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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1285 playlist up with 54192 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-05-16AdramelchFearful VisionsIrae Melanox
2. 2022-04-18RageReign Of FearReign Of Fearnoise
3. 2022-04-18OmenDon't Fear The NightWarning Of DangerMetal Blade
4. 2022-01-17Black Death (Cleveland)Fear No EvilBlack DeathHells Headbangers Records
5. 2021-12-13HiraxHate, Fear And PowerHate, fear & power
6. 2021-12-06ParricideFearAccustomed to Illusion (Demo)
7. 2021-10-25EstuaryHeirs to the Throne of FearThe Craft of ContradictionIbex Moon Records
8. 2021-05-24DismemberWhere Angels Fear to TreadWhere Ironcrosses GrowCandlelight Records
9. 2020-12-07COFFINS02 Coffins - Born From FearSplit (CD, LP)-COFFINS/DEPRESSION (Germany)Hells Headbangers Records
10. 2020-11-02Fuck The Facts01 Doubt, Fear, NeglectPleine Noirceur - Out Nov 20thNoise Salvation
11. 2020-09-28Amon AmarthWithout FearOnce Sent From the Golden Hall
12. 2020-09-28Savage GraceFear My WayMaster Of Disguise
13. 2020-09-07Hanover FistFear No EvilHanover Fist
14. 2020-08-31OverkillFear His NameTaking OverMegaforce
15. 2020-06-01ScannerGrapes Of FearHypertraceNoise
16. 2019-12-30VortexFearlessThem Witches
17. 2019-12-02Sun Of The DyingA Cold Unnamed FearThe Earth Is SilentAOP Records
18. 2019-09-09Blaze of PerditionCold Morning FearsNear Death RevelationsAgonia Records
19. 2019-05-27ExpulsionMask of FearNightmare FutureRelapse Records
20. 2019-05-27Vlad TepesMisery Fear And Storm Hunger2004 Black Legions Spirits
21. 2018-12-24MayhemPagan FearsArmageddon Over Wacken Live 2004, Disc 1Armageddon Entertainment
22. 2018-12-03DestructionSign Of FearRelease From Agony
23. 2018-11-12The SpiritCosmic FearSounds From The VortexNuclear Blast Records
24. 2018-11-05RageDon't Fear the WinterPerfect Mannoise
25. 2018-08-06MalignerReign Of FearAttraction to Annihilation CD/LPBlood Harvest Records
26. 2018-07-30One King DownMore Hate Than FearBloodlust RevengeEqual Vision
27. 2017-12-25NoctuaryConsumed by FearFor Salvation
28. 2017-10-09Fear Before the March of FlamesThe State of Texas vs Fear BeforeSpring Sampler 2005
29. 2017-10-09Before The DawnFear MeDeadlight
30. 2017-08-28One King DownMore Hate Than FearBloodlust Revenge EPEqual Vision
31. 2017-07-17ExpulsionMask of FearNightmare FutureRelapse Records
32. 2017-05-08Cerebral FixSkate FearDisaster of RealityXtreem Music
33. 2017-04-24DestructionSign of FearRelease From Agonyprofile
34. 2017-02-13Cephalic CarnageParalyzed by FearExploiting DysfunctionRelapse Records
35. 2017-02-13As Blood Runs BlackMy Fears Have Become PhobiasAllegianceMediaskare
36. 2017-02-06MayhemPagan FearsDe Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
37. 2017-01-09This Is HellFearless VampiresMisfortunesTrust Kill
38. 2017-01-09THE LURKING CORPSESFear the Wolf23 Tales of Terror (2LP)Hells Headbangers Records
39. 2016-10-31Nasty SavageFear Beyond The VisionNasty SavageMetal Blade
40. 2016-08-15After The BurialOf Fearful MenWolves Within
41. 2016-04-11BenedictionNightfearTranscend The Rubicon
42. 2016-02-01Nasty SavageFear Beyond The VisionNasty SavageMetal Blade
43. 2015-11-23Morbid AngelNothing But FearDominationicar
44. 2015-07-27CatalepsyObituary Feardemo 87
45. 2015-07-20ArtilleryFear Of TomorrowFear Of Tomorrowmetalblade
46. 2015-06-22Abolition A.D.Primal FearAfter Death Before Chaospulverised
47. 2015-06-08AmebixFear Of GodArise Plus Twoalternative_tentacles
48. 2015-03-30PallbearerFear And FuryFear And Fury flexiprofound_lore
49. 2015-02-23Morta SkuldDevoured FearsDying Remains
50. 2014-11-10ScannerGrapes OF FearHypertracenoise
51. 2014-07-28DismemberWhere Angels Fear To TreadWhere Ironcrosses Growcandlelight
52. 2014-06-16ScannerGrapes OF FearHypertrace
53. 2014-05-12Grim ReaperFear No EvilFear No Evilrca
54. 2014-03-10Saint VitusFearC.O.D.
