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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1148 playlist up with 48910 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-03-16Raider2 Raider - No Sign of The DawnGuardian of The Fire - Out March 20Self-Released
2. 2020-03-16Hohenstein02 SundalschlachtWeisser HirschPurity Through Fire
3. 2020-03-09LYCHGATE2. Progeny of the SingularityAlso sprach FuturaDebemur Morti Productions
4. 2020-03-09PERDITION TEMPLE02 Desolation UsurperSacraments of Descension (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
5. 2020-03-02Anthropophagous02 AnthropophagousSpoiled Marrow 7"Blood Harvest Records
6. 2020-03-02To Conceal the Horns02 Realm of AveriandurPuristPurity Through Fire
7. 2020-02-24MalokarpatanZe semena viselcuov čarovný korenKrupinské ohneInvictus Productions
8. 2020-02-24ITUS2. Question EverythingPrimordial (EP) - Out March 13, 2020Self-Released
9. 2020-02-17ABHOMINE02 - Abhomine- Buried With PigLarvae Offal SwineOsmose Productions
10. 2020-02-10ORIGIN02 - MauledAbiogenesis - A Coming Into ExistenceAgonia Records
11. 2020-02-03Malleus (U.S.)02 The WretchedNight RaidsArmageddon Label
12. 2020-02-03Blood Spore02 Cede To The SaprophyteFungal Warfare Upon All Life CD/12" MLP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
13. 2020-01-20Mavorim02 Aus Asche auferstandenAxis MundiPurity Through Fire
14. 2020-01-20Krvsade02 Keep In The ChurchJudgement Day (EP) - Out Jan 31Self-Released
15. 2020-01-13Proscrito02 Tronos de OprobioLlagas y EstigmasMemento Mori
16. 2020-01-06UNDEATH02 - Ineffable TumultDemo '19Caligari Records
17. 2020-01-06Sleeping in Traffic2. Audaciousness Of HimDouble EP Release – ‘That Which Destroys Us’ (2 of 2)Self-Released
18. 2019-12-16CIANIDE02 UnhumanizedUnhumanized (CD, 12" MLP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
19. 2019-12-16Cult of Erinyes02 CorruptionÆstivationAmor fati Productions
20. 2019-12-16AngelBlast02 Descending of the ImmortalsRotting ParadiseEdged Circle Productions
21. 2019-12-16Gaua02 SchlitzeFeeble Psychotic VortexNebular Carcoma Records
22. 2019-12-09Xantam02 PseudogodsAltered State CD/12" MLP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
23. 2019-12-09Possession (Belgium)/Spite (US)02 INRIPassio Christi Part I / (Beyond the) Witch's SpellInvictus Productions
24. 2019-12-09Negativa (Spain)02 IV01Nebular Carcoma
25. 2019-12-09COMANDO PRAETORIO02 Barbarie della pietàIgnee Sacertà CtonieATMF
26. 2019-12-09WinterfyllethCD2 01 Winterfylleth - The Three RavensOne and All, Together, for HomeSeason of Mist
27. 2019-12-02Siculicidium03. Bizonytalan ideák 1-2 - EllenUtolsó vágta az UniverzumbanSun & Moon Records
28. 2019-11-25Black Beast02 Black SeremonyNocturnal BloodlustPrimitive Reaction
29. 2019-11-25Ur DraugrUr Draugr - With Hunger Undying - 02 Seeds Sown...With Hunger Undyingatmf
30. 2019-11-18Forest Mysticism02 A2. The Spirit AwokenMirrors of Glaciated EarthNebular Carcoma Records
31. 2019-10-14Die Kunst der Finsternis02 GrotesqueRevenant in a Phantom World (Queen of Owls Addendum)Lamech Records
32. 2019-10-14Úlfarr02 Part IIHate & Terror - The Rise Of Pure EvilPurity Through Fire
33. 2019-10-14The Kryptik2 The Kryptik - DamnedWhen The Shadows RisePurity Through Fire
34. 2019-10-07Lvx Caelis02 Fading into GolgothaMaher Shalal Hash BazLamech Records
35. 2019-09-30Fless02 Orgy Of VampyresVolume ILunar Apparitions
36. 2019-09-23UNDEATH02 - Ineffable TumultDemo '19Caligari Records
37. 2019-09-23Aegrus02 Nightspirit TheosisIn Manus SatanasSaturnal Records
38. 2019-09-23Blood Incantation02 ChaoplasmStarspawnDark Descent Records
39. 2019-09-16Волчий Иl03 Забытая память прошлого (Forgotten Memory of the Past)Ремиссия духа (Spirit Remission)
40. 2019-09-09Sleeping In Traffic2. Fungal Symbiosis (feat. Elle T.)hat Which Saves UsSelf-Released
41. 2019-09-02Dikasterion02 Rome 897Stavelot 1597 / Rome 897Amor Fati Productions
42. 2019-09-02ADVENT SORROW02 Wolfhook and WeaponKali Yuga Crown (CD, LP)Werewolf Records
43. 2019-09-02Phobophilic02 Subterranean MiscreationUndimensioned Identities TAPEBlood Harvest Records
44. 2019-09-02Nex Carnis02 The Fathomless Caverns Of OblivioBlack Eternity 7" EPBlood Harvest Records
45. 2019-09-02BhlegBhleg - 02 - Från eld till askaÄrilNordvis Produktion
46. 2019-08-26Cemetery Fog2 Withered Dreams of DeathTowards the Gates 12" MLPIron Bonehead Productions
47. 2019-08-26Agressor02 The Unknown SpellNeverending Destiny
48. 2019-08-26Shambles02 Dismal PantheonsPrimitive Death Trance CD/12" MLPBlood Harvest Records
49. 2019-08-19CONCRETE WINDS02 Sulphuric UpheavalPrimitive ForceSepulchral Voice Records
