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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1239 playlist up with 52613 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-01-17Fuming MouthVault of the SunFuming Mouth/Gatlin Split 7"
2. 2022-01-17End of Six Thousand Years, TheThe Marriage of Heaven and HellI§olationStill Life Records
3. 2022-01-17From a Second Story WindowThese Lights Above UsDelendaBlack Market Activities
4. 2022-01-17Ion DissonanceYou're Not Carving Deep EnoughSolaceAbacus
5. 2022-01-17Black Death (Cleveland)Fear No EvilBlack DeathHells Headbangers Records
6. 2022-01-17DragonneDream ForeverOn Dragons Wings (EP)
7. 2022-01-17FortressShe Gives It AllFortress
8. 2022-01-17BloodVentialtor IntegratorImpulse To Destroy
9. 2022-01-17CuntscrapeThe Veiny Shaft of JusticeSplitroastPrime Cuts Music - via Metalhit
10. 2022-01-10Nuclear Perversion05 5. WEAPONS OF MASS PERVERSIONDesolation Rituals tapeIron Bonehead Productions
11. 2022-01-10BoxerVoy por SoyViver, Crear, Crecer
12. 2022-01-10ExhumedNaked, Screaming, and Covered in BloodHorrorRelapse Records
13. 2022-01-10BONEHUNTER03 Parasite EveDark Blood Reincarnation System (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
14. 2022-01-10Thy Darkened ShadeRevival through Arcane SkinsLiber Lvcifer IW.T.C.Productions
15. 2022-01-03Shai HuludWilling Oneself to Forget What Cannot Otherwise Be ForgivenThat Within Blood Ill-TemperedRevelation Records
16. 2022-01-03BERIEDIRBeriedir - 03 The Dove and the SerpentAQVA - Out Jan 21Rockshots Records
17. 2022-01-03Grotesque Organ DefilementAutophagia (Dead Infection Cover)NeurofibromatosisiND
18. 2022-01-03Persian RiskBrave New WorldRise Up
19. 2022-01-03Blood Stronghold02 Unbowed WolvesSpectres of BloodshedNebular Carcoma Records
20. 2021-12-27Alchemy of FleshLobsel VithAgeless AbominationsRedefining Darkness Records
21. 2021-12-27ColossusViolent Ichor Of Primordial AscensionDegenesisComatose Music
22. 2021-12-27Spectral Dance04-Black Metal InvasionCrusaders of the VoidHelldprod Records
23. 2021-12-27Chronicles5.Engraved With ChaosChaos CosmogonyHelldprod Records
24. 2021-12-27DISEMBODIMENT (Canada)03 - Transcendent Upheaval Of Unholy GravesMutated ChaosCaligari Records
25. 2021-12-27Visceral UprootingHarvest Of Distilled Organs50.39-Square-Kilometer Mass Grave
26. 2021-12-20Cult of LunaWave After WaveThe Raging River
27. 2021-12-20Nullification04 Kingdoms Reduced to HovelKingdoms to HovelPersonal Records
28. 2021-12-20EcryptusPlanetary EnslavementKyr’am Beskar - Out Jan 14thSBDC Records
29. 2021-12-20DevastationManic DepressiveSigns of LifeCombat Records
30. 2021-12-20ThyrfingIllviljaDe Ödeslösa
31. 2021-12-13UnearthConvictionsAbove the Fall of ManEndless Fight
32. 2021-12-13GorebagViscera Showers and Funky FuneralsTethered to the Wicked DomainGrind to Death Records
33. 2021-12-13Fuming MouthInfernal VoidDemo
34. 2021-12-13Violent Scum03 Revenge OfferingsFestering in Endless Decay TAPEBlood Harvest Records
35. 2021-12-13Love Lost But Not ForgottenHappy to Be AliveUpon the Right, I Saw a New MiseryHappy Couples Never Last
36. 2021-12-13HeathenSave the SkullBreaking the Silence
37. 2021-12-13MessiahHeavenly MetalFinal WarningShephard Productions
38. 2021-12-06Fuming MouthVarious Artists-Master of ExtremityMetal Massacre XVMetal Blade Records
39. 2021-12-06Sunlights BaneFrom Heaven WeptThe Blackest Volume
40. 2021-12-06Bekëth Nexëhmü03 Nordens VidderDe Fornas LikgaldrarPurity Through Fire
41. 2021-12-06PyrrhonThe Cost Of LivingAbscess TimeWILLOWTIP INC. (WTP)
42. 2021-12-06Metal PriestOut For LoveBursting Out
43. 2021-12-06GirlDo You Love MeSheer Greed
44. 2021-12-06BodineYou Didn't Give Me LoveBodine
45. 2021-11-29Knight StrikeSummertime LoverIntruder
46. 2021-11-29In Silentio NoctisFunereal VersesThrough Fragments of ChristianityMy Kingdom Music
47. 2021-11-29Flesh GrinderHemorrhagical Convultions Of The Gastric LigamentsMalignant Cancerous Tumour In The Epithelial Tissue Of The Intestine. / From Rotten Process.... ....To Splatter.
48. 2021-11-29SylosisVictims amd PawnsDormant HeartNuclear Blast Records
49. 2021-11-29Poison IdeaGive It UpPig's Last StandGolf
50. 2021-11-29In DisgustGive UpIn Disgust/Sidetracked Split
51. 2021-11-29PsychoVulture ChurchVulture Churchselfmadegod
52. 2021-11-22PitchshifterGritter (Version)SubmitEarache Records
53. 2021-11-22FleshlessA Dank Smell Of Rotting Ovulation11 Years Of Obscene ExistenceObscene Productions
54. 2021-11-22NIGHTSHADEChariots Of Thunder (The Kovenant cover)Sounds Of Dark MatterMy Kingdom Music
56. 2021-11-22MORTE INCANDESCENTE04 O VéuVala ComumSignal Rex
57. 2021-11-22Sun BelowSun Below - Self-Titled - 04 Green VisionsSelf-Titled - Out Nov 19thSelf-Released
58. 2021-11-22Carnal05 - Infestation of EvilTrue Blasphemy
59. 2021-11-22SvartsotOm Jeg Lever KvegMaledictus ErisNapalm Records
60. 2021-11-22Light This CityGive UpThe Hero CycleProsthetic Records
61. 2021-11-22HelixGive it to YouBack For Another Taste
62. 2021-11-15GorgasmDestined To ViolateDestined To Violate
63. 2021-11-15ImpietyLegacy Of SavageryRavage & ConquerPulverised Records
64. 2021-11-15ETERNAL EVILMinotaur Of EvilThe Warriors Awakening Brings the Unholy SlaughterRedefining Darkness Records
65. 2021-11-15Krvna...To The Targovistean NightSempinfernusSeance Records
66. 2021-11-15Landmine MarathonLiver And LungsGallowsProsthetic Records
67. 2021-11-15Crystal PrideSilverhawkSilverhawk EP
68. 2021-11-08Attackerthe Wrath of NevermoreBattle At Helm's Deepmetalblade
69. 2021-11-08Devil ChildeDevil ChildeDevil ChildePentagram Records
70. 2021-11-01PossessedNo Will To LiveBeyond The Gates+The Eyes Of Horror
71. 2021-11-01Fleshgod ApocalypseThe ViolationAgonyNuclear Blast GmbH
72. 2021-11-01I Built the SkyWormhole TravelerThe Zenith RiseI Built the Sky
73. 2021-11-01OverkillBelieve In The FightThe Wings Of WarNuclear Blast Records
74. 2021-11-01Acid DeathLiquid HeavenPieces Of Mankind
75. 2021-11-01MarutaDevoid Of AllegianceForward Into Regression
76. 2021-11-01DUNGEON STEEL03 Heavy Metal TyrantBloodlustSignal Rex
77. 2021-11-01UnanimatedAncient God Of EvilRehearsal (Demo)
78. 2021-11-01AscendancyForever DesensitizedPunish the Blind
79. 2021-10-25AarkanneAarkanne - Mysterii IVMysteriiInferna Profundus Records
80. 2021-10-25Demonic Temple03 Night of Everlasting FireThrough the Stars into the AbyssPutrid Cult Productions
81. 2021-10-25Type O NegativeEveryone I Love Is DeadWorld Coming Down
82. 2021-10-25TiamatWhatever That HurtsWildhoney
83. 2021-10-25My Dying BrideYour RiverTurn Loose the Swans
84. 2021-10-25PsychoDrive IIIVulture ChurchSELFMADEGOD Records
85. 2021-10-25The KandidateGive up all HopeUntil We Are Outnumbered [DeathThrash Metal]Napalm Records
86. 2021-10-18InAeonaNever ForeverForce Rise The SunProsthetic Records
87. 2021-10-18A Place To Bury StrangersFill The VoidTransfixiationDead Oceans
88. 2021-10-18NyctophobicWar Criminal ViewsEternal Live Hate/Union Live - '98 (Split)
89. 2021-10-18ObtestMitas apie vargsu sielasPries Adura
90. 2021-10-18VAULTWRAITH\Bewitch & BedevilSpooky Vol. II (split 7" EP) - ACID WITCH/VAULTWRAITHHells Headbangers Records
91. 2021-10-18Dauþuz04 Der Bergschmied IVVom schwarzen SchmiedAmor fati Productions
92. 2021-10-18Malignant (USA)Visions Of RealityAn Empty Tomorrow (Demo)
93. 2021-10-18Cerebral EffusionHomophobic Indiscriminate ViolationImpulsive Psychopathic ActsComatose Music
94. 2021-10-11Early GravesGive UpGonerMetal Blade
95. 2021-10-11Malevolent CreationCarnivorous MisgivingsStillbornRoadrunner
96. 2021-10-11RavenousRavenous - Hubris - 04 Die 1,000 DeathsHubris - Out Oct 22ndFeast Beast Records
97. 2021-10-11Snakeblade3 - Snakeblade - The Curse - HarvesterThe Curse - Out Oct 13thMoonshooter Productions
98. 2021-10-11OSSUARY INSANEShallow Roadside Grave (2003)Possession Of The Flesh 12"LPBlood Harvest Records
99. 2021-10-11EstuaryThe EvershieldingTo Exist and EndureIbex Moon Records
100. 2021-10-11Living SacrificeVoid ExpressionNonexistentR.E.X. Music
101. 2021-10-11Internal SufferingValley of the ImpaledSupreme Knowledge Domain (Reissue)
102. 2021-10-11ForgjordVeljeskuntaAjasta IkuisuuteenHammer of Hate - via Metalhit
103. 2021-10-11Festival of MutilationLive the SufferingGods of Infernal DesolationOld Cemetery Records
104. 2021-10-04Darkest HourFor the Soul of the SaviorThe Mark Of the Judas
105. 2021-10-04Tomb Mold02 Bereavement of FleshThe Bottomless Perdition TAPEBlood Harvest Records
106. 2021-10-04CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT03 Revelations of Dark CraftsRealm of the Night (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
107. 2021-09-27Morbid Messiah04 Dungeon of VerminDisgorged in the CoffinChaos Records
108. 2021-09-27The Ruins Of BeverastBlood Vaults (I - Thy Virginal Malodour)Rain upon the impure
109. 2021-09-27Power TripThe Evil BeatArmageddon Blues
110. 2021-09-27EXSULHow in the Land of Satin We Saw Hearsay, Who Kept a School of VouchingAllegoresisCaligari Records
111. 2021-09-27IncendiarySurvivalIncendiary/Xibalba split
112. 2021-09-27Gorephilia06 - Gorephilia - The Ravenous StormSevered MonolithDark Descent Records
113. 2021-09-27Condemned?A Cavern In TimeHumanoid or Biomechanoid?
114. 2021-09-20OmnizideShockwavesNekroRegimeDaemon Worship Productions
115. 2021-09-20NekrofilthA1 - Give Up On LifeWorship DestructionHells Headbangers Records
116. 2021-09-20ScreamGive It UpLet It ScreamHollywood Records
117. 2021-09-20MithrasTime Never LastsTime Never LastsGalactic Records
118. 2021-09-20WRECHEIn Agony, to the Earth - and HeavenAll My Dreams Came TrueI, Voidhanger Records
119. 2021-09-20All Else Failedstep one: give upThis Never HappenedRESTRAIN R
120. 2021-09-13UNDEATH05 Acidic Twilight VisionsLesions Of A Different KindProsthetic Records
121. 2021-09-13MIDNIGHT ODYSSEYThe World Tree Burns To VapourSilhouettes Of StarsI, Voidhanger Records
122. 2021-09-13BLOOD INCANTATIONHovering Lifelessinterdimensional extinction
123. 2021-09-13Malignament05 Unforgiving NorthHypocrisis AbsolutionPrimitive Reaction
124. 2021-09-06Morbid SaintLiving MiseryDestruction System
125. 2021-09-06Dawn of DiseaseMay the Waves Take MeProcession of GhostsNapalm Records
126. 2021-09-06BelialVoices BeyondGods of the Pit IIMoribund Records
127. 2021-09-06Velo Misere03 Velo MisereMonomanía del Inexorable VacíoLunar Apparitions
128. 2021-09-06GorgorothHeavens FallAntichrist
129. 2021-09-06Law And OrderLove Turned To HateWhy Would You Lie To YourselfMCA
130. 2021-09-06CycloneIncest LoveIn The Grip Of Evil
131. 2021-09-06E.S.T.Russian VodkaElectro Shock Therapy
132. 2021-08-30Acacia Strain, TheWhy Is a Raven Like a Writing Desk...And Life Is Very LongDevils Head
133. 2021-08-30Gridlink2 The Last RavenLonghenaHandshake Inc
134. 2021-08-30Ablaze My SorrowRise Above The Storming SeaIf Emotions Still BurnNo Fashion Records
135. 2021-08-30Internal BleedingDriven to ConquerDriven to ConquerCrash Music, Inc.
