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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1100 playlist up with 47095 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2018-11-26GorefestFor the MassesLa Muerte
2. 2018-11-05GoreUnder Hatred GutsSublimes Rituales Del Mundo BizarroFudge Worthy Records
3. 2018-09-10GorezoneMass Murder by One FormBrutalities of Modern DominationXtreem Music
4. 2018-07-16GorezoneDriven by Cells of BigotryBrutalities of Modern DominationXtreem Music
5. 2018-05-21Lord GorePost Coital EruptionThe Autophagous OrgyRazorback Records
6. 2018-02-12GorelordForce Fed on Human FleshForce Fed on Human FleshHousecore Records
7. 2018-02-05Sickening GoreBlood For TearsDestructive Reality
8. 2017-09-25GoreventMonition (demo remastered)Malignant Opus of Inherited DepravitiesSevared Records - via Metalhit
9. 2017-08-14Lord GoreThe Forgotten FleshThe Autophagous OrgyRazorback Records
10. 2017-06-12PESTIGORE2. Sea of SoulsTwisted Perversions... Unbearable Delight. DEMO 1992
11. 2017-04-24GoreUnder Hatred GutsSublimes Rituales Del Mundo Bizarrofudgeworthy
12. 2017-02-13GoreventWorld SepticMalignant Opus of Inherited DepravitiesSevared Records - via Metalhit
13. 2017-01-23Gorephilia03 - Gorephila - Harmageddon of SoulsSevered MonolithDark Descent Records
14. 2017-01-02gore beyond necropsyg.b.n. 12 hot rockin' grind madARSEDESTROYER & GORE BEYOND NECROPSY & NIKUDOREI 3 way split
15. 2016-09-26GorerottedVillage People of the DamnedOnly Tools and CorpsesMetal Blade Records
16. 2016-05-30GoreventBleedingAbnormal Exaggerationmacabre_mentos
17. 2016-03-28FleshgoreBloody Hands of AggressorDenial of the ScripturesXtreem Music
18. 2016-02-29FleshgoreStop the PossessorDenial of the ScripturesXtreem Music
19. 2015-12-14Gore Beyond NecropsyHorrendous Nazi InfectionNoise a Go-GoRelapse Records
20. 2015-09-07Lord GoreMorgue Whorethe Autophagous Orgyrazorback
21. 2015-08-24Gore Beyond NecropsyScream In Your EyesSplit - Arsedestroyer
22. 2015-07-20GorerottedCut, Gut, Beaten, EatenMutilated in Minutesrelapse
23. 2015-04-06Sickening GoreObscene ExistenceDestructive Reality
24. 2015-03-09Sickening GorePsychopathic ButcheryDestructive Reality
25. 2014-12-29GorealityPsychotic DementiaPerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
26. 2014-12-29GorelordNecrophilac Orgy in Entrails & CumForce Fed on Human Fleshbaphoment
27. 2014-10-27He Whose Ox Is GoredBuried TwiceRumorsBleeding Light
28. 2014-09-29Goretradethe Horror of GoreCorpse Fucking Art/Gortrade Splitunited_gutteral
29. 2014-09-15Lord GoreInvolunary Vaginal Vermin Slutthe Autophagous Orgyrazorback
30. 2014-07-14GorelordCrushed Skull On Christian ShouldersForce Fed on Human Fleshbaphoment
31. 2014-05-05GorementHuman RelicThe Ending Quest
32. 2014-01-06VikingoreForgotten By The GodsWolves In The BattlefrontNoiseheadrecords
33. 2013-11-25GorefestTangled In GoreThe Demos
34. 2013-06-17VikingoreJustice's FallWolves In The BattlefrontNoiseheadrecords
35. 2013-05-06VikingoreJustice's FallWolves In The BattlefrontNoiseheadrecords
36. 2013-03-25VikingoreFeasting Upon The ButcheredWolves In The BattlefrontNoiseheadrecords
37. 2012-12-24GoreventExtinctionAbnormal Exaggerationmacabre_mentos
38. 2012-09-24GoreventGory The BodyMaligant Opus Of Inherited Depravity
39. 2012-03-26GoreChainsawMean Man's Dream
40. 2012-03-12GoreventInsanityAbnormal Exaggerationmacabre_mentos
41. 2012-01-30GoreventFlesh Of The DeadAbnormal Exaggerationmacabre_mentos
42. 2011-10-31GorerottedZombie Graveyard Rape BonanzaOnly Tools and Corpsesmetalblade
43. 2011-07-25GorerottedZombie Graveyard Rape BonanzaOnly Tools and Corpsesmetalblade