50. 2019-08-12Cemetery Lights02 HadesThe Underworld LP/CD/TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
51. 2019-08-12Astralium2 - THE JOURNEYLand Of Eternal Dreams’ - Out Aug 23, 2019Rockshots Records
52. 2019-08-05Inter Arma02 A Waxen SeaSulphur EnglishRelapse Records
53. 2019-08-05Darkened02 The OfferingInto the BlacknessEdged Circle Productions
54. 2019-08-05SYNTELEIA02 Dark Summoner of Yog-SothothEnding of the Unknown Path (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
55. 2019-08-05Evil (Japan)02 降魔印 Welcome to SatanSplit 7" EP/TAPE-Evil (Japan)/Siege ColumnNuclear War Now! Productions
56. 2019-08-05Cult Of Fire४. काली मां (4) Kali Maमृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यIron Bonehead Productions
57. 2019-07-22Triumvir FoulThe Vomit of the Three Serpents (Ušumgallu, Bašmu, Mušmaḫḫū)Triumvir Foul LPBlood Harvest Records
58. 2019-07-15Ascended Dead2. Emanation From BelowArcane Malevolence 7" EPBlood Harvest
59. 2019-07-08BEASTMAKER02 ShadowsEye of the Storm (CD, 12" MLP, TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
60. 2019-07-08NunslaughterA2 RAID THE CONVENTAntichrist 7"Helldprod Records
61. 2019-07-08Sigil (Canada)02 CompoundsDemonstration MMXIXFuneral Trance Records
62. 2019-07-08Spopielony03 легенда оLegendyFuneral Trance Records
63. 2019-06-24Henosis (Chile)02 The Red KeyApotheosis Pulsio CLVI double-7" EPBlood Harvest Records
64. 2019-06-10Imperator (Poland)Imperator - The Time Before Time - 02 AbhorrenceThe Time Before Time LP/CD/TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
65. 2019-06-03Undoer02 A New AnthemSurvival is a MythSun & Moon Records
66. 2019-05-20Devil Master02 Nightmares in the Human CollapseSatan Spits on Children of LightRelapse Records
67. 2019-05-20HEXENEBRETT2. Toter SchreiErste BeschwörungCaligari Records
68. 2019-05-13BARBARIAN (Italy)02 BIRTH AND DEATH OF RISH'AHTo No God Shall I Kneel (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
69. 2019-05-06Black Mold02 Encrusted ParasiteTales of DegradationHelldprod Records
70. 2019-05-06Ziggurat (Israel)02 Summoning the Giant SerpentRitual Miasma CDBlood Harvest Records
71. 2019-04-29Pestilent Death02 Torturous IncantationsChapters of Depravity CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
72. 2019-04-22Rude02 In Thy NameSoul RecallFDA Rekotz
73. 2019-04-08TOTENGOTT02 Ceremony II, The Way of SinThe AbyssXtreem Music
74. 2019-04-08Ossuaire02 - La Procession des FlagellantsPremiers ChantsSepulchral Productions
75. 2019-04-08DEVOID OF THOUGHT2. Tomb Marauders HordeCosmic ApoptosisCaligari Records
76. 2019-04-01Blurring02 Terminus and the WingBlurringHandshake Inc
77. 2019-03-18Malokarpatan02 Cesta podzemnými sálami KovovladaCesta podzemnými sálami KovovladaSun & Moon Records
78. 2019-03-18Sacrilegia02 Beyond the Fouler's SnareThe Triclavian AdventInvictus Productions
79. 2019-03-11Triumvir Foul02 Urine of Abomination IIUrine of AbominationInvictus Productions
80. 2019-03-11Goblet02 DinobotSpring Thaw EP
81. 2019-03-11Blood Incantation02 ChaoplasmStarspawnDark Descent Records
82. 2019-03-04IntegrityBeneath Black Flames VVe Ride (2015)Integrity/Power Trip
83. 2019-02-25KataklysmMaelstrom 2010The Temple of Knowledge
84. 2019-02-25Totalitarian02 On The Wings Of The Great TerrorBloodlandsBarren Void Records
85. 2019-02-25Demoncy02 Risen From The Ancient RuinsEmpire of the Fallen Angel (Eternal Black Dominion) CD/LPForever Plagued Records
86. 2019-02-18Poison the Well12-23-93The Opposite of DecemberRoadrunner Records
87. 2019-02-11ONIROPHAGUS02 Book of the Half MenEndarkenmentXtreem Music
88. 2019-02-11Downfall Of Gaia02 The Grotesque Illusion of BeingEthic Of Radical FinitudeMetal Blade Records
89. 2019-02-11NecrófagoScreams Of Pain - track 2/3Desire For Blood ( 1987 )
90. 2019-02-04YERuSELEM02_AUTOIMMUNITYThe SublimeDebemur Morti Productions
91. 2019-01-28Death Worship02 The Poisoned ChaliceEnd Times 12" MLPNuclear War Now! Productions
92. 2019-01-28Necrogosto02 Ritual and DecayNecrogosto TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
93. 2019-01-28Oculum Dei2. Involuntary PandemicDreams of Desire and Torment - Out Feb 22, 2019Self-Released
94. 2019-01-21HATE ETERNALWhat Lies Beyond 2496 HDUpon Desolate SandsSeason of Mist
95. 2019-01-14nuclear death2 Cremationwelcome to the minds of the morbidzips
96. 2019-01-14CARACH ANGREN02 CharlieDance and Laugh Amongst the RottenSeason of Mist
97. 2019-01-14NOCTURNAL GRAVES02 Roar of The WildTitanSeason of Mist
98. 2019-01-14ENTHEOGEN02 Sol GenesisWithout Veil, Nor SelfI, Voidhanger Records
