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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1159 playlist up with 49457 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-06-29Impregnate TrichomonasImpregnate Trichomonas - Japanese Titlecarcass grinder / impregnate trichomonas / unholy grave / saprogenic entrails / voltifobia
2. 2020-06-22Saprogenic EntrailsSaprogenic Entrails - Carcinogen Diagnosis (Live)carcass grinder / impregnate trichomonas / unholy grave / saprogenic entrails / voltifobia
3. 2020-03-09Milking the GoatmachineThe Goatastic FourGoatgrindNoiseart Records (Universal Music)
4. 2020-02-10Impregnate TrichomonasImpregnate Trichomonas - Fetishismcarcass grinder / impregnate trichomonas / unholy grave / saprogenic entrails / voltifobia
5. 2020-02-10Unholy GraveUnholy Grave - Wa-I-Se-Tsu?carcass grinder / impregnate trichomonas / unholy grave / saprogenic entrails / voltifobia
6. 2020-01-13XENOSPost Apocalypse BreedFilthgrinderClub Inferno Ent
7. 2019-10-28Unholy GraveUnholy Grave - Death Penaltycarcass grinder / impregnate trichomonas / unholy grave / saprogenic entrails / voltifobia
8. 2019-10-14BirdfleshDeath to Fliessplit 7'' w/carcass grinderRazorback Records
9. 2019-08-12FleshlessDoomed Glorification of BlasphemyGrindgodObscene Productions
10. 2019-05-20BenedictionElectric EyeGrind Bastard
11. 2019-03-25DrudkhHis Twenty-Fourth SpringBetrayed By The Sun / HägringarNordvis Produktion
12. 2019-02-25BenedictionWest Of HellGrind Bastard
13. 2018-11-26Unholy GraveUnholy Grave - Worthless Prizecarcass grinder / impregnate trichomonas / unholy grave / saprogenic entrails / voltifobia
14. 2018-04-16PsychoRiot GirlThe Grind YearsSELFMADEGOD Records
15. 2018-03-26In Disgust03 Missing Old FriendsWest Coast Grind Violence - EP
16. 2018-02-19Sanitys DawnSuicideMagrudergrind/Sanitys Dawn Split
17. 2018-01-29Saprogenic EntrailsSaprogenic Entrails - Duodenum Drawcarcass grinder / impregnate trichomonas / unholy grave / saprogenic entrails / voltifobia
18. 2018-01-15FleshlessEternal SufferGrindgodObscene Productions
19. 2018-01-15Cripple bastardsWatching through my chaosCarcass grinder/Cripple bastar
20. 2017-12-18ShitstormHide Behind the ScreenMagrudergring/ShitstormRobotic Empire Records
21. 2017-09-11CoronerInternal ConflictsGrin
22. 2017-08-14Intense Hammer RageThe Mechanism Of DefecationDevoGrindPornGoreCoreaphile
23. 2017-08-07I Am The Sausage KingChoir IntroLisence To Grind
24. 2017-07-31Gruesome Stuff RelishDeep River SavagesTeenage Giallo Grind
25. 2017-06-19BenedictionGrind BastardGrind BastardNuclear Blast Records
26. 2017-05-01MagrudergrindThe 2nd WaveMagrudergrind/Sanitys Dawn Split
27. 2017-03-13OverkillLet's All Go To HadesThe Grinding WheelNuclear Blast Records
28. 2017-02-06OverkillOur Finest HourThe Grinding WheelNuclear Blast Records
29. 2016-12-12Sanitys DawnSanitys Dawn - Gargling With Rancid PusIn Gore We Grind (Split)
30. 2016-08-15ShitstormDestroy Them AllMagrudergring/ShitstormRobotic Empire Records
31. 2016-07-25DrudkhHis Twenty-Fourth SpringBetrayed By The Sun / HägringarNordvis Produktion
32. 2016-07-11MagrudergrindRejecting The Militant PromiseMagrudergrindrelapse
33. 2016-05-23MagrudergrindAbuse Of Philanthropic Self GainMagrudergrindrelapse
34. 2016-05-09Gruesome Stuff RelishJungle RitesTeenage Giallo Grind
35. 2016-05-09PsychoHas BeenThe Grind YearsSELFMADEGOD Records
36. 2016-04-11Bolt ThrowerEternal WarVarious Artists: Grind Madness At The BBCEarache
37. 2016-03-07Joel GrindPeacekeeperSplit - DAVIE ALLAN/JOEL GRINDRelapse Records
