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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1238 playlist up with 52574 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-10-11Festival of MutilationLive the SufferingGods of Infernal DesolationOld Cemetery Records
2. 2021-09-06HypocrisySuffering SoulsPenetralia
3. 2021-08-02TORN IN HALFLord of SufferingBasic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
4. 2021-07-05MaleficarumAlways SufferingUnder the Cross
5. 2021-04-26Shadows FallSuffer the SeasonSomber Eyes to the SkyLifeless
6. 2021-03-15Cult LeaderSuffer LouderLightless Walk
7. 2020-11-02SuffocationSeeds Of The SufferingEffigy Of The Forgotten
8. 2020-09-21VENOM PRISON02 Life SufferPrimevalProsthetic Records
9. 2020-08-24CreepmimeSuffer The ShadowsShadows
10. 2020-04-27Kurnugia (U.S.)03 Crown of SufferForlorn and ForsakenMemento Mori
11. 2020-03-16ROTTING CHRIST14. Transform All Suffering Into PlagueLucifer Over AthensSeason of Mist
12. 2020-02-10GODSWALLOWERSuffererDEMO
13. 2019-11-18Power TripSuffer No FoolIntegrity/Power Trip
14. 2019-11-18All Out WarCondemned to SufferCondemned to SufferVictory Records
15. 2019-08-19GODSWALLOWERSuffererDEMO
16. 2019-06-24PleuriticHuman Suffering
17. 2019-04-01Shadows FallSuffer The SeasonLifeless Records - Compilation Sampler 2000Lifeless Records
18. 2019-03-25THE MACHINISTStrength Through SufferingConfidimus in MorteProsthetic Records
19. 2019-03-18CrematoryThe Eyes Of SufferingTransmigration
20. 2018-11-26BenedictionSuffering Feeds MeOrganised Chaos
21. 2018-11-26DysenteryFrom Past Suffering Comes New FleshExcruciatingly Euphoric TormentAmputated Vein Records
22. 2018-11-12My Dying BrideA Sea to Suffer InThe Angel and the Dark RiverPeaceville Records
23. 2018-07-23Vision of DisorderSufferVision of DisorderRoadrunner Records
24. 2018-07-16SatyriconSuffering the TyrantsVolcanoRed Ink
25. 2018-06-25SuffocationSeeds Of The SufferingEffigy Of The Forgotten
26. 2018-06-18Napalm DeathSuffer The ChildrenSuffer The Children
27. 2018-03-26Black Mass Pervertor03 Suffering, Our Everlasting BlissLife Beyond the Walls of Flesh CD/12" MLP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
28. 2018-03-19MurgunstrumMental SufferingSalvation
29. 2018-03-19NailsSuffering SoulUnsilent DeathSouthern Lord
30. 2018-02-05Genocide PactSpawn of SufferingOrder of TormentRelapse Records
31. 2018-01-15FleshlessEternal SufferGrindgodObscene Productions
32. 2017-12-04Keep of KalessinI Choose to SufferThrough Times of WarSnapper
33. 2017-11-13TraumatomyDisintegration In SufferingTranscendental Evisceration Of Necrogenetic Beasts
34. 2017-10-16MorgothSuffer LifeCursedCentury Media
35. 2017-09-25Shadows FallSuffer the SeasonSomber Eyes to the SkyLifeless
36. 2017-09-25PUTRID OFFALPutrid Offal-2014-Suffering-03-Suffering (1991 ...SufferingKaotoxin
37. 2017-09-18LiturgyShrouded in SufferingDawn of AshUnmatched Brutality
38. 2017-05-29PathologyBlessed through SufferingIncisions of Perverse DebaucheryComatose Music
39. 2017-05-15VileAlive To SufferStench Of The Deceased
40. 2016-11-28Cult LeaderSuffer LouderLightless Walkdeathwishinc
41. 2016-10-31DishammerWish Of SufferingVintage AddictionHells Headbangers Records
42. 2016-10-10Abhorrent DeformityBoundless SufferingEntity of MalevolenceComatose Music
43. 2016-07-18Napalm DeathSuffer the ChildrenPunishment in CapitalsSnapper
44. 2016-07-18SargeistEmpire of SufferingLet the Devil InMoribund Records
45. 2016-06-06CancerSuffer for Our SinsThe Sins of MankindRestless Records
46. 2016-05-23Severe TorturePerverse SufferingA Taste for ButcheryHammerheart Records
47. 2016-05-23AscensionSuffer the SicknessAbominationToybox
48. 2016-01-18DrippingBring the SufferingBring the SufferingNecroharmonic Records
49. 2015-10-12Skeleton WitchSubmit To The SufferingBreathing The Fireprosthetic
50. 2015-07-27DeathwhiteSuffer AbandonmentSolitary MartyrSelf-Released