99. 2019-01-07ARCHSPIRE02 02 - Human MurmurationRelentless MutationSeason of Mist
100. 2019-01-07Toxik Attack2.Ceita do Punhal Master1Assassínos em SérieHelldprod Records
101. 2019-01-07Iron Maiden2 Minutes To MidnightVirus
102. 2018-12-31MacabreApartment #213DahmerHammerheart Records
103. 2018-12-24BehemothFrom The Pagan Vastlands 2000Thelema.6Olympic Recordings
104. 2018-12-24Blood Incantation02 ChaoplasmStarspawnDark Descent Records
105. 2018-12-17SATANIC WARMASTER02 Funeral WolvesFimbulwinter (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
106. 2018-12-03RAUHNÅCHT02. Unterm GipfelthronUnterm GipfelthronDebemur Morti Productions
107. 2018-10-22HöstblodTomheten del 2Mörkrets IntågWolfspell Records
108. 2018-10-22Agressor02 The Unknown SpellNeverending Destiny
109. 2018-10-15INVOCATION SPELLS02 LUST TO DEATHDescendent The Black Throne (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
110. 2018-10-08Daagh02DaaghWolfspell Records
111. 2018-09-24PanopticonSubject (CD2)Revisions Of The PastBindrune Recordings
112. 2018-09-24Black Moldblackmold atavism 02 Worship NothingAtavismHelldprod Records
113. 2018-09-17Ossuary Insane02 UnfaithfulDecimation of the Flesh LPBlood Harvest Records
114. 2018-09-17LUCIFERICONSuccubus Of The 12th AetherAl-Khem-MeInvictus Productions
115. 2018-08-27Ossuary Insane02 Killing Mortals_Laid To Waste (20Possession of the Flesh LPBlood Harvest Records
117. 2018-08-13Strong Intention02 Messiah WhoreRazorblade Express (featuring Mike IX Williams of EYEHATEGOD)PATAC Records
118. 2018-08-13Blood Incantation03 Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2)StarspawnDark Descent Records
119. 2018-08-06Rumpelstiltskin GrinderDethroning the Tyrant, Pt. 2Living for Death, Destroying the RestRelapse Records
120. 2018-08-06CAST THE STONE2-The Burning HorizonEmpyrean AtrophyAgonia Records
121. 2018-07-16CreaturesCREATURES - II - 02 - What Would Rick Sanchez DoIIOld Haunt Records
122. 2018-07-16Satan's HostMetal from Hell - 2011 version. Original appear...CELEBRATIONMoribund Records
123. 2018-07-09AbigailA2.Nuclear HammerFar East Black Metal OnslaughtHelldprod Records
124. 2018-07-09MONGREL'S CROSS02 Neurian TransformationPsalter of the Royal Dragon Court (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
125. 2018-07-02Rites of Thy Degringolade02 The Blade PhilosophicalThe Blade Philosophical LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
126. 2018-06-25Firtan02 Tag verweilOkeanosAOP Records
127. 2018-05-28BRANIKALD02 - Борьба это жизньТриумф Воли
128. 2018-05-21Goat Disciple02 Black Skull HypnogogueWolfcult Domination CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
129. 2018-05-14AvariceFart Blossom 2017 EP MasterMartyr EarthTranscending Records
130. 2018-05-07Flame Acausal02 Shunned WolvesContra Mundum in Aeternum CDBlood Harvest Records
131. 2018-04-30ACHERONTAS2.Sorcery and the ApeironFaustian EthosAgonia Records
132. 2018-04-30SACROCURSE02 Jaws of HellGnostic Holocaust (CD)Hells Headbangers Records
133. 2018-04-23Kyoty2. CarcerGeomancy ISelf-Released
134. 2018-04-02HorrendousHorrendous - 02 - Weeping RelicEcdysisDark Descent Records
135. 2018-04-02Shrine of the Serpent02 Hailing the EnshrinedEntropic DisillusionMemento Mori
136. 2018-03-26VOMITOR02 ROAR OF WARPestilent Death (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
137. 2018-03-26Transcendence (Los Angeles)02 The Nocturnal DwellingHour of the Summoning TAPEBlood Harvest Records
138. 2018-03-19Satan's HostWitches Return - 2011 version. Original appeare...CELEBRATIONMoribund Records
139. 2018-03-12Hateplow$20.00 Blow JobEverybody Dies
140. 2018-02-26Voltifobia02 Be Buried AliveSplit w/ Misopsychia
141. 2018-02-26Mortiferum02 Blood ChasmAltar of Decay CDBlood Harvest Records
142. 2018-02-12Logic of Denial02 Devouring Seeds of the ApocalypseAftermathComatose Music
143. 2018-02-05VOIDHANGER02. Death WishDark Days Of The SoulAgonia Records
144. 2018-02-05HAR02 From the Blood of a Whirling DaggVisitation CD/12" MLPBlood Harvest Records
145. 2018-01-29The Sun Through a Telescope02 - Cro-Magnon NightmareSummer DarkyardHandshake Inc
146. 2018-01-29Slagduster06 Slagduster -.On All Fours - Deadweight - 2017DeadweightWaterlow Audio Records
147. 2018-01-22Obscene (U.S.)02 Shadow BurialSermon to the Snake TAPEBlood Harvest Records
148. 2018-01-22Ossuarium02 Deleterious MutationCalcified Trophies of Violence TAPEBlood Harvest Records
149. 2018-01-22ABBATH02 WinterbaneABBATHSeason Of Mist
150. 2018-01-15GADGETThe 02666 HeritageThe Great Destroyer (NA Promo)Relapse Records
151. 2018-01-15Since the Flood24kValor and Vengeanceironclad
