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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1148 playlist up with 48910 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-10-28Secrets Of The MoonSerpent MessiahSeven BellsProphecy Productions
2. 2019-08-05CRIMSON MOON03 Godspeed Angel of DeathMors Vincit OmniaDebemur Morti Productions
3. 2019-02-04MoonspellThe Southern DeathstyleThe AntidoteCentury Media
4. 2019-01-21Frostmoon EclipseI Am My Worst EnemyGathering the DarknessISO666 releases
5. 2019-01-21Impaled Northern MoonforestMasturbating On The Unholy And Inverted Tracks Of The Grim And Frostbitten NecrobobsleddersImpaled Northern Moonforest
6. 2017-08-21Frostmoon EclipseLet The World BurnGathering the DarknessISO666 releases
7. 2017-01-23GOATMOON05 Sonderkommando NordStella Polaris (CD, LP, TAPE)Werewolf Records
8. 2016-05-09MOONSORROWRuttolehto incl. Päivättömän Päivän KansaJumalten AikaCentury Media Records
9. 2016-03-14MOONSORROWSuden TuntiJumalten AikaCentury Media Records
10. 2016-02-29MOONSORROWJumalten AikaJumalten AikaCentury Media Records
11. 2015-11-30MoonspellBlood Tells!MemorialSteamhammer
12. 2015-09-28MoonlyghtThe Autumn's Freezing HarmonyProgressive Darknessescapi
13. 2015-09-07MoonspellVampiriaWolfheartcenturymedia
14. 2015-08-17MoonModranihtRender Of The Veilsmoribund
15. 2015-07-13MoondarkThe Dawn Of Our RaceThe Snowpathxtreem
16. 2015-06-01Moonlyghtride on ice stormProgressive Darknessescapi
17. 2015-03-16MoonsorrowFor Whom The Bell Tolls (Metallica Cover)TulimyrskyGaNDaLF
18. 2015-03-09MoonspellExtinctExtinctnapalm
19. 2015-01-26Impaled Northern MoonforestGrim And Frostbitten Gay BarImpaled Northern Moonforest
20. 2014-08-18The Moon And The NightspiritBolyongoHoldrejtekprophecy
21. 2014-03-31Darkmoon WarriorBlack Tongues And Rusty NailsNuke 'Em AllW.T.C Productions
22. 2014-03-03Darkmoon WarriorNuke 'Em AllNuke 'Em AllW.T.C Productions
23. 2013-02-04Frostmoon EclipseWorms of MankindGathering the DarknessISO666 releases
24. 2012-12-31Secrets Of The MoonWorshipSeven Bellsprophecy
25. 2012-12-10Frostmoon EclipseDragon MilleniumGathering the DarknessISO666 releases
26. 2012-05-14MoonspellAlpha NoirAlpha Noirnapalm
27. 2012-01-16MoonsCavalcade Of StarsStasisself-released
28. 2011-12-05MoonspellLove CrimesWolfheartcenturymedia
29. 2011-11-14MoonsJupiter DriveStasisself-released
30. 2011-10-10MoonsCavalcade Of StarsStasisself-released
31. 2011-06-13Impaled Northern MoonforestGrim And Frostbitten Moongoats Of The NorthImpaled Northern Moonforest
32. 2010-10-11MoonspellVampiriaWolfheartcenturymedia
33. 2010-05-10Hunters MoonThe Ravens SwoonThe Serpents Lusthells_headbangers
34. 2010-04-12Hunters MoonBaphometThe Serpents Lusthells_headbangers
35. 2010-03-29Hunters MoonBaphometThe Serpents Lusthells_headbangers
36. 2009-11-30Moonspell... Of Dreams And DramaWolfheartcenturymedia
37. 2009-08-24MoonspellWolfshade (a werewolf mascarade)Wolfheartcenturymedia
38. 2008-10-20Frostmoon EclipseI am my Worst EnemyGathering the DarknessISO666 releases
39. 2008-05-19MoonspellSpring of RageNight Eternalspv
40. 2008-05-05MoonspellScorpion FlowerNight Eternalspv
41. 2007-12-24Frostmoon EclipseWorms of MankindGathering the DarknessISO666 releases
42. 2007-07-02Frostmoon EclipseI am my Worst EnemyGathering the DarknessISO666 releases
43. 2006-02-06moonlyghtride on ice storm
44. 2006-01-30moonlyghtthe seeptic traveller
45. 2004-07-12moonspellthe southern deathstyle
46. 2003-01-14Frostmoon EclipseDargon Millenium
47. 2002-03-12Frostmoon EclipseWorms of Mankind
48. 2002-03-05Frostmoon EclipseDragon Millenium
49. 2002-03-05Frostmoon EclipseDragon Millenium
50. 1999-11-30MoonspellSoulitory
51. 1999-11-08MoonspellLustmord
52. 1999-08-09MoonspellWolfshade (a werewolf mascarade)
53. 1999-05-31December Moonyou Can't Bless the Damned
54. 1997-05-05Moonspellof Dream and Drama
55. 1997-03-03MoonspellLove Crimes
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