51. 2015-03-23FleshlessEternal SufferGrind Godobscene
52. 2015-01-26NepenteShow Me That You Are SufferingI Wil lGet Your SoulCimmerian Shade
53. 2014-12-29100 DemonsSufferIn The Eyes Of The Lordgoodlife
54. 2014-12-22Internal BleedingInhuman SufferingVoracious Contemptpavement
55. 2014-09-08Malevolent CreationInjected SufferingDemo I
56. 2014-07-21Mutilation RitesSuffer The ChildrenHarbingerprosthetic
57. 2014-06-30NominonThe SuffererDiabolical Bloodshed
58. 2014-06-09DownSufferer's YearsDown IV Part IIdown
59. 2014-04-28Malevolent CreationInjected SufferageThe Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
60. 2014-04-28OatheanA Life Of Suffering Craving To the DarknessFading Away Into The Grave OF Nothingnessend
61. 2014-03-17ExcommunionSuffering unto the DamnedSuperionworld_war_iii
62. 2013-12-23Internal BleedingInhuman SufferingVoracious Contemptpavement
63. 2013-09-09EvocationYou SufferExcised And Anatomizedcenturymedia
64. 2013-07-01SargeistEmpire Of SufferingLet The Devil Inmoribund
65. 2013-04-29PandemiaMejestic SufferingPersonal Demonslost_disciple
66. 2013-04-01RevocationSuffer These WoundsSummon the Spawnself-released
67. 2013-01-07Flotsam and JetsamSuffer the MassesWhen the Storm Comes Downmca
68. 2012-10-01Cannibal CorpsePerverse SufferingVilemetalblade
69. 2012-09-03OdiumSufferingBeautiful ViolenceNoiseheadrecords
70. 2012-09-03BaphometThe Sufferingthe Dead Shall Inheritpeaceville
71. 2012-08-27GazaNo Absolutes In Human SufferingNo Absolutes In Human Sufferingblackmarket_activities
72. 2012-06-04Napalm DeathYou SufferVarious Artists - Earache: World's Shortest Recordsearache
73. 2012-06-04WormrotYou Suffer But Why Is It My ProblemVarious Artists - Earache: World's Shortest Recordsearache
74. 2012-03-05MorgirionSuffer Before Me, Forsakened HordesInfinite Retribution Upon Paradiseself-released
75. 2012-02-06Malevolent CreationInjected SufferageThe Ten Commandmentsroadrunner
76. 2012-01-02BaphometThe SufferingThe Dead Shall Inheritpeaceville
77. 2011-12-26LiturgyShrouded In SufferingDawn Of Ashunmatched_brutality
78. 2011-08-29As Blood Runs BlackThe Brighter Side Of SufferingAllegiancemediaskare
79. 2011-06-27ExcommunionSuffering Unto The DamnedSuperionworld_war_iii
80. 2011-03-07Festival Of MutilationLive The SufferingGods Of Infernal Desolationold_cemetery
81. 2010-12-20ScourgeAn Eternity Of SufferingGod Is Not Hereself-released
82. 2010-11-01Napalm DeathYou SufferScumearache
83. 2010-09-06Pathology (US)Blessed Through SufferingIncisions Of Perverse Debaucherycomatose
84. 2010-08-02Pathology (US)Blessing Through SufferingIncisions Of Perverse Debaucherycomatose
85. 2010-07-19Rotten SoundSuffer The Children (napalm death)Napalmrelapse
86. 2010-06-28AeonSuffer The SoulPath Of Firemetalblade
87. 2010-05-17Rotten SoundSuffer The Children (napalm death)Napalmrelapse
88. 2010-03-15Sovereign StrengthThe SufferingReflectionsmediaskare
89. 2010-01-25SepsisUnsufferable Nightmare...With No Mercymetal_age
90. 2009-05-11RevocationSuffer These WoundsEmpire of the Obsceneself-released
91. 2009-03-16As Blood Runs Blackthe brighter side of sufferingAllegiancemediaskare
92. 2009-03-02DisgustAs Millions SufferBrutality of Warearache
93. 2009-03-02DysenteryWithin Descending Skies They Will SufferFrom Past Suffering Comes New Fleshamputated_vein
94. 2009-02-23PessimistSummoned to SufferEvolution Unto Evilpathos
95. 2008-10-06Inhale/ExhaleThe Impatient Will SufferI Swearsolid_state
96. 2008-08-25RevocationSuffer These WoundsEmpire of the Obsceneself-released
97. 2008-08-25Diabolicthe Suffering ChurchDestruction of the Heavenly Realms Vol IIIdeathgasm
98. 2008-07-07Vision of DisorderSufferself-titledroadrunner
99. 2008-06-16Diabolicthe Suffering ChurchDestruction of the Heavenly Realms Vol IIIdeathgasm
100. 2008-05-26Diabolicthe Suffering ChurchDestruction of the Heavenly Realms Vol IIIdeathgasm