55. 2014-02-24Iron Hand122 Hours Of Fear (Screamers)Liquid Assets 7-inchsafety_meeting
56. 2014-02-24DismemberLive for the Fear (of Pain)Death Metalnuclearblast
57. 2014-02-10Virgin SnatchState Of FearIn The Name Of Blood
58. 2013-12-30RepulsionLurking FearHorrifiednecrosis
59. 2013-10-07Kill DivisionFear Of LifeDestructive Forcemetalblade
60. 2013-07-08KonkhraFear Of GodReality Check
61. 2013-06-24Dark FuneralPagan Fears (Mayhem)Diabolis Interiumnecropolis
62. 2012-09-17RageDon't Fear the WinterPerfect Mannoise
63. 2012-08-13TerrorizerFear of NapalmWorld Downfallearache
64. 2012-08-13NileNatural Liberation Of Fear Through The Ritual Deception Of DeathAt The Gate Of Sethunuclearblast
65. 2012-07-02NoctuaryConsumed by FearFor Salvationlost_disciple
66. 2012-06-18CannaeSymmetry of FearHorrorprosthetic
67. 2012-05-14DunderbeistFear & LoathingBlack Arts & Crooked Tailsindie
68. 2012-04-16The Dillinger Escape PlanJim FearCalculating Infinityrelapse
69. 2012-04-02TerrorizerFear of NapalmWorld Downfallearache
70. 2012-03-19AbhorHearing Without FearAb Luna Lucenti, Ab Noctua Protectimoribund
71. 2012-03-12HumpmuscleFear Me (for I am huge and made of metal)Wichita Drawlself-released
72. 2012-02-13ImmolationSwallow The FearProvidenceself-released
73. 2012-01-02As You DrownSlave To The Kingdom Of FearRat Kingmetalblade
74. 2011-12-05Iron MaidenFear Of The DarkDeath On The Roadiron_Maiden_holdings
75. 2011-09-26AcaroThe Disease Of FearThe Disease Of Fearself-released
76. 2011-08-29In FlamesFear Is The WeaknessSounds Of A Playground Fadingcenturymedia
77. 2011-08-08At The GatesBlinded By FearSlaughter of the Soulearache
78. 2011-08-01DysenteryDecimation of FearInternal Devistationcomatose
79. 2011-07-25Amon AmarthSlaves Of FearSurtur Risingmetalblade
80. 2011-07-25Cave InSummit FearWhite Silencehydrahead
81. 2011-05-02AssassinNo FearBreak The Silencespv
82. 2011-01-31NecrosThe Power Of FearTangled Uprestless
83. 2010-12-13Fleshgod ApocalypseBlinded By Fearmafiawillowtip
84. 2010-10-04DestructionSign of FearRelease From Agonyprofile
85. 2010-07-19RageDon't Fear the WinterPerfect Mannoise
86. 2010-06-28DysenteryDecimation of FearFrom Past Suffering Comes New Fleshamputated_vein
87. 2010-05-17Bison BCFear CaveDark Agesmetalblade
88. 2010-03-15AutopsyFrozen With FearActs of the Unspeakablepeaceville
89. 2010-01-25At The GatesBlinded By FearSlaughter of the Soulearache
90. 2010-01-25As Blood Runs BlackMy Fears Become PhobiasAllegiancemediaskare
91. 2009-11-02DestructionSign of FearRelease From Agonyrock_hotel
92. 2009-10-26Skull HammerFear The TruthFear The Truthself-released
93. 2009-08-24Memory GardenThe Sum Of All FearVerdict of Posteritymetalblade
94. 2009-06-15Heaven and HellFearThe Devil You Knowrhino
95. 2009-06-08TankardEchoes of FearThirstafm
96. 2009-05-11NasumFear is Your WeaponShiftrelapse
