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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1096 playlist up with 46948 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2018-11-05At WarFelon's GuiltRetaliation Strikenew_renaissance
2. 2017-04-24Necrophagainsane for bloodSeason of the Deadnew_renaissance
3. 2017-04-24BLOOD FEASTBlood LustFace Fatenew_renaissance
4. 2016-11-21HellionRun For Your LifePostcards From The Asylumnew_renaissance
5. 2016-11-07Blood FeastFace FateFace Fatenew_renaissance
6. 2016-04-18Blood FeastVampireFace Fatenew_renaissance
7. 2015-04-27NecrophagiaPainful DischargeSeason of the Deadnew_renaissance
8. 2014-04-21AggressionTorment Or DeathVarious Artist - Thrash Metal Attacknew_renaissance
9. 2014-04-21Kublai KhanBattle HymnAnnihilationnew_renaissance
10. 2014-04-21BathoryEnter the Eternal FireUnder The Sign Of The Black Marknew_renaissance
11. 2013-11-18Deadly BlessingEscape The WrathAscend From The Cauldronnew_renaissance
12. 2013-11-11Blood FeastBlood LustFace Fatenew_renaissance
13. 2013-07-29Deadly BlessingMind BenderAscend From The Cauldronnew_renaissance
14. 2013-07-01Emetic LeprosyDeeds Of The PastVarious Artist: Thrash Metal Attacknew_renaissance
15. 2013-06-24Blood FeastDarksideKill For Pleasurenew_renaissance
16. 2013-06-17Necropolissilent screamVarious Artists - Speed Metalnew_renaissance
17. 2013-06-17Dream DeathMethod Of MadnessVarious Artists - Speed Metalnew_renaissance
18. 2013-06-10Metal Onslaughtprimal screamVarious Artist - Speed Metal Hell IIInew_renaissance
19. 2013-06-10Severe WarningThe Black PlagueVarious Artist: Thrash Metal Attacknew_renaissance
20. 2012-11-05Deadly BlessingSalem's LotAscend From The Cauldronnew_renaissance
21. 2012-09-10Blood FeastKill For PleasureKill For Pleasurenew_renaissance
22. 2012-04-23Iron ChristVagina DentataINRI EPnew_renaissance
23. 2012-04-23NecrophagiaPainful DischargeSeason of the Deadnew_renaissance
24. 2012-02-13BathoryWoman of Dark DesiresUnder The Sign Of The Black Marknew_renaissance
25. 2012-01-09BathoryEqumathornUnder The Sign Of The Black Marknew_renaissance
26. 2012-01-02At WarChurch And StateRetaliation Strikenew_renaissance
27. 2011-12-19Blood FeastVampireFace Fatenew_renaissance
28. 2011-05-09At WarGuttess SympathizerRetaliation Strikenew_renaissance
29. 2011-04-04Deadly BlessingSalem's LotLimited Edition EPnew_renaissance
30. 2011-02-14Deadly BlessingEscape The WrathAscend From The Cauldronnew_renaissance
31. 2011-01-10Blood FeastFace FateFace Fatenew_renaissance
32. 2011-01-03At WarCovert SinsRetaliation Strikenew_renaissance
33. 2010-10-18Blood FeastFace FateFace Fatenew_renaissance
34. 2010-09-06Kublai KhanDeath BreathAnnihilationnew_renaissance
35. 2010-08-09NecrophagaTerminal VisionSeason of the Deadnew_renaissance
36. 2010-07-19NecrophagaForbidden PleasureSeason of the Deadnew_renaissance
37. 2010-06-07Blood FeastThe Suicidal MissionVarious Artists - Speed Metal Hell volume 3new_renaissance
38. 2010-06-07Post MortemArmies Of The DeadVarious Artists - Thrash Metal Attacknew_renaissance
39. 2010-03-22Severe WarningThe Black PlagueVarious Artist: Thrash Metal Attacknew_renaissance
40. 2010-02-15At WarCreed of SniperRetaliation Strikenew_renaissance
41. 2010-01-25BathoryCall From The GraveUnder The Sign Of The Black Marknew_renaissance
42. 2010-01-18Blood FeastFace FateFace Fatenew_renaissance
43. 2009-11-02Metal Onslaughtprimal screamVarious Artist - Speed Metal Hell IIInew_renaissance
44. 2009-11-02At WarFYIRetaliation Strikenew_renaissance
45. 2009-06-08NecrophagaInsane for BloodSeason of the Deadnew_renaissance
46. 2009-05-04Blood FeastFace FateFace Fatenew_renaissance
47. 2009-04-27Post MortemCavemanThe Missing Linknew_renaissance
48. 2009-04-27PapsmearDie KillingVarious Artist - Speed Metal Hell 3nnew_renaissance
49. 2008-06-02Blood FeastBlood LustFace Fatenew_renaissance
50. 2008-05-19Blood FeastFace FateFace Fatenew_renaissance
51. 2008-03-31IndestroyShadowlordself-titlednew_renaissance
52. 2008-03-31Blood FeastMenacing ThunderThrash Metal Attack - various artistnew_renaissance
53. 2008-03-31NecrophagiaBeyond and BackSeason of the Deadnew_renaissance
54. 2008-03-31HellwitchTorture ChamberThrash Metal Attack - various artistnew_renaissance
55. 2008-03-10IndestroyJustice Sucksself-titlednew_renaissance
56. 2008-03-10Blood FeastR,I,P,Face Fatenew_renaissance
57. 2008-01-07Blood FeastBlood LustFace Fatenew_renaissance
58. 2007-12-10Blood FeastBlood LustFace Fatenew_renaissance
59. 2007-11-12regurgitationpesticideVarious Artist - Speed Metal Hellnew_renaissance
60. 2007-11-12Wehrmachtnight of painVarious Artist - Speed Metal Hellnew_renaissance
61. 2007-11-12NecrophagaMental DecaySeason of the Deadnew_renaissance
62. 2007-11-12Blood FeastVampireFace Fatenew_renaissance
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