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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1154 playlist up with 49216 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-02-17NettleCarrierNaar Han VaaknerNettleCarrierIndie Recordings
2. 2020-02-17WarhammerCurse of the Sabbath (Necronom's Evocation)Curse of the Absolute EclipseMetal Mind Productions
3. 2020-02-10Grotesque Organ DefilementThey Came From WithinNeurofibromatosisiND
4. 2019-10-28Waldgefluster05_RuinenfelderRuinenBindrune Recordings
5. 2019-09-23ImmolationAfter My PrayersDawn of PossessionMetal Mind Productions
6. 2019-08-26Waldgefluster06_Graustufen NovembertageRuinenBindrune Recordings
7. 2019-08-12ImmolationInto Everlasting FireDawn of PossessionMetal Mind Productions
8. 2019-08-12morbid saintLock up Your ChildrenSpectrum of DeathGrind Core
9. 2019-07-29Grotesque Organ DefilementHuman VivisectionNeurofibromatosisiND
10. 2019-07-29Soul ReaperWritten in BloodWritten in BloodMetal Mind Productions
11. 2019-07-15AsphyxEmperors of SalvationAsphyxCentury Media/Grind Core
12. 2019-04-08KampfarNattOfidiands ManifestIndie Recordings
13. 2019-04-08EneferensWeight of the Mind's PeriaptThe Bleakness of Our ConstantBindrune Recordings
14. 2018-12-24EneferensThis Onward ReachThe Bleakness of Our ConstantBindrune Recordings
15. 2018-12-10AnkhelgloknarIn the EndMortuus DeusOrgan Grinder Records
16. 2018-12-03WarhammerInfernal TempestCurse of the Absolute EclipseMetal Mind Productions
17. 2018-10-08EneferensAmethystThe Bleakness of Our ConstantBindrune Recordings
18. 2018-09-24PanopticonSubject (CD2)Revisions Of The PastBindrune Recordings
19. 2018-08-13Vomit RemnantsDecomposed Of StructureSupreme Entity (Reissue)Brutal Mind
20. 2018-05-07INIQUITOUS SAVAGERYPropagating a Pestiferous EnmitySubversions of the PsycheGrindethic Records
21. 2018-05-07OverthrowPhantom HeartsAdjust To DarknessIndie Recordings
22. 2018-04-02Aura NoirGrave DwellerAura NoireIndie Recordings
23. 2018-03-12Bleeding ThroughSavior, Saint, SalvationPortrait of the GoddessIndecision Records
24. 2018-02-05AghastCall from the GraveHexerei Im Zwielicht Der FinsternisCold Meat Industry
25. 2018-01-29NettleCarrierPaa Vaare Paaler deres hoderNettleCarrierIndie Recordings
26. 2018-01-08Morbid SaintAssassinSpectrum of DeathGrind Core
27. 2017-09-11ImmolationFall in DiseaseDawn of PossessionMetal Mind Productions
28. 2017-08-21ImmolationInternal DecadenceDawn of PossessionMetal Mind Productions
29. 2017-07-03Bleeding ThroughI Dream of JulyPortrait of the GoddessIndecision Records
30. 2017-05-08AbacinateLife is NiceOut of the System (Demo)Independent
31. 2017-04-03WaldgeflüsterWeltenwandererRuinenBindrune Recordings
32. 2017-01-23ImmolationBurial GroundDawn of PossessionMetal Mind Productions
33. 2017-01-23Falls of RaurosLabyrinth Unfolding EchoesVigilance PerennialBindrune Recordings
34. 2016-11-21Waldgefluster04_Und immer wieder SchneeRuinenBindrune Recordings
35. 2016-08-08Blood AxisEternal SoulBlótCold Meat Industry
36. 2016-08-08Cold Northern VengeanceCommunionDomination and Servitudebindrune
37. 2016-08-08AsphyxInitation into the OssuaryAsphyxCentury Media/Grind Core
38. 2016-07-04PanopticonClient (CD2)Revisions Of The PastBindrune Recordings
39. 2016-05-23NasumThe Idiot ParadeHuman 2.0Grind Core
40. 2016-05-02CompostedBrass Moose KnucklesPlump Up The Volumeossuary_industries
41. 2016-02-15ACCIDENTAL SUICIDEFlesh ParadeDeceasedGrind Core
42. 2015-12-27Maltese FalconMetal RushMetal RushMetal Mind Records
43. 2015-12-27Infera BruoProclamation II - The Silence EnfleshedIn ConjurationBindrune Recordings
