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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1231 playlist up with 52305 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-11-15TERATOMA {spain}Painful Domainovertures of the flesh
2. 2021-06-28Sick of It AllThe Pain StrikesJust Look AroundCentury Media
3. 2021-06-07Seven Days of SamsaraForget Your Pain and Cut to the RefrainSDOS 1998 - 2018
4. 2021-04-19Dawn Of EndGlutton For Painep 2020
5. 2021-04-12Green (Durham)Anatomy of PainBeautiful Madness
6. 2021-03-15Funeral FullmoonBeyond the PainPoetry of the Death PoisonInferna Profundus Records
7. 2021-02-22CoronerTunnel of PainNo More ColorNoise
8. 2020-08-03HAD02 Ler i d°delig smerte (Laughing in deadly pain)MLPMe Saco Un Ojo Records
9. 2020-05-18MasterDoes No Feel PainFour More Years of Terror
10. 2019-09-16EyehategodTake as Needed for PainTake as Needed for PainCentury Media Records
11. 2019-09-16AosothCommunion through PainAshes of AngelsAgonia Records
12. 2019-07-15HeadrotEyes of PainGulping the RemainsPathos Productions
13. 2019-06-10MeathookPurification Through PainCrypts, Coffins, Corpses
14. 2019-04-15Hallow's evePain KillerMonumentEnigma
15. 2019-03-25Dark CenturyFrom Pain to FierceUnder Disorder
16. 2019-03-25Solitude AeturnusPainThrough the Darkest HourPavement Music
17. 2019-02-11NecrˇfagoScreams Of Pain - track 2/3Desire For Blood ( 1987 )
18. 2019-02-04Fear of EternityAtrocious PainSpirit Of SorrowMoribund Records
19. 2019-01-07Genocide PactPain ReprisalOrder of TormentRelapse Records
20. 2018-10-08HatebreedLife Is PainFor the LionsE1 Entertainment
21. 2018-05-21SINAYAAlways PainMaze of MadnessBrutal Records
22. 2018-05-07Sacrificial BloodTyrant Of PainSoulS For SaleHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
23. 2018-04-30ConvergeI Can Tell You About PainThe Dusk In UsEpitaph Records
24. 2018-02-12Nerve Gas TragedyEndless PainDemo
25. 2017-12-11Jungle RotImmersed in PainDead and BuriedSeason of Mist
26. 2017-07-03Horrid (Italy)03 Blood Painted WallsBeyond the Dark BorderDunkelheit Produktionen
27. 2017-06-19Paineaterpaineater - 04 infestation hellswarmHypersexual Violence Demo
28. 2017-05-29A Mind ConfusedSeducer Of Pain DivineAnarchos
29. 2017-05-29Conceived By HateAs the Fire Blessed my PainPestilence RebornXtreem Music
30. 2017-05-08MayhemCrystalized Pain in DeconstructionGrand Declaration of WarSeason of Mist
31. 2017-03-20Battle BeastBringer Of PainBringer Of PainNuclear Blast Records
32. 2017-01-30Abhorrence03 Holy Laws of PainTotally Vulgar - Live at Tuska Open Air 2013Svart Records
33. 2017-01-16Ripping CorpseFeeling Pleasure Through PainDreaming with the DeadMaze/Kraze Records
34. 2016-11-07CandlemassBearer Of PainAncient Dreamsmetalblade
35. 2016-10-24MerauderLife Is PainDemo 93 w/ Minusself-released
36. 2016-09-12The Handshake MurdersPainted ContortionistUSURPER
37. 2016-08-22GWARThe Private Pain of Techno DestructoCarnival of ChaosMetal Blade Records
38. 2015-11-30The AgonistThank You, PainLullabies For The Dormant MindCentury Media
39. 2015-11-09HiemsPainted BlackCold Void Journey (The Forsaken Crimes)moribund
40. 2015-11-02ZnowhiteTurn Up The PainKick 'em When They're Downenigma
41. 2015-08-17SlayerWorld Painted BloodWorld Painted BloodColumbia
42. 2015-07-20Misery IndexYour Pain is NothingOverthrowanarchos
43. 2015-04-27NecrophagiaPainful DischargeSeason of the Deadnew_renaissance
44. 2015-04-20SlayerWorld Painted BloodWorld Painted Blood
45. 2015-02-02Ne ObliviscarisPainters Of The Tempest (Part I): WyrmholesCitadelseason_of_mist
46. 2014-10-20Cold ColoursFrom This PainMMXIVself-released
47. 2014-08-25Cold ColoursFrom This PainMMXIVself-released
48. 2014-06-16Crimson GloryPainted SkiesTranscendenceroadracer
49. 2014-03-31Taste Hematic ChainsPain Me A MurderAmigdalaself-released
50. 2014-03-17Keep of Kalessinpain humanisedAgnen: A Journey Through The Darkpeaceville
51. 2014-02-24DismemberLive for the Fear (of Pain)Death Metalnuclearblast
52. 2014-02-17Judas PriestPainkillerPainkillersony
53. 2013-08-26Human Dosage FactorThe Pains Of Being Pulled ApartWhat A Horrible Way To Die!
