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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1134 playlist up with 48387 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-09-30InfestationSelf ImpaledMass ImmolationPavement Music
2. 2019-03-25Solitude AeturnusPainThrough the Darkest HourPavement Music
3. 2018-09-03Solitude AeturnusThe 8th DayThrough the Darkest HourPavement Music
4. 2018-08-13Skeletal EarthGenerations Of The LameEulogy Of A Dying FetusPavement Music
5. 2018-08-06Malevolent CreationDissect the EradicatedFine Art of MurderPavement Music
6. 2018-07-30Skeletal EarthGenerations Of The LameEulogy Of A Dying FetusPavement Music
7. 2017-06-12Dead Earth Politics03 Balancing Broken ScalesThe Mobius HammersmithPavement Music
8. 2017-06-12DefleshedWalking the Moons of MarsDeath the High Cost of LivingPavement Music
9. 2017-04-17Solitude AeturnusHaunting the ObscureThrough the Darkest HourPavement Music
10. 2017-04-17Internal BleedingLanguish in DespairVoracious ContemptPavement Music
11. 2017-03-06Mist, TheDrop DeadGottverlassenPavement Music
12. 2016-11-14Solitude AeturnusPawns of AngerThrough the Darkest HourPavement Music
13. 2015-08-31CretusDarkness BitesDux Mea Luxpavement
14. 2015-06-08PerpetuaMind CrisisIrrationalpavement
15. 2015-05-18Caustic MethodLeft To Die AloneThe Viruspavement
16. 2015-04-20InfestationBlack PopeMass Immolationpavement
17. 2015-03-23Ashes In VeinAshes In VeinAshes In Veinpavement
18. 2014-12-22Internal BleedingInhuman SufferingVoracious Contemptpavement
19. 2014-07-07Solitude AeturnusFallingThrough the Darkest Hourpavement
20. 2014-03-31Solitude AeturnusThe 9th Day: AwakeningThrough the Darkest Hourpavement
21. 2013-12-23Internal BleedingInhuman SufferingVoracious Contemptpavement
22. 2013-12-02Malevolent CreationPremature BurialThe Ten Commandmentspavement
23. 2013-09-02ScatterbrainBeer MusclesMundus Intellectualispavement
24. 2013-01-14Malevolent CreationHideous ReprisalEternalpavement
25. 2012-08-13Mystic CircleOne With The AntichristInfernal Satanic Versespavement
26. 2012-02-20The MistJesus LandGottverlassenpavement
27. 2011-11-28AcceptBad Habbits Die HardDeath Rowpavement
28. 2011-11-07VaderFractal LightBlack to the Blindpavement
29. 2011-09-19DefleshedThe Heat From Another SunFast Forwardpavement
30. 2011-06-27EndlessSmokeBeauty, Tears, and The Setting Sunpavement
31. 2011-05-02Hate PlowStalkerEverybody Diespavement
32. 2011-01-10The MistDrop DeadGottverlassenpavement
33. 2010-09-06OverdoseChildren Of WarCircus Of Deathpavement
34. 2010-08-23Mystic CircleNotrum - The Sword Of MightDrachenblutpavement
35. 2010-06-21Hate PlowEveryone DiesEverybody Diespavement
36. 2009-11-30VaderFoetus GodBlack to the Blindpavement
37. 2009-06-08Defleshedproud to be deadFast Forwardpavement
38. 2009-04-06Internal BleedingSix Shots in DallasDriven to Conquerpavement
39. 2009-03-30Defleshedthe Iron and the MaidenFast Forwardpavement
40. 2009-02-09Malevolent CreationSlaughter the InnocenceRetributionpavement
41. 2009-01-12Hate Plow$20.00 Blow JobsEverybody Diespavement
42. 2008-09-15Internal BleedingGutted Human SacrificeVoracious Contemptpavement
43. 2008-08-25Malevolent CreationNo SalvationEternalpavement
44. 2008-06-02Malevolent CreationAlliance or WarEternalpavement
45. 2008-05-19Malevolent CreationCoronation of Our DomainRetributionpavement
46. 2008-05-05Malevolent CreationNo SalvationEternalpavement
47. 2008-02-18Solitude AeturnusHaunting the ObscureThrough the Darkest Hourpavement
48. 2008-01-28DefleshedUnder the BladeDeath.. the High Cost of Livingpavement
49. 2008-01-07VaderCarnalBlack to the Blindpavement
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