152. 2018-01-08Spite (US)02 The Shield of AbrahamAntimoshiachInvictus Productions
153. 2018-01-01Iron Maiden All-stars2 Minutes to MidnightNumbers from the BeastCleopatra
154. 2017-12-11HAUNT (U.S.)02 As Fire BurnsLuminous Eyes (MCD, MLP, TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
155. 2017-12-04Anguis Dei2. Angela Krudeliis Ambitiosa NokturniisAd Portas SerpentiumSvart Records
156. 2017-12-04MIDNIGHT02 Penetratal EcstasySweet Death and Ecstasy (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
157. 2017-11-27Zemial2.Cries Behind the Golden WallsDusk
158. 2017-11-27Dreadful Fate02 Unholy LustThe Sin of SodomEdged Circle Productions
159. 2017-11-27CENTRIPETAL FORCE02 Eidetic MemoryEideticXtreem Music
160. 2017-11-27HYPERION02 Dangerous DaysDangerous DaysFighter Records
161. 2017-11-20Apologoethia02 Pillar II (De humanae natura)PillarsInvictus Productions
162. 2017-11-20Nordheim02 - Boobs And BaconRapThorSelf-Released
163. 2017-11-13THAW02. The ThiefGrainsAgonia Records
164. 2017-11-13CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY05 POSTNUCLEAR QUARANTINE 2011 A.D.Apocalyptic Compendium - 10 Years in Chaos, Noise and Warfare (CD, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
165. 2017-10-30AOSOTH02 Her Feet Upon The Earth, Blooming The Fruits...VAgonia Records
166. 2017-09-25ClitortureOct. 21, 1973Disassembling the Human Form
167. 2017-09-25PUTRID OFFALPutrid Offal-2014-Suffering-03-Suffering (1991 ...SufferingKaotoxin
168. 2017-09-18NECROFULGURATE02 Tape 1 - II Flesh ImpalementPutrid VeilCaverna Abismal Records
169. 2017-09-11Oraculum (Chile)02 Lex TalionisAlways HigherInvictus Productions
170. 2017-08-14PURTENANCE02 Vicious Seeds of MortalityParadox of ExistenceXtreem Music
171. 2017-08-07Pagan Altar02 The Portrait of Dorian GrayThe Room of ShadowsTemple of Mystery
172. 2017-07-31ÆRAAera - 02 - Litany of Iron IOf Forsworn VowsDe Tenebrarum Principio
173. 2017-07-10Blurring02 Terminus and the WingBlurringHandshake Inc
174. 2017-07-03Vehementer (Serbia)02 Age Of D.E.M.O.N.O.M.A.N.T.Replenishment Circle (The Black Spectumfest) 7" EP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
175. 2017-07-03BESTIALIZED02. Declaration of EvilBestial Flags Of EvilutionBESTIALIZED
176. 2017-06-12PESTIGORE2. Sea of SoulsTwisted Perversions... Unbearable Delight. DEMO 1992
177. 2017-05-29Slagduster03 Slagduster - Profane Puppet - Deadweight - 2017DeadweightWaterlow Audio Records
178. 2017-05-15Desekryptor02 Blood Tipped ScytheChasm of Rot TAPEBlood Harvest Records
179. 2017-05-08Sacrificial Slaughter02 Bodies In The BasementGeneration of TerrorHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
180. 2017-05-01MagrudergrindThe 2nd WaveMagrudergrind/Sanitys Dawn Split
181. 2017-04-10Amon AmarthRisen From the Sea (2000)The CrusherMetal Blade
182. 2017-04-03Nargaroth02 Whither Goest ThouEra of ThrenodyInter Arma Productions
183. 2017-03-20Cult Of Fire1. संहार रक्त कालीमृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यIron Bonehead Productions
184. 2017-03-20DODECAHEDRON02 TETRAHEDRON - The Culling Of The Unwanted From The EarthKwintessensSeason of Mist
185. 2017-03-20Blood Incantation03 Hidden Species (Vitrification of Blood Part 2)StarspawnDark Descent Records
186. 2017-03-20Demoncy12 Warmarch Of The Black HordesEmpire of the Fallen Angel (Eternal Black Dominion) CD/LPForever Plagued Records
187. 2017-03-13Magus2. debaucherymagus - ruminations of debaucheryM
188. 2017-03-06Cult Of Fire3. शव साधनामृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यIron Bonehead Productions
189. 2017-03-06MURO02 El Cuarto JineteEl Cuarto JineteFighter Records
190. 2017-02-27BLOOD FEAST02 Off With Their HeadsThe Future State of Wicked (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
191. 2017-02-20Deceased2 Minutes to Midnight (Iron Maiden)Cadaver Traditions - CD2Hells Headbangers Records
192. 2017-02-20Ymir's Blood2. 1589Ymir's BloodArchaic Sound
193. 2017-02-06Iron Maiden2 Minutes to MidnightRock in Rio, Disc 1Toshiba EMI
194. 2017-02-06Demoncy02 Abysmal Shores of the Dark LandsWithin the Sylvan Realms of Frost LPNuclear War Now! Productions
195. 2017-01-23Aima02 Pagan NecromancyBlood Chalices From the Impure - split 7" EPBlood Harvest Records
196. 2017-01-23Allochiria02 Little Defeats,Tiny VictoriesThroesArt of Propaganda
197. 2017-01-23Emptiness02 It Might BeNot for MusicSeason of Mist
198. 2017-01-16Anomalie02 Vision II_ The WandererVisionsArt of Propaganda
199. 2017-01-16DIGIR GIDIMDigir Gidim - 2. Conversing with The EtherealI Thought There Was the Sun Awaiting My AwakeningATMF