136. 2021-08-30In My SorrowOver My Shattered HeartVie for a Smile
137. 2021-08-30Fustilarian03 Irreversible CessationAll This Promiscuous DecadenceAmor fati Productions
138. 2021-08-30Journey Into Darkness05 Impossible UniverseInfinite Universe Infinite DeathSpirit Coffin Publishing
139. 2021-08-30PossessionBeyond the Grave [unrel. Demo '95]Disentombed Manifestations [CD2]Xtreem Music
140. 2021-08-23Napalm DeathVolume of NeglectPunishment in CapitalsSnapper
141. 2021-08-23WormwitchThe Wolves of OssoryWolf HexProsthetic Records
142. 2021-08-23Deformatory04 Summoning The Cosmic DevourerInversion of The Unseen Horizon - Out Sept 3rdSelf-Released
143. 2021-08-23And Now The Owls Are SmilingDirge IV - SolitudeDirgesClobber Records
144. 2021-08-23Humanity's Last BreathVultus (Remastered)Humanity's Last Breath (Remixed & Remastered)
145. 2021-08-23WasteVainPray For Nothing
146. 2021-08-23Temple of VoidVarious Artists-Leave the Light BehindMetal Massacre XVMetal Blade Records
147. 2021-08-16SuffocationThe Violation...Of The Dark LightNuclear Blast Records
148. 2021-08-16FleshlessA Dank Smell Of Rotting Ovulation11 Years Of Obscene ExistenceObscene Productions
149. 2021-08-16BONEHUNTER03 Parasite EveDark Blood Reincarnation System (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
150. 2021-08-16DEFACEMENTDisavowedDefacementI, Voidhanger Records
151. 2021-08-16Alchemy of FleshLobsel VithAgeless AbominationsRedefining Darkness Records
152. 2021-08-16Blood Stronghold02 Unbowed WolvesSpectres of BloodshedNebular Carcoma Records
153. 2021-08-09Summoner's Circle03 Summoner's Circle - Chaos Vector - VesselChaos Vector - Out Aug 27thBlood Blast Distribution
154. 2021-08-09Fluisteraars01 Het overvleugelen der meuteGegrepen door de Geest der ZielsontluikingEisenwald Records
155. 2021-08-09Anaal NathrakhVirus BombHell Is Empty, and All the Devils Are HereMetal Blade Records
156. 2021-08-09Life NeglectedI Am the Blood in Your VeinsWith Destructive Intent
157. 2021-08-09Insidious DiseaseConceived Through HateShadowcastCentury Media Records
158. 2021-08-09NeverfrostCarnival ForestThrough Time
159. 2021-08-09Black BeastYour Cold GraveNocturnal Bloodlust
160. 2021-08-02Demoniac (SRB)Heavenly TigersComin' Again
161. 2021-08-02KalmankantajaKasvotonKorpi
162. 2021-08-02NIGRUM PLUVIAM02 A Catharsis for the Wretched Carrying the DivinEternal Fall Into the AbyssSignal Rex
163. 2021-08-02Raging FireVictim (Of Leather, Whips and Chains)demo
164. 2021-07-26RudraThere The Sun Never ShinesBrahmavidya
165. 2021-07-26AmmitPact With The Devil And EmptyExtreme Speed Satan
166. 2021-07-26Flame, Dear Flame05 The Wolves and the Prioress Part IIAegisEisenwald Records
167. 2021-07-26Creation Of DeathBy Truth, By LovePurify Your Soul
168. 2021-07-26OblivionizedCycle of DeprivationNullify The Cycle
169. 2021-07-19Autumns BleedingNever Bow DownLifeless Records - Compilation Sampler 2000Lifeless Records
170. 2021-07-19Bal-SagothBehold, the Armies of War Descend Screaming from the Heavens!The Power CosmicNuclear Blast
171. 2021-07-19Brother's KeeperWorst Spot in the VanFantasy KillerKingfisher Records
172. 2021-07-12CacophonySavageSpeed Metal Symphony
173. 2021-07-05GaladrielImmortal VisionsEmpire of Empiness
174. 2021-07-05Dual EdgeKnock 'Em AliveKnock 'Em Alive
175. 2021-07-05Crystal PrideSilverhawkSilverhawk EP
176. 2021-07-05Evocation… For VictoryExcised And AnatomisedCentury Media Records
177. 2021-07-05AbioticCovered the Cold EarthIkigai
178. 2021-07-05DishammerWerewolves On WheelsVintage AddictionHells Headbangers Records
179. 2021-07-05Desaster03. The Swords Will Never SinkBrazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphe..
180. 2021-07-05DeadlockTemple of LoveBlack Waves of Adrenochrome – The Sisters of Mercy TributeMetalville Records
181. 2021-06-28ArtachArtach - Sworn to Avenge - 03 - ShimmerSworn To Avenge - Out June 25thDepressive Illusions Records
182. 2021-06-28Endless ChainAll of the AboveForthcoming PastRockshots Records
183. 2021-06-28MütherloadThe VisitorÜ - Out July 9Self-Released
184. 2021-06-21ImmortalUnholy Forces of EvilTrue Kings of Norway
185. 2021-06-21GorgorothRevelation Of DoomBlack Mass Krakow 2004
186. 2021-06-21Malevolent CreationViral ReleaseEnvenomedArctic
187. 2021-06-14EntombedVenomWolverine Blues
188. 2021-06-07Pretty Little FlowerHave The Will To Stand AlonePulverizing Lethal Force
189. 2021-06-07RITUALIZATIONAve DominusThe Vision Of Fading MankindAgonia Records
190. 2021-06-07SODOMThrough Toxic VeinsIn War And PiecesSPV
191. 2021-06-07No Hope For The LostYu YevonThe Pilgrimage - Out April 9thSelf-Released
192. 2021-06-07Bolt ThrowerDestructive InfinityWarmasterRelativity Records
193. 2021-06-07CenotaphMultipurpose Utilization from Lustly Shreddeds Scummy V*****Puked Genital PurulencyHammer Muzik
194. 2021-06-07Deeds Of FleshCarnivorous WaysTrading Pieces
195. 2021-06-07Re-ArmedDive WithinIgnis AeternumBlack Lion Records
196. 2021-05-31HaemorrhageSlaved to DismemberDementia Rex
197. 2021-05-31A Light in the DarkVortexInsomnia
198. 2021-05-31NocturnAltered EvolutionEstranged Dimensions
199. 2021-05-31OutsideHeavy MetalNever In Security
200. 2021-05-24Blood Incantation03 Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2)StarspawnDark Descent Records
201. 2021-05-24Pantheon4. Pantheon - Ages of Wolves - Lust of The BeastAge of Wolves (Vinyl Release May 27th)Necrotic Records
202. 2021-05-24The Day of The BeastIndisputably CarnivorousIndisputably CarnivorousProsthetic Records
203. 2021-05-24Draemora05 Draemora - Death Rectangle - What You've BecomeDeath Rectangle - Out June 18Self-Released
204. 2021-05-24DisembodiedDevil's GrinDiablerieFerret Old
205. 2021-05-24DisgorgePurifying The CavityShe Lay GuttedUnique Leader Records
206. 2021-05-17Abominator05 Sepulchral VomitBarbaran War Worship CD/DLPNuclear War Now! Productions
207. 2021-05-17WINTER ETERNAL03 The Illusive Wings Of DeathLand of Darkness (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
208. 2021-05-17OBSOLETE THEORYThe VanishedDawnfallMy Kingdom Music
209. 2021-05-17NephasthConceived By Inhuman BloodConceived By Inhuman Blood
210. 2021-05-17DefecationVestige Of Earthly RemainsPurity Dilution (Reissue & Remastered 1998)
211. 2021-05-10The Animal In MeBlack Widow (Iggy Azalae Cover)
212. 2021-05-10NocturnusVision from Beyond the GraveLive at The Sunset
213. 2021-05-10ArtillerySilver CrossXMetal Blade Records
214. 2021-05-10Anatomia03 Despaired VoidCorporeal TormentMe Saco Un Ojo Records
215. 2021-05-03The Acacia StrainBlack Hole Sun (Soundgarden cover)
216. 2021-05-03VRITRAHN-WERWOLF03 LORD OF ALL EVILVritrahn-Werwolf (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
217. 2021-05-03Goats of Doom04 Armon varjotShivaPurity Through Fire
218. 2021-05-03The Flight of Sleipnir05 HarvestEventideEisenwald Records
219. 2021-04-26EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
220. 2021-04-26Acid BathVenus BluePaegan Terrorism TacticsRotten Records
221. 2021-04-26Circle Takes The SquareIn The Nervous Light Of SundayAs The Roots Undorobotic_empire
222. 2021-04-26FjordFerocious Were The Ghost WolvesLives LivesEulogy Recordings
223. 2021-04-26Gorgasmmorbid overgrowthBleeding Profusely
224. 2021-04-26Gastric Phantasm02 Malevolent Death RiteGastric Phantasm TAPEBlood Harvest Records
225. 2021-04-26Artificial BrainMagnetic GravityButchering Cosmic GiantsSelf-Released
226. 2021-04-26The SorrowMy OblivionMisery EscapeNapalm Records
227. 2021-04-19Mammoth GrinderDivine LossCosmic CryptRelapse Records
228. 2021-04-19The Ember, The AshThe Colossal VoidFixationProsthetic Records
229. 2021-04-19ŹMIARĆVIEŁYIVčornaje połymiaCaligari Records
230. 2021-04-12CrowbarThru The Ashes (I've Watched You Burn)Sonic Excess In Its Purest FormSpitfire
231. 2021-04-12Gateway (Belgium)02 Slumbering CrevassesFlesh RebornChaos Records
232. 2021-04-12ANIMALESCO, O MÉTODO03 Vastos Catálogos da Imensidão VãAnimalesco, O MétodoMurder Records
233. 2021-04-05MoredhelSatan Industries (Nargaroth Cover)Burn Your Local Church
234. 2021-04-05Hanternoz03 Ce Que le Fleuve a PrisAu Fleuve de LoireAntiq Records
235. 2021-04-05Universally Estranged03 The VisitorReared Up in Spectral Predation CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
236. 2021-04-05Niadh02 All Evil Spirits RiseOur Victory is EternalEternal Death
237. 2021-04-05Blood Stronghold02 Unbowed WolvesSpectres of BloodshedNebular Carcoma Records
238. 2021-04-05PhilosopherBlack Metal (Venom Cover)Ruination
239. 2021-03-29Blood Incantation03 Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2)StarspawnDark Descent Records
240. 2021-03-29Cephalic CarnageInvertus Indica (The Marijuana Convictions)Exploiting DysfunctionRelapse Records
241. 2021-03-29WormedVoxel MitosisPlanisphærium
242. 2021-03-29The Abominable Iron SlothThe Id Will OvercomeThe Id Will OvercomeMetal Blade
243. 2021-03-29AirwolfVictory BellsVictory Bells
244. 2021-03-29LegendThe Wizard's VengeanceFrom The Fjords
245. 2021-03-22Carnal05 - Infestation of EvilTrue Blasphemy
246. 2021-03-22Knight StrikeSummertime LoverIntruder
247. 2021-03-22HELHEIM03.Fra Ginnunga-gap til Evig TidAv Norr�n �tt
248. 2021-03-22Cerebral EffusionHomophobic Indiscriminate ViolationImpulsive Psychopathic ActsComatose Music
249. 2021-03-15Entombed08 - Morbid DevourmentLeft Hand PathEarache
250. 2021-03-15WormedMultivectorial ReionizationExodromos
251. 2021-03-15MalamorteReverendMass Cult SuicideMoribund Records
252. 2021-03-15DvneOmega SevererEtemen ÆnkaMetal Blade Records
253. 2021-03-15RUTTOKOSMOS04 Olemisen Tukahduttava LöyhkäKärsimys (CD)Werewolf Records
254. 2021-03-15AngerLeave It All BehindReach For The Sky
255. 2021-03-15AnthemRed Light FeverAnthem
256. 2021-03-15BerserksThe Lady Of LoverockBerserks
257. 2021-03-08SepulturaEscape to the VoidSchizophreniaRoadrunner Records
258. 2021-03-08EMBRYONIC SLUMBER02 Unwavering FlameIn Worship Our Blood is Buried (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
259. 2021-03-08ExodusA Lesson in ViolenceBonded by Blood
260. 2021-03-08DecerebrationVengeful DivinitiesPure Hatred (Demo)
261. 2021-03-08MastectomyMultiple Injections PavulonHell On Earth
262. 2021-03-08Impaled NazareneViolence I CraveLatex CultOsmose Productions
263. 2021-03-08GhoulLife of the Living DeadSplatterthrashRazorback Records
264. 2021-03-08Cirith UngolMaster of the Pit (Live)King of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)Metal Blade Records
265. 2021-03-08Vomit for BreakfastVFBsplit w/autoritar
266. 2021-03-01Godless TruthDriven to LacerateArrogance of Supreme PowerAmputated Vein Records
267. 2021-03-01Wharflurch02 PLINTH OV BONEShitslimePersonal Records
268. 2021-03-01MelecheshEnki Divine Nature AwokenEnkiNuclear Blast Records
269. 2021-03-01Barren CrossLove At Full VolumeState Of Control
270. 2021-03-01BlitzkriegYoung ForeverReady For Action
271. 2021-03-01Steel Against SteelHidden VerminOut Of The Tomb
272. 2021-03-01Agony ColumnVicious Pack Of LiesGod, Guns & Guts
273. 2021-02-22Killer Be KilledFilthy VagabondReluctant HeroNuclear Blast Records
274. 2021-02-22TherionLeviathanLeviathanNuclear Blast Records
275. 2021-02-22MARE COGNITUMFrozen Star DivinizationSolar ParoxysmI, Voidhanger Records
276. 2021-02-22Sinister AngelLove Breeds MiserySinister Angel (EP)
277. 2021-02-15BRUTAL TRUTHWarm Embrace Of PovertyEnd Time (radio promo - ADDS Sept. 27)Relapse Records
278. 2021-02-15Odd Man OutOver My ShoulderXXX
279. 2021-02-15EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
280. 2021-02-15IotunnWaves BelowAccess All WorldsMetal Blade Records
281. 2021-02-15AcceptOvernight SensationToo Mean To DieNuclear Blast Records
282. 2021-02-15SacrophobiaParty and Fight For Your Rights (Filthy Christians) [Live '93]Dark RequiemsXtreem Music
283. 2021-02-08SkyforgerWarewolvesSemigall's Warchant
284. 2021-02-08Cradle of FilthA Dream Of Wolves In The SnowPrinciple of Evil Made Flesh
285. 2021-02-08DismaVault Of MembrosTowards The Megalith
286. 2021-02-08Triumph, GenusUveden v život myšlenkamiVšehorovnost je porážkou převyšujících LPIron Bonehead Productions
287. 2021-02-08Order of Nosferat04 Servant of OrlokNecuratulPurity Through Fire
288. 2021-02-08Aethyrick03 Flesh Once DividedApotheosisThe Sinister Flame
289. 2021-02-08Mystery BlueVictim Or GuiltyCircles Of Shame
290. 2021-02-01Thy PrimordialBortom Nattsvart HimmelUnder Iskall Troll ManeWorld War III (American Music Corp)
291. 2021-02-01Sadistic Drive03 Acid VomitAnthropophagy LPBlood Harvest Records
292. 2021-02-01Szary Wilk03 Mortuos VocoWrathPutrid Cult
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551. 2020-03-16DozethroneCoronavirusCoronavirus
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573. 2020-02-17WormrotCompulsive DispositionDirge
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777. 2019-06-17Creation of DarknessWe are VictimizedEternal Suffering
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797. 2019-05-20Hummingbird of DeathThe Dark Ages Are OverratedDemo '05
798. 2019-05-20Amon AmarthThe Fate of Norns (Live at Summer Breeze T-Stage)The Pursuit of VikingsMetal Blade Records
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836. 2019-04-01RageTrue Face in EveryoneReflections
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839. 2019-03-25BlasphemyDarkness PrevailsFallen Angel of Doom
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847. 2019-03-18Black BreathRazor To OblivionRazor To Oblivion EP
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858. 2019-03-04UNDEATH03 - Perverted Self ReflectionsDemo '19Caligari Records
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902. 2019-01-07PrajnaInto Rivers of TimeThe Summer Eclipse
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904. 2018-12-31Outer HeavenSacrificial EvolutionRealms Of Eternal DecayRelapse Records
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927. 2018-12-10Great GriefEscaping ReykjavkLove, Lust and GreedNo Sleep Records
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933. 2018-12-03Godless TruthPerceive the MockeryArrogance of Supreme PowerAmputated Vein Records
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947. 2018-11-19VYGRUnmoved MoverHypersleepCreator-Destructor
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973. 2018-10-29Witchthroat Serpent03 Pauper's GraveSwallow The VenomSvart Records
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981. 2018-10-15PyrithionThe Invention of HatredThe Burden of Sorrow - SingleMetal Blade
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985. 2018-10-08ImperialLove LostWe Sail At Dawnpluto
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1012. 2018-09-17DDSRITA drowning voiceSpirit CrusherProsthetic Records
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1015. 2018-09-10ONLY LIVING WITNESSSome will never knowInnocentscenturymedia
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1017. 2018-09-10DEICIDEAll That Is EvilOvertures Of BlasphemyCentury Media Records
1018. 2018-09-10Funeral NationVisions of Hypocrisy
1019. 2018-09-10Death Of A NationNo Love From AboveDeath Of A Nation
1020. 2018-09-10Reign SupremePerservere and OvercomeTesting the Limits of InfiniteDeathwish Records
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1025. 2018-09-03Inherit DiseaseHivemindVisceral TranscendenceUnique Leader Records
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1027. 2018-09-03Burial ShrineIV - To See Beyond The MaskLabyrinth of BridgesSaturnal Records
1028. 2018-09-03They GrieveThe Name Of The VoidI Made My Sacrifice AccordinglyTranscending Records
1029. 2018-09-03OSSUARY ANEXDivine ChastisementHoly BlasphemitionXtreem Music
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1031. 2018-09-03Acid BathVenus Blue (W/ No Shit)Paegan Terrorism Tactics (Radio Edits)
1032. 2018-08-27EkbombsRecidivist Divisiondemo
1033. 2018-08-27Malevolent Creation04.HalvedEnvenomed
1034. 2018-08-27MucopusOne Is Too Many and a Thousand Is Never EnoughMulch?!?
