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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1239 playlist up with 52613 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-12-06MartyrAll Warriors BloodCircle of 8Metal Blade
2. 2021-06-07TYRANT (U.S.)06 Pieces of MineHereafterShadow Kingdom Records
3. 2021-05-31MartyrvoreHymns To Unholy Blasphemy7" CompilationNecromancer Records
4. 2021-04-05MartyrdomWastelandsSlaying GiantsPulverised Records
5. 2021-02-22MartyrdödWar on PeaceHexhammaren (Bonus Track Version)
6. 2021-02-01martyrvoredeath godssatanic forces
7. 2020-11-30MartyrAfterlifeCircle of 8Metal Blade
8. 2020-11-02MartyrdödHelveteslarmHexhammaren (Bonus Track Version)
9. 2020-09-14MartyrFeast of VerminFeeding the AbscessGaly Records
10. 2020-07-27Tyrant Goatgaldrakona01 Conspiracy With MarquisMarquis of Evil 7" EPBlood Harvest Records
11. 2020-07-27TyrantWe've SurrenderedThe Tyrant AnthologySteel Legacy Records
12. 2020-07-20MartyrdomColossusSlaying GiantsPulverised Records
13. 2020-06-29TyrranicideThink For YourselfGod Save The Scene
14. 2020-05-04TYRANT (U.S.)03 The Darkness ComesHereafterShadow Kingdom Records
15. 2020-04-27SatyriconMother NorthNemesis DivinaThe End
16. 2020-02-24MartyrddCashless SocietyHexhammaren (Bonus Track Version)
17. 2019-11-18MartyrddIn the Dead of NightHexhammaren (Bonus Track Version)
18. 2019-11-18Martyr DefiledThe Taste Of IronNo Hope No MoralitySiege of Amida
19. 2019-09-16TrWhere Eagles DareValkyrjaMetal Blade Records
20. 2019-09-16Martyr ADBroken MouthThe Human Condition in Twelve FractionsFerret Old
21. 2019-09-09MartyrdomSlaying GiantsSlaying GiantsPulverised Records
22. 2019-08-26Martyr ADA Suicide Note in BrailleThe Human Condition in Twelve FractionsFerret Old
23. 2019-08-19MartyrddBait and SwitchHexhammaren (Bonus Track Version)
24. 2019-02-18TyrantShadows of the NightThe Tyrant AnthologySteel Legacy Records
25. 2019-02-11TrThe Hammer Of ThorRagnaroknapalm
26. 2018-12-17TyrantGhost WaltzUnder the Dark Mystic SkyChrome Dreams
27. 2018-07-16SatyriconSuffering the TyrantsVolcanoRed Ink
28. 2018-07-02Sig:Ar:TyrBlood of the NorthGodsagaMorbid Winter Records
29. 2018-05-07SatyriconThe King Of The ShadowthroneThe ShadowthroneMoonfog
30. 2018-03-05Woe Of TyrantsCreatures Of The MireThrenodyMetal Blade
31. 2018-03-05TyrantOne More KnightThe Tyrant AnthologySteel Legacy Records
32. 2018-02-19TyrantViceUnder the Dark Mystic SkyChrome Dreams
33. 2017-09-11SatyriconThat Darkness Shall Be EternalNow, DiabolicalCentury Media Records
34. 2017-08-07Woe Of TyrantsSounding JerusalemKingdom of MightMetal Blade
35. 2017-06-26TyrantGhost WaltzUnder the Dark Mystic SkyChrome Dreams
36. 2016-10-31martyrvoresatanic forcessatanic forces
37. 2016-10-24SatyriconIn The Mist By The HillsThe ShadowthroneMoonfog
38. 2016-09-12SatyriconWoods To EternityThe Shadowthrone
39. 2016-02-22MartyrvorePentagram Gateway7" CompilationNecromancer Records
40. 2016-02-08MartyrSilent ScienceFeeding the AbscessGaly Records
41. 2016-02-08MartyrdomMalodorousSlaying GiantsPulverised Records
42. 2015-11-09The Great TyrantClosing InThe Trouble with Being Bornrelapse
43. 2015-10-26TyrantTwo Down One To GoFight For Your Life