54. 2013-07-01DarkaneIn The Absence Of PainThe Sinister Supremacynuclearblast
55. 2013-05-20Ambassador GunWarpaintedGolden Eagleprosthetic
56. 2013-02-18CoronerTunnel Of PainNo More Colornoise
57. 2013-01-14UlcerBloodpainted SalvationGrant Us Deathpulverised
58. 2012-10-22Ambassador GunWarpaintedGolden Eagleprosthetic
59. 2012-10-15Ambassador GunWarpaintedGolden Eagleprosthetic
60. 2012-08-06Dust BoltMarch Thru PainViolent Demolitionnapalm
61. 2012-06-25AnacrusisPaint A PictureManic Impressionsmetalblade
62. 2012-05-07SabbatPaint The World BlackMourning Has Broken
63. 2012-05-07Death AngelMistress Of Painthe Ultra-Violencenuclearblast
64. 2012-04-23NecrophagiaPainful DischargeSeason of the Deadnew_renaissance
65. 2012-03-12Black FlagLife Of PainDamagedsst
66. 2012-03-12MerauderLife Is PainDemo 93self-released
67. 2012-01-30ExmortisAnd There Was PainResurrection... Book Of The Deadxtreem
68. 2011-12-19DishammerPain In The AssVintage Addictionhells_headbangers
69. 2011-08-22Drive-by BukakkePain And Destruction (Demolition)Oozing Doomself-released
70. 2011-04-25KreatorEndless PainFlag of Hatecombat
71. 2011-04-04Throwing ShrapnelMichelangelo's Secret Paint Huffing AddictionBlackself-released
72. 2010-09-27DeathPainkillerthe Sound of Perseverancenuclearblast
73. 2010-08-16The Handshake MurdersPainted ContortionistUsurpergoodfellow
74. 2010-07-12DeathPainkillerthe Sound of Perseverancenuclearblast
75. 2010-06-14EyeHateGodTake as Needed for PainTake as Needed for Paincenturymedia
76. 2010-05-17In MourningThe Poet And The Painter Of SoulsMonolithpulverised
77. 2010-04-26DeathBite the Painthe Sound of Perseverancenuclearblast
78. 2010-04-12In MourningThe Poet And The Painter Of SoulsMonolithpulverised
79. 2010-03-15AosothCommunion Through PainAshes Of Angelsagonia
80. 2010-02-08One Dead Three WoundedThank God For PainkillersPaint The Townlxl
81. 2009-10-26Black AnvilAnd You Thought You Knew Pain!Time Insults the Mindrelapse
82. 2009-10-19Earth CrisisBorn from PainDestroy the Machinesvictory
83. 2009-07-06CoffinsThe Unspeakable PainThe Other Side of Blasphemyenucleation
84. 2009-06-29DeathPainkillerthe Sound of Perseverancenuclearblast
85. 2009-06-29Blessed DeathPainkillerDestined for Extinctionroadracer
86. 2009-06-22HatebreedI'm In Pain (obituary)For the Lionse1_music
87. 2009-06-15HatebreedLife is Pain (Merauder)For the Lionse1_music
88. 2009-02-16EyeHateGodTake as Needed for PainTake as Needed for Paincenturymedia
89. 2009-02-16Opethby the pain i see in othersDeliverencekoch
90. 2009-01-05The Handshake MurdersPainted ContortionistUsurpergoodfellow
91. 2008-03-31Holy TerrorDebt of PainMind Warsroadracer
92. 2008-02-04Dour CursivaPaint Kills PeopleVoices Through Wireshold_true
93. 2008-01-21Blessed DeathPainkillerDestined for Extinctionroadracer
94. 2007-12-24Corporation 187Perfection in PainSubliminal Fearwicked_world
95. 2007-11-12Wehrmachtnight of painVarious Artist - Speed Metal Hellnew_renaissance
96. 2007-10-08Nodes of RanvierPurpose in PainDefined by Strugglevictory
97. 2007-09-17ObituaryFeel the PainXecutioner's Returncandlelight
98. 2007-09-10ObituaryFeel the PainXecutioner's Returncandlelight
99. 2007-07-16Earth CrisisBorn from PainDestroy the Machinesvictory
100. 2007-07-16The Handshake MurdersPainted ContortionistUsurpergoodfellow
101. 2007-06-18One Man Armyheaven knows no painError in Evolutionnuclearblast
102. 2007-06-11DeathPainkiller
103. 2007-05-07The Handshake MurdersPainted Contortionist
104. 2007-04-30MartyrPerpetual Healing [infinite pain]Feeding the Abscessgaly
105. 2007-04-02martyrPerpetual Healing [infinite pain]Feeding the Abscessgaly