44. 2015-12-21INIQUITOUS SAVAGERYSadisticSubversions of the PsycheGrindethic Records
45. 2015-12-21CompostedSlit 'N SlidePlump Up The Volumeossuary_industries
46. 2015-11-16Infera BruoFormlessIn ConjurationBindrune Recordings
47. 2015-11-09Infera BruoSend My Ashes NorthIn ConjurationBindrune Recordings
48. 2015-11-09Morbid SaintBeyond The Gates Of HellSpectrum Of DeathGrind Core
49. 2015-10-12PanopticonThe Long Road Part 3: The Sigh Of SummerRoads To The NorthBindrune Recordings
50. 2015-08-31Black Queen3rd KeyThe Directressindependent
51. 2015-08-24Inquitous SavageryCognitive DissonanceSubversions Of The Psychegrindethic
52. 2015-07-13CompostedTrollin 4 HoganPlump Up The Volumeossuary_industries
53. 2015-06-29Cold Northern VengeanceHeathen, Heretic, ScapegoatDomination and Servitudebindrune
54. 2015-06-29CompostedSIDS In The CityPlump Up The Volumeossuary_industries
55. 2015-06-15CompostedGone Baby GonorrheaPlump Up The Volumeossuary_industries
56. 2015-01-26Cardinal WyrmLeaves Of This Hanging TreeBlack Hole GodsIndependent
57. 2014-12-01Cardinal WyrmCult Of The Coiled SpineBlack Hole GodsIndependent
58. 2014-09-15Torn The Fuck ApartSkinned And SodomizedSexually Transmitted TortureOssuary Industries
59. 2014-09-08Torn The Fuck ApartDigested GenitaliaSexually Transmitted TortureOssuary Industries
60. 2014-08-25PanopticonBlack Soot And Red BloodKentuckyBindrune Recordings
61. 2014-08-11Cardinal WyrmCult Of The Coiled SpineBlack Hole GodsIndependent
62. 2014-07-28Cardinal WyrmDreams Of TeethBlack Hole GodsIndependent
63. 2014-07-21PanopticonThe Long Road Part 2: Capricious MilesRoads To The NorthBindrune Recordings
64. 2014-07-14PanopticonThe Long Road Part 3: The Sigh Of SummerRoads To The NorthBindrune Recordings
65. 2014-06-23Morbid SaintCrying For DeathSpectrum Of DeathGrind Core
66. 2014-06-09PanopticonOne Cold NightSplit-CD: Panopticon/Falls Of RaurosBindrune Recordings
67. 2014-04-07DungeonbatAngels In Tractionthe Stege of Edenstorming_sky_industries
68. 2014-01-27Nocturnal DepressionJoin Me With SuicideSoundtrack For A Suicide - Opus IIDeamxmind
69. 2014-01-13WaldgeflusterWie Wine Weide im WindMeine Fesselnbindrune
70. 2014-01-06WaldgeflusterWenn Die Morgensonn...Meine Fesselnbindrune
71. 2013-10-14AghastEnter The Hall Of IceHexerei In Zweilicht Der Finsterniscold_meat_industry
72. 2013-02-18God SeedTeethgrindingLive In Wackenindie
73. 2013-02-11PosthumUntameLights Outindie
74. 2012-12-24God SeedForces Of Satan StormsLive In Wackenindie
75. 2012-12-17NettleCarrierNaar Han VaaknerNettleCarrierindie
76. 2012-11-12DunderbeistEnter ExileSongs Of The Buriedindie
77. 2012-11-12NettleCarrierThe Boiling BloodNettleCarrierindie
78. 2012-10-29PosthumLeave It All To BurnLights Outindie
79. 2012-10-22NettleCarrierDemorielNettleCarrierindie
80. 2012-10-15PosthumAbsenceLights Outindie
81. 2012-10-08NettleCarrierI Helvete Kristus Skal ForgaaNettleCarrierindie
82. 2012-10-08PosthumDown On BloodLights Outindie
83. 2012-10-01NettleCarrierDemorielNettleCarrierindie
84. 2012-10-01PosthumScarecrowLights Outindie
85. 2012-08-06Broken HopeDevourer Of SoulsSwamped in Goregrind_core_intl
86. 2012-08-06NekromantheonThe Usurper CommandRise, Vulcan Sprectreindie
87. 2012-07-23KvelertakOffernattKvelertakindie
88. 2012-07-23ShinningFisheyeLive Blackjazzindie
89. 2012-07-09NekromantheonBlood WisdomRise, Vulcan Sprectreindie
90. 2012-07-09IntenseSocial WoesBurn In Beautiful Fireindie
91. 2012-07-02NekromantheonRaised By DogsRise, Vulcan Sprectreindie
92. 2012-07-02IntenseSurviving Self LoathingBurn In Beautiful Fireindie