44. 2011-07-18GorelordCrucified Goat Drenched in Blasphemic BloodForce Fed on Human Fleshbaphoment
45. 2011-05-30GorelordDismembered Virgin LimbsForce Fed on Human Fleshbaphoment
46. 2011-02-14GorelordForce Fed on Human FleshForce Fed on Human Fleshbaphoment
47. 2010-10-25GorerottedMutilated in Minutes, Severed In SecondsMutilated in Minutesrelapse
48. 2010-10-25Lord Gorezombie molestation (raped by the dead)the Autophagous Orgyrazorback
49. 2010-09-20GorezoneConsuming The WeakBrutalities Of Modern Dominationxtreem
50. 2010-08-23GorezoneConsuming The WeakBrutalities Of Modern Dominationxtreem
51. 2010-08-23Lord GoreLord Gorethe Autophagous Orgyrazorback
52. 2009-12-14GoretradeSerial KillerCorpse Fucking Art/Gortrade Splitunited_gutteral
53. 2009-11-02GoreRotting Offal To Cannibal GodsSublimes Rituales Del Mundo Bizarrofudgeworthy
54. 2009-09-07GorealityAbomination WithinPerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
55. 2009-08-03GorefestA Grim CharadeRise To Ruinback_on_black
56. 2009-07-20GorealityAgainst the CrusadePerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
57. 2009-04-20GoreFestThe Mass InsanityFalsenuclearblast
58. 2009-01-05GorefestFearErasenuclearblast
59. 2008-12-15GorealityAgainst the CrusadePerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
60. 2008-11-24GorerottedHer Gash I Did SlashOnly Tools and Corpsesmetalblade
61. 2008-10-20GoretradeKilling Virgin WomenCorpse Fucking Art/Gortrade Splitunited_gutteral
62. 2008-09-29GoreBondage Fantasy MissionSublimes Rituales Del Mundo Bizarrofudgeworthy
63. 2008-09-15GoreBzarre Island MassacreSublimes Rituales Del Mundo Bizarrofudgeworthy
64. 2008-02-18Lord GoreRape Kampthe Autophagous Orgyrazorback
65. 2008-02-11GorerottedVillage People of the DamnedOnly Tools and Corpsesmetalblade
66. 2008-02-04GorealityPerverse Depraved IndifferencePerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
67. 2008-01-28GorealityInner DivinityPerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
68. 2008-01-28GorefestSeeds of HateErasenuclearblast
69. 2008-01-14GorealityPredatory PedophilePerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
70. 2008-01-07GorealityAbomination WithinPerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
71. 2007-12-31GorealityPerverse Depraved IndifferencePerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
72. 2007-12-24GorealityMan is GodPerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
73. 2007-12-24GorefestSeeds of HateErasenuclearblast
74. 2007-12-17GorealityPsychotic DementiaPerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
75. 2007-12-10GorealityInner DivinityPerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
76. 2007-12-03GorealityPredatory PedophilePerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
77. 2007-11-26GorealityAgainst the CrusadePerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
78. 2007-11-19GorealityPerverse Depraved IndifferencePerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
79. 2007-11-05GorealityAgainst the CrusadePerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
80. 2007-10-29GorealityAgainst the CrusadePerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
81. 2007-10-22GorealityPsychotic DementiaPerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
82. 2007-10-15GorealityMan is GodPerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
83. 2007-10-08GorealityInner DivinityPerverse Depraved Indifferencepathos
84. 2007-08-20Gorerottedhacked in the back, dumped in a sackOnly Tools and Corpsesmetalblade
85. 2007-07-09GorealityGorealityClitorture/Goreality splitpathos
86. 2007-07-02Lord GoreInvolunary Vaginal Vermin Slutthe Autophagous Orgyrazorback
