 2017-10-23AvskyMass DestructionMass DestructionPathos Productions
18. 2017-10-09CauldronConjure The MassChained To The NiteEarache
19. 2017-07-17MorticianIntro/Mortal MassacreMortal MassacreRelapse Records
20. 2017-06-05Contaminated (Australia)04 Boneless MassFinal Man CD/LPBlood Harvest Records
21. 2017-03-06MorticianMass MutilationChainsaw DismembermentRelapse Records
22. 2016-11-07CovenMacdonaldland MassacreBlessed is the Blackever rat records
23. 2016-09-05Nuclear AssaultCritical MassLive At The Hammersmith Odeon [88561-1100-2]screaming_ferret
24. 2016-07-18DUST BOLTMass ConfusionMass ConfusionNapalm Records
25. 2016-07-18Death Courier04 Mass ImpalementEP and Demo LPNuclear War Now! Productions
26. 2016-04-11BODYFARMFrontline MassacreThe Coming Scourgemetalblade
27. 2016-02-08Casket RobberyMalevolent Milwaukee MassacreEvolution of EvilMortal Music
28. 2016-02-01SepulturaMass HypnosisBeneath The RemainsRoadrunner
29. 2015-09-28CrypticGargling Vicious MassWormheadxtreem
30. 2015-08-24UlcerrhoeaChip Implant Mass Controllsplit- Ulcerrhoea/Bizarre x
31. 2015-07-27Fractured InsanityMass AwakelessMass Awakelessxtreem
32. 2015-06-22Third IonZero Mass13/8bitglasstone
33. 2015-05-18Pagan AlterThe Black MassJudgement Of The Dead
34. 2015-05-04PyrrhonThe MassGrowth Without Endhandshake_inc
35. 2015-04-06BloodbathMass StrangulationResurrection Through Carnagecenturymedia
36. 2015-04-06SammathShot In MassGodless Arrogance
37. 2015-03-30Rings Of SaturnSenseless MassacreLugal Ki Enunique_leader
38. 2015-03-16Life At ZeroMudbog MassacreVile Pilessevared
39. 2015-01-12One King DownMass SuicideBloodlust Revengeevr
40. 2014-12-22Pig DestroyerMassMass Volumerelapse
41. 2014-12-08Unchallenged HateMass MurdererReality Shows vol 2
42. 2014-08-25Avskumthe Massacre in Fellujahuppror Underifranprank
43. 2014-06-23KillgasmPlanet Earth Mass GraveA Stab In The Heart of Christmoribund
44. 2014-06-09InfamyMass Cremationthe Blood Shall Flowrepulse
45. 2014-06-02The BerzerkermassacreThe Berzerkerearache
46. 2013-12-16NifelheimSatanic MassDevil's Forceregain
47. 2013-11-25DecryptBraindead MassesHoly Erotic Raptureforever_underground
48. 2013-07-29HellhammerMassacra12"
49. 2013-03-25Septic FleshA Great Mass Of DeathThe Great Massseason_of_mist
50. 2013-02-25Children of BodomMass Hypnosis (Sepultura)Bodom Coversspinefarm
51. 2013-01-07Flotsam and JetsamSuffer the MassesWhen the Storm Comes Downmca
52. 2012-11-26SepulturaMass HypnosisVarious Artists - At Death's Doorroadrunner
53. 2012-10-29Explosive dick holeMorbid Zit MassacreOrgasm Through Being Retartedself-released
54. 2012-08-20Napalm DeathMass Appeal MadnessDeath By Manipulationearache
55. 2012-08-13Assault On The LivingInfection Of The Massesdemoself-released
56. 2012-07-09Funeral GoatMass Ov PerversionMass Ov Perversiondaemon_worship
57. 2012-05-14HeadrotDeli Massacre 91Gulpting The Remainspathos
58. 2012-04-02Vio-lenceOppressing the MassesOppressing the Massesmegaforce
59. 2012-03-26Rampant DecayLiferuiner MassgraveDemo 2009obscenity_cult
60. 2012-03-05KrisiunExtincao En MassaThe Great Executioncenturymedia
61. 2012-01-09The BerzerkerMassacreThe Berzerkerearache
62. 2012-01-09ThrallMass ExtinctionVermin To The Earthmoribund
63. 2012-01-02ThrallMass ExtinctionVermin To The Earthmoribund