200. 2017-01-16TellusianEight Years Of Rest 24bit 88.2kHzScania
201. 2017-01-09Killing Addiction02_Cult_Of_DecayShores of OblivionXtreem Music
202. 2017-01-09Death Worship02 Evocation ChamberExtermination Mass MLP/MCDNuclear War Now! Productions
203. 2017-01-02gore beyond necropsyg.b.n. 12 hot rockin' grind madARSEDESTROYER & GORE BEYOND NECROPSY & NIKUDOREI 3 way split
204. 2017-01-02WinterfyllethCD2 01 Winterfylleth - The Three RavensOne and All, Together, for HomeSeason of Mist
205. 2016-12-12KrepitusKrepitus - Eyes of the Soulless - 02 - Apex Pre...The Eyes of The SoullessSelf-Released
206. 2016-12-05Alcest02-EclosionKodamaProphecy Productions
207. 2016-11-28Shark Infested Daughters2 Glass KingdomThese Tides, Our TombsSelf-Released
208. 2016-11-14Do Skonu02 Wormwood StarHellForever Plagued Records
209. 2016-10-31LASCARLascar Absence - 02 WildernessAbsenceA Sad Sadness
210. 2016-10-31SabatonHill 3234The Last StandNuclear Blast Records
211. 2016-10-10Iron Maiden02 Speed Of LightThe Book of SoulsBMG
212. 2016-09-19Cold Northern Vengeance02 Seeker of SecretsMaelstromMoribund Records
213. 2016-09-12Morbo/Bunker 6602 Cross TormentorInto the Morbid Bunker - split 7" EPDoomentia Records
214. 2016-08-29DehumanizedBlack Market 2099Beyond the MindComatose Music
215. 2016-08-01Abigail (Japan)02 Blasphemy NightThe Final Damnation LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
216. 2016-08-01Ossuary Insane07 I Absolutely Forbid (2001)Possession of the Flesh LPBlood Harvest Records
217. 2016-07-18NUNSLAUGHTER02 PhantomThe Supreme Beast (Picture 7")Hells Headbangers Records
218. 2016-07-18Coscradh‏02 LynchCoscradhInvictus Productions
219. 2016-07-18Nox02 Atravesando El UmbralAncestral Arte Negro 7" EPForever Plagued Records
220. 2016-07-11Ossuary Insane03 The Original Master (2003)Possession of the Flesh LPBlood Harvest Records
221. 2016-07-11EngorgedDeath Metal Attack 2000Fuck... I'm Dead Vs. EngorgedNo Escape Records
222. 2016-07-04PanopticonClient (CD2)Revisions Of The PastBindrune Recordings
223. 2016-06-13ARPHAXAT02 ImpureEx Inferis (12" MLP)Hells Headbangers Records
224. 2016-06-13Broken Teeth HCStomp 2 DustAt Peace Amongst ChaosNuclear Blast Records
225. 2016-06-06Problem With DragonsAgenda 21RPM Fest 2016 Compilation
226. 2016-06-06MAYHEMMayhem - 02 PsyWarEsoteric WarfareSeason of Mist
227. 2016-05-16Energumen2. Invisible Spears of AbominationVoid Spiritualism 7" EPBlood Harvest
228. 2016-05-16NOCTURNAL BLOOD12 Violent CrucifixionAbnormalities Prevail (CD, DLP)Hells Headbangers Records
229. 2016-05-09Sublime Cadaveric DecompositionXX.09.02IIOsmose Productions
230. 2016-04-25Head of the Demon02 Armilus Rides... Again!Sathanas TrismegistosAjna Offensive
231. 2016-04-25Bog of the Infidel02 DeumAsleep in the Arms of SuicideEternal Death Records
232. 2016-04-25Cadaveric Fumes02 Extatic ExtirpationDimensions Obscure 12" MLPBlood Harvest Records
233. 2016-04-04GALLOWER02 King of the ashesThe Witch Hunt Is On TAPEShadow Kingdom Records
234. 2016-04-04ICE WAR02 Warriors of the SeaDream Spirit TAPEShadow Kingdom Records
235. 2016-04-04Pyrrhon2. Forget YourselfGrowth Without EndHandshake Inc
236. 2016-04-04GOAT SEMEN02 HolocaustoEgo Svm Satana (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
237. 2016-03-28SATANIC WARMASTER02 Funeral WolvesFimbulwinter (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
238. 2016-03-14Ectovoid02 Visions of Reflective DecayDark Abstraction LPBlood Harvest Records
239. 2016-02-22HaxenHaxen - 02 - SleepwalkingHaxenEternal Death Records
240. 2016-01-04VHK (Galloping Coroners)02 Falling into LoveBite the Stars!Ektro Records
241. 2016-01-04Pregierz02 Shallow GraveBlood Sanctions double-7" EPBlood Harvest Records
242. 2015-12-27Troll02 - Alt for SatanNeo-Satanic Supremacy [Norwegian Black Metal]Napalm Records
243. 2015-12-27Malevolent Creation12th ProphecyDead Man's PathCentury Media Records
244. 2015-12-21ObeisanceDecember 21, 2012666 War!!!old_cemetery
245. 2015-12-21SPEKTR2 -Through the darkness of future pastThe Art to DisappearAgonia Records
246. 2015-12-21Serpents Athrist02 Ritual VomitingHeralding Ceremonial Mass ObliterationInvictus Productions
247. 2015-12-21Gomorrah02 - GOMORRAH - NINE KINGS OF SULPHURThe HaruspexTest Your Metal Records
248. 2015-12-07Into EternityThe Incurable Tragedy III (December 15, 2007)The Incurable Tragedycenturymedia
249. 2015-11-30GRAVEWURM02 Fangs of the SerpentDoomed to Eternity (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
250. 2015-09-14God DethronedAutumn Equinox - Winter Campaign 2002Ravenousmetalblade