44. 2015-08-24MartyrdomWastelandsSlaying Giantspulverised
45. 2015-08-17MartyrLost in SanityFeeding the Abscessgaly
46. 2015-08-10TyrantMetal RulesFight For Your Life
47. 2015-06-15Jesus MartyrNext Biological CrisisSudamerican Pornorepulse
48. 2015-05-11Tyrant GoatgaldkrakonaHorns In The DarkHorns In The DarkBlood Harvest
49. 2015-05-11SatyriconRepined Bastard NationLive At The Operanapalm
50. 2015-05-04Jesus MartyrCarnivoreSudamerican Pornorepulse
51. 2015-02-16MartyrNameless, Faceless, NeverbornFeeding the Abscessgaly
52. 2014-11-24MartyrvorePerversion RitesMalevolent Desolationiron_bonehead
53. 2014-09-15MartyrvoreGlobal AnnihilationMalevolent Desolationiron_bonehead
54. 2014-08-18Satyriconthe Dawn of the New AgeNemesis Devinacenturyblack
55. 2014-08-11MartyrvoreMouse Of The GraveMalevolent Desolationiron_bonehead
56. 2014-07-28MartyrvoreCrush The SealsMalevolent Desolationiron_bonehead
57. 2014-06-23MartyrvoreKatrinaMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
58. 2014-06-09TyrHold The Heathen Hammer HighBy The Light Of The Northern Starnapalm
59. 2014-05-12Martyr DefiledNo HopeNo Hope No Moralitysiege_of_amida
60. 2014-04-28Martyr DefiledSineaterNo Hope No Moralitysiege_of_amida
61. 2014-04-21TyranntLegions Of The DeadLegions Of The Deadmetalblade
62. 2014-04-07TyrLord Of LiesRagnaroknapalm
63. 2014-01-06TyrEvening StarThe Lay Of Thryumnapalm
64. 2014-01-06MartyrHavocFeeding the Abscessgaly
65. 2014-01-06MartyrvoreHymns To Unholy Blasphemy7" Compilationnecromancer
66. 2013-09-16TYRMare Of My NightValkyrjametalblade
67. 2013-09-02TyrHel Hath No FuryValkyrjametalblade
68. 2013-08-12TyrantGrudge Of DannouraVarious Artists - Satanic Ritesfullmoon
69. 2013-07-22MartyrvoreIron SatanMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
70. 2013-03-11TYRFields Of The FallenThe Lay Of Thryumnapalm
71. 2013-02-25TyranusOutbreak Of EvilOpen Gravecharred_bones
72. 2013-02-25TyrantUnder The Dark Mystic SkyUnder The Dark Mystic Skypulverised
73. 2012-08-06MartyrScene Of HellCircle Of 8metalblade
74. 2012-08-06TYROceanLandnapalm
75. 2012-08-06MartyrdomPath Of AbiminationSlaying Giantspulverised
76. 2012-07-30SatyriconDu Som Hater GudNemesis Devinacenturyblack
77. 2012-06-11TyrantWarriors Of MetalLegions Of The Deadmetalblade
78. 2012-06-11MartyrNameless, Faceless, NeverbornFeeding the Abscessgaly
79. 2012-03-19MartyrFeast Of VerminFeeding the Abscessgaly
80. 2012-03-12MartyrArt Of DesceptionCircle Of 8metalblade
81. 2012-02-27MartyrvorePentagram Gateway7" Compilation
82. 2012-01-30SatyriconBlack Crown On A TombstoneThe Age Of Neroroadrunner
83. 2012-01-16MartyrBrain ScanFeeding the Abscessgaly
84. 2011-12-19MartyrvoreDeathhammer7" Compilation
85. 2011-12-05MartyrInsensible ScreamCircle Of 8metalblade
86. 2011-11-28SatyriconMother NorthNemesis Devinacenturyblack
87. 2011-11-07MartyrArt Of DesceptionCircle Of 8metalblade
88. 2011-09-19TYRNine Worlds Of LoreThe Lay Of Thryumnapalm
89. 2011-08-15TYRFields Of The FallenThe Lay Of Thryumnapalm
90. 2011-08-08TYRShadow Of The SwastikaThe Lay Of Thryumnapalm
91. 2011-03-21MartyrvoreIron SatanMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
92. 2011-01-31Imperial TyrantsGrand Violator Of God's TriumphMCBL: Heathen Blood Cultold_cemetery