1035. 2018-08-27ABORTEDVespertine DecayTerrorVisionCentury Media Records
1036. 2018-08-27All My SinsVetrovo KoloPra Sila - Vukov TotemSaturnal Records
1037. 2018-08-27Cruel HandVigilant CitizenThe Negatives
1038. 2018-08-27MalignancyOvarian IncubationCross Species TransmutationUnited Guttural Records
1040. 2018-08-20LeviathanRun ForeverDeepest Secrets Beneath
1041. 2018-08-20ThyrfingThe VoyagerVansinnesvisorHammerheart Records
1042. 2018-08-20UnleashedDissection LeftoversHell's UnleashedCentury Media
1043. 2018-08-20PYREFICATIVMOm Namah Shivaya(Path of the world)Living Temple Records
1044. 2018-08-13Orphaned Land- From Broken VesselsThe Never Ending Way Of ORwarriorCentury Media Records
1045. 2018-08-13GraveBanished To LiveInto The Grave
1046. 2018-08-13NecronomiconThe Valley of the Lost SoulRise of the Elder Ones
1047. 2018-08-13Bleeding ThroughLove Lost in a Hail of Gun FireThis Is Love, This Is MurderousTrustkill Records
1048. 2018-08-13Cannibal CorpseFive Nails Through the NeckKillMetal Blade Records
1049. 2018-08-13BelphegorDiaboli Virtus In Lumbar EstLucifer Incestus
1050. 2018-08-13Blood Incantation03 Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2)StarspawnDark Descent Records
1051. 2018-08-13Six Feet UnderVictim of the ParanoidMaximum Violence
1052. 2018-08-06Shadow BuilderSilver & BlackVoices from the Arctic CircleArctic
1053. 2018-08-06SPAWN OF POSSESSIONThe EvangelistIncursoRelapse Records
1054. 2018-08-06Burnt by the SunYou Will MoveBurnt by the SunRelapse Records
1055. 2018-08-06Vicious RumorsRite Of DevastationRazorback KillersSPV
1056. 2018-08-06Soulrot10 Transfigured Through the VoidNameless Hideous ManifestationsMemento Mori
1057. 2018-08-06PIG DESTROYEREveBook Burner (ADD 10/15)Relapse Records
1058. 2018-08-06Year Of No LightThe Figurehead (The Cure cover)Nord [2CD Deluxe Edition - Nord II]
1059. 2018-08-06Skeletal SpectreShe-Wolf Of Devil's RiverVoodoo DawnPulverised Records
1060. 2018-08-06CarcassNo Love LostHeartwork
1061. 2018-08-06HAEMORRHAGEFlesh-Devouring PandemiaHospital CarnageRelapse Records
1062. 2018-08-06as the sun setsi saw the saturday sky over i-95 explode7744
1063. 2018-07-30SaxonBeyond The GraveLionheart
1064. 2018-07-30MithrasTime Never LastsOn Strange LoopsMithras
1065. 2018-07-30Thy Art Is MurderVile CreationsHate
1066. 2018-07-30Dillinger Escape Plan, TheSunshine the Werewolf (Live)Setting Fire to Sleeping Giants
1067. 2018-07-30DealbreakerNothing's Over (Featuring Jim Death)ReflectionsSelf-Released
1068. 2018-07-23WargasmRevengeWhy Play Around?profile
1069. 2018-07-23Code OrangeForeverForever
1070. 2018-07-23Into the MoatThe Golden VileMeans By Which The End Is JustifiedLoveLost Records
1071. 2018-07-23Knocked LooseOblivions PeakLaugh TracksPure Noise Records
1072. 2018-07-23Pissing RazorsBetween Heaven and HellFields of DisbeliefMarket Square
1073. 2018-07-23CarcassNo Love LostHeartwork
1074. 2018-07-23UnanimatedDiabolic VoicesIn the Light of Darkness the Covenant of DeathRegain Records
1075. 2018-07-23AnataBetter Grieved Than FooledConductor's DepartureWicked World
1076. 2018-07-23Daylight DiesUnending WavesNo ReplyRelapse Records
1077. 2018-07-16DarkthroneWeakling AvengerPlaguewielder
1078. 2018-07-16PYREFICATIVMEmanations From the Drakonian Vessel(Path of the world)Living Temple Records
1079. 2018-07-16GorezoneDriven by Cells of BigotryBrutalities of Modern DominationXtreem Music
1080. 2018-07-16Witch TombServantWitch Tomb - Martyrvore
1081. 2018-07-16Satan's HostMetal from Hell - 2011 version. Original appear...CELEBRATIONMoribund Records
1082. 2018-07-16XerxesSummer Storms/Winter LeavesOur Home is a DeathbedNo Sleep Records
1083. 2018-07-16ObscuraMortification of the Vulgar SunDiluviumRelapse Records
1084. 2018-07-16Od'SaheDream ov the Dragon - Kha Bog MorokPhilosophy ov Self-destructionBlack Plague Records - via Metalhit
1085. 2018-07-09INVOCATION SPELLSVICTIMS OF DOOMSpread Cruelty In The Abyss (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1086. 2018-07-09NaharWhere Others Have DrownedLa Fascination du PireAvantgarde Music
1087. 2018-07-02HiraxVictims of the DeadImmortal Legacy
1088. 2018-07-02SkyforgerThe DevilslayerKurbadsMetal Blade
1089. 2018-07-02ZonariaGunpoint SalvationArrival of the Red Sun
1090. 2018-07-02Prophecy of DoomEarth Reality VictimAcknowledge the Confusion Master
1091. 2018-06-25DeicideWalk with the Devil in Dreams You BeholdThe Stench of RedemptionEarache Records
1092. 2018-06-25ObscuraDiluviumDiluviumRelapse Records
1093. 2018-06-25YobIn ReverieOur Raw HeartRelapse Records
1094. 2018-06-25ZombieficationDeliverence from the Astral SeaBelow the GriefDoomentia
1095. 2018-06-25Firtan02 Tag verweilOkeanosAOP Records
1096. 2018-06-25PitchshifterGritter (Version)SubmitEarache Records
1097. 2018-06-25Death Of A NationNo Love From AboveDeath Of A Nation
1098. 2018-06-18Lich KingAggressive Perfector (Slayer Cover)World Gone Dead
1099. 2018-06-18Edge Of SanityLivin' HellThe Spectral Sorrows
1100. 2018-06-18KataklysmMystical Plane of EvilThe Death Gate Cycle of Reincarnation
1101. 2018-06-18GazaHe Is Never Coming BackHe Is Never Coming BackBlack Market Activities
1102. 2018-06-18The Beast of the ApocalypseA Voice from the Four Horns of the Golden AltarA Voice from the Four Horns of the Golden AltarTranscendental Creations
1103. 2018-06-18PsycropticThe Valley Of Winds Breath And Dragons FireThe Scepter of the AncientsNuclear Blast GmbH
1104. 2018-06-11Death Of A NationNo Love From AboveDeath Of A NationNo Sleep Records
1105. 2018-06-11XenomorphValley of The KingsEmpyreal Regimes
1106. 2018-06-11NECROPHOBICBlack Night RavenWomb of LilithuSeason Of Mist
1107. 2018-06-11Riot VAngel's Thunder, Devil's ReignArmor Of LightNuclear Blast Records
1108. 2018-06-11XATATAXBastard's ViceXatatax - May 2015
1109. 2018-06-04PortalLarvaeSwarth
1110. 2018-06-04Blut aus NordEpitome XV777 - Cosmosophy
1111. 2018-06-04EvocationCondemned to the GraveThe Shadow ArchetypeMetal Blade Records
1112. 2018-06-04HypocrisySlave to the ParasitesArrivalNuclear Blast Records
1113. 2018-06-04Officium TristeMountains Of Depressiveness
1114. 2018-05-28FINSTERFORSTHangover#YOLONapalm Records
1115. 2018-05-28ExodusDeliver Us To EvilLet There Be Bloodimportant
1116. 2018-05-28Inevitable EndCollapse in ReverseThe Severed InceptionRelapse Records
1117. 2018-05-28SolsticeS.M.D. (Carnivore cover)Solstice
1118. 2018-05-28Corpsefucking ArtBEVERLY HILLS CORPSEZOMBIEFUCKSevared Records - via Metalhit
1119. 2018-05-28BiohazardBlack And White And Red All OverUrban Discipline
1120. 2018-05-21SinisterEnslave the WeakAggressive MeasuresNuclear Blast
1121. 2018-05-21Blood Incantation01 Vitrification of BloodStarspawnDark Descent Records
1122. 2018-05-21HeidevolkDe Hallen Van Mijn VaderenVelua (Limited First Edition)
1123. 2018-05-21EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
1124. 2018-05-21Blurring08 Thirteen Versions of YesterdayBlurringHandshake Inc
1125. 2018-05-21Sadistic IntentReturn to the EveIn Memory of Celtic FrostDwell Ministries
1126. 2018-05-21ZUDFor a Few Fucks Less to GiveA Wilderness Left UntamedBogus Renditions Records
1127. 2018-05-14Cult of FireVltavaCtvrt Symfonie OhneIron Bonehead Productions
1128. 2018-05-14Iron Maiden05 Seventh Son of a Seventh SonSeventh Son of a Seventh Son
1129. 2018-05-14GehennahToo Loud to Live, Too Drunk to DieToo Loud to Live, Too Drunk to DieMetal Blade Records
1130. 2018-05-14ObeisanceAkumulation of Veneration666 War!!!Old Cemetery Records
1131. 2018-05-14RorschachRaw NerveAutopsy
1132. 2018-05-14LeviathanThe Bitter Emblem of DissolveThe Tenth Sub Level of SuicideMoribund Records
1133. 2018-05-07ExhorderSlaughter in the VaticanSlaughter in the VaticanRoadrunner Records
1134. 2018-05-07Flame Acausal02 Shunned WolvesContra Mundum in Aeternum CDBlood Harvest Records
1135. 2018-05-07Wmb04 - Wmb - Master-SlaveTaciturnPurodium Rekords
1136. 2018-05-07ZyklonA Cold GraveDisintegrateCandlelight Records
1137. 2018-05-07Cesspool of VerminSwirling Carnivorous MassBestial NecrophiliaSevared Records - via Metalhit
1138. 2018-04-30MotorheadDeaf ForeverBBC Live And In Session
1139. 2018-04-30ZozobraVenom HellSavage Masters
1140. 2018-04-30DjevelkultNr Avgrunnen pnesNr Avgrunnen pnesSaturnal Records
1141. 2018-04-30PANEGYRISTIdylls of the CaveHierurgyI, Voidhanger Records
1142. 2018-04-30NorttGravfredGraven
1143. 2018-04-23ChastianOne Day To LiveRuler Of The WastelandShrapnel
1144. 2018-04-23RainbowDrinking with the DevilBent Out Of Shapepolygram
1145. 2018-04-23DestructorPounding EvilMaximum DestructionAuburn Records
1146. 2018-04-23Mortal SinVoyage Of The DisturbedFace Of DespairPhonograph
1147. 2018-04-23OnslaughtThermonuclear DevistationPower From Hellcombat
1148. 2018-04-16Beneath the MassacreOur Common GraveDystopiaProsthetic Records
1149. 2018-04-16ZUDMojave Acid RainA Wilderness Left UntamedBogus Renditions Records
1150. 2018-04-16Disfigurevisions of hateDesecration Of Tombs
1151. 2018-04-16GorodHunt to the WavesNeurotripsicksWillowtip Records
1152. 2018-04-09MaailmanloppuSAIRAS VALTAKUNTATuhon koodi
1153. 2018-04-09GorgorothOf Ice And Movement...Black Mass Krakow 2004
1154. 2018-04-09B'zrkerIt Never BendsSelf Titled 7"
1155. 2018-04-09Darkest EraVisions of the DawnThe Last Caress of LightMetal Blade
1156. 2018-04-02Break It UpYou've ChangedDemo
1157. 2018-04-02Aura NoirGrave DwellerAura NoireIndie Recordings
1158. 2018-04-02DioLock Up The WolvesLock Up The Wolves
1159. 2018-04-02Kill DivisionLocked Up ForeverDestructive ForceMetal Blade Records
1160. 2018-04-02The CrownCobra Speed VenomCobra Speed VenomMetal Blade Records
1161. 2018-04-02VehemenceShe Never Noticed MeGod Was CreatedMetal Blade
1162. 2018-03-26Insect WarfareNegative AppealSplit With Hatred Surge/Insect Warfare
1163. 2018-03-26HelloweenJuggernaut (Frank Marino cover)
1164. 2018-03-26DealbreakerNothing's Over (Featuring Jim Death)ReflectionsSelf-Released
1165. 2018-03-26Black Mass Pervertor03 Suffering, Our Everlasting BlissLife Beyond the Walls of Flesh CD/12" MLP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
1166. 2018-03-26EntombedGod of Thunder (Kiss cover)Out of Hand (EP)
1167. 2018-03-19NecrophagiaAnd You Will Live in TerrorBlack Blood
1168. 2018-03-19KnaavesNine Lives LostDemo 2018
1169. 2018-03-19Taphos04 Venomous TempestDemo MMXVI & 7" EP MMXVII CDBlood Harvest Records
1170. 2018-03-19AzazelA blaze of light throught vast forestRide Through the horizon
1171. 2018-03-19PIG DESTROYERDepression (Black Flag Cover)Blind, Deaf and BleedingRelapse Records
1172. 2018-03-19GridlinkDeliverablesOrphan
1173. 2018-03-19AbhorrenceDevourer Of SoulsCompletely Vulgar
1174. 2018-03-19Satan's HostWitches Return - 2011 version. Original appeare...CELEBRATIONMoribund Records
1175. 2018-03-12Bleeding ThroughSavior, Saint, SalvationPortrait of the GoddessIndecision Records
1176. 2018-03-12THE GROTESQUERY03 Wrath of the Garvulves (By the EyThe Lupine AnathemaXtreem Music
1177. 2018-03-12The CrownWe Avenge!Cobra Speed VenomMetal Blade Records
1178. 2018-03-12VOLITIONMorbib DevastationVisions of the OnslaughtBrutal Records
1179. 2018-03-12AcceptSlaves to MetalThe Final Chapter, Disc 1CMC International
1180. 2018-03-12OriginForneverEntityNuclear Blast GmbH
1181. 2018-03-12InternecineInvertedThe Book of LambsHammerheart Records
1182. 2018-03-12Internal SufferingColossal VortexChaotic Matrix
1183. 2018-03-05KnaavesNine Lives LostDemo 2018
1184. 2018-03-05Fuck the FactsCarve Your Heart OutStigmata High-FiveRelapse Records
1185. 2018-03-05Sam Black ChurchRe-aliveLet in Lifetaang
1186. 2018-03-05Ratt-Marvin GayeI heard it through the grapvine
1187. 2018-02-26Into The MoatLaw Of ConservationThe CampaignMetal Blade
1188. 2018-02-26Voltifobia02 Be Buried AliveSplit w/ Misopsychia
1189. 2018-02-26MeshuggahVanishedDestroy Erase Improve