251. 2015-08-24WitheringThe 29th Of AugustFestum MelancholiaMetalhit
252. 2015-08-17Cult Of Fire6. मृत्यु का वीभत्स नृत्य (Macabre dance of death)मृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यiron_bonehead
253. 2015-08-03Lamb of God512VII: Sturm Und Drangnuclearblast
254. 2015-07-13Tengger Cavalry2 War HorseVarious Artists - Mongolian MetalMongol Metal
255. 2015-05-18NunslaughterChurch Of Disgust (Rehersal Demo June 23rd 1993)Demo Slaughter CD2hells_headbangers
256. 2015-04-13Blinded By FaithConsortium Y2KWeapons of Mass Distractiongaly
257. 2015-04-06Other Eyes Wise2Chaptersworldholedeath
258. 2015-03-30Cult Of Fire5. मृत्यु ही सत्य हैमृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यiron_bonehead
259. 2015-03-16Soilent Green12 Oz ProphetConfrontationrelapse
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261. 2015-02-09Daily Life SucksDemo 2007The Last Six Minutes Of Your Life
262. 2015-01-05God Dethroned2014The Toxic Touchmetalblade
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264. 2015-01-05Iron Maiden2 Minutes To Midnightthe Escential Iron Maidensanctuary
265. 2014-12-29Miasmal2013Cursed Redeemercenturymedia
266. 2014-12-22Twisted SisterHeavy Metal Christmas (12 Days Of Christmas)A Twisted Christmas
267. 2014-11-17Cult Of Fire2मृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्यiron_bonehead
268. 2014-10-13Couch SlutReplacement Addiction 2My Life As A Womanhandshake_inc
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271. 2014-08-25WitheringThe 29th Of AugustFestum MelancholiaMetalhit
272. 2014-08-11Iron Maiden2 Minutes To Midnightthe Escential Iron Maidenuniveral
273. 2014-07-21PanopticonThe Long Road Part 2: Capricious MilesRoads To The NorthBindrune Recordings
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280. 2014-01-13CarcassNoncompliance to ASTM F 899-12 StandardSurgical Steelnuclearblast
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283. 2013-12-02Merciless DeathRitual Of The Black Host 2Sick Sanctitieshigh_roller
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285. 2013-07-15The MelvinsNumber 2 Pencil26 Songs
286. 2013-06-10FornTrack 2demoself-released
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288. 2013-03-11Iron Maiden2 Minutes To Midnightthe Escential Iron Maideniron_Maiden_holdings
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290. 2012-11-26ObeisanceDecember 21, 2012666 War!!!old_cemetery
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292. 2012-07-09Kyoty12Undiscovered Country Of Old Death And Strange Years In The Frightful Pasttokyo_jupiter
293. 2012-06-04Morbid AngelBil Ur-Sag #2 LiveVarious Artists - Earache: World's Shortest Recordsearache
294. 2012-06-04Soilent Green12 Oz ProphetConfrontationrelapse
295. 2012-03-19PanteraSuicide Note part 2The Great Southern Trendkill
296. 2012-01-02Since the Flood24KValor And Vengeanceironclad
297. 2011-12-26The SummonedDreaming In 2DIf Only Minds Could Paint Picturesself-released
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300. 2011-10-10The SummonedDreaming In 2DIf Only Minds Could Paint Picturesself-released
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302. 2011-09-26Forgotten TombUnder Saturn Retrograde Part 2Under Saturn Retrogradeagonia
303. 2011-02-07The Royal Arch BlasphemeIsaih 14:12The Royal Arch Blasphemehells_headbangers
304. 2011-01-03Dodheimsgard21st Century DevilSupervillain Outcastmoonfog
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306. 2010-11-08Therion2012Sitra Ahranuclearblast
307. 2010-09-13Orphaned LandThe Path Park 1: 8211: Treading Through DarknessThe Never Ending Way Of Orwarriorcenturymedia
308. 2010-09-06Non Compos Mentis52Various Artists - Wonderdrug: UpThe Dosagewonderdrug
309. 2010-07-12Iron Maiden2 Minutes To MidnightPowerslave
310. 2010-05-24Humanity Falls#2Demoself-released
311. 2010-02-15CoalesceJesus... 20000:12 Revolution In Just Listeningrelapse
312. 2009-12-14EngorgedDeath Metal Attack 2000Fuck... I'm Dead vs Engorged - split CDno_escape
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314. 2009-08-31Landmine Marathon25th HourWoundedlevel_plane
315. 2009-08-03Landmine Marathon25th HourWoundedlevel_plane
316. 2009-06-22mortis deveia#2
317. 2009-05-11Pitfall#2demoself-released
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319. 2009-03-09Grim Reaper#2Fear No Evilrca
320. 2009-02-02Since the Flood24KDemo 2002self-released
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322. 2009-01-12Hate Plow$20.00 Blow JobsEverybody Diespavement
323. 2008-11-03Since the Flood24KDemo 2002self-released
