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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1240 playlist up with 52647 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-09-13God's HateMass MurderMass Murder
2. 2021-07-05KraaniumSodomize Lazerate and MurderThe Art of Female Sodomy
3. 2020-12-07StarkweatherMurder in TechnicolorInto the WireEdison Records
4. 2020-09-21Animals Killing PeopleMurder KingEat Your Murder
5. 2020-07-27Khar Sulde03 Ritualized Violence and Murder in Kandahar ProvThe Black Banners of Cosmic WarCrown and Throne Ltd
6. 2020-07-13Doomed and Disgusting06 Murder in the DarkSatan's Nightmare LPNuclear War Now! Productions
7. 2020-06-08Black BreathMurderRazor To Oblivion EP
8. 2020-02-24Necrostrigis03 The Temple of Murderous ShadowsFrom Bleak Cavernous ChambersNebular Carcoma
9. 2020-01-13WarzoneMurder in the First DegreeFight for JusticeVictory Records
10. 2019-07-15DRUID LORD08 Murderous Mr. HydeGrotesque Offerings (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
11. 2019-06-10Squash BowelsMurder On StreetObscene Extreme 1999
12. 2019-05-20BelowThe Whitechapel MurdererAcross the Dark RiverMetal Blade Records
13. 2019-01-14MaliceMurderLicense To Kill
14. 2018-09-10GorezoneMass Murder by One FormBrutalities of Modern DominationXtreem Music
15. 2018-09-03BloodletStew for the Murder MindedSeraphim FallVictory Records
16. 2018-08-13OPPOSITION RISINGPink-Slip Murder SuicideAftermathematicsSelf-Released
17. 2018-07-16NecromancerBrutal Murder In downtown HotelTombstone Epitaph
18. 2018-04-09Malevolent CreationThe Fine Art of MurderLive at the Whisky A Go Go LiveMassacre
19. 2017-08-28CRUCIFIED MORTALSMasked MurderCrucified Mortals
20. 2016-11-28Created To KillMurdered And MutilatedDeath's ConstructionHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
21. 2016-11-14Torture KillerMultiple Counts of MurderSwarm!Metal Blade
22. 2016-10-17StarkweatherMurder In TechnicolorInto the Wire EPEdison
23. 2016-07-11All Hail The Yeti04 Mr. Murder (feat. Brock Lindow)Screams From A Black WildernessMinusHEAD
24. 2016-02-22HateSecatarian MurderCain's Way
25. 2015-08-24SlayerSex, Murder, ArtDivine Interventionroadrunner
26. 2015-03-02DisgorgeMurder (Extreme Noise Terror)Give The Sick More Say (Demo)
27. 2015-01-12DawnMalediction MurderSlaughtersun (Crown of Triarachy)necropolis
28. 2014-12-08Unchallenged HateMass MurdererReality Shows vol 2
29. 2014-11-03HelloweenMurdererWalls Of Jericho
30. 2014-10-20Iron MaidenMurders In The Rue MorgueKillers
31. 2014-08-25Cradle Of FilthBathory Aria: Benighted Like Usher/A Murder Of Ravens In...Cruelty And The BeastMayhem/Fierce
32. 2014-03-31Cannibal CorpseThe Pick-Axe MurdersThe Bleedingmetalblade
33. 2014-03-31Taste Hematic ChainsPain Me A MurderAmigdalaself-released
34. 2013-11-25Cephalic ImpurityInfectible MurderPerverted Surgical Conceptsoulflesh_collector
35. 2013-10-14AzazelHabitual MurdererMusic For The Ritual ChamberUniversal Music
36. 2013-05-20AbominationMurder, Rape, Pilage, and Burnself-titlednuclearblast
37. 2013-04-15EvocationMurder in PassionApocalypticmetalblade
38. 2013-04-15ImagikaChaos To MurderAnd So It Burnsmassacre
39. 2013-04-15Cannibal CorpsePick-Ax MurdersThe Bleedingmetalblade
40. 2013-04-15Exhumedall murder, all guts all funGarage Daze Re-Regurgitatedparasitic_twin
41. 2013-04-08Impending DoomMurdererBaptized In Filthe1_music
42. 2013-03-25SkineaterHe Was MurderedDermal Harvestpulverised
43. 2013-01-14SkineaterHe Was MurderedDermal Harvestpulverised
44. 2013-01-07Impending DoomMurdererBaptized In Filthe1_music
45. 2012-07-02Opposition RisingPink Slip Murder-SuicideAftermathematicsopposition
46. 2011-10-03DisengagedMurder the WorldThe Oceannotcommon
47. 2011-06-13WhitechapelMurder SermonA New Era Of Corruptionmetalblade
48. 2011-05-30MorticianThe Hatchet MurdersDomain Of Deathrelapse
49. 2011-05-23BloodletStew for the Murder Mindedthe Seraphim Fallvictory
50. 2011-02-14Divine EmpireMurder SuicideDoomed To Inheritolympic
51. 2010-09-27PsychoLegalize MurderSaw Bladepatac
52. 2010-08-30ResurrectedUrge To MurderFiercemetal_age
53. 2009-10-26StarkweatherMurder in TechnicolorInto the Wire EPedison
54. 2009-08-31Phantom LimbMurders 6Veins of Unholy Capacitynotcommon