93. 2012-06-18NekromantheonCoven Of The MinotaurRise, Vulcan Sprectreindie
94. 2012-06-04NekromantheonTwelve Depths Of HadesRise, Vulcan Sprectreindie
95. 2012-05-21IntenseSocial WoesBurn In Beautiful Fireindie
96. 2012-05-14God SeedForces Of Satan StormsLive In Wackenindie
97. 2012-05-14NekromantheonBlood WisdomRise, Vulcan Sprectreindie
98. 2012-05-14DunderbeistFear & LoathingBlack Arts & Crooked Tailsindie
99. 2012-05-14DjervHeadstoneDjervindie
100. 2012-05-14IntenseOverratedBurn In Beautiful Fireindie
101. 2012-05-07God SeedTeethgrindingLive In Wackenindie
102. 2012-03-26KvelertakFossegrimKvelertakindie
103. 2012-02-20KvelertakSjohyenar (Hevets Herrer)Kvelertakindie
104. 2012-02-13KvelertakSultans Of SatanKvelertakindie
105. 2012-01-23KvelertakBlodtorstKvelertakindie
106. 2012-01-02EinherjerBalladen Om BifrostNorronindie
107. 2011-12-26EinherjerVarden BrenneNorronindie
108. 2011-12-05EinherjerBalladen Om BifrostNorronindie
109. 2011-11-21KvelertakOffernattKvelertakindie
110. 2011-10-24EinherjerNaglfarNarronindie
111. 2011-10-24KvelertakBlodtorstKvelertakindie
112. 2011-10-10Broken HopeBorivoj's DemiseSwamped in Goregrind_core_intl
113. 2011-07-25Broken HopeDismembered CarcassSwamped in Goregrind_core_intl
114. 2011-07-18God DethronedCadaversAncient Onescoldblood_industries
115. 2010-12-27God DethronedCadaversAncient Onescoldblood_industries
116. 2010-08-23Bleeding ThroughWake of OrionPortrait of the Goddesssindecision
117. 2010-07-26Broken HopeDismembered CarcassSwamped in Goregrind_core_intl
118. 2010-07-19AphasiaLearning From The Unknown ImageArcane In Thalassagrind_it
119. 2010-06-21AphasiaMerging ProcessArcane In Thalassagrind_it
120. 2010-03-01Cold Northern VengeanceA Dangerous WayfaringDomination and Servitudebindrune
121. 2009-12-28CrowbarA Breed ApartObdience Thru Sufferinggrind_core
122. 2009-07-20Cold Northern VengeanceA Past ForgottenDomination and Servitudebindrune
123. 2009-07-13WalkuntThe Midnightforest of the RunesGraveforests and their Shadowssteller_winds
124. 2009-07-06Cold Northern VengeanceA Dangerous WayfaringDomination and Servitudebindrune
125. 2009-06-22Cold Northern VengeanceHeathen, Heretic, ScapegoatDomination and Servitudebindrune
126. 2009-06-15Cold Northern Vengeancethe Abraxas TranceDomination and Servitudebindrune
127. 2008-12-29ResistOut of LineWe Want Our World Backindecision
128. 2008-12-22ResistResistWe Want Our World Backindecision
129. 2008-12-15ResistWe Want Our World BackWe Want Our World Backindecision
130. 2008-11-17ResistAgainst the WallWe Want Our World Backindecision
131. 2008-11-10ResistRunning In PlaceWe Want Our World Backindecision
132. 2008-07-28Bleeding ThroughWake of OrionPortrait of the Goddesssindecision
133. 2008-06-23Broken HopeDismembered CarcassSwamped in Goregrind_core_intl
134. 2008-04-28HemlockBugsNo Time for Sorrowblind_prophecy
135. 2008-03-03HemlockRed Sky RevolutionNo Time for Sorrowblind_prophecy
136. 2008-02-25CrowbarObdience Thru SufferingObdience Thru Sufferinggrind_core
137. 2008-02-25MODRed, White, and ScrewedRed, White, and Screwedindex_entertainment
138. 2008-02-18MODthe Big ItRed, White, and Screwedindex_entertainment
139. 2007-12-31MODI Gotta Get AwayRed, White, and Screwedindex_entertainment
140. 2007-11-12Pentagramsign of the Wolfself-titledeast_india
141. 2007-11-05MODDance around with SnakesRed, White, and Screwedindex_entertainment
142. 2007-10-08MODBalls of BreadRed, White, and Screwedindex_entertainment
143. 2007-10-01Dungeonbatautumn wore a crownthe Stege of Edenstorming_sky_industries
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