324. 2008-10-20Putrescine#22008 epself-released
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326. 2008-08-25Damaged#2Token Remedy Researchrotten
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328. 2008-06-23Perun's Shore#2Delugeself-released
329. 2008-06-09Phantom Witch#2heavy_artillery
330. 2008-05-26Dead ChildDeath Tribe 12"Death Tribe 12"quarterstick
331. 2008-05-12Heisai Yasokawa's EMPTY ORCHESTRA#2demoself-released
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333. 2008-04-07Wreckoning20ft of Old Fashion Concreteself-titledself-released
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357. 2007-01-01dissection#2 (past is a live)
358. 2006-12-25impiety#12 - FWR comp
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364. 2006-11-06the jon beneteat lightning pt 2
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379. 2006-08-28baphomet's horns#2
380. 2006-07-31It Will End in Pure Horror#2
381. 2006-06-26Clitortureoct 21 1973
382. 2006-06-12shroud of bereavement#2
383. 2006-06-05Give Up the Ghost#2
384. 2006-06-05au pair#2
385. 2006-06-05nokturnal mortum#2
386. 2006-05-29Emmure22 exits awayThe Complete Guide to Needleworkthis_city_is_burning
387. 2006-05-22the midget who stole gods map of the universe#2
388. 2006-05-15a terrible night for a curse#2
389. 2006-05-15the midget who stole gods map of the universe#2
390. 2006-05-08frightmarefriday the 13th part 2
391. 2006-05-01Proteus#2 demo
392. 2006-05-01Emmure22 exits awayThe Complete Guide to Needleworkthis_city_is_burning
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394. 2006-04-03frightmarefriday the 13th part 2
395. 2006-03-13frightmarefriday the 13th part 2
396. 2006-02-27Throwing Shrapnel#2
397. 2006-02-27playing enemyside 2
398. 2006-02-06abbate incarnate#2
399. 2006-01-23Proteus#2
400. 2006-01-09hostage heart#2 (live)
401. 2006-01-09iRANACH#5 (feb 2002)
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403. 2005-12-05what weapons bring wardemo #2
404. 2005-11-28Circle of Dead Childrenwhimper/andriod:120 ampere opiate
405. 2005-11-28the failsafe devicediagram 2.0
406. 2005-11-21red roses for a blue ladySR241
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408. 2005-10-10decapitated#2
409. 2005-09-19disinterment#2
410. 2005-09-19fleshgore#2
411. 2005-09-12deadwater drowninglive #2
412. 2005-09-12shading the end#2 live on RTTP
413. 2005-09-12pray for a plague#2 live on RTTP
414. 2005-09-12the Hostage Heart#2 live on RTTP
415. 2005-09-12the red chord#2 live on RTTP
416. 2005-09-12Demiricous#2 live on RTTPlive in the studiowunh
417. 2005-08-15coalescejesus... 2000
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420. 2005-08-01Porphyria#2 from the EP
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423. 2005-05-02flesh and blood#2
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426. 2005-04-18divorce32
427. 2005-04-04locust#2
428. 2005-03-21bloodaxe#2
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430. 2005-02-14Senseless Multilationi went #2 in her mouth
431. 2005-02-07screams of erida@2
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441. 2004-10-115 minutes hatec2766
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443. 2004-09-27invocation of nehekmy gift to liars pt 1 & 2
444. 2004-09-20the_network#1 - 2002
445. 2004-09-13zao#2
446. 2004-09-06eyes like autumn#2
447. 2004-08-30children of bodomneedled 24/7
448. 2004-08-30noosebomb12 items of less
449. 2004-08-16haste the dayblue 42
450. 2004-08-025 minutes hate#2
451. 2004-07-26carnivorous#2
452. 2004-07-12carnivorous#2
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455. 2004-06-285 minutes hate#2
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457. 2004-05-03spitfirethe 2.48 lie
458. 2004-04-26abyss#2
459. 2004-04-19poison the well12/23/93
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461. 2004-03-29sex positions#2
462. 2004-03-22uncunted#2
463. 2004-03-15tears of avarellive #2
464. 2004-02-23since the flood24K
465. 2004-02-02the_network#2
466. 2004-01-19deceit#2
467. 2004-01-19model eighteen#2
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469. 2004-01-12what weapons bring war#2
470. 2004-01-05deceit#2
471. 2003-12-15since the flood24K
472. 2003-12-15umbrella#2
473. 2003-12-01Invocation of Nehekmy gift to liars pt 1&2
474. 2003-11-17Circle of Dead Children#2
475. 2003-11-17deathwitch#2
476. 2003-11-10uncunted#2
477. 2003-11-10invocation of nehekmy gift to lairs pt 1&2
478. 2003-10-27what weapons bring war#2
479. 2003-10-27kalibas#2
480. 2003-10-20Invocation of Nehekmy gift to the lairs part 1&2
481. 2003-10-13auburn system#2 live