87. 2007-05-14Lord Gorerape kamp
88. 2007-04-02gorerottedcut,gut,beaten, eaten
89. 2007-01-29gorerottedcut,gut,beaten, eaten
90. 2006-07-31Gorealityskin on, skin offClitorture/Goreality splitpathos
91. 2006-07-24Lord Gorekrash kourse in psychopathology
92. 2006-07-17GorealityGorealityClitorture/Goreality splitpathos
93. 2006-06-12Gorealityskin on, skin offClitorture/Goreality splitpathos
94. 2006-06-05gored faceintercraniel briandamage
95. 2006-05-29Gorealityzombified cuntClitorture/Goreality splitpathos
96. 2006-05-22Gorealityzombified cuntClitorture/Goreality splitpathos
97. 2006-04-17gorelordcrucified goat drenched in blasphemic blood
98. 2006-03-13gorerottedcut,gut,beaten, eaten
99. 2006-02-27goretradepostmortum incision
100. 2006-01-16gorelordcrushed skull on christian shoulders
101. 2005-12-26gorerottedpain
102. 2005-10-31Lord Gorezombie mutilation (raped by the dead)
103. 2005-10-10Lord Goremorguewhore
104. 2005-09-19fleshgore#2
105. 2005-08-08gorerotteda very grave business
106. 2005-07-25Lord Gorekrash kourse in psychopathology
107. 2005-07-25gorerotteddead drunk
108. 2005-07-11gorerotted... and everything went black
109. 2005-07-04Lord GoreInvolunary Vaginal Vermin Slut
110. 2005-07-04gorerotted... and everything went black
111. 2005-06-27gorerottedfable of filth
112. 2005-06-13gorerottedadding insult
113. 2005-05-30Lord Gorezombie molestation (raped by the dead)
114. 2005-05-16Lord Gorezombie molestation (raped by the dead)
115. 2005-05-02Lord Gorelast supper (the autophagous)
116. 2005-04-25Lord Gorethe forgotten flesh
117. 2005-04-11Lord Gorethe forgotten flesh
118. 2004-08-23gorerottedhacked in the back, dumped in a sack
119. 2004-06-07goretradeKilling Virgin Women
120. 2004-03-22goregutsdormant misery
121. 2004-03-22gorerottedmasticated by the spasticated
122. 2004-03-08gorerottedhack in the back dumped in a sack
123. 2004-03-01gorerottedher gash i did slash
124. 2004-02-23gorerottedcan't fit her limbs in the fridge
125. 2004-02-09gorerottedher gash i did slash
126. 2004-02-02gorerottedcan't fit her limbs in the fridge
127. 2004-01-19gorerottedhacked in the back dumped in a sack
128. 2003-07-15Goretradethe Horror of gore
129. 2003-06-03GorelordCrushed Skull on Christian Shoulders
130. 2003-04-08GorerottedFuck your Arse with Broken Glass
131. 2003-01-28GorelordDismembered Virgin Limbs
132. 2002-11-12Gorerottedgagged, shagged, and bodybagged
133. 2002-11-12Gore Tradekilling virgin women
134. 2002-09-24GoretradeKilling Virgin Women
135. 2002-09-17Gorerottedmutilated in minutes
136. 2002-09-03GoretradeCarnal Access
137. 2002-09-03GorerottedBed 'em, Behead 'em
138. 2002-08-27GorerottedMutilated in minutes, severed in seconds
139. 2002-08-20Gore tradethe Horror of Gore
140. 2002-08-13GorerottedCorpse Fucking Art
141. 2002-05-26GorefestTired Man
142. 2002-02-11GorelordCrushed Skull On Christian Shoulders
143. 2001-12-18GoretradeLaceration
144. 2001-12-11GorelordForce Fed on Human Flesh
145. 2001-11-20GoretradeLaceration
146. 2001-11-20GorelordNecrophilac Orgy in Entrails & Cum
147. 2001-11-13GorelordCrucified Goat Drenched in Blasphemic Blood
148. 2001-11-06GorelordCrushed skull on christian shoulders
149. 2001-10-30GorelordDismembered Virgin Limbs
150. 2001-10-30Gore Beyond NecropsyDead Dog Idolization
151. 2001-10-30GorelordDismembered Virgin Limbs
152. 2001-10-30Gore Beyond NecropsyDead Dog Idolization
153. 2000-09-04Gore Beyond NecropsyHorrendously analdrilled
154. 1999-05-17Gore Beyond NecropsyGurgulin Sprial Repulsion
155. 1999-04-06Kilgorewalk
156. 1997-06-23Killgore SmudgeEclipse into Eternity (live)
157. 1997-04-28Killgore SmudgeTherapy
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