106. 2007-04-02deathfallkings of pain
107. 2007-02-26this endinginto pain
108. 2006-12-18of the betrayeda painful memory
109. 2006-11-27into eternitypain through breathing
110. 2006-10-16angraego painted grey
111. 2006-09-11deathPainkiller
112. 2006-08-28sacrumsource of pain
113. 2006-08-14Throwing Shrapnelmichelangelo's secret paint huffing addiction
114. 2006-05-08speed kill hateface the pain
115. 2006-02-20Drawn and Quarteredpossessions of pain
116. 2006-01-23hurtlockerpainted red
117. 2005-12-26gorerottedpain
118. 2005-08-15Suicidal TendenciesI feel your pain and I survive
119. 2005-07-11burn in silenceprimal human pain
120. 2005-05-16dark angelpain's invention madness
121. 2005-04-18Wehrmachtnight of pain
122. 2005-03-14God Dethronedarch enemy spain
123. 2005-02-28napalm deathnight of pain (wehrmacht)
124. 2005-02-21God Dethronedarch enemy spain
125. 2005-02-14As I Lay Dyingthe pain of separation
126. 2005-01-24deathPainkiller
127. 2005-01-10napalm deathnight of pain (wehrmacht cover)
128. 2004-12-27nerve gas tragedyendless pain
129. 2004-12-13nerve gas tragedyendless pain
130. 2004-11-15Wehrmachtnight of pain
131. 2004-10-25deathPainkiller
132. 2004-09-20keep of kalessinpain humanised
133. 2004-08-23deathbite the pain
134. 2004-08-23opethby the pain I see in others
135. 2004-08-02Glass Casketscarlet paint and gasoline
136. 2004-07-26heaven shall burnnumbing the pain
137. 2004-05-31heaven shall burnnumbing the pain
138. 2004-05-10calibanroots of pain
139. 2004-04-19Glass Casketscarlet paint and gasoline
140. 2004-04-12anodynelife of pain
141. 2004-03-29Glass Casketscarlet paint and gasoline
142. 2004-03-29opethby the pain I see in others
143. 2004-03-08Uphill Battleshifting pain
144. 2004-01-26stomping groundpain is weakness (leaving the body)
145. 2003-11-10opethby the pain I see in others
146. 2003-10-13Dew Scentednew found pain
147. 2003-04-22Corporation 187Perfection in Pain
148. 2003-04-01Corporation 1872nd Pain
149. 2003-03-04Corporation 187Perfection in Pain
150. 2003-01-07Opethby the pain I see in Others
151. 2002-12-31OpethBy the Pain I see in Others
152. 2002-11-12opethby the pain i see in others
153. 2002-07-30VehemenceFantasy from Pain
154. 2002-06-25SwivelCanyon of Pain
155. 2002-04-02Misery IndexYour Pain is Nothing
156. 2002-03-12The BerzerkerPainself-titledearache
157. 2002-03-12Silence ErebusMy Pain Kingdom
158. 2002-02-19VirulencePainting
159. 2002-01-15SlayerHere comes the Pain
160. 2002-01-15DeathPainkiller
161. 2002-01-15VehemenceFantasy from Pain
162. 2002-01-08VehemenceFantasy from Pain
163. 2001-12-04SwivelCanyon of Pain
164. 2001-08-21SwivelCayons of Pain
165. 2001-08-21SwivelCayons of Pain
166. 2001-07-17MayhemCrystilized in Pain Deconstruction
167. 2000-12-25DeathPainkiller
168. 2000-10-17NecrophagaPainfull Discharge
169. 2000-10-17NecrophagaPainfull Discharge
170. 2000-06-26BurialEnlightened with Pain
171. 2000-06-26SepulturaRip (Rest in Pain)
172. 1999-12-06DeathPainkiller
173. 1999-11-01DeathPainkiller
174. 1999-08-23AgallochThe painted Fire Across the Skyline
175. 1997-10-20DismemberLive for the Fear (of Pain)
176. 1997-06-30CovenantPainamplifier
177. 1997-06-30AAAKPainaplifier
178. 1997-06-23Agnostic FrontVictim in PainVictim In Painrelativity
179. 1997-05-19Mortal RemainsPain Elemental
180. 1997-04-14FueledTake the Pain
181. 1997-04-08Downloadthe Eyes of Stanley Pain
182. 1997-03-31SwivelCanyon of Pain
183. 1997-01-13STGRazor Raped Pain
184. 1996-12-30AAAKPain Amplifier
185. 1996-09-30STGRazor-raped Pain
186. 1996-09-09AAAKPain Maplifier
187. 1996-09-09STGRazor Riped Pain
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