101. 2008-04-07DisgustAs Millions SufferBrutality of Warearache
102. 2008-03-03DeathTo Forgive Is To Sufferthe Sound of Perseverancenuclearblast
103. 2008-02-25CrowbarObdience Thru SufferingObdience Thru Sufferinggrind_core
104. 2008-01-28BenumbSufferWithering Strands of Hoperelapse
105. 2008-01-14DysenteryFrom Past Suffering Comes New FleshGutrot/Dysentery Splitamputated_vein
106. 2008-01-07Belay My LastCycles of Sufferingthe Downfallmediaskare
107. 2007-08-27SapremiaAmbitious SufferingSubconscious Existenceself-released
108. 2007-08-06Dark FaithSufferingTerrains Vaguesdeathgasm
109. 2007-06-18napalm deathsuffer the children (live)Punishment in Capitals:armoury
110. 2007-06-18Assucksuffering quota
111. 2007-05-14Flotsam and JetsamSuffer the masses
112. 2007-05-14Napalm DeathSuffer the Children
113. 2007-04-30As Blood Runs Blackthe brighter side of suffering
114. 2007-01-29amputatorenforce suffering
115. 2007-01-08disincarnatein sufferance
116. 2006-12-11RevocationSuffer These WoundsSummon the Spawnself-released
117. 2006-11-20RevocationSuffer These WoundsSummon the Spawnself-released
118. 2006-09-04disincarnatein sufferance
119. 2006-08-14Goatwhorethe beauty in suffering
120. 2006-06-12Cannibal Corpsemake them suffer
121. 2006-02-27Cannibal Corpsemake them suffer
122. 2006-02-20years spent coldwatch you suffer
123. 2006-02-13Drawn and Quarteredsuffer a traitor's fate
124. 2005-11-21venomsuffer not the chldren
125. 2005-11-21napalm deathsuffer the chldren (live)
126. 2005-07-11benumbpay now, suffer later
127. 2005-05-09burn the priestsuffering bastard
128. 2005-02-28Death Before Dishonorendles sufferingFriends Family Foreverbridge9
129. 2005-02-07wehrwolfeforged sufferance
130. 2005-01-31Death Before Dishonorendless sufferingFriends Family Foreverbridge9
131. 2004-11-22massmurdermaking her suffer and scream
132. 2004-10-18liturgyshrouded in suffering
133. 2004-09-13Goatwhorethe beauty in suffering
134. 2004-06-21vision of disordersuffer
135. 2004-05-03Imapled Nazarenesuffer in silence
136. 2004-04-26the_networkthe origins of suffering
137. 2003-10-13wehrwolfeforged sufference
138. 2003-10-05Full Blown Chaosmy suffering
139. 2003-09-09Wehrwolfeforced sufferance
140. 2003-07-22Goatwhorethe beauty in Suffering
141. 2003-02-04HatebreedDriven by Suffering
142. 2002-12-17ExcommunionSuffering unto the Damned
143. 2002-12-10Excummunicationsuffering unto the damned
144. 2002-09-10OriginAwaken the Suffering
145. 2002-06-25DeathTo Forgive Is To Suffer
146. 2002-04-02PessimistSummoned to Suffer
147. 2002-03-05Lock UpHate Breeds Suffering
148. 2002-03-05Lock UpHate Breeds Suffering
149. 2001-10-02Internal BleedingInhuman Suffering
150. 2001-09-11Internal BleedingInhuman Suffering
151. 2001-09-11Napalm DeathSuffer the Children
152. 2001-09-11Internal BleedingInhuman Suffering
153. 2001-09-11Napalm DeathSuffer the Children
154. 2001-04-10DeathTo Forgive Is To Suffer
155. 2001-01-23Six Feet UnderSuffering in Esctasy (live)
156. 2000-09-25Vision of DisorderSuffer
157. 2000-09-04Six Feet UnderSuffering In Ecstacy
158. 2000-07-17DeicideSuffer AgainInsineratehymnroadrunner
159. 2000-07-17DeicideSuffer AgainInsineratehymnroadrunner
160. 2000-06-26Vision of DisorderSuffer
161. 2000-06-12PandemiaMejestic Suffering
162. 2000-06-05DisincarnateIn Sufferance
163. 2000-03-13Morbid AngelDay of Suffering
164. 2000-03-13Vision of DisorderSuffer
165. 2000-03-06Morbid AngelDays Suffering
166. 1999-08-21RequiemSuffer
167. 1999-08-21RequiemSuffer
168. 1999-07-26RequiemSuffer
169. 1999-05-17DeathTo Forgive Is To Suffer
170. 1997-08-18DireSufferhead
171. 1997-06-30Morbid AngelDay of Suffering
172. 1997-03-03Napalm DEathSuffer the Children
173. 1997-02-17Focal PointSuffering of the Masses
174. 1997-01-27Focal PointSuffering of the Masses
175. 1996-12-02Focal PointSuffering of the Masses
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