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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1139 playlist up with 48583 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-12-30Human HumusSearching for LiesThe Obligatory Struggle
2. 2019-12-16Horrid (Italy)03 Redemption and LiesAs We Forget Our PastDunkelheit Produktionen
3. 2019-12-02Ocean, TheKilling the FliesAeolianMetal Blade
4. 2019-10-14BirdfleshDeath to Fliessplit 7'' w/carcass grinderRazorback Records
5. 2019-09-16Goatess3. What Lies BeneathBlood and WineSvart Records
6. 2019-08-26Possession (Belgium)A. AnnelieseAnneliese 7" EP
7. 2019-07-29CretinCreepy CrawliesFreakeryRelapse Records
8. 2019-02-25EstuaryLies of PromiseThe Craft of ContradictionIbex Moon Records
9. 2019-01-21HATE ETERNALWhat Lies Beyond 2496 HDUpon Desolate SandsSeason of Mist
10. 2019-01-14EhnahreFamiliesNegative Reasoning
11. 2018-12-31SarcofagoOrgy of FliesHateCogumelo
12. 2018-10-01Thy LightA Crawling Worm in a World of LiesSuici.De.pression
13. 2018-04-02Cave InHalo of FliesUntil Your Heart Stopshydrahead
14. 2018-03-19Misery IndexThe Lies That BindRetaliateNuclear Blast
15. 2017-11-13ScargodBook of LiesSacrilegious SymphoniesNoiseheadrecords
16. 2017-08-21TriptykonA Thousand LiesA Thousand LiesCentury Media Records
17. 2017-08-21Immortal SufferingEntangled Upon LiesInsatanity & Immortal Suffering split CD
18. 2017-04-10Agoraphobic NosebleedBed of FliesThe Poacher Diaries
19. 2016-12-26Iron MaidenLord of the FliesLord of the FliesEMI Records
20. 2016-12-12Hatred SurgeTrapped In LiesSelf Titled
21. 2016-11-21Mystic CircleThorns of LiesInfernal Satanic VersesWorld War III (American Music Corp)
22. 2016-08-15DemisorI See Liesw/regicide/operating table
23. 2016-06-27Death AngelFather of LiesThe Evil DivideNuclear Blast Records
24. 2016-06-06CENTINEXGENERATION OF FLIESDoomsday RitualsAgonia Records
25. 2016-03-28ABHOMINE04 - Abhomine- Crown Of FliesLarvae Offal SwineOsmose Productions
26. 2016-01-04BombusHead Of FliesRepeat Until DeathCentury Media Records
27. 2015-06-08Dew-ScentedLiving LiesInterminationprosthetic
28. 2015-05-11Crypt SermonInto The Holy Of HoliesOut Of The Gardendark_descent
29. 2015-03-09Carach AngrenTwo Flies Flew Into A Black Sugar CobwebThis Is No Fairy Taleseason_of_mist
30. 2015-01-26Cave InHalo Of FliesUntil your Heart Stopshydrahead
31. 2015-01-12Dead Eyes UnderProphecy Of LiesCursed be the Deceiverself-released
32. 2014-04-07TyrLord Of LiesRagnaroknapalm
33. 2014-04-07SlayerRead Between The LiesSouth of Heavendef_jam
34. 2013-12-23PessimistCentury of LiesBlood For The Godslost_disciple
35. 2013-10-21Impaled NazareneHalo Of FliesAll That You Fearosmose
36. 2013-10-14Kill DivisionMade Of LiesDestructive Forcemetalblade
37. 2013-08-19Dream TheaterA Fortune In LiesLive At The Marque
38. 2013-08-05RancorSea Of LiesDark Futurextreem
39. 2013-07-15ThunderHawkLoneliest Way To Diedemoself-released
40. 2013-07-08My Dying BrideThe Lies I SireFor Lies I Sirepeaceville
41. 2013-07-01MumakilBuilt Of LiesFlies Will Starverelapse
42. 2012-10-15AbioticConquest Of GlieseSymbiosismetalblade
43. 2012-09-24Lizzy BordenLorde Of The FliesVisual Liesmetalblade
44. 2012-07-30Lizzy BordenLorde Of The FliesVisual Liesmetalblade
45. 2012-06-25HammerfallThe Dragon Lies BleedingGlory To The Bravenuclearblast
46. 2012-03-26PowerwolvesHeavy Lies The CrownYou Won't Find Peacepanic
47. 2012-01-09CretinCreepy CrawliesFreakeryrelapse
48. 2011-12-12ArckanumPaer Vindanir DvaeliesKampennecropolis
49. 2011-11-21PowerwolvesHeavy Lies The CrownYou Won't Find Peacepanic
