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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1187 playlist up with 50692 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-09-07Mercyful FateNightmareDon't Break the Oath
2. 2020-08-24Expect No MercyIndian NightmareWatch Your Ears and Save your Necks
3. 2020-05-25Cirith UngolNightmareForever BlackMetal Blade Records
4. 2020-05-11GravewormPortrait Of A Deadly NightmareAs The Angel Reach The Beauty
5. 2019-05-20Devil Master02 Nightmares in the Human CollapseSatan Spits on Children of LightRelapse Records
6. 2018-11-12ÆVANGELIST05. Serpentine As Lustful NightmareMatricide In The Temple Of OmegaI, Voidhanger Records
7. 2018-10-22Demolition HammerSkull Fracturing NightmareEpidemic of ViolenceCentury Media Records
8. 2018-05-21IngestedA Nightmare IncarnateThe Architect Of ExtinctionCentury Media Records
9. 2018-01-29The Sun Through a Telescope02 - Cro-Magnon NightmareSummer DarkyardHandshake Inc
10. 2016-10-31Hæresiarchs Of DisNightmare (Mercyful Fate Cover)Tria Prima DiabolicaMoribund Records
11. 2016-03-14BelphegorSchizoid nightmareBloodbath In Paradise [EP]World War III
12. 2015-11-30CemetaryNightmare LakeAn Evil Shade of GrayBlack Mark
13. 2015-06-29Cut UpForensic NightmareForensic Nightmaresmetalblade
14. 2015-04-13TornadoFlesh Crawling NightmareBlack Presidentwormholedeath
15. 2015-01-12NunslaughterRide My NightmareBurn The Cross (reissue)hells_headbangers
16. 2014-12-08Harvest GulgalthaManifestion Of Nightmares1 MLPnuclear_war_now
17. 2014-05-26SarcofagoNightmareRottingGreyhaze
18. 2013-10-28HalloweenNightmaresVictims Of The Nightpure_steel
19. 2013-04-01EnforcerTake Me Out Of This NightmareDeath By Firenuclearblast
20. 2013-03-25F.K.U.A Nightmare Made ThrashRise Of The Thrash Mongersnapalm
21. 2012-11-12VomitorPits Of Nightmare/Pitch BlackThe Escalationhells_headbangers
22. 2011-04-25Vio-lenceEternal NightmareEternal Nightmaremca
23. 2010-01-25SepsisUnsufferable Nightmare...With No Mercymetal_age
24. 2009-08-10Vio-lenceEnternal NightmareEternal Nightmaremca
25. 2009-07-27AnomiaDaydreaming Nightmaresesmhold_true
26. 2009-07-20Demolition HammerSkull Fracturing NightmareEpidemic of Violencecenturymedia
27. 2009-04-27Vio-lenceEnternal NightmareEternal Nightmaremca
28. 2008-12-08Vio-lenceEnternal NightmareEternal Nightmaremca
29. 2008-05-12ArsisWe are the NightmareWe are the Nightmarenuclearblast
30. 2008-04-28Abel is DyingWinchester's NightmareGazing from the Abyssstill_life
31. 2008-03-31Vio-lenceEnternal NightmareEternal Nightmaremca
32. 2007-10-01Vio-lenceEnternal NightmareEternal Nightmaremca
33. 2007-07-30PathogenicNightmares ForeshadowedDeny.Decieve.Devourself-released
34. 2007-07-16NoctuaryEternal NightmareFor Salvationlost_disciple
35. 2007-07-02One Man ArmyNightmare in Ashes and BloodError in Evolutionnuclearblast
36. 2007-06-04One Man ArmyNightmare in Ashes and BloodError in Evolutionnuclearblast
37. 2006-10-09wolfmake friends with your nightmares
38. 2006-08-07unearththis glorious nightmare
39. 2006-07-24unearththis glorious nightmare
40. 2006-02-06Headhunter Death Cultfrom dreams to nightmare
41. 2006-01-02Breather Resista social worker's nightmare
42. 2005-01-01Breather Resista social worker's nightmare
43. 2004-12-20Breather Resista social worker's nightmare
44. 2004-09-27Breather Resista social worder's nightmare
45. 2004-04-26Vio-lenceeternal nightmare
46. 2004-04-19deicideunchanted nightmare
47. 2004-03-01God Forbidliving nightmare
48. 2003-12-15from ashes risenightmares
49. 2003-08-26Vio-lenceEnternal Nightmare
50. 2003-08-12Headhunter Death Cultfrom dream to nightmare
51. 2003-01-28A Static LullabyNightmares win 6-0
52. 2003-01-21CrematoriumNightmares Fused within Reality
53. 2002-12-24CrematoriumNightmares fused withing Reality
54. 2002-01-15Headhunter Death CultFrom Dreams to Nightmares
55. 2001-11-20Headhunter Death CultFrom Dream to Nightmares
56. 2000-12-25VenomNightmare
57. 2000-07-17NoctuaryEternal Nightmare
58. 2000-07-17NoctuaryEternal Nightmare
59. 2000-05-29NoctuaryEternal Nightmare
60. 1999-12-27NoctuaryEternal Nightmare
61. 1999-11-30Angel DustNightmare
62. 1999-04-06NoctuaryEternal Nightmare
63. 1997-05-12Cradle Of FilthHuman Inspired to Nightmare
64. 1997-05-12John Connelly TheoryHarlen's Nightmare
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