38. 2016-01-25Napalm DeathMoral CrusadeGrind Madness At The BBCEarache
39. 2016-01-11AutopsyChildren of the FilthSkull GrinderPeaceville
40. 2015-12-27AutopsyThe Withering DeathSkull GrinderPeaceville
41. 2015-12-14Gruesome Stuff RelishComing Back To LifeTeenage Giallo Grind
42. 2015-11-30PathologistCadavers in Medical JurisprudenceGrinding Opus of Forensic Medical ProblemsM.A.B. Records
43. 2015-11-09Lawnmower DethSatan's TrampolineVarious Artists - Grindcrusher 2earache
44. 2015-10-19Gruesome Stuff RelishSavage Men... Savage BeastsTeenage Giallo Grind
45. 2015-10-19Pretty Little FlowerTerror AlertComplete Grindcore Annihilationrescued_from_life
46. 2015-08-24Terrordrome...For Mayhem To BeginVarious Artists - Greek Death/Grind Scene vol. 1
47. 2015-08-17MagrudergrindRise And Fall Of Empires PastMagrudergrindrelapse
48. 2015-08-17AkkolyteInherant Deathsplit - Magrudergrind/Akkolyte
49. 2015-08-10Unholy GraveHuman MummificationSplit- Carcass Grinder/Unholy Grave/impregnate Trichomonas
50. 2015-08-10Sore ThroatHorrendify And KillVarious Artists: Grindcrusher 2 - the Ultimate Earache
51. 2015-06-01RatbombNapalm SurgeryNatural Born Grinders
52. 2015-04-13CarcassCadaveric Incubator Of Endo ParasitesVarious Artists - Grind Madness At The BBCearache
53. 2015-04-13FleshlessDeath And DyingGrind Godobscene
54. 2015-03-23FleshlessEternal SufferGrind Godobscene
55. 2015-02-23InfernusGrinding Christian FleshGrinding Christian Fleshmoribund
56. 2015-02-23Extreme Noise TerrorPeople Not ProfitVarious Artist - Grind Madness At The BBCearache
57. 2015-02-09UnrestInactionGrindcoreUnspeakable Axe
58. 2015-01-26UnrestConsumptionGrindcoreUnspeakable Axe
59. 2015-01-19UnrestAnything To ShockGrindcoreUnspeakable Axe
60. 2014-12-15Neoplasm DisseminatorEntrails Infested By Enterobious VermicularisBrazilian Goregrind
61. 2014-11-24CerebralturbulencyWarning! JehovaIn Gore We Grind
62. 2014-11-10Bolt ThrowerThrough the Eyes of TerrorVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
64. 2014-09-15Bird FleshMisery Of The Defencelesssplit 7-inch with carcass grinderpouwer it up
65. 2014-08-25MagrudergrindExcommunicatedMagrudergrindrelapse
66. 2014-07-21Lawnmower DethSatan's TrampolineVarious Artists - Grindcrusher 2earache
67. 2014-05-26Gruesome Stuff RelishZombified CrowdTeenage Giallo Grind
68. 2014-04-07Harmony FaultFuneral Das Causes JustaBrazilian Goregrind
69. 2014-03-31Desinence MortificationForcing It... To Stretch15 Years Of Grind Sacrifice
70. 2014-03-17FleshlessFaces At DecompositionGrind Godobscene
71. 2014-02-03Cripple BastardsProspettive Limitatesplit with carcass grinder
72. 2014-01-20Bird FleshMisery Of The Defencelesssplit &" with carcass grinder
73. 2014-01-13Carcass GrinderMelodySplit- Carcass Grinder/Teratism In The Formalinatank
74. 2013-12-16Insect WarfareCity Of EnemiesSplit 7" - Insect Warfare/Carcass GRinder
75. 2013-12-16Bolt ThrowerAttack In The AftermathVarious Artist - Grind Madness At The BBC
76. 2013-10-07Bolt ThrowerWorld EaterVarious Artist - Grindcrusher 2earache
77. 2013-08-19MagrudergrindBuild To BlastMagrudergrindrelapse
78. 2013-05-27MagrudergrindPulverizing Hate MongersMagrudergrind
79. 2013-05-20BenedictionWest Of HellGrind Bastardsnuclearblast
80. 2013-02-11Lawnmower DethSatan's TrampolineVarious Artists - Grindcrusher 2earache
81. 2012-10-22Termination ForceRepulsive ImpulseGrind Thrashing DeathPain Gore Death Productions
82. 2012-09-10Pretty Little FlowerIndigenous RevoltComplete Grindcore Annihilationrescued_from_life