482. 2003-10-05sublime cadaveric decompositionxx.01.02
483. 2003-10-05children of bodomneedled 24/7
484. 2003-09-22sublime cadaveric decompositionxx.02.02
485. 2003-09-22wehrwolfemis2 battalion of hate
486. 2003-09-22Decrepit Birth#2And Time Beginsunique_leader
487. 2003-09-22beneath the ashes#2
488. 2003-09-15kalibas#2
489. 2003-09-02Strong Intention#2
490. 2003-08-26the Nightmare Continues#2
491. 2003-08-19iranachlive #2
492. 2003-08-19Embludgeoment#2
493. 2003-07-29failsafe devicediagram 2.0
494. 2003-05-27Since the Flood24K
495. 2003-05-20CalibanTrack #2
496. 2003-05-06uncusted#2
497. 2003-04-29Eyes like Autumnhe's no good to me dead part 2
498. 2003-04-01Eyes Like AutumnHe's no good to me Dead pt. 2
499. 2003-04-01Soilwork#2
500. 2003-04-01Corporation 1872nd Pain
501. 2003-03-18Soilwork#2
502. 2003-03-11Shallows And Flats#2
503. 2003-03-11Knuckle Dust#21
504. 2003-02-18Eyes Like Autumn#2
505. 2003-02-11Shallows and Flats#2
506. 2003-02-11Poison the Well12/23/93
507. 2003-01-07Failsafe DeviceDiagram 2.0
508. 2002-12-31All my Sins#2
509. 2002-12-17the Failsafe DeviceDiagram 2.0
510. 2002-12-17the Berzerker#2
511. 2002-12-17All my Sins#2
512. 2002-12-17Kalibas#2
513. 2002-12-01Discordance Axis#2
514. 2002-10-29All My Sins#2
515. 2002-10-22The Berzerker#2
516. 2002-10-08the_Network#2
517. 2002-10-01Love Lost but not ForgottenNobody's Watching Department 23
518. 2002-09-10the_Network#2
519. 2002-07-30Tears of Avarel#2
520. 2002-07-30Meshuggah#2
521. 2002-07-23Shroud of Bereavement#2
522. 2002-07-09Ehnahre#2
523. 2002-06-25Damaged#2
524. 2002-06-25Eyes Like Autumnlive #2
525. 2002-05-14Eyes like autumn#2
526. 2002-05-07Circle of Dead Children#2
527. 2002-04-30Eyes Like Autumn#2
528. 2002-04-16Closer than kin#2
529. 2002-04-09Eyes Like Autumn#2
530. 2002-04-09Silence Erebus#2
531. 2002-03-26Between Two Thieves#2
532. 2002-03-19Closer Than Kin#2
533. 2002-03-12As the Sun Sets#1, #2
534. 2002-03-05Soilwork#2 natural born chaosNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
535. 2002-03-05Soilwork#2 natural born chaosNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
536. 2002-02-11Iranachlive @ WUNH #2
537. 2002-01-22the:enclitic#2 demo
538. 2002-01-22My Breath on Glass#2 live
539. 2002-01-15the:enclitic#2
540. 2001-12-04iRANACH#2
541. 2001-11-13My Breath on Glass#2
542. 2001-11-06Cavity#2
543. 2001-06-19Cannae#2
544. 2001-05-29Amon AmarthRisen from the Sea (2000)
545. 2001-05-29Bane of Existence#2
546. 2001-05-22Sholomace#2
547. 2001-04-03Bane of Existence#2
548. 2001-04-03Damaged#2
549. 2001-03-27Candiria#2
550. 2001-03-27Claymort#2
551. 2001-01-16God DethronedSoul Capture 1562
552. 2001-01-09Damaged#2
553. 2000-12-31Damaged#2
554. 2000-12-05God DethronedSould Capture 1562
555. 2000-11-31Hate Plow$20.00 Blow Jobs
556. 2000-11-28God DethronedSoul Capture 1562
557. 2000-11-14God ForbidN2
558. 2000-11-14God ForbidN2
559. 2000-09-04Dehemothchant for Eschalon 2000
560. 2000-08-28Legacy#2
561. 2000-08-28Disdain20 Serving 3
562. 2000-07-17DestructionTotal Desaster 2000
563. 2000-07-17DestructionTotal Desaster 2000
564. 2000-06-26Cradle of Filth#2
565. 2000-05-08Hate Plow$20.00 Blow Jobs
566. 2000-04-24Poison the Well12/23/1993
567. 2000-04-17God DethronedSoul Capure 1562
568. 2000-03-27Earth Crisis#2
569. 2000-03-20Scholomance#2
570. 2000-02-21Hecate Enthroned#2
571. 2000-01-10CoalesceJesus... 2000
572. 1999-09-06Pantera25 years
573. 1999-08-23Lab Animals24 hours in Hell
574. 1999-08-16potty Mouthed Sissy#22
575. 1999-08-09Lab Animals24 hours in hell!
576. 1999-07-12Regurgitate#24-29
577. 1999-07-05Deathwitch#12
578. 1999-06-14Iron Monkey2 Golden Rulesself-titledearache
579. 1999-05-31Iron Monkey2 Golden Rulesself-titledearache
580. 1999-05-24Spitefirethe 2:48 lie
581. 1999-05-04Thor!2045
582. 1999-04-20Spitfirethe 2.48 Lie
583. 1999-04-13November 17Version 1.2
584. 1999-04-06Integrity2000
585. 1997-10-27Ammer EinhietSender 1212
586. 1997-08-18Swap Terrorist#2
587. 1997-07-07N17Version 1.2
588. 1997-06-30November 17Version 1.2
589. 1997-06-16Shed2-1
590. 1997-03-31Killing cultureResurection 2000
591. 1997-03-31NegativelandHow long have you been waiting for U2?
592. 1997-03-17FM Inheit23025
593. 1996-12-23Hanzel und GretylShine 2001
594. 1996-12-10Hanzel und GretylShine 2001
595. 1996-12-02Hanzel und GretylShine 2001
596. 1996-11-18NihilHear me v 1.2
597. 1996-11-11Life of AgonyLost at 22
598. 1996-11-04Hanzel und GretylStar System Wolf 424
599. 1996-10-14NihilHear me v1.2
600. 1996-09-09typo Negative#12
601. 1996-09-02Typo NegativeBlatiblan #12
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