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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1155 playlist up with 49263 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-07-01The ManipulatedGhosts RevisitedNeon Messiah
2. 2018-03-05Steelwing07 Like Shadows, Like GhostsReset, Reboot, Redeem
3. 2017-02-20ImmolationThe Rapture of GhostsMajesty & DecayNuclear Blast GmbH
4. 2017-01-02Alienation ColdGreen GhostsForest Of The DeadMacabre Productions
5. 2016-10-03I Shalt BecomeGhostsPoisonMoribund Records
6. 2016-05-23Acid DeathGhostshipHall Of Mirrors
7. 2016-04-25Empty VesselsAll Just GhostsSeizures Within ReasonSelf-Released
8. 2015-11-02SlayerGhosts of warSouth of Heavendef_jam
9. 2015-06-01Modern Life is WarHair Raising Accounts OF Restless Ghosts (AKA Hell Is For Heros)Witnessdeathwishinc
10. 2015-05-25SlayerGhosts of WarSouth of Heavendef_jam
11. 2015-05-25HatebreedGhosts of War (slayer)For the Lionse1_music
12. 2014-12-22HatebreedGhosts of War (slayer)For the Lionse1_music
13. 2014-11-17Machine HeadGhosts Will Haunt My BodyBloodstone & Diamondsnuclearblast
14. 2014-05-26SlayerGhosts of warSouth of Heavendef_jam
15. 2014-05-12SlayerGhosts of WarSouth of Heavendef_jam
16. 2013-11-11SlayerGhosts of warSouth of Heavendef_jam
17. 2012-10-01Between the Buried and MeLay Your Ghosts To RestThe Parallax II: Future Sequencemetalblade
18. 2012-04-23SlayerGhosts of WarSouth of Heavendef_jam
19. 2011-10-31SlayerGhosts Of WarSouth of Heavendef_jam
20. 2011-07-25SlayerGhosts Of WarSouth of Heavendef_jam
21. 2011-04-25SlayerGhosts of WarSouth of Heavendef_jam
22. 2010-09-06Dead Blue SkyGhosts In The MelodySymptoms Of An Unwanted Emotiongoodlife
23. 2010-09-06I Shalt BecomeGhostsPoisonmoribund
24. 2010-08-16Dead Blue SkyGhosts In The MelodySymptoms Of An Unwanted Emotiongoodlife
25. 2010-08-09Dead Blue SkyGhosts In The MelodySymptoms Of An Unwanted Emotiongoodlife
26. 2010-08-09CeremonyGhostsViolence Violencemalfunction
27. 2010-07-19Mouth Of The ArchitectGeneration Of GhostsQuietlytranslation_loss
28. 2009-08-31Valient ThorrI Hope that the Ghosts of the Dead Haunt Yr Soul ForeverImmortalizervolcano
29. 2009-07-13MastodonGhosts of KareliaCrack the Skyerelapse
30. 2009-07-06HatebreedGhosts of War (slayer)For the Lionse1_music
31. 2009-05-25SlayerGhosts of warSouth of Heavendef_jam
32. 2009-05-11SlayerGhosts of WarSouth of Heavendef_jam
33. 2009-04-20MastodonGhosts of KareliaCrack the Skyerelapse
34. 2009-04-13SlayerGhosts of WarSouth of Heavendef_jam
35. 2008-10-06SlayerGhosts of warSouth of Heavendef_jam
36. 2008-07-07SlayerGhosts of warSouth of Heavendef_jam
37. 2008-04-14SlayerGhosts of warSouth of Heavendef_jam
38. 2006-12-04rise and fallwhere ghosts roam
39. 2006-07-17Ceremonyghosts
40. 2006-04-24Dreaded Silenceghosts of a god
41. 2006-04-03camilla rhodesif dreams are like movies, then memories are like ghosts
42. 2006-03-13One Dead Three Woundedghosts
43. 2006-02-27camilla rhodesif dreams are like movies then memories are like ghosts.
44. 2003-09-29slayerGhosts of war
45. 1999-08-30SlayerGhosts of war
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