83. 2012-07-02Pretty Little FlowerFuck Your Patriot PrideComplete Grindcore Annihilationrescued_from_life
84. 2012-06-18EntetyHideous MalformationCadaveric Necrogrindworld_war_iii
85. 2012-05-21RatbombGrind Your FaceNatural Born Grinders
86. 2012-04-02MagrudergrindRise And Fall Of Empires PastMagrudergrind
87. 2011-12-26RepulsionRadiation SicknessVarious Artists: Grindcrusherearache
88. 2011-11-21Magrudergrindsmash micros like it's 1999Magrudergrind-Shitstorm split CDrobotic_empire
89. 2011-11-14GodfleshStreetcleanerGrindcrusher - various artistearache
90. 2011-11-14Bolt ThrowerThrough the Eyes of TerrorVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
91. 2011-11-14Filthy ChristiansParty & Fight For Your RightVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
92. 2011-07-04EntetyCarnage of MassacredCadaveric Necrogrindworld_war_iii
93. 2011-07-04FleshlessPerverted IntentionGrind Godrelapse
94. 2011-05-23ShitstormReligious WarMagrudergrind-Shitstorm split CDrobotic_empire
95. 2011-04-25TerrorizerDead Shall RiseGrindcrusher - various artistearache
96. 2011-01-24Pretty Little FlowerFathered By WarComplete Grindcore Annihilationrescued_from_life
97. 2010-12-20MagrudergrindEmo HolocaustMagrudergrind-Shitstorm split CDrobotic_empire
98. 2010-12-06Bolt ThrowerThrough the Eyes of TerrorVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
99. 2010-10-18FleshlessExhumed BrutalityGrind Godobscene
100. 2010-10-11MagrudergrindSmash Micros Like it's 1999Magrudergrind-Shitstorm split CDrobotic_empire
101. 2010-08-09PsychoDead WrongThe Grind Yearsselfmadegod
102. 2010-07-12PsychoNicotine AddictionThe Grind Yearsselfmadegod
103. 2010-06-14EntetyHideous MalformationCadaveric Necrogrindworld_war_iii
104. 2010-03-22Morbid AngelChapel of GhoulsVarious Artist: Grindcrusherearache
105. 2010-03-22RepulsionRadiation SicknessVarious Artists: Grindcrusherearache
106. 2010-03-15Pretty Little FlowerAs the Grass GrowsComplete Grindcore Annihilationrescued_from_life
107. 2009-12-14Pretty Little FlowerFathered By WarComplete Grindcore Annihilationrescued_from_life
108. 2009-11-02Bolt ThrowerThrough the Eyes of TerrorVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
109. 2009-11-02CarcassExhume to ConsumeGrindcrusher - various artistearache
110. 2009-11-02GodfleshStreetcleanerGrindcrusher - various artistearache
111. 2009-09-07Pretty Little FlowerAs the Grass GrowsComplete Grindcore Annihilationrescued_from_life
112. 2009-06-15Magrudergrindcomplete deprivationMagrudergrind-Shitstorm split CDrobotic_empire
113. 2009-04-27Bolt ThrowerStraight Jacket/I've Got A CureVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
114. 2009-04-27Napalm DeathThe Missing LinkVarious Artist - Grindcrusherearache
115. 2009-02-02EntetyInto the DesolateCadaveric Necrogrindworld_war_iii
116. 2008-12-22MagrudergrindSiphon Then SlitMagrudergrind-Shitstorm split CDrobotic_empire
117. 2008-08-11FleshlessExhumed BrutalityGrind God
118. 2008-03-31CarcassExhume to ConsumeGrindcrusher - various artistearache
119. 2008-03-31TerrorizerDead Shall RiseGrindcrusher - various artistearache
120. 2008-03-24MagrudergrindI saw jahova sippin a 40 at the corner of georgia aveMagrudergrind-Shitstorm split CDrobotic_empire
121. 2008-03-10FleshlessDoomed Glorification of BlasphemyGrind Godobscene
122. 2007-12-10PhobiaSick LifeGrind Your Fucking Head Indeepsix
123. 2007-10-15FleshlessPerverted IntentionGrind Godobscene
124. 2007-05-14FleshlessEvil OdiumGrind Godobscene
125. 2000-05-29FleshlessEvil OdiumGrind Godobscene
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