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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1134 playlist up with 48387 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-09-30GatecreeperFrom The AshesDesertedRelapse Records
2. 2019-07-01Born in BloodOut of the Ashes2005
3. 2018-11-12Dead CongregationOnly Ashes RemainPromulgation Of The Fall
4. 2018-01-15Winter Of SinBlack AshesViolent Reigns Supreme
5. 2017-05-08WINDSWEPTThe Stars Are Cold and Indifferent, Sow Their Gleaming AshesThe Great Cold SteppeSeason of Mist
6. 2017-01-02DÉPARTEAshes in BloomFailure, SubsideSeason of Mist
7. 2016-09-12Anaal NathrakhAshes Screaming SilencePassionCandlelight Records
8. 2016-08-08ABBATH03 Ashes of the DamnedABBATHSeason Of Mist
9. 2016-06-06Sin Of AngelsAshes Of SodomEucharist
10. 2016-04-04GALLOWER02 King of the ashesThe Witch Hunt Is On TAPEShadow Kingdom Records
11. 2015-11-09Infera BruoSend My Ashes NorthIn ConjurationBindrune Recordings
12. 2015-08-31BLEEDBlood AshesThe Hatred InsideSelf-Released
13. 2015-03-23Sin of AngelsAshes Of SodomFrom Ashesnotcommon
14. 2015-03-23Ashes In VeinAshes In VeinAshes In Veinpavement
15. 2014-12-29TombsAshesSavage Goldrelapse
16. 2014-05-19DrudkhAshesEastern Frontier In Flamesseason_of_mist
17. 2014-05-12Nuclear AssaultRise from the AshesSurviveirs
18. 2013-08-12Shadows Fallto AshesSomber Eyes To The Skylifeless
19. 2013-02-25AosothAshes Of AngelsAshes Of Angelsagonia
20. 2013-02-25SodomAshes to Ashesthe Final Sign of Evilspv
21. 2013-02-04Swarm Of EyesEndless AshesDesigning The Dystopiaself-released
22. 2013-01-14Symphony in PerilSifting Through These AshesLost Memories and Faded Picturesfacedown
23. 2012-11-26Swarm Of EyesEndless AshesDesigning The Dystopiaself-released
24. 2012-10-22NachtmystiumReduced To AshesSilencing Machinescenturymedia
25. 2012-09-17PsycropticFrom Scribe To AshesThe Inherited Reprssionnuclearblast
26. 2012-07-02MegadethAshes In Your MouthCountdown to Extinctioncombat
27. 2012-03-05PsycropticFrom Scribe To AshesThe Inherited Reprssionnuclearblast
28. 2011-10-24Charred Walls Of The DamnedAshes Falling Upon UsCold Winds On Timeless Daysmetalblade
29. 2010-10-11In This MomentAshesBeautiful Tragedycenturymedia
30. 2010-02-08God ForbidAshes of Humanity (Regret)Reject the Sickness9volt
31. 2010-01-18Feast EternalAn Ember In AshesWith Fireopen_grave
32. 2008-11-10Abigail WilliamsInto the AshesIn The Shadow of a Thousand Sunscandlelight
33. 2008-10-27Abigail WilliamsInto the AshesIn The Shadow of a Thousand Sunscandlelight
34. 2008-01-28Gamma RayFrom the AshesLand of the Freedspv
35. 2007-10-29SodomAshes to Ashesthe Final Sign of Evilspv
36. 2007-08-27in This MomentAshesBeautiful Tragedycenturymedia
37. 2007-07-30KamelotUp Through the AshesGhost Operaspv
38. 2007-07-02One Man ArmyNightmare in Ashes and BloodError in Evolutionnuclearblast
39. 2007-06-04One Man ArmyNightmare in Ashes and BloodError in Evolutionnuclearblast
40. 2007-04-23Saxonashes to ashes
41. 2007-03-05Shadows Fallto Ashes
42. 2007-02-26Cold Workerreturn to ashes
43. 2006-10-30Sin of Angelsashes of sodom
44. 2006-09-11war of agesrise from the ashes
45. 2006-08-14Sin of Angelsashes of sodom
46. 2006-06-19Shadows Fallto ashes (original)
47. 2006-02-13Watchmakernuked to ashes
48. 2006-01-09Watchmakernuked to ashes
49. 2005-12-19Shadows Fallto ashes
50. 2005-12-05grimfistthe ashes of the gods
51. 2005-05-23Sin of Angelsashes of sodom
52. 2005-01-01Shadows Fallto ashes
53. 2004-10-18Symphony in PerilSifting Through These Ashes
54. 2003-12-22Symphony in PerilSifting Through These Ashes
55. 2003-11-17Symphony in PerilSifting Through These Ashes
56. 2003-07-29deeds of fleshreduced to ashes
57. 2003-07-08Deadwater DrowningReduced to Ashes
58. 2002-10-08God ForbidAshes of Humanity (Regret)
59. 2002-05-28Shadows Fallto Ashes
60. 2002-05-14Burialburnt to ashes
61. 2002-03-12Cryptic Windsthe Ashes of Nightfall
62. 2002-02-05Shadows Fallto Ashes
63. 2001-02-06Shadows Fallto Ashes
64. 2000-12-19NoctuaryFrom Ashes We Rise
65. 2000-12-19NoctuaryFrom Ashes We Rise
66. 2000-12-05Shadows Fallthe Ashes
67. 2000-10-03BurialBurnt to Ashes
68. 2000-08-28BurialBurnt to Ashes
69. 2000-06-26Shadows Fallto Ashes
70. 2000-06-19Shadows Fallto Ashes
71. 2000-03-20Shadows Fallto Ashes
72. 1999-11-08Shadows Fallto Ashes
73. 1999-10-25Nuclear AssaultRise from the Ashes
74. 1999-09-27Shadows Fallto Ashes
75. 1997-03-03Nuclear AssaultRise from the Ashes
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