1190. 2018-02-26One King DownGod Loves, Man KillsGod Loves, Man KillsEqual Vision
1191. 2018-02-26Twitching TonguesForgive & RememberGaining Purpose Through Passionate HatredMetal Blade Records
1192. 2018-02-26THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR05 Provoked CrucifixionAnd Darkness Fell (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1193. 2018-02-26SaltasXII Nerves DecayCurrents TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
1194. 2018-02-26Wastland RidersSeven Nations ArmyVarious Artitst - Extreme Metal Attack Festival ANNO XV 2018Helldprod
1195. 2018-02-26Broken fearA small lunch(Pungent strench cover)
1196. 2018-02-26ReconViper CityGraves xMait Suba
1197. 2018-02-26Morta Skuld...Of Evil
1198. 2018-02-19ComdemnedEre the Dark SovereignRealms Of The UngodlyUnique Leader Records
1199. 2018-02-19SuffocationSynthetically RevivedPierced From WithinRoadrunner Records
1200. 2018-02-19PortalLarvaeSwarth
1201. 2018-02-19NileDivine IntentFestivals of Atonementanubis
1202. 2018-02-19Sadistik ExekutionEvoke War VomitWe Are Death Fukk YouOsmose
1203. 2018-02-19BeheadedElapsed In The Vortex Of ExtinctionNever To DawnUnique Leader Records
1204. 2018-02-19TyrantViceUnder the Dark Mystic SkyChrome Dreams
1205. 2018-02-19LeviathanEvery Orifice Yawning Her PriceTrue Traitor, True Whore
1206. 2018-02-19SHED THE SKIN05 Unbound RevenantHarrowing Faith (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1207. 2018-02-19DarkestrahInner VoiceThe Great Silk Roadparagon
1208. 2018-02-19EnsignBlack Clouds vs. Silver LiningsThe Price of ProgressionNitro
1209. 2018-02-12Edge Of SanityBlood Of My Enemies (Manowar Cover)The Spectral Sorrows
1210. 2018-02-12LoatheServant and MasterThis Is As One - Loathe/Holding Absence - SplitSharptone
1211. 2018-02-12DevastatorLiving Creatures of Apocalypse/The SacrificeThe SummoningOld Cemetery Records
1212. 2018-02-12Bal-SagothStarfire burning upon the ice-veiled throne of Ultima ThuleStarfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima ThuleCacophonous
1213. 2018-02-12Logic of Denial02 Devouring Seeds of the ApocalypseAftermathComatose Music
1214. 2018-02-12GruesomeChoke On It (Death Cover)Fragments of Psyche EPRelapse Records
1215. 2018-02-12PriestessLiving Like a DogHello MasterAce Fu
1216. 2018-02-05Mammoth GrinderServant of the Most HighCosmic CryptRelapse Records
1217. 2018-02-05AghastCall from the GraveHexerei Im Zwielicht Der FinsternisCold Meat Industry
1218. 2018-02-05Storming DarknessNecrofaith Song / Voiceless DecadenceSin-thesisKnightmare Recordings - via Metalhit
1219. 2018-02-05BattleloreThousand CavesThird Age of the SunNapalm Records
1220. 2018-01-29TribulationWhen The Sky Is Black With DevilsThe Formulas of DeathAjna Records
1221. 2018-01-29The Acacia StrainBlack Hole Sun (Soundgarden Cover)
1222. 2018-01-29OPHEXVIIIILitteras Ad Tristia Maestrum SolitudeMy Kingdom Music
1223. 2018-01-29GodfleshSlavestate (Radio Slave)SlavestateEarache Records
1224. 2018-01-29Dead Dark SlideSummer Never EndsI am DeadDead Games Records
1225. 2018-01-29KampfarIldverdenKvassNapalm Records
1226. 2018-01-29NettleCarrierPaa Vaare Paaler deres hoderNettleCarrierIndie Recordings
1227. 2018-01-29NarrowsI Give You Six MonthsNew DistancesDeathwish Records
1228. 2018-01-29WatainThe Return Of Darkness And EvilTonight We Raise Our Cups And Toast In Angels Blood - A Tribute To Bathory
1229. 2018-01-22Rotten SoundNervesUnder Pressure/Drain, Disc 1Import
1230. 2018-01-22VoivodChemical Warfare [Slayer cover]Morgoth Invasion [Live Demo December 1984]
1231. 2018-01-22Genocide PactAscendancy AbsolvedOrder of TormentRelapse Records
1232. 2018-01-22Lurker of Chalice03 Spectre as Valkerie IsLurker of Chalice DLPNuclear War Now! Productions
1233. 2018-01-22Bolt ThrowerThe Ivth Crusade...For Victory, Disc 2Earache Records
1234. 2018-01-15SinisterSwing Of The Axe (Possessed Cover)The Carnage Ending (Digipak Bonus Disc)
1235. 2018-01-15Bacterial HuskExalted Through A Vanish PrimeAgnosia of Omens
1236. 2018-01-15ConvulseBlasphemous VersesWorld Without God
1237. 2018-01-15MythicTaste of the GraveThe Immortal Realm
1238. 2018-01-15THE CROWNDevil Gate RideDeathrace Kingcenturymedia
1239. 2018-01-15PROFANATICAJehovah FadingSickened By Holy HostHells Headbangers Records
1240. 2018-01-08ACHERONTASVamacharaVamacharaAgonia Records
1241. 2018-01-08MARE COGNITUMVehement CoalescenceThe Sea Which Has Become KnownI, Voidhanger Records
1242. 2018-01-08HamferTvstevndur meldurTmsins likamMetal Blade Records
1243. 2018-01-08GonkulatorBlasphemous Crucifixion DeviceSatan's Burial GroundFudge Worthy Records
1244. 2018-01-08The Taste Of SilverEdge Of The Avant-GardeWinter Demo
1245. 2018-01-01CadaverBlurred VisionsIn PainsEarache Records
1246. 2018-01-01God's HateDivine InjusticeDivine Injustice
1247. 2018-01-01Anaal NathrakhVolenti Non Fit IniuriaPassionCandlelight Records
1248. 2018-01-01WinterServants of the WarsmenInto DarknessSouthern Lord
1249. 2017-12-25Snowfallthe great voidDelerium Tremens [NHR2008]NHR Records - via Metalhit
1250. 2017-12-25EXCEEDmandatory suicide ( slayer cover)visions of malice
1251. 2017-12-25ExciterSuicide OverdoseThe Dark Command
1252. 2017-12-25Dark FortressAs the World Keels OverYlemCentury Media Records
1253. 2017-12-18WormrotEvolved Into NothingDirge
1254. 2017-12-11DeicideBehead The Prophet (No Lord Shall Live)Legion
1255. 2017-12-11PathogenTowards the Infernal OblivionBlasphemous Communionold_cemetery
1256. 2017-12-11Deathspell OmegaDevouring FamineParacletus
1257. 2017-12-11CRUENTATOR03 Barbaric ViolenceAin't War Hell?Xtreem Music
1258. 2017-12-11WITCHTRAP05 Gypsy Ritual - Face the EvilSorceress Bitch (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1259. 2017-12-11as the sun setsi've run over black cats that were luckier than me7744
1260. 2017-12-11Blurring03 The Devil I KnowBlurringHandshake Inc
1261. 2017-12-11CenotaphSuperimposed Guttural Vociferations of Ulceric A**l TurgorPuked Genital PurulencyHammer Muzik
1262. 2017-12-04NaglfarSpoken Words of VenomPariahCentury Media
1263. 2017-12-04BaphometLeave The FleshDeath In The Beginning
1264. 2017-12-04GehennaNo One Will Ever Miss YouUpon The Gravehill
1265. 2017-12-04EliteVikingfjordBifrostNo Colours Records
1266. 2017-12-04MagrudergrindElitist Have No Place In HardcoreDon't Support Humanitary Aid Led By The Church
1267. 2017-12-04PIGHEADRevengeful StrifeUntil All Flesh Decays
1268. 2017-12-04Blood Incantation04 Meticulous Soul DevourmentStarspawnDark Descent Records
1269. 2017-12-04MorticianBloodcravingMortal MassacreRelapse Records
1270. 2017-12-04PossessedNo Will To LiveBeyond The Gates
1271. 2017-12-04SeaxNuclear OverdoseSpeed Metal Mania
1272. 2017-11-27Seeker DestroyerNative TongueThe End of all Living Things
1273. 2017-11-27NUPRAPTOR03 Burning The BelieversThe Heresiarch (CD, LP, TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
1274. 2017-11-27KvistSvartedalFor Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike
1275. 2017-11-27Abysmal DawnLeveling The Plane of ExistenceLeveling The Plane Of Existence
1276. 2017-11-20ArsisSeven Whispers Fell SilentA Celebration of GuiltEarache
1277. 2017-11-20OBSCURASermon of the Seven SunsAkrasis (NA Promo)Relapse Records
1278. 2017-11-20FallujahThe Night RevealsThe Flesh Prevailsunique_leader
1279. 2017-11-20XibalbaNever KnellMadre Mia Gracias Por Los DiasSouthern Lord
1280. 2017-11-20Vardan03_Vardan_Nostalgia p.1 IINostalgia - Archive Of Failures - Part IMoribund Records
1281. 2017-11-20Lapin Helvetti04 - Lapin Helvetti - T.t.k.Lapin HelvettiSvart Records
1282. 2017-11-20NEOCAESAR04 Invocation of the Watcher11:11Xtreem Music
1283. 2017-11-20SvfferVenomLies We Live
1284. 2017-11-20EntombedBlack Breath (Repulsion cover)Out of Hand (EP)
1285. 2017-11-20Breather ResistMidas in ReverseCharmerJade Tree Records
1286. 2017-11-13Type O NegativeEveryone I Love Is DeadWorld Coming DownRoadrunner Records
1287. 2017-11-13TOMB MOLDBereavement of FleshPrimordial MalignityBlood Harvest Records
1288. 2017-11-13Trap Themday fourteen-pulse mavensSeance PrimeDeathwish Inc.
1289. 2017-11-13Acid BathPaegan Love SongPaegan Terrorism Tactics (Radio Edits)Rotten Records
1290. 2017-11-13AyatEvery time a child says 'I don't believe in Allah' there is a little Allah somewhere that falls down deadCarry on, CarrionMoribund Records
1291. 2017-11-13TONGUES..And The Ever Watchful CloudsHreiliaI, Voidhanger Records
1292. 2017-11-13CALL OF THE VOIDThe HiveAgeless (NA Promo)Relapse Records
1293. 2017-11-13Limbonic ArtA Void of Lifeless DreamsCandlelight USA Winter SamplerCandlelight Records
1294. 2017-11-13WedardUniverse in MirrorBeyond the Light
1295. 2017-11-06DeathLiving MonstrositySpiritual HealingCombat Records
1296. 2017-11-06ThrustHeavier Than HellFist Held Highmetalblade
1297. 2017-11-06DestructionBestial InvasionLive Without Sensemetalblade
1299. 2017-10-30Malokarpatan06 V hustej hore na stračích noháchNordkarpatenlandInvictus Productions
1300. 2017-10-30DRAGONHAMMERUnder The Vatican's GroundObscurityMy Kingdom Music
1301. 2017-10-30IntegrityUnholy Salvation of Sabbatai ZeviHowling, For The Nightmare Shall ConsumeRelapse Records
1302. 2017-10-30Order from ChaosVictimized
1303. 2017-10-30AlgolAutumn VoidEntering The Woods Of Enchantment
1304. 2017-10-23Broken HopeCannibal GraveSwamped in GoreMetal Blade Records
1305. 2017-10-23Autopsy04. Tourniquets Hacksaws and GravesTourniquets, Hacksaws and GravesPeaceville Records
1306. 2017-10-23BenedictionThis Graveyard EarthOrganised ChaosNuclear Blast Records
1307. 2017-10-23BARBARIAN03 Cult of the Empty GraveCult of the Empty Grave (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1308. 2017-10-23AbramelinInvocationAbramelinrepulse
1309. 2017-10-23Begerith04 A.D.A.M. IVA.D.A.M.Minotauro Records
1310. 2017-10-23DamagedSoul Vaxation AccidentalToken Remedies ResearchRotten Records
1311. 2017-10-23IncendiarySurvivalIncendiary/Xibalba splitClosed Casket Activities
1312. 2017-10-23SvfferWithout DevotionLies We Live
1313. 2017-10-16PROFANATICA06 Weeping in HeavenThe Enemy of Virtue (2CD, 2LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1314. 2017-10-16SorcererThe Devil's IncubusThe Crowning of the Fire KingMetal Blade Records
1315. 2017-10-16WarlordDeliver Us From EvilDeliver Us
1316. 2017-10-16Trap ThemDay 37 - Sovereign Through the PinesDarker HandcraftProsthetic Records
1317. 2017-10-16WombbathUnder Apokalypsens Svarta VingarDownfall RisingDark Descent Records
1318. 2017-10-09ImpaledDead AliveDeath After LifeCentury Media Records
1319. 2017-10-09FjordFerocious Were The Ghost WolvesLives LivesEulogy Recordings
1320. 2017-10-09Fear Before the March of FlamesThe State of Texas vs Fear BeforeSpring Sampler 2005
1321. 2017-10-09Demolition HammerEnvenomedEpidemic of ViolenceCentury Media Records
1322. 2017-10-09SodomOutbreak of EvilFinal Sign of EvilSteamhammer
1323. 2017-10-09Vacant EyesA Timeless VaultA Timeless Vault
1324. 2017-10-09MIDNIGHTViolence On ViolenceSatanic RoyaltyHells Headbangers Records
1325. 2017-10-02Haemorrhage10.Dissect, Exhume, DevourLive CarnageHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
1326. 2017-10-02HADES ARCHER05 Sex Sex Sex PerversionsTemple of the Impure (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1327. 2017-10-02Asagraum03 LeviathanPotestas Magicum DiaboliKVLT
1328. 2017-10-02Act of DefianceOverexposureOld Scars, New WoundsMetal Blade Records
1329. 2017-10-02DecaturDecatur - 3. Vegas GirlBadder Than BrooklynSelf-Released
1330. 2017-10-02SinisterFace Fate (Blood Feast Cover)The Carnage Ending
1331. 2017-10-02DeathBeyond The Unholy GraveScream Bloody GoreMetal Blade
1332. 2017-10-02Bacterial HuskExalted Through A Vanish PrimeAgnosia of Omens
1333. 2017-10-02My Dying BrideThe Stance of Evander Sinoue34.788%...CompletePeaceville Records