97. 2009-05-04Lazarus ADThou Shall Not FearThe Onslaughtmetalblade
98. 2009-05-04DesensitisedIn the Grip of FearVirus of Violencepathos
99. 2009-04-13Holy TerrorMortal FearTerror and the Submissionroadracer
100. 2009-04-06DysenteryDecimation of FearFrom Past Suffering Comes New Fleshamputated_vein
101. 2009-01-26This is HellFearless VampiresMisfortunestrustkill
102. 2009-01-26Grim ReaperFear No EvilFear No Evilrca
103. 2009-01-19DysenteryDecimation of FearFrom Past Suffering Comes New Fleshamputated_vein
104. 2009-01-19EvergreyFearTornspv
105. 2009-01-12HumpmuscleFear Me (for I am huge and made of metal)Wichita Drawlself-released
106. 2009-01-05GorefestFearErasenuclearblast
107. 2008-11-10EvergreyFearTornspv
108. 2008-07-07At The GatesBlinded By FearSlaughter of the Soulearache
109. 2008-06-09MechannibalWings of FearPhobia Demoself-released
110. 2008-04-07Betrayed by AllFace Your FearsDisrespectself-released
111. 2008-03-31DestructionSign of FearRelease From Agonyprofile
112. 2008-03-24Betrayed by AllFace Your FearsDisrespectself-released
113. 2008-03-17At The GatesBlinded By FearSlaughter of the Soulearache
114. 2008-01-21HumpmuscleFear Me (for I am huge and made of metal)Wichita Drawlself-released
115. 2008-01-07DeceasedFearless Undead MachinesFearless Undead Machines (re-issue)notcommon
116. 2007-12-17FleshlessDefy the FearCzech Assault - various artistsrelapse
117. 2007-10-29Porcupine TreeFear of a Blank PlanetFear Of A Blank Planetroadrunner
118. 2007-10-08TerrorizerFear of NapalmWorld Downfallearache
119. 2007-07-23Cephalic CarnageLet them hate so long as they fearAnomaliesrelapse
120. 2007-07-23Porcupine TreeFear of a Black PlanetFear Of A Blank Planetroadrunner
121. 2007-06-18As Blood Runs Blackmy fears become phobias
122. 2007-05-21The Handshake Murdersinto the mouth of Fear-dissector
123. 2007-05-14Cephalic CarnageLet them hate so long as they fearAnomaliesrelapse
124. 2007-05-07Grim Reaperfear no evil
125. 2007-04-16As Blood Runs Blackmy fears become phobias
126. 2007-03-26Holy TerrorMortal fear
127. 2007-01-08vadershadowfear
128. 2007-01-08Dark Funeralpagan fears
129. 2006-11-27vadershadow fear
130. 2006-11-06Troublefear no evil
131. 2006-09-25the Taste of Silverfear not little one
132. 2006-08-28terrorizerFear of Napalm
133. 2006-08-07Autopsyfrozen with fear
134. 2005-10-24sacred reichlet's have a war (fear)
135. 2005-10-03mayhempegan fears
136. 2005-09-19Hypocrisyfearless
137. 2005-09-12terrorizerFear of Napalm
138. 2005-09-05heaven shall burnthe weapons they fear
139. 2005-08-01Thine Eyes Bleedregret your fear
140. 2005-02-07inheritancethis fear
141. 2004-12-27death without weepingall your fears
142. 2004-11-08devil insidebreathing fear
143. 2004-11-01death without weepingall your fears
144. 2004-07-26Malevolent Creationliving in fear