64. 2011-11-21In The ShitPublic Hangings on Mass Ave2009-2010self-released
65. 2011-07-04EntetyCarnage of MassacredCadaveric Necrogrindworld_war_iii
66. 2011-04-18ConspiracyBlack MassIrremediablepulverised
67. 2011-04-04BreathlessSlavery Of The MassesThrashumancyxtreem
68. 2011-03-28DeathraiserAnnihilation Of MassesViolent Aggressionxtreem
69. 2011-03-21Nuclear AssaultCritical MassAlive Againscreaming_ferret
70. 2011-03-21Acid WitchMetal Movie Marijuana Massacre MeltdownStonedhells_headbangers
71. 2011-03-21Electric WizardBlack MassBlack Massesmetalblade
72. 2011-02-21Fractured InsanityMass AwakelessMass Awakelessxtreem
73. 2011-01-31RamessesBlack Hash MassTake The Curseritual_production
74. 2010-12-13Electric WizardBlack MassBlack Massesmetalblade
75. 2010-10-25Vio-lenceOppressing the MassesOppressing the Massesmegaforce
76. 2010-07-19Pathology (US)Creation Of Mass DestructionIncisions Of Perverse Debaucherycomatose
77. 2010-07-12In The ShitPublic Hangings on Mass AveBostonself-released
78. 2010-06-07Nuclear AssaultCritical MassAlive Againscreaming_ferret
79. 2010-04-05In The ShitPublic Hangings on Mass AveBostonself-released
80. 2010-02-22SepulturaBeneath The Remains/Mass MypnosisUnder a Pale Grey Skyroadrunner
81. 2009-12-28SepulturaBeneath The Remains/Mass MypnosisUnder a Pale Grey Skyroadrunner
82. 2009-12-14In The ShitPublic Hangings on Mass AveBostonself-released
83. 2009-11-02SepulturaMass HypnosisVarious Artists - At Death's Doorroadrunner
84. 2009-10-19Nuclear AssaultCritical MassHandle with Carein_effect
85. 2009-07-13One King DownMass SuicideBloodlust Revengeevr
86. 2009-04-20GoreFestThe Mass InsanityFalsenuclearblast
87. 2008-11-10Avskumthe Massacre in Fellujahuppror Underifranprank
88. 2008-10-13AvskumMasskonsumtions Halvetetuppror Underifranprank
89. 2008-09-22PisschristMass GenocideNothing Has Changed
90. 2008-09-15GoreBzarre Island MassacreSublimes Rituales Del Mundo Bizarrofudgeworthy
91. 2008-09-08Nuclear AssaultCritical MassHandle with Carein_effect
92. 2008-09-08Metal ChurchMass HysteriaThis Present Wastelandspv
93. 2008-09-01the Summonedthe Beauty within a MassacreHarvestrespawn
94. 2008-08-04One King DownMass Suicide
95. 2008-07-21the Summonedthe Beauty within a MassacreHarvestrespawn
96. 2008-07-21DaathFestival Mass Soulformthe Hinderersroadrunner
97. 2008-05-19DebodifiedMass Extinction AgendaUtopia in the Eyes of a Beastcomatose
98. 2007-10-01Life At Zeroweapons of mass defecationVile Pilessevared
99. 2007-08-27the HuntedWell of Souls (Candlemass)Power from the North (Various Artists)digital demensions
100. 2007-08-13Fueled by FireMassive ExecutionSpread the Firemetalblade
101. 2007-08-13Nuclear AssaultCritical MassHandle with Carein_effect
102. 2007-07-02Blinded by FaithWeapons of Mass DistractionWeapons of Mass Distractiongaly
103. 2007-05-28Avskymass destructionMass Destructionhumanitys_plague
104. 2007-05-14Flotsam and JetsamSuffer the masses
105. 2007-04-09daathfestival mass soulform
106. 2007-03-26Mercyful FateBlack masses
107. 2007-02-26EntetyCarnage of Massacred
108. 2007-01-22baphomet's hornsmass graves for christianity
109. 2006-10-23nuclear assaultcritical mass
110. 2006-08-14nuclear assaultcritical mass
111. 2006-08-07life at zeroweapons of mass defecation
112. 2006-07-31life at zeroMudbog Massacre