1334. 2017-09-25Cannibal CorpseLiving DissectionButchered at BirthMetal Blade Records
1335. 2017-09-25Temnozor05 - As the autumn razors sing above my veinsFolkstorm of the Azure NightsMorbid Winter Records
1336. 2017-09-25NecropticInherited DepravityMeticulous PathologySevared Records
1337. 2017-09-25HORRIFIED (UK)03 The PerceiverAllure of the Fallen (CD, LP, TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
1338. 2017-09-25Dark Waters EndCongenital ViceSubmersionSelf-Released
1339. 2017-09-25DestructionSatan's VengeanceSentence Of Death [EP] & Infernal Overkill
1340. 2017-09-25OCTOBER 31When Darkness Covers The SunThe Fire Awaits YouHells Headbangers Records
1341. 2017-09-25GuiltHarvest/DecayHarvest/Decay
1342. 2017-09-18CADAVERIC INCUBATOR04 The Covenant of GoreSermons of the Devouring Dead (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1343. 2017-09-18All Pigs Must DieThe Blessed VoidGod Is WarSouthern Lord
1344. 2017-09-18UndergangTvangstankerIndhentet af DdenXtreem Music
1345. 2017-09-18Four Question MarksAddictive TrepaningTitanTrendkill
1346. 2017-09-11MotrheadWhite Line FeverMotrhead (Remastered)
1347. 2017-09-11Oculus03 A Visage of Dark RemembranceThe Apostate of LightBlood Harvest Records
1348. 2017-09-11Brain CorrosionA Life No Womb Could Ever BreedSleazy Supremacy EP 2013
1349. 2017-09-11Trap ThemDay 41 - Every Walk A QuarantineDarker HandcraftProsthetic Records
1350. 2017-09-04MinistrySo waht (live)Land of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
1351. 2017-09-04Gloomy GrimSeptember - Invoking the Flames (Burn, Burn, Burn)Under the Spell of the Unlightanticulture
1352. 2017-09-04ExhorderSlaughter in the VaticanSlaughter in the VaticanRoadrunner Records
1353. 2017-09-04Ascended04 - Drifting in a voidThe art of necromancy - Demo 2008
1354. 2017-09-04IntegrityBurning Beneath the Devils CrossHowling, For The Nightmare Shall ConsumeRelapse Records
1355. 2017-09-04Aborted FetusPrivate Judgement DayPrivate Judgement DayComatose Music
1356. 2017-08-28SkinlessDeviation Will Not Be ToleratedTrample the Weak, Hurdle the DeadRelapse Records
1357. 2017-08-28M.D.K.Psicopatia E PerversaoInto The Pussymorgue
1358. 2017-08-28NominonThe Infernal VoyageTerra NecrosisIbex Moon Records
1359. 2017-08-28IncantationExtinguishing SalvationInfernal StormRelapse Records
1360. 2017-08-28Darken The SkyVelvet Chains Of DissastisfactionDemo 2002self-released
1361. 2017-08-28Satan's HostInfernal VictoryGreat American ScapeGoat 666Moribund Records
1362. 2017-08-21SvfferUnjust PrevailEmpathist
1363. 2017-08-21PEST04 Devil's markThe Crowning HorrorAgonia Records
1364. 2017-08-21GoatwhoreProvoking the Ritual of DeathCarving Out the Eyes of GodMetal Blade
1365. 2017-08-21EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
1366. 2017-08-21NorthSilverfeatherThrough Raven's EyesProsthetic Records
1367. 2017-08-21TombsNovember WolvesThe Grand AnnihilationMetal Blade Records
1368. 2017-08-21StortregnNegative TheologyEvocation Of Light
1369. 2017-08-21Only Living WitnessVoice Of DisrepairProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
1370. 2017-08-21Drawn & QuarteredGenocide AdvocacyHail Infernal DarknessMoribund Records
1371. 2017-08-14SkycladCivil War DancePrince Of The Poverty Linenoise
1372. 2017-08-14PathologistCadaveric MetamorphosesPutrefactive And Cadaverous Odes About Necroticism
1373. 2017-08-14PURTENANCE02 Vicious Seeds of MortalityParadox of ExistenceXtreem Music
1374. 2017-08-14SUMMON (U.S.)03 Eve Of Anti-CreationDark Descent of Fallen Souls (LP)Werewolf records
1375. 2017-08-14Curl Up and DieYour Idea of Fascism and Global Intervention Makes Me PukeUnfortunately We're Not RobotsRevelation Records
1376. 2017-08-14SkyforgerTagad vai nekadSenprūsija
1377. 2017-08-14Morbus 666Through Black Fog Burns the Eyes of the DevilIgnis Divine ImperiumMoribund Records
1378. 2017-08-07HiminbjrgThe Inverted DimensionIn the Raven's ShadowRed Stream
1379. 2017-08-07Od'SaheCosmic Foreverpalace ov the Thousand NamesPhilosophy ov Self-destructionBlack Plague Records - via Metalhit
1380. 2017-08-07BONEHUNTER03 Digital EvilSexual Panic Human Machine (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1381. 2017-08-07NADIMAC05 Revolucija u IzloguBesniloXtreem Music
1382. 2017-08-07AtriarchVoidDead as TruthRelapse Records
1383. 2017-08-07BlaspherianCrusade Towards Unholy DeliveranceSummoning Of Infernal Hordes
1384. 2017-08-07OblivionizedCycle of DeprivationNullify The Cycle
1385. 2017-08-07HellwitchInfernal Death (Death cover)Omnipotent ConvocationXtreem Music
1386. 2017-07-31Black Dahlia Murder, TheWhat a Horrible Night to Have a CurseNocturnalMetal Blade Records
1387. 2017-07-31NevermoreSeven Tongues Of GodThe Politics Of EcstasyCentury Media Records
1388. 2017-07-31YE BANISHED PRIVATEERSBosuns VersesFirst Night Back In PortNapalm Records
1389. 2017-07-31Gruesome Stuff RelishDeep River SavagesTeenage Giallo Grind
1390. 2017-07-31MordbrandAt the Larvae ColumnWiltCarnal Records
1391. 2017-07-24Rotting DecayDissected AliveGutting Room Floor
1392. 2017-07-24DismemberThe Hills Have EyesDismemberRegain Records
1393. 2017-07-24Insect WarfareArmored VirusWorld ExterminationEarache
1394. 2017-07-24WormrotOverpowered ViolenceDirgeearache
1395. 2017-07-24INVOCATION SPELLS06 Evil MountainsThe Flame of Hate (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1396. 2017-07-24SACRILEGEA Violation of Something SacredBehind The Realms of Madness (Reissue)Relapse Records
1397. 2017-07-17MisfitsNight of the Living DeadMisfits Compilation III
1398. 2017-07-17AVULSED111 Devourer of the DeadNight of the Living DeathgenerationsXtreem Music
1399. 2017-07-17Pyrrhon5. Turing's RevengeGrowth Without EndHandshake Inc
1400. 2017-07-17MIDNIGHTHot GravesComplete and Total Hell (CD, LP, Tape)Hells Headbangers Records
1401. 2017-07-17GruesomeSavage Land (Demo)Fragments of Psyche EPRelapse Records
1402. 2017-07-17DruidVesselsCill DaraSelf-Released
1403. 2017-07-17Hellgoat04 Within the VoidBlasphemy from Serpent TonguesBoris Records
1404. 2017-07-17VINTERSORGLavinTill Fjlls del IINapalm Records
1405. 2017-07-17ThergothonEvokenFhtagn-nagh Yog-Sothoth
1406. 2017-07-17Bal-SagothTo dethrone the Witch-Queen of Mytos K'unn (The legend of the battle of Blackhelm Vale)Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima ThuleCacophonous
1407. 2017-07-10God DethronedClose to VictoryThe World AblazeMetal Blade Records
1408. 2017-07-10Bolt Thrower...For Victory...For VictoryEarache Records
1409. 2017-07-10Ex-EyeXenolith: The AnvilEx EyeRelapse Records
1410. 2017-07-10AMPTATOR03 Sarin Death VengeanceDeathcult Barbaric HellGreyhaze Records
1411. 2017-07-10All Out WarVengeance for the AngelsCondemned to SufferVictory Records
1412. 2017-07-03Darkest HourThe Patriot VirusHidden Hands of a Sadist NationVictory Records
1413. 2017-07-03Insect WarfareArmored VirusWorld ExterminationEarache
1414. 2017-07-03GoatwhoreVengeful AscensionVengeful AscensionMetal Blade Records
1415. 2017-07-03PERISHEDPERISHED - Kark - 04 Paa Nattens VintervingerKarkATMF
1416. 2017-07-03CULT OF ERINYES (BEL)6. GermanicvsTiberivsCaverna Abismal Records
1417. 2017-07-03Cannibal CorpseEvidence In The FurnaceEvisceration PlagueMetal Blade
1418. 2017-07-03ObituaryBraveObituaryRelapse Records
1419. 2017-07-03DrippingBleeding Virgin WhoreBring the SufferingNecroharmonic Records
1420. 2017-07-03BESTIALIZED02. Declaration of EvilBestial Flags Of EvilutionBESTIALIZED
1421. 2017-06-26The Acacia StrainBlack Hole Sun (Soundgarden Cover)
1422. 2017-06-26Heresiarch06 Iron HarvestDeath OrdinanceDark Descent Records
1423. 2017-06-19Nocturnal RitesFools Never DieGrand IllusionCentury Media
1424. 2017-06-19AbigailProphecy of the Evening StarMantak / The Eastern Desekratorz
1425. 2017-06-19Hordes of DecayDissolved in InsanityThe Kings Will Be Ready
1426. 2017-06-19ROOTRevenge of HellHeritage Of SatanAgonia Records
1427. 2017-06-12AvulsedDaddy Stew [Svencho - Aborted]Deathgeneration [CD 1]Xtreem Music
1428. 2017-06-12Dead Eyes UnderDisavowCursed Be The Deceiver
1429. 2017-06-12ScorchedVile Lingering StenchEchoes Of DismembermentUnspeakable Axe Records
1430. 2017-06-05EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
1431. 2017-06-05SteelmaidLovebreakerRaptorKarthago Records
1432. 2017-06-05AllegianceMed Svard I HandHymns of BloodWorld War III (American Music Corp)
1433. 2017-06-05TaakePart VIHordaland Doedskvad
1434. 2017-05-29SATANIC WARMASTERWolves Of Blood And IronBlack Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber (CD)Werewolf Records
1435. 2017-05-29IntegritySeven Sermones Ad MortuosSeasons in the Size of DaysVictory Records
1436. 2017-05-29Crypt SermonHeavy RidersOut of the GardenDark Descent Records
1437. 2017-05-29OmnizideThe Return of the Loving DeadNekroRegimeDaemon Worship Productions
1438. 2017-05-29DRP03 Hat fr en LivstidRotten Till Allt OntXtreem Music
1439. 2017-05-29DesultoryIn my veinsSwallow The Snake
1440. 2017-05-29FornicatusMy GraveChildren Of Failure
1441. 2017-05-29A Mind ConfusedSeducer Of Pain DivineAnarchos
1442. 2017-05-29HaemorrhageSlaved to DismemberDementia Rex
1443. 2017-05-22Speakers for the DeadI've BecomePrey for MurderMagna Carta
1444. 2017-05-22ValorIn The Name of ValorArrogancePitch Black Records
1445. 2017-05-22MarthyriumLeviathanBeyond the ThresholdsBlackSeed Productions
1446. 2017-05-22First BloodEnslavedSilence Is Betrayal
1447. 2017-05-22INQUISITIONCosmic Invocation RitesOminous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical MacrososmHells Headbangers Records
1448. 2017-05-22KalopsiaAs the Serpent DevoursAngelplagueHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
1449. 2017-05-15Angel CorpseEnvenomedHammer of Gods
1450. 2017-05-15ImmortalUnholy Forces Of EvilDiabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
1451. 2017-05-15ARKONAChernye-voronyVozrozhdenieNapalm Records
1452. 2017-05-15ScorchedCraving Human RemnantsEchoes Of DismembermentUnspeakable Axe Records
1453. 2017-05-15AnathemaLovelorn RhapsodySerenades
1454. 2017-05-15VileAlive To SufferStench Of The Deceased
1455. 2017-05-08The Acacia StrainBlack Hole Sun (Soundgarden Cover)
1456. 2017-05-08CursedModel Home InvasionTwoGoodfellow Records
1457. 2017-05-08The SummonedThe Grave MistakeSessionsSelf-Released
1458. 2017-05-08HATESvarog's MountainTremendumNapalm Records
1459. 2017-05-08NecromessiahDead or AliveThe Last Hope Of Humanity (P18R 063)
1460. 2017-05-01Into The MoatAdvocate v ActivistThe CampaignMetal Blade
1461. 2017-05-01KreatorRiot of ViolenceOut Of The Dark, Into The Lightnoise
1462. 2017-05-01GrOsculum Obscenum (Lord Belial cover)Ramsvarta TankarCarnal Records
1463. 2017-05-01Edge of SanityLivin' HellThe Spectral Sorrows
1464. 2017-05-01MagrudergrindThe 2nd WaveMagrudergrind/Sanitys Dawn Split
1465. 2017-04-24Hummingbird Of DeathYou're In My Universe NowSplit - Hummingbird Of Death-Titarumgive_praise
1466. 2017-04-17Charles BronsonE.S.P. Girls Love MeComplete Discocrappy Disc 2
1467. 2017-04-17DEATHTOLLliving a liesplit w/blown to bits
1468. 2017-04-17Suffering Hour04 The Abrasive Black DustIn Passing Ascension CD/LPBlood Harvest Records
1469. 2017-04-17MIDNIGHT06 In League With Satan (Venom)Shox of Violence (12" MLP, CD, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1470. 2017-04-17Dissection03.Anti-Christ (Slayer cover)Where Dead Angels Lie
1471. 2017-04-17NARGAROTHLove Is A Dog From HellERA OF THRENODYInter Arma Productions
1472. 2017-04-17VestigesIVThe Descent Of Man
1473. 2017-04-10ObituaryIt LivesObituaryRelapse Records
1474. 2017-04-10Crimson GloryLove And DreamsStrange And Beautiful
1475. 2017-04-10AN AUTUMN FOR CRIPPLED CHILDRENYou Have Been In The Shadows For So LongEternalWickerman Records
1476. 2017-04-10Backstabbers IncIf You Can See the End, It's Already OverKamikaze MissionsTrash Art!
