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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1155 playlist up with 49263 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-06-01CovenJust Add ViolenceBoneless ChristianRed Light Records
2. 2019-09-16RAMViolence (Is Golden)The Throne WithinMetal Blade Records
3. 2017-12-11CRUENTATOR03 Barbaric ViolenceAin't War Hell?Xtreem Music
4. 2017-10-09MIDNIGHTViolence On ViolenceSatanic RoyaltyHells Headbangers Records
5. 2017-07-24WormrotOverpowered ViolenceDirgeearache
6. 2017-05-01KreatorRiot of ViolenceOut Of The Dark, Into The Lightnoise
7. 2016-11-21Wasted YouthGang ViolenceBlack Dazemedusa
8. 2016-10-24Cephalic CarnageEndless Cycle of ViolenceXenosapienRelapse Records
9. 2016-10-17CarnivoreSex and ViolenceRetaliationroadracer
10. 2016-08-15Agony ColumnCars, Sex & ViolenceGod, Guns & GutsBig Chief
11. 2016-07-11CovenJust Add ViolenceBoneless ChristianRed Light Records
12. 2016-07-11PhobiaDrunken Spree of ViolenceCruelwillowtip
13. 2016-06-27NailsViolence Is ForeverYou Will Never Be One Of UsNuclear Blast Records
14. 2016-06-20NailsViolence Is ForeverYou Will Never Be One Of UsNuclear Blast Records
15. 2016-05-30Demolition HammerEpidemic of ViolenceEpidemic of ViolenceCentury Media Records
16. 2016-03-28ExodusA Lesson In ViolenceBonded By Blood
17. 2016-02-22ButcherImpulsed to ViolenceEmbraced By Madness
18. 2016-01-11ExodusA Lesson in ViolenceBonded by Blood
19. 2015-11-09Vulgar PigeonsViolence Begets ViolenceGlobal Pollution
20. 2015-09-21Sanguis ImperemPossessed By ViolenceIn Glory We March Towards Our Doomhells_headbangers
21. 2015-08-03RazorViolence Condone (live)Shotgun Justice (reissue)relapse
22. 2015-07-27KreatorRiot of ViolenceLive Kreationspv
23. 2015-03-16ExciterViolence and ForceVoilence and Forcemegaforce
24. 2014-12-22HivesmasherNo Structure Total ViolenceGutter Choirblackmarket_activities
25. 2014-11-10CarnivoreSex & ViolenceRetaliationroadracer
26. 2014-08-25ExodusA Lesson in ViolenceLessons In Violence
27. 2014-06-23VektorHunger for ViolenceBlack Futureheavy_artillery
28. 2014-06-16DischargeState Violence/State ControlHear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing
29. 2013-10-21Unbounded TerrorImmortal ViolenceNest Of Affliction
30. 2013-08-26ExciterViolence and ForceVoilence and Forcemegaforce
31. 2013-07-15Loose EndNew ViolenceFree Spirit
32. 2013-04-22ExciterViolence and ForceFeel The Knifecombat
33. 2012-06-04Effective EmasculationOverindulgence In ViolencePromoted to a Motionless Bodyself-released
34. 2012-05-07DemoralizerCycle Of ViolenceDemoself-released
35. 2012-03-05VektorHunger for ViolenceBlack Futureheavy_artillery
36. 2012-02-27KreatorRiot of ViolenceLive Kreationspv
37. 2012-01-30MidnightViolence On ViolenceSatanic Royaltyhells_headbangers
38. 2011-11-21CeremonyViolenceViolence Violencemalfunction
39. 2011-11-21Weekend NachosJock PowerviolenceWorthlessrelapse
40. 2011-10-31SepsismShredded in Cannibalistic ViolencePurulent Decompositionrepulse
41. 2011-06-20Weekend NachosJock PowerviolenceWorthlessrelapse
42. 2011-01-24KreatorRiot of ViolencePleasure to Killcombat
43. 2010-08-23Pathology (US)Collapsing In ViolenceLegacy Of The Ancientsvictory
44. 2010-06-21DestruktorViolence UnseenNailedhells_headbangers
45. 2010-06-07VoivodLive For ViolenceWar and Painmetalblade
46. 2010-03-15DestruktorViolence UnseenNailedhells_headbangers
47. 2009-12-14DevastationEscape To ViolenceSigns of Lifecombat
48. 2009-05-11SepsismShredded in Cannibalistic ViolencePurulent Decompositionrepulse
49. 2009-04-27ManowarViolence and BloodshedFighting the Worldmetalblade
50. 2009-04-06KreatorRiot of ViolencePleasure to Killnoise
51. 2009-01-19VoivodLive for ViolenceWar and Painmetalblade
52. 2008-12-15KreatorRiot of ViolenceLive Kreationspv
53. 2008-12-01ExodusA Lesson in ViolenceLet There be Bloodzaentz
54. 2008-11-24GomorahBy the Means of ViolenceBattle of the GodsMetalhit
55. 2008-03-31ExciterViolence and ForceVoilence and Forcemegaforce
56. 2007-10-29Cephalic CarnageEndless Cycle of ViolenceXenosapienrelapse
57. 2007-08-06Dawn of AzazelViolence and UncleanlinessSeditionibexmoon
58. 2007-06-18Cephalic CarnageEndless cycle of violenceXenosapienrelapse
59. 2007-06-04Cephalic CarnageEndless Cycle of ViolenceXenosapienrelapse
60. 2007-05-28Manowarviolence and bloodshed
61. 2007-05-28agony columncars, sex and violenceGod, Guns & Gutsbig_chief
62. 2007-05-07Wasted YouthGang Violence
63. 2007-01-08Carnivoresex and violence (demo)Carnivoreroadrunner
64. 2006-11-13Voivodlive for violence
65. 2006-08-21Ceremonyviolence
66. 2005-08-08vulgar pigeonsviolence begets violence
67. 2005-06-20vulgar pigeonsviolence begets violence
68. 2003-01-07AbscessEscalation of Violence
69. 2002-12-10AbcessEscaltation of Violence
70. 2001-12-04Demolition HammerEpidemic of Violence
71. 2001-09-25SepsismShredded in Cannibalistic Violence
72. 2001-05-22Sadistik ExekutionBolkanik Violence
73. 2000-10-03SepsismShredded in Cannibalistic Violence
74. 2000-07-24SepsismShredded in Cannibalistic Violence
75. 1999-09-20SepsismShredded in Cannibalistic Violence
76. 1997-04-21Demolition HammerEpidemic of Violence
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