93. 2010-08-30Sig:Ar:TyrBlack Sun's BaneGodsagamorbid_winter
94. 2010-08-02Woe of TyrantsSounding JerusalemKingdom of Mightmetalblade
95. 2010-07-12Woe of TyrantsTempting The WretchedThrenodymetalblade
96. 2010-07-05Woe of TyrantsBloodsmearThrenodymetalblade
97. 2010-06-14Woe of TyrantsCreatures Of The MireThrenodymetalblade
98. 2010-05-24MartyrvoreDark Satanic ForcesMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
99. 2010-05-10Woe of TyrantsVenom EyeThrenodymetalblade
100. 2010-05-10TyranusOpen GraveOpen Gravecharred_bones
101. 2010-05-03MartyrdomPath Of AbiminationSlaying Giantspulverised
102. 2010-05-03Woe of TyrantsTempting The WretchedThrenodymetalblade
103. 2010-04-26TyranusThe Lord of the Sixth HouseOpen Gravecharred_bones
104. 2010-04-26MartyrdomMalodorousSlaying Giantspulverised
105. 2010-04-19TyranusOutbreak Of EvilOpen Gravecharred_bones
106. 2010-04-12MartyrdomSupremacySlaying Giantspulverised
107. 2010-03-29TyranusOpen GraveOpen Gravecharred_bones
108. 2010-01-04MartyrvoreDark Satanic ForcesMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
109. 2009-09-14MartyrLost in SanityFeeding the Abscessgaly
110. 2009-06-08MartyrvoreDark Satanic ForcesMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
111. 2009-06-01Woe of TyrantsThe Seven Braids of SamsonKingdom of Mightmetalblade
112. 2009-05-25Woe of TyrantsPearls Before SwineKingdom of Mightmetalblade
113. 2009-05-11Woe of TyrantsPearls Before SwineKingdom of Mightmetalblade
114. 2009-04-06MartyrLost in SanityFeeding the Abscessgaly
115. 2009-03-16TyrantListen to the PreacherVarious Artists - Best of Metal Blade Imetalblade
116. 2008-09-22TYRGandkvaedi TronderLandnapalm
117. 2008-08-25TYRBrenniunLandnapalm
118. 2008-08-11MartyrLost in SanityFeeding the Abscessgaly
119. 2008-07-14TYRGatu RimaLandnapalm
120. 2008-05-26MartyrvoreDark Satanic ForcesMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
121. 2008-05-19MartyrFeast Of VerminFeeding the Abscessgaly
122. 2008-05-12MartyrvoreKatrinaMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
123. 2008-05-05MartyrvoreIron SatanMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
124. 2008-05-05TyrIn BattleCandlelight USA Winter Sampler - Various Artistscandlelight
125. 2008-04-28MartyrvoreDark Satanic ForcesMartyvore-Witchtomb Split CDold_cemetery
126. 2007-12-31TYRBrothers BaneRagnaroknapalm
127. 2007-12-24MartyrLost in SanityFeeding the Abscessgaly
128. 2007-12-24TYRthe HuntRagnaroknapalm
129. 2007-12-03MartyrLost in SanityFeeding the Abscessgaly
130. 2007-06-11martyrbrain scanFeeding the Abscessgaly
131. 2007-05-21martyrbrain scanFeeding the Abscessgaly
132. 2007-05-07MartyrSilent ScienceFeeding the Abscessgaly
133. 2007-04-30MartyrPerpetual Healing [infinite pain]Feeding the Abscessgaly
134. 2007-04-23martyrnameless, faceless, neverbornFeeding the Abscessgaly
135. 2007-04-16martyrhavocFeeding the Abscessgaly
136. 2007-04-09MartyrFeast Of VerminFeeding the Abscessgaly
137. 2007-04-02martyrPerpetual Healing [infinite pain]Feeding the Abscessgaly
138. 2007-01-22tyranntinto the hades
139. 2006-11-06TYRwings of timeRagnaroknapalm
140. 2006-09-11satyriconmother north