1477. 2017-04-10Human MasticationBizarre Museum Of Eviscerated WhoresGrotesque Mastication of Putrid InnardsSevared Records - via Metalhit
1478. 2017-04-03For The WorseShove It Up Your AssBlood, Guts, Going NutsBridge Nine Records
1479. 2017-04-03Bastard SaplingEvery Life Thrown To The EclipseInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media
1480. 2017-04-03ObituaryLesson In VengeanceObituaryRelapse Records
1481. 2017-04-03Rato RatoLa Trpisima Satanidad (Ingesta de 3 a la vez)AcidethcXtreem Music
1482. 2017-03-27As Hope DiesFeeding The Broken Words Of Hope In VainLegions Bow To A Faceless God
1483. 2017-03-27Dead Blue SkyTo Live In DreamsSyptoms Of An Unwanted Emotiongoodlife
1484. 2017-03-27GruesomeChoke On It (Death Cover)Fragments of Psyche EPRelapse Records
1485. 2017-03-27BarathrumOn The Dark River BankFanatikoSaturnal Records
1486. 2017-03-27BLOOD FEASTWho Prays For The DevilThe Future State of Wicked (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1487. 2017-03-20ExpireGRAVITYPretty LowBridge Nine Records
1488. 2017-03-20DesolateGodly EnslavementSanity ObliteratedPathos Productions
1489. 2017-03-20THE MOTH GATHERERThis Providence of Bones (feat. Dennis Lyxzn)The Comfortable LowAgonia Records
1490. 2017-03-20REPLACIRE03 Built Upon the Grave of He Who BendsDo Not DeviateSeason of Mist
1491. 2017-03-20Beyond the FleshRise Above the WeakWhat the Mind PerceivesEscapi Music
1492. 2017-03-20Blood Incantation03 Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2)StarspawnDark Descent Records
1493. 2017-03-20Ticket to HellMetallic OverdoseOperation
1494. 2017-03-13Y&TRock & Roll's Gonna Save The World1984-IN ROCK WE TRUSTY
1495. 2017-03-13DENIAL OF GODVeni SpiritusDeath and the Beyond (CD, LP, PicLP, Tape)Hells Headbangers Records
1496. 2017-03-13Soilent GreenAn Addicts' LoverA Deleted Symphony for the Beaten Down3D
1497. 2017-03-13Cut UpVermin FuneralWherever They May RotMetal Blade Records
1498. 2017-03-13MOTRHEADRidin' With The DriverOrgasmatron
1499. 2017-03-13Leng T'cheToo Stupid To LiveManmadepredator
1500. 2017-03-06NASUMHate DivisionSplit NASUM & AUTORITAR & CARDIOID & DENAK & SLIGHT SLAPPERS & IRRITATEHostile Regression Records
1501. 2017-03-06Hatred SurgeInvisible NooseDiscography
1502. 2017-03-06HorrendousPavor NocturnusEcdysisDark Descent Records
1503. 2017-03-06MordbrandDelivering the GodsWiltCarnal Records
1504. 2017-03-06WeltesserLiving To TryCrestfallenProsthetic Records
1505. 2017-03-06SplatterhouseConfessions of a Grave RobberThe House That Dead Built
1506. 2017-03-06HornaVerta KoirilleVihan TiellFrostscald Records
1507. 2017-03-06Unborn SufferIs This What We’ve Created?Desecrate/Retaliate/ObliterateSoulflesh Collector Records - via Metalhit
1508. 2017-03-06Desecrate the FaithDaemones Nos Ave SatanasUnholy InfestationComatose Music
1509. 2017-02-27Cannabis CorpseVaporizedThe Weeding E.P.tankcrimes
1510. 2017-02-27EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
1511. 2017-02-27Nihilistinen BarbaarisuusAmidst the WavesThe Child Must DieInfernal Kommando
1512. 2017-02-27ZOMBIE MOTORS WRECKING YARDLove for SpeedSupersonic Rock n RollNapalm Records
1513. 2017-02-27GrRamsvarta TankarRamsvarta TankarCarnal Records
1514. 2017-02-27Craven Idol03 Black Flame DivinationThe Shackles Of MammonDark Descent Records
1515. 2017-02-27AntropomorphiaMurmur ov the DeadSermon ov WrathMetal Blade Records
1516. 2017-02-27GorgorothThe Rite Of Infernal InvocationBlack Mass Krakow 2004
1517. 2017-02-27NecronyHill Of Cadaverssevere malignant pustule (demo)
1518. 2017-02-20Cattle DecapitationThe Burden of Seven BillionThe Anthropocene ExtinctionMetal Blade Records
1519. 2017-02-20KILL THE CLIENTDig Two GravesSet for Extinction (Radio Promo)Relapse Records
1520. 2017-02-20Human CompostPost Mortal PerversionsFrom The Grave They CrawlHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
1521. 2017-02-20CatalepticGrave PerilForwardArchaic Sound
1522. 2017-02-20DoroRevengeStrong And ProudNuclear Blast Records
1523. 2017-02-13The Dillinger Escape PlanLow Feels BlvdDissociation
1524. 2017-02-13ImmortalNebular Ravens WinterBlizzard Beasts
1525. 2017-02-13Crime (Chile)Give Your Life To The RuinFirst CrimeShadow Kingdom Records
1526. 2017-02-13XandriaValentineNeverworld's End [Symphonic Metal]Napalm Records
1527. 2017-02-13As Blood Runs BlackMy Fears Have Become PhobiasAllegianceMediaskare
1528. 2017-02-13Anaal NathrakhDepravity Favours the BoldThe Whole of the LawMetal Blade Records
1529. 2017-02-13As I Lay DyingForeverFrail Words CollapseMetal Blade
1530. 2017-02-06Gloomy GrimFebruary - Astral Planes I Have Travelled ThroughUnder the Spell of the Unlightanticulture
1531. 2017-02-06BESTIAL WARLUST03 Storming VengeanceStorming Bestial Legions LIVE '96 (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1532. 2017-02-06DltreII - Le Lai de la VerminePer Aspera Ad PestilentiamSepulchral Productions
1533. 2017-02-06AzoomaA Hymn of the Vicious MonsterA Hymn of the Vicious Monster [MCD]Xtreem Music
1534. 2017-02-06Creation Of DeathQuartering AlivePurify Your Soul
1535. 2017-01-30ARKONA06_Ved'maYavNapalm Records
1536. 2017-01-30Korrozia MetallaRussian VodkaRussian Vodka
1537. 2017-01-30Crurifragium03 Unfurl the Banners of EvilBeasts of the Temple of SatanInvictus Productions
1538. 2017-01-30SkogenApokalypsens vita dimmaEldNordvis Produktion
1539. 2017-01-30AcridBen DoverEighty-Sixededison
1540. 2017-01-30Vital RemainsUncultivated GraveLet Us Pray
1541. 2017-01-30Bestial WarlustAt The Grave Of GodVengeance War Till Death
1542. 2017-01-30Colin Of ArabiaSlavedriverPain MachinesDouble Or Nothing Records
1543. 2017-01-30Napalm DeathDeceiver/Social SterilityComplete Radio One Sessions (BBC)Fuel 2000
1544. 2017-01-30Vargnatt4_Vargnatt_VordenTorenGrausammlerNordis Productions
1545. 2017-01-23MeshuggahClosed Eye VisualsNothingAvalon Records
1546. 2017-01-23InvasionTHE DIVINE WINDDestroyer of MankindAbyss Records
1547. 2017-01-23Allochiria02 Little Defeats,Tiny VictoriesThroesArt of Propaganda
1548. 2017-01-23MassacraRevealing CrueltyEnjoy The Violence
1549. 2017-01-23Bestial MockerySatans DevilsawGospel of the InsaneRed Stream
1550. 2017-01-16Anomalie02 Vision II_ The WandererVisionsArt of Propaganda
1551. 2017-01-16DIGIR GIDIMDigir Gidim - 2. Conversing with The EtherealI Thought There Was the Sun Awaiting My AwakeningATMF
1552. 2017-01-16DysenteryDevourer of the DeadInternal DevastationComatose Music
1553. 2017-01-16Cruel HandThe NegativesThe Negatives
1554. 2017-01-16WombbathA Silent As The GraveInternal Caustic TormentsPulverised Records
1555. 2017-01-09DioHoly DiverExerpts from InfernoMayhem Records
1556. 2017-01-09GuiltLiving HellHarvest/Decay
1557. 2017-01-09Discordance AxisVacuum SleeveThe Inalienable DreamlessHydra Head Records
1558. 2017-01-09Judas PriestTurbo loverThe Essential Judas Priest
1559. 2017-01-09Terrifier04 Violent ReprisalWeapons of Thrash DestructionTest Your Metal
1560. 2017-01-09Death Worship02 Evocation ChamberExtermination Mass MLP/MCDNuclear War Now! Productions
1561. 2017-01-09This Is HellFearless VampiresMisfortunesTrust Kill
1562. 2017-01-02Make A Change... Kill YourselfLivets GaveFri
1563. 2017-01-02GuiltHarvest/DecayHarvest/Decay
1564. 2017-01-02All HellGraveyard DustThe Red SectHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
1565. 2017-01-02BeldamFrom Grave To CradleStill The Wretched LingerHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
1566. 2017-01-02Bacterial HuskExalted Through A Vanish PrimeAgnosia of Omens
1567. 2017-01-02Internal SufferingVatican BombardmentChaotic Matrix
1568. 2017-01-02WinterfyllethCD2 01 Winterfylleth - The Three RavensOne and All, Together, for HomeSeason of Mist
1569. 2017-01-02Ignominious IncarcerationSaviourOf Winter BornEarache
1570. 2017-01-02Among the DecayedEvilution Pt. 1Dead RisingWormblud
1571. 2017-01-02DestroyVile Horrendous Aerial BombardmentNecropolis
1572. 2017-01-02SlayerJesus SavesReign In Bloodamerican
1573. 2017-01-02Hanoi RocksLick Summer LoveBack To The Mystery CityLick Records
1574. 2016-12-26ExodusOverdoseFabulous Disastercombat
1575. 2016-12-26The Dillinger Escape PlanI Love Secret AgentsThe Dillinger Escape Plan (Re-Issue)
1576. 2016-12-26IntegritySystems OverloadSystems OverloadVictory
1577. 2016-12-26Mental ComaCivilized AbuseFragments Of DemocracyHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
1578. 2016-12-26VpaahsalbroxThe Flesh I Have Given You (vinyl)14 SovereignPale Horse Recordings
1579. 2016-12-26VemodIkledd Evighetens KappeVenter P StormeneProphecy Productions
1580. 2016-12-26Triple CrippleNo Wifi In HeavenNursing Home For Retired HookersHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
1581. 2016-12-26INVERLOCHFrom The Eventide PoolDistance Collapsed (NA Promo)Relapse Records
1582. 2016-12-26Mammoth Weed Wizard BastardValmasqueY Proffwyd Dwyll
1583. 2016-12-26HorrendousThe VermillionEcdysisDark Descent Records
1584. 2016-12-26ABYSMAL DAWNServants To Their KneesFrom Ashes (Reissue)Relapse Records
1585. 2016-12-26Diamond HeadAm I EvilBorrowed Timemca
1586. 2016-12-19ElvenkingNeverending NightsThe Winter's WakeCandlelight
1587. 2016-12-19BrujeriaViva Presidente Trump!Viva Presidente Trump!Nuclear Blast Records
1588. 2016-12-12The Taste Of SilverEscape VelocityNarcimalionHold True Recordings
1589. 2016-12-12Black FlagTV PartyDamagedsst
1590. 2016-12-12Amon AmarthViking ChristmasViking Christmas Single
1591. 2016-12-12Human CompostRancid Orgy Of Rotted CadaversFrom The Grave They CrawlHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
1592. 2016-12-12The Acacia StrainBlack Hole Sun (Soundgarden Cover)
1593. 2016-12-12Cattle DecapitationProjectile VomitTen Torments Of The Damned
1594. 2016-12-12Parasitic ExtirpationBeating Heart CadaverCasketless
1595. 2016-12-12IngrowingThe Darkness Inverted11 Years Of Obscene ExistenceObscene Productions
1596. 2016-12-05Trap ThemREVIVAL SPINESCrown FeralProsthetic Records
1597. 2016-12-05ConvergeHeaven in Her ArmsJane DoeEqual Vision
1598. 2016-12-05VircolacCharonic Journey (Stygian Revelation)The Cursed Travails of the Demeter mCDDark Descent Records
1599. 2016-12-05HelmsplitterDenied The Light ForeverGreat Violence And Hidden Depths Split AlbumHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
1600. 2016-12-05XothAntediluvian AnnihilationInvasion of the TentacubeSelf-Released
1601. 2016-12-05AbnormalityVisionsAbnormality
1602. 2016-12-05CratorThe Echo That Conquers VoiceThe Ones Who CreateSelf-Released
1603. 2016-12-05Judas PriestEvening StarHell Bent For Leather [The Remasters]
1604. 2016-11-28Arterial AtrophyValidated Opinions Of The Furthest RemovedInto The AtrophyHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
1605. 2016-11-28The CommunionVolunteer WidowerGreat Violence And Hidden Depths Split AlbumHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
1606. 2016-11-28Bog Of The InfidelRivers To RofocaleProud Descendants Of SatanLoss Hymn Productions
1607. 2016-11-21PIG DESTROYERBetray (Minor Threat Cover)‘Blind, Deaf and Bleeding’ EPRelapse Records
1608. 2016-11-21The Acacia StrainBlack Hole Sun (Soundgarden Cover)
1609. 2016-11-21SheolCromlech (Darkthrone Cover)Sepulchral Ruins Below The Temple 12" MLPIron Bonehead Productions
1610. 2016-11-21VaderNo GravityThe EmpireNuclear Blast Records
1611. 2016-11-21ULCERATEThere Are No SavioursShrines of ParalysisRelapse Records
1612. 2016-11-21GHOULGOTHAChurning in VertebraesChurning in Vertebraes / Becoming Disease 7"EPBlood Harvest Records
1613. 2016-11-21MORDSKOG04 Pulvis Et Umbra SumusXIII (CD)
1614. 2016-11-21OBLITERATIONAscendance (Sol Invictus)Black Death HorizonRelapse Records
1615. 2016-11-21SuffocationSynthetically RevivedHuman Wastenuclearblast
1616. 2016-11-21Wasted YouthGang ViolenceBlack Dazemedusa
1617. 2016-11-21Four HorsemenHard Lovin' ManFour Horsemencaroline
1618. 2016-11-14OpethDirge for NovemberBlackwater ParkMusic For Nations
1619. 2016-11-14CarnifexDragged Into The GraveDie Without HopeNuclear Blast Records
1620. 2016-11-14Evil Madness/Infant Death03 Convulsive Realitysplit LPDoomentia Records
1621. 2016-11-14MeshuggahViolent Sleep Of ReasonThe Violent Sleep Of ReasonNuclear Blast Records
1622. 2016-11-07White PigsLive For FireSongs Of Sinwalk_thru_fire
1623. 2016-11-07RageDeceiverReign Of Fearnoise
1624. 2016-11-07SavatageCry For LoveFight For The Rockatlantic
1625. 2016-11-07Grim ReaperLord Of Darkness (Your Living Hell)Fear No Evilrca
1626. 2016-11-07Impulse ManslaughterGive Me ShelterLogical Endwalkthrufire
1627. 2016-10-31Hresiarchs Of DisNightmare (Mercyful Fate Cover)Tria Prima DiabolicaMoribund Records
1628. 2016-10-31AzaghalTransilvaniaHelvetin Yhdeksn Piiri (Nine Circles of Hell)Moribund Records
1629. 2016-10-31Nasty SavageFear Beyond The VisionNasty SavageMetal Blade
1630. 2016-10-31Black TormentKilled by the Cross (Nunslaughter Cover)Satanic HolocaustOld Cemetery Records
1631. 2016-10-31One King DownForever Your EnemyGod Loves, Man KillsEqual Vision
1632. 2016-10-31ImpietyAve SatanasAdvent Of...Pulverised Records
1633. 2016-10-24Cannibal CorpseThey Deserve to DieThe Wretched Spawn, Disc 1Metal Blade Records
1634. 2016-10-24In DeathEvery BurialThe Devil SpeaksUnreleased
1635. 2016-10-24Serpentine DominionVanquished Unto TheeSerpentine DominionMetal Blade Records
1636. 2016-10-24Cephalic CarnageEndless Cycle of ViolenceXenosapienRelapse Records
1637. 2016-10-24Judas PriestBetween the Hammer & the AnvilPainkillerSony Music Distribution
1638. 2016-10-24Goddess of DesireMetal ForeverSymbol of TriumphMetal Blade Records
1639. 2016-10-24DeceasedBlack Metal (Venom)Cadaver Traditions - CD1Hells Headbangers Records
1640. 2016-10-24Morbid AngelVisions from the Dark SideAltars of MadnessRelativity
1641. 2016-10-24Nocturnal DepressionI Am the Black Wizards (Emperor Cover)Near to the Stars
1642. 2016-10-24SorceryDark WavesGarden of BonesXtreem Music
1643. 2016-10-17CarnivoreSex and ViolenceRetaliationroadracer
1644. 2016-10-17Criminal ElementPounding Metal (EXCITER Cover)Guilty as ChargedLacerated Enemy Records - via Metalhit
1645. 2016-10-17SKLMLDNidavellirVgguvsur YggdrasilsNapalm Records
1646. 2016-10-17Demolition HammerCrippling VelocityTortured Existence
1647. 2016-10-17Thou Art LordAn Apparition of VengeanceOrgia DaemonicumBlack Lotus
1648. 2016-10-17CHURCHBURNVThe Awaiting CoffinsArmageddon Label
1649. 2016-10-10EyehategodQuitter's OffensiveEyehategod
1650. 2016-10-10Dead ChildTwitch of the Death NerveAttackQuarterstick
1651. 2016-10-10Norma JeanEveryone Talking Over Everyone ElsePolar SimilarSolid State Records
1652. 2016-10-10Teksti-TV 66605 Tuhatvuotinen harharetki1,2,3Svart Records
1653. 2016-10-10WinterwolfCenotaph (Bolt Thrower cover)Cycle of the WerewolfXtreem Music
1654. 2016-10-10Down from the WoundConvulsive Human AtrocitiesViolence and the MacabreComatose Music
1655. 2016-10-10Lord MantisVile DivinityPervertorCandlelight Records
1656. 2016-10-03Dimmu BorgirKings Of Carnival Creation (Live At Ozzfest)Storblst (Bonus DVD)
1657. 2016-10-03ENTHRONEDThy Blight VacuumObsidiumAgonia Records
1658. 2016-10-03Cannibal CorpseThey Deserve to DieThe Wretched Spawn, Disc 1Metal Blade Records
1659. 2016-10-03Colin Of ArabiaYou Guys Were Great, Don't Put Gas in Our VanPain MachinesDouble Or Nothing Records
1660. 2016-10-03NIGHT DEMON03 Ancient EvilNight Demon (TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
1661. 2016-10-03Master of CrueltyArchaic Visions of The UnderworldArchaic Visions of the Underworld LPBlood Harvest Records
1662. 2016-10-03BlackWitchery05 Unholy Vengeance of WarEvil Shall Prevail DLP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
1663. 2016-10-03NecrophagistAdvanced Corpse TumorOnset of PutrefactionWillowtip Records
1664. 2016-10-03MeshuggahClosed Eye VisualsNothingAvalon Records
1665. 2016-10-03Nervous ImpulseVexed (Agoraphobic Nosebleed Cover)Time to PanicSelf-Released
1666. 2016-10-03Corpsefucking ArtBloodcraving (Mortician)Corpsefucking Art/GoretradeUnited Gutteral Records
1667. 2016-10-03FunebrarumAdoration of Abscessed CadaversBeneath the Columns of Abandoned GodsNecroharmonic Records
1668. 2016-10-03Type O NegativeLove You To DeatthOctober Rustroadrunner
1669. 2016-09-26Backstabbers IncorporatedConcrete Evidence Supporting the Educational Value of Snuff FilmsWhile You Were SleepingTrash Art!