55. 2009-08-10Mantic RitualMurdered To DeathExecutionernuclearblast
56. 2009-07-13StarkweatherMurder in TechnicolorInto the Wire EP
57. 2009-03-16PhobiaRape Theft MurderMeans of Existencedeath_vomit
58. 2009-02-02DisengagedMurder the WorldThe Oceannotcommon
59. 2008-08-04Eden A.D.Murder BallardCycles of Relevancespare_change
60. 2008-06-16Napalm DeathUnchallenged hate/Mentally MurderedThe Complete Radio One Sessionsbbc_music
61. 2008-04-28SlayerSex. Murder. ArtDivine Interventionroadrunner
62. 2008-04-21Amplification of Self GratificationA Number to Murder TwoWin Us Overvolcom
63. 2008-04-14HateSectarian MurderCain's Wayworld_war_iii
64. 2008-04-07The World Series Attention all Mothers: Please Murder Your Daughtersself-titledself-released
65. 2008-03-24BloodletStew for the Murder Mindedthe Seraphim Fallvictory
66. 2008-02-18Birds of PreyMurder the Homeless/Burn the Upper ClassSulfur & Semenrelapse
67. 2007-04-30Impiousholy murder masquerade
68. 2006-10-30exhumedall murder, all guts, all fun
69. 2006-05-15Cannibal Corpsemurder worship
70. 2006-03-27exhumedall murder, all guts all fun
71. 2005-11-28phobiarape theft murder
72. 2005-10-03bloodletstew for the murder mindedthe Seraphim Fallvictory
73. 2005-09-26devine empiremurder suicide
74. 2005-08-08embrace todayact v. murder
75. 2005-07-18Terminally, Your Aborted Ghostperpetuating human murder
76. 2005-07-04the Nightmare Continues...and murder tastes pretty good
77. 2005-06-20disengagedmurder the world
78. 2005-06-06Hell Withina world to murder
79. 2005-05-23the Nightmare Continues...and murder tastes pretty good
80. 2005-05-09disengagedmurder the world
81. 2005-05-09Hell Withina world to murder
82. 2005-01-01misery signalsmurder
83. 2004-12-27kreatormurder fantasies
84. 2004-09-06misery signalsmurderous
85. 2004-08-16misery signalsmurder
86. 2004-07-12misery signalsmurder
87. 2004-07-05Phantom Limbmurder 6
88. 2004-06-28misery signalsmurder
89. 2004-06-14squash bowelsmurder on street
90. 2004-06-14misery signalsmurder
91. 2004-05-17misery signalsmurder
92. 2004-05-03misery signalsmurder
93. 2004-04-12bleeding throughthis is love, this is murderous
94. 2004-02-02hateSectarian Murder
95. 2004-02-02Anoxiafecal murderIntense Killingspathos
96. 2004-01-19disengagedmurder the world
97. 2003-12-22krisiunmurderer
98. 2003-11-17crematoriumthe murder process
99. 2003-10-20krisiunmurderer
100. 2003-09-22bleeding throughthis love, this is murderous
101. 2003-08-26Fleshgrindmurder without end
102. 2003-08-12Premonitions of Warmurder the world
103. 2003-08-05DisengagedMurder the World
104. 2002-12-17Crematoriumthe Murder Process
105. 2002-12-01CrematuriumThe Murder Process
106. 2002-11-26Malevolent CreationWith Murderous Pecision
107. 2002-08-27Corpsefucking ArtAddicated to Murder
108. 2002-08-13BloodletStew for the Murder Mindedthe Seraphim Fallvictory
109. 2002-08-06HateSectarian Murder
110. 2002-06-04Dimension Zerothe Murder-Inn
111. 2002-02-19Jesus Anal PenitrationMolestation and Murder
112. 2002-02-05Jesus Anal PenetrationMolestation and Murder
113. 2001-09-25Six Feet Underthe Murderers
114. 2001-07-31MorticianThe Hachet Murders
115. 2001-07-31MorticianThe Hachet Murders
116. 2000-12-12Corpsefucking ArtAddicted to Murder
117. 2000-12-12Corpsefucking ArtAddicted to Murder
118. 2000-11-14Corpsefucking ArtAddicted to Murder
119. 2000-11-14Corpsefucking ArtAddicted to Murder
120. 2000-10-31Devine EmpireMurder Suicide
121. 2000-10-31Devine EmpireMurder Suicide
122. 2000-05-22SepsismMurdering at Random
123. 1999-10-18SepulturaMurder
124. 1999-07-26Six Feet UnderMasoMurder Rampage
125. 1999-07-19Six Feet underMass Murder Rampage
126. 1997-11-17Iron Lung CorpMurderous
127. 1997-11-10Iron Lung CorpMurderous
128. 1997-11-03Infernal Tormentmurder the world
129. 1997-08-04Murder IncMurder Inc
130. 1997-06-09Murder IncMurder Inc.
131. 1997-05-19Iron Lung CorpMurderous
132. 1997-05-12Iron Lung CorpJoin in the Murderous Chant
133. 1997-04-28Iron Lung CorpJoin in the Murderous Chant
134. 1997-04-21Iron Lung CorpMurderous
135. 1997-04-08Iron Lung CorpMurderous
136. 1997-01-13Murder IncMurder Inc.
137. 1996-12-30MurderInc.Murder Inc
138. 1996-11-04MotorheadMurder Show
139. 1996-09-02Murder IncMurder Inc.
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