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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1164 playlist up with 49707 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-06-15Impaled NazareneIron Fist With An Iron WillRaptureOsmose Productions
2. 2020-02-10Forest of ImpaledThe Gateway of the GodsDemonvoidRed Stream
3. 2019-09-30ImpaledWrought in HellDeath After LifeCentury Media Records
4. 2019-06-10ImpaledThe Worms Crawl InMondo MedicaleDeath Vomit Records
5. 2019-01-21Impaled Northern MoonforestMasturbating On The Unholy And Inverted Tracks Of The Grim And Frostbitten NecrobobsleddersImpaled Northern Moonforest
6. 2018-12-10ImpaledWe Belong DeadMondo MedicaleDeath Vomit Records
7. 2018-07-30Forest of ImpaledWings of ApocalypseDemonvoidRed Stream
8. 2018-07-30ImpaledFaeces of DeathThe Dead Shall Dead Remain
9. 2018-06-11ImpaledPsycho-SurgeryDementia Rex
10. 2018-04-09Impaled NazareneFallout Theory In PracticeRaptureOsmose Productions
11. 2017-10-09ImpaledDead AliveDeath After LifeCentury Media Records
12. 2017-07-31Impaled NazareneThe Horny And The HornedUgra-Karma
13. 2016-09-05Flesh ImpaledSuffocate the FalseOne Man - 3 Way SplitSevared Records - via Metalhit
14. 2016-06-06Impaled NazareneFalse JehovaUgra-Karma
15. 2015-06-08Impaled NazareneSteelvaginaSuomi Finland Perkele
16. 2015-01-26Impaled Northern MoonforestGrim And Frostbitten Gay BarImpaled Northern Moonforest
17. 2015-01-12ImpaledGorevertureDeath After Lifedeath_vomit
18. 2015-01-05Forest of ImpaledI Metamorphosis (Birth of the Seventh)Demonvoidred_stream
19. 2014-06-23Impaled NazareneArmageddon Death SquadAll That You Fearend
20. 2014-05-19ImpaledPreservation Of DeathDeath After Lifecenturymedia
21. 2013-12-30Forest of ImpaledBeyond the Black Mountain RealmDemonvoidred_stream
22. 2013-10-21Impaled NazareneHalo Of FliesAll That You Fearosmose
23. 2013-04-08ImpaledFaecal Ritesthe Dead Shall Dead Remaindeath_vomit
24. 2013-03-18ImpaledSpirits Of The Deadthe Dead Shall Dead Remaindeath_vomit
25. 2013-02-04Impaled NazarenePost Eclipse EraNihilosmose
26. 2012-09-10Impaledthe Patients are RevoltingDementia Rex
27. 2012-06-25ImpaledResurrectionistsDeath After Lifecenturymedia
28. 2012-04-09ImpaledThe Dead Shall Dead RemainDeath After Lifecenturymedia
29. 2012-04-09Forest of ImpaledThe ImpalerDemonvoidred_stream
30. 2012-02-27ImpaledChoke on itMondo Medicalecenturymedia
31. 2012-02-20Forest of ImpaledDemonvoidDemonvoidred_stream
32. 2011-10-24Forest of ImpaledBeyond the Black Mountain RealmDemonvoidred_stream
33. 2011-06-13Impaled Northern MoonforestGrim And Frostbitten Moongoats Of The NorthImpaled Northern Moonforest
34. 2011-05-02ImpaledWe Belong DeadMondo Medicaledeath_vomit
35. 2011-02-28ImpaledBack to the Gravethe Dead Shall Dead Remaincenturymedia
36. 2010-10-04ImpaledFaeces of Deaththe Dead Shall Dead Remaindeath_vomit
37. 2010-01-25ImpaledFaeces of Deaththe Dead Shall Dead Remaindeath_vomit
38. 2009-07-06ImpaledMedical WasteDeath After Lifecenturymedia
39. 2008-11-10Forest of ImpaledI Metamorphosis (Birth of the Seventh)Demonvoidred_stream
40. 2008-11-03Forest of Impaledthe Gateway of the GodsDemonvoidred_stream
41. 2008-09-15Forest of ImpaledBeyond the Black Mountain RealmDemonvoidred_stream
42. 2008-09-15ImpaledBack to the Gravethe Dead Shall Dead Remaindeath_vomit
43. 2008-07-21ImpaledBack to the Gravethe Dead Shall Dead Remaindeath_vomit
44. 2008-03-17ImpaledFlesh & Bloodthe Dead Shall Dead Remaincenturymedia
45. 2008-02-18Impaledthe Patients are Revolting
46. 2007-03-12impaledcritical condition
47. 2007-01-22impaledback to the grave
48. 2006-12-25impaledback to the grave
49. 2006-08-28impaledmondo medicale
50. 2006-07-24forest of impaledbeyond the black mountain realm
51. 2006-03-27impaleddead inside
52. 2006-03-20impaledwe belong dead
53. 2005-09-12forest of impaledfor ours is the kingdom (desecrate the heavens)
54. 2005-08-08Forest of ImpaledI Metamorphosis (Birth of the Seventh)
55. 2005-06-06impaledpreservation of death
56. 2005-05-30impaledcritical condition
57. 2005-05-09impaledwrought in hell
58. 2005-05-02impaledmondo medicale
59. 2005-04-11impaledwrought in hell
60. 2005-03-28impaledperservation of death
61. 2005-03-21impaledgutless
62. 2005-03-14impaleddead alive
63. 2005-02-28impaledpreservation of death
64. 2005-02-21impaledgutless
65. 2004-08-09Forest of Impaledbeyond the black mountain realm
66. 2004-06-14impaledworms crawl in
67. 2004-05-10forest of impaledfor ours is the kingdom (desecrate the heavens)
68. 2003-11-17impaledtrocar
69. 2003-03-11ImpaledChoke on it
70. 2003-03-04ImpaledHypocratic Oath
71. 2003-02-25ImpaledDead Inside
72. 2002-10-22Impaledall that rots
73. 2002-02-19Forest of ImpaledMortis Dei
74. 2002-02-11Forest of ImpaledBeyond the Black Mountain Realm
75. 2001-12-18ImpaledFaces of Death
76. 2001-09-04Forest of Impaledthe impaler
77. 2001-09-04Forest of Impaledthe impaler
78. 2001-07-17ImpaledTrocar
79. 2001-07-11ImpaledAll That Rots
80. 2001-07-03ImpaledBack to the Grave
81. 2001-06-26ImpaledFlesh & Blood
82. 2001-01-16Forest of Impaledthe Impaler
83. 1999-12-27Forest of Impaledthe Gateway of the Gods
84. 1999-12-20Forest of ImpaledWings of Apocalypse
85. 1999-12-13Forest of Impaledthe Gateway of the Gods
86. 1999-12-06Forest of ImpaledI Metamorphosis (Birth of the Seventh)
87. 1999-11-30Forest of ImpaledDemonvoid
88. 1999-11-22Forest of ImpaledMortic Dei
89. 1999-11-15Forest of ImpaledII Diabolisis (the 7th Dominion)
90. 1999-11-08Forest of ImpaledWings of Apocalypse
91. 1999-11-01Forest of Impaledthe Impaler
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