1670. 2016-09-26DERANGEDShivers Down Your Broken SpineStruck By A Murderous SiegeAgonia Records
1671. 2016-09-26Cardinal WyrmGrave PassageCast Away SoulsSvart Records
1672. 2016-09-26GorerottedVillage People of the DamnedOnly Tools and CorpsesMetal Blade Records
1673. 2016-09-26Atrocious Abnormality07 - The Inevitable UndoingFormed in DisgustComatose Music
1674. 2016-09-26BurstVortexPrey on LifeRelapse Records
1675. 2016-09-26AcceptSlaves to MetalObjection OverruledCMC Records
1676. 2016-09-19BehexenMouth of LeviathanBehexen / Satanic WarmasterHammer of Hate - via Metalhit
1677. 2016-09-19GRUESOMESeven DoorsDimensions of HorrorRelapse Records
1678. 2016-09-19Lord AlmightyBeware the WolvesPathsSelf-Released
1679. 2016-09-19DecomposedVOIDWitherChaos Records
1680. 2016-09-19Terminally Your Aborted GhostOpen Concave Chest WoundsPrescribing the Fractured Forms
1681. 2016-09-12Gorgasmmorbid overgrowthBleeding Profusely
1682. 2016-09-12Six Feet UnderVictim of the ParanoidMaximum ViolenceMetal Blade
1683. 2016-09-12GraveLiving the Dead BehindAs Rapture ComesCentury Media Records
1684. 2016-09-12ProfanalA Call for RevengeSupreme FireIron Tyrant
1685. 2016-09-12VornthVictims In MarschBlack PyresIron Tyrant
1686. 2016-09-12HearseIn Love and WarARMAGEDDON, MON AMOURcandlelight
1687. 2016-09-05Gloomy GrimSeptember - Invoking the Flames (Burn, Burn, Burn)Under the Spell of the Unlightanticulture
1688. 2016-09-05OuijaUnbridled Transylvaniana PassionRiding in the Funeral Paths, Disc 1Blackend
1689. 2016-09-05Sammy HagarHeavy MetalHeavy Metal - The Movie
1690. 2016-09-05RwakeCrooked RiversVoices of OmensRelapse Records
1691. 2016-09-05DioRonnie James Dio (With Deep Purple) - Rainbow In The Dark (Live)Killing The Dragon (Limited Tour Edition)Spitfire
1692. 2016-09-05Deeds of FleshCanvas of FleshInbreeding the AnthropophagiRepulse Records
1693. 2016-08-29Mystic ProphecyWe Will SurviveSatanic CursesLocomotive Records
1694. 2016-08-29Crippler Cross FaceYou Will Never Know UsWhere Did We Put That Dead Horse We've Been Beatingurchin
1695. 2016-08-29EyehategodServing Time in the Middle of NowhereSouthern DiscomfortCentury Media Records
1696. 2016-08-29IMPERIUM DEKADENZDis ManibvsDis ManibvsSeason Of Mist
1697. 2016-08-29DecomposedUpheavalWitherChaos Records
1698. 2016-08-29INQUISITIONVortex From the Celestial Flying Throne of StormsBloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial ZenithSeason Of Mist
1699. 2016-08-29DerangedArchitects Of PerversionsArchitects Of Perversions [EP]
1700. 2016-08-29SargeistNocturnal RevelationLet the Devil InMoribund Records
1701. 2016-08-22MerrimackRedeem Restless Souls (Of Asmodai and His Takeover)Of Entropy and Life DenialMoribund Records
1702. 2016-08-22Vital RemainsCeremony Of The Seventh CircleLet Us Pray
1703. 2016-08-22Insect WarfareEnslaved By MachineryWorld ExterminationEarache
1704. 2016-08-22MOTRHEADRidin' With The DriverOrgasmatron
1705. 2016-08-22EXCUSEObsessed...With The Collapse Of CivilizationGoddess Injustice (12 MLP)Shadow Kingdom Records
1706. 2016-08-22GWARThe Private Pain of Techno DestructoCarnival of ChaosMetal Blade Records
1707. 2016-08-22NUNSLAUGHTEROn the Icy Plains I Die (Gravewrm cover)Gravewrm / Nunslaughter split 7"Hells Headbangers Records
1708. 2016-08-15Agony ColumnCars, Sex & ViolenceGod, Guns & GutsBig Chief
1709. 2016-08-15DismemberCrime DivineMassive Killing CapacityNuclear Blast Records
1710. 2016-08-15SERPENT ASCENDINGRivers Of LavaAnankuI, Voidhanger Records
1711. 2016-08-15Demonomancy Witchcraft04 Grave ImmolationArchaic Remnants of the Numinous At the Diabolus Hour - split LPCDNuclear War Now! Productions
1712. 2016-08-15SpazzNot Even PhasedCrush Kill Destroy
1713. 2016-08-08SvipdagrView Through the Rusty HelmBlack VersesXtreem Music
1714. 2016-08-08ShockwaveIntroduction To OblivionThe Ultimate DoomTriple Crown
1715. 2016-08-08No ZodiacIrreversiblePopulation Control
1716. 2016-08-08Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the SkyThe Realization That Mankind Is Viral in Its NatureGrand Partition & The Abrogation of IdolatryNuclear Blast GmbH
1717. 2016-08-08Gorgasmmorbid overgrowthBleeding Profusely
1718. 2016-08-08ManowarDark AvengerHell on Stage Live, Disc 1M Records
1719. 2016-08-08ROTTING CHRISTFor A Voice Like ThunderRitualsSeason of Mist
1720. 2016-08-08IMPIETYInvicible Force (Destruction cover)Vengeance Hell Immemorial (LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1721. 2016-08-08General SurgeryVisceral AsphyxiationSplit-CD
1722. 2016-08-01Cannibal CorpseDevoured By VerminVile
1723. 2016-08-01RevocationOnly the Spineless SurviveGreat Is Our SinMetal Blade Records
1724. 2016-08-01BrujeriaViva Presidente Trump!Viva Presidente Trump!Nuclear Blast Records
1725. 2016-08-01BLOODY HAMMERSLights Come AliveLovely Sort of DeathNapalm Records
1726. 2016-08-01VahrzawTwin Suns and Wolves TonguesTwin Suns & Wolves' Tongues CDBlood Harvest Records
1727. 2016-08-01Type O NegativeLove You To DeatthOctober Rust
1728. 2016-08-01Headhunter Death CultMorbid Visions*(BONUS TRACKS)And The Sky Turns Blackworld_war_iii
1729. 2016-08-01DesecratorReperessive AcceptanceSubconscious Release
1730. 2016-07-25The CarrierEveryone Who I Knew and Loved Is GoneBlind to What is Right
1731. 2016-07-25RINGWORMThe Black Light Of A Living GhostSnake ChurchRelapse Records
1732. 2016-07-25Despised IconGrind ForeverBeastNuclear Blast Records
1733. 2016-07-25Perth ExpressFnf Vor PflichtDiscographytdb
1734. 2016-07-18TerrorizerEnslaved by PropagandaWorld DownfallEarache
1735. 2016-07-18NailsYou Will Never Be One Of UsYou Will Never Be One Of UsNuclear Blast Records
1736. 2016-07-18NasumPreview of HellHelveteRelapse Records
1737. 2016-07-18AgathoclesAlternative - Another TrendTheatric Symbolisation of Life
1738. 2016-07-18Tomb MoldBereavement of FleshThe Bottomless Perdition TAPEBlood Harvest Records
1739. 2016-07-18Nox02 Atravesando El UmbralAncestral Arte Negro 7" EPForever Plagued Records
1740. 2016-07-18Blood IncantationMeticulous Soul DevourmentStarspawnDark Descent Records
1741. 2016-07-11CovenJust Add ViolenceBoneless ChristianRed Light Records
1742. 2016-07-11Postmortem TwitchMr BelvedereDeeds Of Abohhrance
1743. 2016-07-11PhobiaDrunken Spree of ViolenceCruelwillowtip
1744. 2016-07-11Power TripThe Evil BeatArmageddon Blues
1745. 2016-07-11Tengger CavalryUniverse-ShamanSunesu Cavalry
1746. 2016-07-11KalmahEvil in YouSwamplordCentury Media
1747. 2016-07-11Sheidim03 03 Deviant KingdomShrines of the VoidDark Descent Records
1748. 2016-07-11SURGIKILL03 Relentless RevengeSanguinary Revelations LPHells Headbangers Records
1749. 2016-07-11GWARNone But the BraveRagNaRokMetal Blade Records
1750. 2016-07-11MOTRHEADRidin' With The DriverOrgasmatron
1751. 2016-07-11ScissorfightRiot On The Village GreenAmerican Cloven Hoof Blues
1752. 2016-07-11Odd Man OutOver My ShoulderXXX
1753. 2016-07-11MardukCloven HoofWorld FuneralRegain Records
1754. 2016-07-04Storm of ParticlesEverlastingStorm of ParticlesSelf-Released
1755. 2016-07-04Bodies in the Gears of the ApparatusSeventeen Reasons to Die Wearing BlackSimian Hybrid Prototypethespew
1756. 2016-07-04chroming roseNever Ending NightsPressure
1757. 2016-07-04Agony ColumnUltraviolent RaysBrave Words and Bloody KnucklesBig Chief
1758. 2016-06-27NailsViolence Is ForeverYou Will Never Be One Of UsNuclear Blast Records
1759. 2016-06-27BaphometLeave the FleshThe Dead Shall InheritPeaceville Records
1760. 2016-06-27BrujeriaViva Presidente Trump!Viva Presidente Trump!Nuclear Blast Records
1761. 2016-06-20ExistenchI Live on ShameBlood Money
1762. 2016-06-20God ForbidOvercomeEquilibriumVictory Records
1763. 2016-06-20NailsViolence Is ForeverYou Will Never Be One Of UsNuclear Blast Records
1764. 2016-06-20EARTH SHIPValley Of ThornsHollowedNapalm Records
1765. 2016-06-13IntermentTorn From The GraveInto The Crypts Of BlasphemyPulverised Records
1766. 2016-06-13Mortal DecayThe Ravenous AddictionCadaver ArtUnique Leader Records
1767. 2016-06-13AscendancyForever DesensitizedBoston's Dead - Volume 1
1768. 2016-06-13Nocturnal BloodImpure DevotionDevastated Graves - The Morbid CelebrationHells Headbangers Records
1769. 2016-06-13Splattered MermaidsDigestive System CollapseReforged In Gore
1770. 2016-06-13AeveronNever Led AstrayVVD - Destination Annihilation
1771. 2016-06-06GRUESOMESavage LandSavage Land (NA Promo)Relapse Records
1772. 2016-06-06CHURCHBURNReturn To The Eve (Bonus Track)The Awaiting CoffinsArmageddon Label
1773. 2016-06-06Dark FuneralBeast Above ManWhere Shadows Forever ReignCentury Media Records
1774. 2016-06-06CANDLEMASSDeath Thy LoverDeath Thy LoverNapalm Records
1775. 2016-06-06FallujahThe Void AloneDreamlessNuclear Blast Records
1776. 2016-06-06HatebreedFrom Grace We've FallenThe Concrete ConfessionalNuclear Blast Records
1777. 2016-06-06AralluEvil Has No Boundaries (Slayer Cover)Satanic War in Jerusalemraven_music
1778. 2016-06-06At The GatesCaptor Of Sin* (Slayer cover)Slaughter of the Soul
1779. 2016-06-06Impaled NazareneFalse JehovaUgra-Karma
1780. 2016-05-30ObliveonFrosted AvowalsNemesis (Remastered - 2007)
1781. 2016-05-30Officium TristeYour Heaven, My UnderworldMors Viri
1782. 2016-05-30CephalectomyDominus Infernus VobiscumDark Waters Rise
1783. 2016-05-30GwarVlad The ImpalerScumdogs Of The Universe
1784. 2016-05-30Demolition HammerEpidemic of ViolenceEpidemic of ViolenceCentury Media Records
1785. 2016-05-30Smouldering In ForgottenThou Shall Attain What Thou DeserveLegions Into Black Flamesold_cemetery
1786. 2016-05-30Charles BronsonYour Average Run Of The Mill Straight Edge SongComplete Discocrappy Disc 2
1787. 2016-05-23Napalm DeathDeceiver + Lucid Fairytale + in ExtremisThe Peel Sessions
1788. 2016-05-23Severe TorturePerverse SufferingA Taste for ButcheryHammerheart Records
1789. 2016-05-23Demolition HammerCarnivorous ObsessionEpidemic of ViolenceCentury Media Records
1790. 2016-05-23MystifierAn Elizabethan Devil-Worshiper's Prayer BookWiccaGreyhaze Records
1791. 2016-05-23PhobocosmKnives in the Senate HouseDeprivedDark Descent Records
1792. 2016-05-23ExcelNever Look AwaySplit ImageRotten Records
1793. 2016-05-16RamallahDays of RevengeKill a CelebrityThorp
1794. 2016-05-16PIG DESTROYERBetray (Minor Threat Cover)‘Blind, Deaf and Bleeding’ EPRelapse Records
1795. 2016-05-16EyehategodLack of Almost EverythingDopesickCentury Media
1796. 2016-05-16AcheronEnter Thy CovenLex Talionis
1797. 2016-05-16Vainaja03 UsvaVerenvalajaSvart Records
1798. 2016-05-16Sacrificium Carmen06 - Sacrificium Carmen - VerialkemiIkuisen Tulen KammiossaSaturnal Records
1799. 2016-05-16CraftFuck the UniverseFuck the Universe
1800. 2016-05-16SlayerJesus SavesReign In Bloodmetalblade
1801. 2016-05-16Energumen2. Invisible Spears of AbominationVoid Spiritualism 7" EPBlood Harvest
1802. 2016-05-16SkeletonwitchCleaver Of SoulsForever AbominationProsthetic Records
1803. 2016-05-16NOCTURNAL BLOOD12 Violent CrucifixionAbnormalities Prevail (CD, DLP)Hells Headbangers Records
1804. 2016-05-09AbnormalityIrreversibleMechanisms of OmniscienceMetal Blade Records
1805. 2016-05-09MOONSORROWRuttolehto incl. Pivttmn Pivn KansaJumalten AikaCentury Media Records
1806. 2016-05-09AstrakhanThe TravelerReward in PurposeWar on Music
