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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1164 playlist up with 49707 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-09-30DissectionMistress Of The Bleeding SorrowThe Past Is Alive (The Early Mischief)Necropolis Records
2. 2019-01-14DissectionElisabeth BathoriStorm Of The Light's Bane
3. 2018-09-17Repulsive DissectionGenetically DerangedCut Open the AberrationSevared Records
4. 2018-08-27DissectionBlack DragonReinkaosThe End Records
5. 2018-01-08DissectionNight's BloodStorm Of The Light's BaneNuclear Blast Records
6. 2017-09-25Repulsive DissectionSepticemiaCut Open the AberrationSevared Records
7. 2017-09-11DissectionThorns Of Crimson DeathStorm Of The Light's BaneNuclear Blast Records
8. 2017-04-17Dissection03.Anti-Christ (Slayer cover)Where Dead Angels Lie
9. 2016-12-12DissectionRetribution - Storm Of The Light's BaneStorm Of The Light's BaneNuclear Blast Records
10. 2016-10-31Repulisive DissectionUnjust CalumniationCut Open the AberrationSevared Records
11. 2016-10-10Repulsive DissectionZealot (Power in the Blood)Church of the Five Precious WoundsSevared Records
12. 2016-01-25DissectionThorns of Crimson DeathStorm of the Light's BaneNuclear Blast Records
13. 2015-09-21Repulsive DissectionConfirmation (The Future Of An Illusion)Church Of The Five Precious Woundssevared
14. 2015-09-14Repulsive DissectionApologist (Of Theodicy And Denial)Church Of The Five Precious Woundssevared
15. 2014-12-01DissectionHeaven's DamnationThe Somberlain
16. 2014-05-05DissectionNight's BloodStorm of the Light's Banenuclearblast
17. 2014-03-24DissectionIn The Cold Winds Of NowhereThe Past Is Alivenecropolis
18. 2013-02-18DissectionNight's BloodStorm of the Light's Banenuclearblast
19. 2012-08-20DissectionsoulreaperStorm of the Light's Banenuclearblast
20. 2012-07-23Repulsive DissectionMercurial SapienceCut Open the Aberrationsevared
21. 2012-01-30DissectionWhere Dead Angels LieVarious Artist - Gods Of Darknessnuclearblast
22. 2011-05-02DissectionNight's BloodStorm of the Light's Banenuclearblast
23. 2010-01-11Repulsive DissectionHuman ContemptCut Open the Aberrationsevared
24. 2009-12-21Repulsive DissectionSepticemiaCut Open the Aberrationsevared
25. 2009-12-14Repulsive DissectionGenetically DerangedCut Open the Aberrationsevared
26. 2009-06-29DissectionThorns of Crimson DeathStorm of the Light's Banenuclearblast
27. 2009-05-25DissectionThorns of Crimson DeathStorm of the Light's Banenuclearblast
28. 2008-12-01DissectionUnhallowedStorm of the Light's Banenuclearblast
29. 2008-10-27DissectionNight's BloodStorm of the Light's Banenuclearblast
30. 2008-02-04DissectionNight's BloodStorm of the Light's Banenuclearblast
31. 2008-01-07DissectionSon Of The MourningThe Past Is Alivenecropolis
32. 2007-10-29DissectionWhere Dead Angels LieStorm of the Light's Banenuclearblast
33. 2007-01-01dissection#2 (past is a live)
34. 2006-12-25dissectionnight's blood
35. 2006-09-04dissectionUnhallowed
36. 2006-08-28dissection#5 (the past is alive)
37. 2006-08-14dissectionblack dragon
38. 2006-05-29dissectionbeyond the horizon
39. 2006-05-01dissectionnight's blood
40. 2005-02-28dissectionthorns of crimson death
41. 2004-09-06dissectionWhere Dead Angels Lie
42. 2004-05-03dissectionfrozen
43. 2004-03-29dissectionunhallowed
44. 2004-01-19dissectionthorns of crimson death
45. 2004-01-12dissectionWhere Dead Angels Lie
46. 2003-10-13dissectionsatanized
47. 2003-09-22dissectionsoulreaper
48. 2003-07-22DissectionUnhallowed
49. 2003-02-11DissectionRetribution-storm of the Light's Bane
50. 2002-09-10Dissection#1
51. 2002-06-04DissectionUnhallowed
52. 2001-11-20DissectionNight's Blood
53. 2001-09-11DissectionUnhallowed
54. 2001-09-11DissectionUnhallowed
55. 2001-05-29DissectionNight's Blood
56. 2001-03-13DissectionWhere Dead Angels Lie
57. 2001-02-20DissectionUnhallowed
58. 2000-11-14DissectionWhere Dead Angels Lie
59. 2000-11-14DissectionWhere Dead Angels Lie
60. 2000-07-31Dissection#5
61. 2000-05-15Dissection#4
62. 2000-05-08DissectionNight's Blood
63. 2000-02-14DissectionNight's Blood
64. 1999-12-20DissectionWhere Dead Angels Lie
65. 1999-12-13Dissection#6
66. 1999-11-22Dissection#4 (whre dead angels lie)
67. 1999-10-25Dissection#4
68. 1999-09-20DissectionUnhallowed
69. 1999-09-06DissectionAntichrist
70. 1999-06-28Dissection#3
71. 1999-06-28Dissection#4
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