141. 2006-07-03satyriconnow, diabolical
142. 2006-06-26satyriconthat darkness shall be eternal
143. 2006-06-05satyriconthe pentragram burns
144. 2006-04-10Martyrvoresoaked in blood
145. 2006-01-16satyriconnemisis divina
146. 2005-08-01tyrantghost waltz
147. 2005-07-25tyrantinto the hades
148. 2005-05-23tyrantinto hades
149. 2005-04-04Martyrvorewitch of death/holocaustterror
150. 2005-03-14Martyrvorewitch of death
151. 2005-03-14Martyrvoredeath gods
152. 2004-08-02martyr adbring out your dead
153. 2004-05-31tyrantghost waltz
154. 2004-05-24satyriconmother north
155. 2004-05-17jesus martyryour inner lachrymose
156. 2004-05-17martyr adlate night faith healer
157. 2004-05-03martyr adamerican hollow
158. 2004-04-19martyr adamerican hollow
159. 2004-04-12satyriconpossessed
160. 2004-04-12martyr adlate night faith healer
161. 2004-04-05martyr ADthe serpet and the flower
162. 2004-04-05satyriconfuel for the hatred
163. 2004-03-29martyr ADvalley of solitude
164. 2004-02-23satyriconmother north
165. 2004-01-12satyriconmoment of clarity
166. 2003-12-22satyriconfochekset
167. 2003-07-29Satyriconborn for burning (bathory cover)
168. 2003-07-15SatyriconMother North
169. 2003-04-08SatyriconForhekset
170. 2002-10-22Tyrantghost waltz
171. 2001-05-29SatyriconINPI
172. 2001-04-17Martyr A.D.Prozac Anecdote
173. 2001-04-10MartyrThe Fault of the Human ConditionFeeding the Abscessgaly
174. 2000-12-31Jesus MartyrBeyond Primitce Utopias
175. 2000-12-12SatyriconMother North
176. 2000-12-12SatyriconMother North
177. 2000-11-28SatyriconFathgrinder
178. 2000-09-04TyraneEnvenomed Suicide Angels
179. 2000-08-07TyrantGhost waltz
180. 2000-07-24Jesus Martyr100% Organic xxx-tasy
181. 2000-07-17SatyriconFilth grinder
182. 2000-07-17SatyriconFilth grinder
183. 2000-06-26TyraneEnvenomed Suicide Angels
184. 2000-04-10TyrantListen to the Preacher
185. 2000-03-27SatyriconPrime Evil Renaissance
186. 2000-03-06SatyriconTied in Bronze Chains
187. 2000-02-21SatyriconA moment of Clarity
188. 2000-01-17SatyriconTied in Bronze Chains
189. 2000-01-17Jesus MartyrGlamour of Divinities
190. 2000-01-10SatyriconHavoc Vulture
191. 1999-11-30TyrantMirage Beneath the Black Moon
192. 1999-11-22SatyriconMother North
193. 1999-11-08SatyriconDu Som Hater Gud
194. 1999-10-25Jesus MartyrBeyond Primitive Utopias
195. 1999-10-18TyrantInto the Hades
196. 1999-10-18SatyriconImmortality Passion
197. 1999-09-20TyrantThe God of Winter
198. 1999-08-16SatyriconImmortality Passion
199. 1999-08-09Satyriconnemisis divina
200. 1999-08-02SatyriconINRI
201. 1999-07-26SatyriconNemisis Divina
202. 1999-07-19SatyriconA Moment of Clarity
203. 1999-07-12SatyriconBlessed from Below
204. 1999-06-28Jesus MartyrSubamerican Prono
205. 1999-06-14Jesus MartyrNutritive Soul
206. 1999-05-31Satyriconthe Dawn of the New Age
207. 1999-05-24Jesus MartyrSudamerican Porno
208. 1999-05-17Jesus Martyr100% Organic xxx-tasy
209. 1999-05-17SatyriconForhekset
210. 1999-04-20Jesus MartyrGlamour of Divinties
211. 1999-04-13Jesus MartyrCarnivore
212. 1999-04-06Jesus MartyrNext Biological Crisis
213. 1999-03-22SatyriconMother North
214. 0000-00-00SatyriconHavoc Vulture
215. 0000-00-00TyrantDivine Death
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