145. 2004-07-26humpmuscleFear Me (for I am huge and made of metal)Wichita Drawlself-released
146. 2004-07-19inheritencethe fear
147. 2004-06-28Watchmakercatalepsy of fearkill.fucking.everyonewillowtip
148. 2004-05-24heaven shall burnthe weapon they fear
149. 2004-05-17fleshlessdefy the fearCzech Assault - various artistsrelapse
150. 2004-03-01fantomascape fear
151. 2003-12-29phanton limbblinded by fear
152. 2003-11-10cannaesymmetry of fearTroubleshooting Deatheast_coast_empire
153. 2003-08-05Dark FuneralPagan Fears
154. 2003-04-15HumpmuscleFear Me (for I am huge and made of metal)Wichita Drawlself-released
155. 2003-01-28Napalm DeathForced to Fear
156. 2003-01-21FleshlessDefy the FearCzech Assault - various artistsrelapse
157. 2002-12-17Darkanethe Fear of One's Self
158. 2002-12-17CannaeSymmetry of FearTroubleshooting Deatheast_coast_empire
159. 2002-09-24Darkanethe Fear of One's Self
160. 2002-07-17Warhammerfear the reaper
161. 2002-04-30FleshlessDefy the fearCzech Assault - various artistsrelapse
162. 2002-03-26Enter SelfClandistine Fear
163. 2002-01-08nephasthInguiring Fear
164. 2001-12-11Cephalic CarnageParalyzed by Fear
165. 2001-06-19MayhemPagan Fears
166. 2001-05-29Dark FuneralPagan Fears
167. 2000-09-04Enter SelfClandestine Fear
168. 2000-07-17KataklysmLanments of Fear and Despair
169. 2000-07-17KataklysmLanments of Fear and Despair
170. 2000-07-10Enter SelfClandestine Fear
171. 2000-06-19Dark FuneralPagan Fears
172. 2000-06-12Cephalic CarnageOaralyzed by Fear
173. 2000-06-12VenomAll there is Fear
174. 2000-06-05Dark FuneralPagan Fears
175. 2000-05-29KataklysmLamants of Fear & Despair
176. 2000-05-22Dark FuneralPagan Fears
177. 2000-05-08Dark FuneralPagan Fears
178. 2000-01-24Dimmu BorgirNocturnal Fear
179. 1999-11-30TurmoilFear of Falling Down
180. 1999-10-04DestructionSign of Fear
181. 1999-09-20HumpmuscleFear Me (for I am huge and made of metal)Wichita Drawlself-released
182. 1999-09-06Shai HuludFearless Vampire Killers
183. 1999-08-21One King DownMore hate than Fear
184. 1999-08-21One King DownMore hate than Fear
185. 1999-08-09Shai HuludFearless Vampire Killers
186. 1999-07-26HumpmuscleFear Me (for I am huge and made of metal)Wichita Drawlself-released
187. 1999-05-24TurnmoilFear of Falling Down
188. 1999-03-29NoctuaryConsumed by Fear
189. 1999-03-22MayhemPagan Fears
190. 1997-11-24HumpmuscleFear meWichita Drawlself-released
191. 1997-11-10JumpmuscleFear Me
192. 1997-10-20DismemberLive for the Fear (of Pain)
193. 1997-07-21HumpmuscleFear Me (for I am huge and made of metal)Wichita Drawlself-released
194. 1997-06-30HumpmuscleFear Me (for I am huge and made of metal)Wichita Drawlself-released
195. 1997-06-23HumpmuscleFear MeWichita Drawlself-released
196. 1997-06-16One King DownMore Hate than Fear
197. 1997-04-14Peace SanctuaryFear
198. 1997-03-10Peace SanctuaryFear
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