1807. 2016-05-02ShockwaveThe Key To Vector Sigma (Pt. 1)The Ultimate DoomTriple Crown
1808. 2016-05-02BAT04 Primitive AgeWings of ChainsHells Headbangers Records
1809. 2016-05-02Parasitic ExtirpationBuried Dreams (Carcass Cover)Putrid Crownsevared
1810. 2016-05-02MardukWolvesThose of the Unlightregain
1811. 2016-05-02AgressorOverloadedSymposium of Rebirth
1812. 2016-04-25AbazagorathA City Visible but UnseenThe Satanic VersesEternal Death
1813. 2016-04-25Doomsday CeremonyVoice of the DarknessBlack HeartGreyhaze Records
1814. 2016-04-25SurvivalLiving in AmericaNo GriefMerdumgiriz Records
1815. 2016-04-25Beyond CreationEarthborn EvolutionEarthborn Evolutionseason_of_mist
1816. 2016-04-25AgathodaimonFavourite SinIn Darknessnuclearblast
1817. 2016-04-18Sacred ChildAlive In Steelself-titledtarget_music_group
1818. 2016-04-18Blood FeastVampireFace Fatenew_renaissance
1819. 2016-04-18HelixHeavy Metal LoveNo Rest For The Wickedemi
1820. 2016-04-18Agent SteelEvil Eye/Evil MindsSkeptics Apocalypsecombat
1821. 2016-04-18Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh SonSeventh Son of a Seventh Sonemi
1822. 2016-04-18DeathDefensive PersonalitiesSpiritual Healingcombat
1823. 2016-04-18Carnivore MindHoly Nuns Of Carnivore GonorrehaSplitfudgeworthy
1824. 2016-04-18Cryptic SlaughterPositivelyMoney Talksdeath
1825. 2016-04-18OnslaughtLord of EvilPower From Hellcombat
1826. 2016-04-18WargasmRevengeWhy Play Around?profile
1827. 2016-04-18Razorevil invadersEvil Invadersvyper
1828. 2016-04-11MantricCognitive CocaineThe DescentProsthetic Records
1829. 2016-04-11MeshuggahFuture Breed Machine [Live]The True Human DesignNuclear Blast
1830. 2016-04-11Dreaded SilenceThe Last Vestige Of HopeThe Last Vestige Of HopeSelf-Released
1831. 2016-04-11Tombstoned03 Time TravelsIISvart Records
1832. 2016-04-11Rings of SaturnInvasionEmbryonic Anomaly
1833. 2016-04-11Lord BelialPazuzu - Lord of Fevers and PlagueThe Black Curse
1834. 2016-04-11AmputatorNerve Gas MolestationSatanic Forcefucked Annihilationold_cemetery
1835. 2016-04-11Black TormentEjaculation Over the Face of Christ (Infernal Feast)Satanic HolocaustOld Cemetery Records
1836. 2016-04-11Thy PrimordialDe Viskande Trdens SkogUnder Iskall Troll ManeWorld War III (American Music Corp)
1837. 2016-04-04Ed GeinBreed (Nirvana Cover)Judas Goats and DieseleatersBlack Market Activities
1838. 2016-04-04HelloweenHeavy Metal (Is The Law)Walls Of Jericho
1839. 2016-04-04ABOMINATOR05 Invoker of the Four WindsEvil Proclaimed (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1840. 2016-04-04DARKESTRAH03- Darkestrah- Conversations of the SeerTuranOsmose Productions
1841. 2016-04-04Morbus 666Igniis Divine ImperiumIgnis Divine ImperiumMoribund Records
1842. 2016-04-04Amon AmarthThe Way of VikingsJomsvikingMetal Blade Records
1843. 2016-04-04Vital RemainsUncultivated GraveLet Us Prayosmose
1844. 2016-03-28ExodusA Lesson In ViolenceBonded By Blood
1845. 2016-03-28AcheronEvil DeadA Tribute To Hell -Satanic Rites- - Disc 2
1846. 2016-03-28AbortedCadaverous CollectionRetrogoreCentury Media Records
1847. 2016-03-28Dreaded SilenceThe Devil's VerseThe Last Vestige Of HopeSelf-Released
1848. 2016-03-28SATANIC WARMASTER02 Funeral WolvesFimbulwinter (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
1849. 2016-03-21MotrheadCat Scratch FeverMarch r Die
1850. 2016-03-21HYBERNOIDReality WaveThe Last Day Begins CD1Xtreem Music
1851. 2016-03-21PlatinumStill In Love With YouIceman
1852. 2016-03-14GorgutsEarthly LoveObscuraolympic
1853. 2016-03-14Ectovoid02 Visions of Reflective DecayDark Abstraction LPBlood Harvest Records
1854. 2016-03-14ReptilianCede to Celestial ProvidencePerennial Void TraverseEdged Circle Productions
1855. 2016-03-14RavensireSolitary VagrantThe Cycle Never EndsCruz Del Sur Music
1856. 2016-03-14MangledInvoluntary_Organ_DonorInvoluntary Organ DonorBoris Records
1857. 2016-03-14When Blood Falls DownVen[Ǝ]aHVenaHTranscending Records
1858. 2016-03-14ARCHGOATPenis PerversorLux Satane (Thirteen Hymns of Finnish Devil Worship)Hells Headbangers Records
1859. 2016-03-14NoisemSeveredAgony Defined
1860. 2016-03-14SAKATATSakatat - Filthchain (Sore Throat Cover)split 7''ep w/dispepsiaa!
1861. 2016-03-07DESTROYER 666White Line FeverWildfireSeason of Mist
1862. 2016-03-07Charred Walls of the DamnedForever Marching OnCold Winds on Timeless DaysMetal Blade
1863. 2016-03-07Winds Of GenocideThe Howling Wolves Of ArmageddonUsurping The Throne Of DiseasePulverised Records
1864. 2016-03-07Sacred OathA Crystal VisionA Crystal Vision
1865. 2016-03-07TaakeCold (The Cure cover)Kulde (EP)
1866. 2016-02-29IsacaarumThe Arsonist / Burning UniverseSplit
1867. 2016-02-29All Pigs Must DiePulverizationGod Is WarSouthern Lord
1868. 2016-02-29MARUTASlaying JehovaRemain DystopianRelapse Records
1869. 2016-02-29ConvergeTowing JehovahWhen Forever Comes CrashingEqual Vision Records
1870. 2016-02-29DefeatistNameless GravesTyranny Of Decay
1871. 2016-02-29HellSave Us From Those Who Would Save UsHuman RemainsNuclear Blast GmbH
1872. 2016-02-22ReaperEyes Of A LivingBeyond All Time
1873. 2016-02-22ButcherImpulsed to ViolenceEmbraced By Madness
1874. 2016-02-22PERPETUAL DOOMEnveloped in DarknessSORROWS END
1875. 2016-02-22XaphanVThe $0.00 EP
1876. 2016-02-22OBITUARYVisions In My HeadInked In BloodRelapse Records
1877. 2016-02-15GlacierVendettaGlacier
1878. 2016-02-15MetaluciferHeavy Metal SamuraiHeavy Metal Chainsaw
1879. 2016-02-15Eye of the DestroyerEverything To GeinMethods of MurderSelf-Released
1880. 2016-02-15K-X-PTo BelieveIII Part 2Svart Records
1881. 2016-02-15Anger as ArtPISSING ON YOUR GRAVEAd Mortem FestinamusOld School Metal Records
1882. 2016-02-15ExcommunionUntil OblivionSuperionWorld War III
1883. 2016-02-08Judas PriestEat Me AliveA Touch of EvilEpic
1884. 2016-02-08Casket RobberyMalevolent Milwaukee MassacreEvolution of EvilMortal Music
1885. 2016-02-08CARACH ANGRENKilled and Served by the DevilThis is No Fairy TaleSeason of Mist
1886. 2016-02-08ArsisWorship DepravedA Celebration of GuiltEarache
1887. 2016-02-08MechinaVanquisherAcheron
1888. 2016-02-01Gloomy GrimFebruary - Astral Planes I Have Travelled ThroughUnder the Spell of the Unlightanticulture
1889. 2016-02-01Nasty SavageFear Beyond The VisionNasty SavageMetal Blade
1890. 2016-02-01Crippler Cross FaceVae Victis? It's Tough to Be a LoserWhere Did We Put That Dead Horse We've Been Beatingurchin
1891. 2016-02-01Crossed OutNever ForgetDiscography - 1990-1993
1892. 2016-01-25ScypozoaThe Return of the HoveySigns from the erratic Past
1894. 2016-01-25TrojanOnly The Strong SurviveChasing The Storm
1895. 2016-01-25MorticianMartin the VampireDomain of DeathRelapse Records
1896. 2016-01-25Bodies in the Gears of the ApparatusLove Affair With a MannequinSimian Hybrid Prototypethespew
1897. 2016-01-25EvildeadGlobal Warming (live)From The Depths Of The Underworld
1898. 2016-01-25WitchTake You by Force [Live]Damnation
1899. 2016-01-25Chapel Of Disease...Of Repetitive ArtThe Mysterious Ways Of Repetit
1900. 2016-01-18TOMBSHeroes (David Bowie)
1901. 2016-01-18BorknagarCold Runs The RiverWinter ThriceCentury Media Records
1902. 2016-01-18Cannibal CorpseEvisceration PlagueEvisceration PlagueMetal Blade Records
1903. 2016-01-18Power From HellREVELATIONS OF FLESHDevil's WhorehouseHells Headbangers Records
1904. 2016-01-18CoronerVoyage to EternityPunishment for DecadenceNoise
1905. 2016-01-18GonkulatorSecond War in HeavenSecond War in HeavenFudge Worthy Records
1906. 2016-01-11TulusSpace Oddity [David Bowie]Core Collection
1907. 2016-01-11BehemothHello Spaceboy (David Bowie Cover)Thelema.6Olympic Recordings
1908. 2016-01-11PhantasmHeavier than HellThe Abominable
1909. 2016-01-11ExodusA Lesson in ViolenceBonded by Blood
1910. 2016-01-11ArmageddonFugitive DustCaptivity & Devourment
1911. 2016-01-11Abysmal DarkeningA King ForeverSub Terra
1912. 2016-01-04MotorheadLove Me Like A ReptileTear Ya Down - The Rarities
1913. 2016-01-04HawkwindThe Psychedelic Warlords (single version)Hall of the Mountain GrillEMI Premier
1914. 2016-01-04VHK (Galloping Coroners)02 Falling into LoveBite the Stars!Ektro Records
1915. 2016-01-04ARMOURED ANGELTergiversatorCommunionHells Headbangers Records
1916. 2016-01-04Terror (Cleveland)Carving TechniquesLegion of GoreHells Headbangers Records
1917. 2016-01-04MAMMOTH STORMVULTURES PREYFornjotNapalm Records
1918. 2016-01-04Dark AngelNever to Rise AgainLeave Scars
1919. 2016-01-04Pregierz02 Shallow GraveBlood Sanctions double-7" EPBlood Harvest Records
1920. 2016-01-04KalmahBurbot's RevengeSwampsong [Japan Bonus Track]King
1921. 2016-01-04SkycamefallingNovember's Neverending10.21 Full Length CDFerret Music
1922. 2015-12-27AbortedVestal Disfigurement Upon the SacTermination Redux EPCentury Media Records
1923. 2015-12-27Triumvir FoulBanished to Silence and SlaveryTriumvir Foul LPBlood Harvest Records
1924. 2015-12-27Enter My SilenceNevernityRemote Controlled ScytheWorld War III Music
1925. 2015-12-21CynicVeil of MayaFocusRoadrunner Records
1926. 2015-12-21Serpents Athrist02 Ritual VomitingHeralding Ceremonial Mass ObliterationInvictus Productions
1927. 2015-12-21Solstice (UK)Death's Crown Is VictoryDeath's Crown is VictoryInvictus Productions
1928. 2015-12-21SodomLet's Break The Law (Anti-Nowhere League cover)Various Artists - Punk For Metalheads
1929. 2015-12-21The Animal In MeBlack Widow (Iggy Azalae Cover)
1930. 2015-12-21Twitching TonguesLove Conquers NoneDisharmonyMetal Blade Records
1931. 2015-12-21CoronerI Want You (She's So Heavy)Mental VortexNoise
1932. 2015-12-21MIDNIGHTVomit QueensComplete and Total Hell (CD, LP, Tape)Hells Headbangers Records
1933. 2015-12-21EnlightenSvlphvr BreadPhsphorvs ParamovntSignal Rex
1934. 2015-12-21BorknagarVintervredets SjelesagnBorknagarMalicious Records
1935. 2015-12-21Parasitic ExtirpationMegalomanic Visions of Grandiose DesignPutrid Crownsevared
1936. 2015-12-21Dragged Into Sunlight/Gnaw Their TonguesVisceral RepulsionN​.​V.prosthetic
1937. 2015-12-14Control DeniedBelieveThe Fragile Art Of Existence Remaster
1938. 2015-12-14DismemberPagan SaviourMisanthropic EPNuclear Blast Records
1939. 2015-12-14ClitortureVomit ChristeningClitortureBrain-Cycle Productions
1940. 2015-12-14NachtmystiumDawn Over the Ruins of JerusalemSilencing MachineCentury Media Records
1941. 2015-12-14SlayerJesus SavesDecade Of Aggression Disc 1
1942. 2015-12-07GonkulatorViolating The Virgin MaryReborn Through Evilfudgeworthy
1943. 2015-12-07KaothicSon of EvilLights & ShadowsXtreem Music
1944. 2015-12-07Eclipse EternalHeavens Burning in Hells EmbraceReign of the Unholy Blackened Empiregaly
1945. 2015-12-07DisgorgeCompost DevourmentShe Lay Gutted
1946. 2015-11-30SammathDe glorie van het slagveldStrijd
1947. 2015-11-30PathologistCadavers in Medical JurisprudenceGrinding Opus of Forensic Medical ProblemsM.A.B. Records
1948. 2015-11-30ThorRecruits (Ride Hard, Live Free)Recruits - Wild In The Streets
1949. 2015-11-30Grave Ritual04 Invoker of Heathen GnosisMorbid ThroneDark Descent Records
1950. 2015-11-30DIAVOLOS03 Hail All EvilYou Lived, Now Die (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
1951. 2015-11-30EXCEEDmandatory suicide ( slayer cover)visions of malice
1952. 2015-11-23