50. 2011-09-19TestamentSo Many LiesThe Ritualatlantic
51. 2011-08-29CrustaceanSpawn From LiesGreed Tyranny Sodomyxtreem
52. 2010-08-23Diabulus In MusicaLies In Your EyesSecretsmetalblade
53. 2010-06-28HypocrisyLiesThe Final Chapternuclearblast
54. 2010-06-28SectionedLoneliest ManPurulent Realityparagon
55. 2010-05-10SectionedLoneliest ManPurulent Realityparagon
56. 2010-04-26Order Of EnneadLies Upon the Lips Of JudasAn Examination Of Beingearache
57. 2009-09-14Dirge WithinForce Fed LiesForce Fed Liese1_music
58. 2009-08-17Porcupine TreeTime FliesTime Flies (single)roadrunner
59. 2009-07-06Sworn EnemyLiesTotal World Dominationcenturymedia
60. 2009-06-15ChtonFlies to FecesChtonian Lifecoderetribute
61. 2009-06-15Hate DivisionPropagating Lies for the Negligent Mind2009 Promo Epself-released
62. 2009-05-25Hate DivisionPropagating Lies for the Negligent Mind
63. 2009-04-13My Dying BrideFor Lies I SireFor Lies I Sirepeaceville
64. 2008-10-20Daylight DiesLies the BindDismantling Devoltioncandlelight
65. 2008-10-13EstuaryLies of PromiseTo Exist and Endureibexmoon
66. 2008-06-16UnleashedThe Greatest of All LiesHammer Battalionspv
67. 2008-06-02EstuaryLies of Promisethe Craft of Contradictionibexmoon
68. 2008-04-21the Oceankilling the fliesAeolianmetalblade
69. 2008-02-18With PassionThrough the Smoke Lies A PathWhat We See When We Shut Our Eyesearache
70. 2007-09-17Til we DieLiesPressing Onscreaming_ferret
71. 2007-09-03HateSphereLies and DecietSerpent Smiles and Killer Eyesspv
72. 2007-08-20Agoraphobic NosebleedBed of FliesAgoraphobic Nosebleed/Converge Splitrelapse
73. 2006-07-10metal churchmirror of lies
74. 2006-06-19cretincreepy crawliesFreakeryrelapse
75. 2006-05-01gadgetfeed on lies
76. 2006-04-24the Oceankilling the flies
77. 2006-04-03gadgetfeed on lies
78. 2006-03-27the Oceankilling the flies
79. 2006-01-30destructionmachinery of lies
80. 2005-10-17Hypocrisya thousand lies
81. 2005-09-26Hypocrisya thousand lies
82. 2005-09-26Watch Them Diethrone of lies
83. 2005-08-22Watch Them Diethrone of lies
84. 2005-06-20at the gatesworld of lies
85. 2005-04-25burn the priestlies of autumn
86. 2004-11-01Hypocrisylies
87. 2004-10-18Crowpathlike flies to flamesRed On Chromewillowtip
88. 2004-05-10rotten soundlies
89. 2004-04-26flesh holdprophecy of lies
90. 2004-03-08Imapled Nazarenehallo of flies
91. 2004-02-02passionbehind every great man lies a regret
92. 2003-12-22heidnikdropping like flies
93. 2003-12-22passionbehind every great man lies a regret
94. 2003-08-26Misery Indexthe Lies that Bind
95. 2003-07-22At the GatesWorld of Lies
96. 2003-07-08Sepsismlies
97. 2002-12-10Arch EnemyWeb of Lies
98. 2002-09-03King's of EvilWeb of Lies
99. 2002-05-26Hands TiedWhat Lies Ahead
100. 2002-05-14Arch EnemyWeb of Lies
101. 2002-04-09Arch EnemyWeb of Lies
102. 2002-03-26bludgeontourtured lies
103. 2002-01-15Mystic CircleThorns of Lies
104. 2001-10-30Mystic CircleThorns of Lies
105. 2001-10-30Mystic CircleThorns of Lies
106. 2000-07-24Angelcorpsethat which lies upon
107. 2000-06-12InfestationBook of Lies
108. 2000-05-15EnthronedDeny the Holy Book of Lies
109. 2000-02-14Agoraphobic NosebleedBed of Flies
110. 1999-09-06Enthroneddeny the holy book of lies
111. 1999-07-05PessimistCentury of Lies
112. 1997-11-03Crocodile Shoptemple of lies
113. 1997-10-27Misery Loves Co.A milion Lies
114. 1997-06-23Hands tiedWhat Lies Ahead
115. 1997-06-16Electric Hellfire ClubBook of Lies
116. 1997-04-21TestamentSo many Lies
117. 1996-09-09VeinMedia Lies
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