113. 2006-07-24Light This Citythe static masses
114. 2006-07-03Among the Decayedanatomy of a massacre
115. 2006-05-22life at zeroMudbog Massacre
116. 2006-05-15morticianmass execution
117. 2006-04-03torture killera funeral for the masses
118. 2006-03-20entetycarnage of massacred
119. 2006-01-09nuclear assaultcritical mass (live)
120. 2005-09-26nuclear assaultcritical mass
121. 2005-04-18suffocationmass obliteration
122. 2005-03-14incisiongrotesque plague mass
123. 2004-12-27devourmentfeasting vomitous mass
124. 2004-12-06massmurdermeatcleaver massacre
125. 2004-11-15sepulturamass hypnosis
126. 2004-11-01massmurderermeatcleaver massacre
127. 2004-10-18devourmentfestering vomitous mass
128. 2004-04-19nuclear assaultcritical mass
129. 2004-01-26the berzerkermassacre
130. 2003-12-15in mourningthe first day of mass infection
131. 2003-10-20entetycarnage of massacred
132. 2003-08-26Nuclear AssaultCritical Mass
133. 2003-07-22Nulear AssaultCritical mass (live)
134. 2003-06-03Callenish Circlesoul massiah
135. 2003-05-13SepulturaMass Hypnosis
136. 2003-03-25Decryptbraindead masses
137. 2003-02-04EntetyCarnage of Massacred
138. 2002-12-24ImmolationReluctant Massiah
139. 2002-12-17BloodbathMass Strangulation
140. 2002-11-19SepulturaMass Hypnosis
141. 2002-10-01In Mourningthe First Day of Mass Infection
142. 2002-07-30EntetyCarnage of Massacred
143. 2002-06-02One King DownMass Suicide
144. 2002-05-14EntetyCarnage of Massacred
145. 2002-04-30In MourningThe First Day of Mass Infection
146. 2002-01-01KrisiunMassiah of the Double Cross
147. 2001-11-27In MourningThe Day of Mass Infection
148. 2001-09-25612 CrewMassacra (Celtic Frost cover)
149. 2001-09-11Nuclear AssaultCritical Mass
150. 2001-09-11Nuclear AssaultCritical Mass
151. 2001-08-28In MourningThe First Day of Mass Infection
152. 2001-08-28In MourningThe First Day of Mass Infection
153. 2001-08-07In MourningThe First Day of Mass Infection
154. 2001-08-07In MourningThe First Day of Mass Infection
155. 2001-07-31Dying FetusPraise the Lord (Oppressing the Masses)
156. 2001-07-31Dying FetusPraise the Lord (Oppressing the Masses)
157. 2001-07-03KrisiunMassiah of the Double Cross
158. 2001-06-26In MourningThe First Day of Mass Infection
159. 2001-06-19In MourningThe First Day of Mass Infection
160. 2001-05-01CandiriaMass
161. 2001-04-24SepulturaMass Hypnosis
162. 2001-04-24SuffocationMass Obliteration
163. 2001-04-17Nuclear AssaultCritical Mass
164. 2000-11-31NifelheimSatanic Mass
165. 2000-05-08SuffocationMass Obliteration
166. 2000-04-17Flesh CrawlImpure Massacre of Bloody Souls
167. 2000-02-28MorticianIntro/Mortal Massacre
168. 2000-01-24BathoryMassacre
169. 1999-12-13Lord BelialMassacre
170. 1999-07-19Six Feet underMass Murder Rampage
171. 1999-05-04Nuclear AssaultCritical Mass
172. 1999-03-15Fear FactoryMassiah
173. 1997-10-27Niden Div 187Mass Surial Disorder
174. 1997-06-09One King DownMass Suicide
175. 1997-05-19Vio-lenceOppressing the Masses
176. 1997-05-12Nuclear AssaultCritical Mass
177. 1997-04-28Nuclear AssaultCritical Mass
178. 1997-04-21Nuclear AssaultCritical Mass
179. 1997-02-17Focal PointSuffering of the Masses
180. 1997-01-27Focal PointSuffering of the Masses
181. 1996-12-02Focal PointSuffering of the Masses
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