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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1275 playlist up with 53860 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2012-07-16MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2012-07-16
3. 2012-07-16NeversayneverRevolutionCoordinate of Bludgeoncordial
4. 2012-07-16DamagedGlass Spine & Hearts Like JunkiesToken Remedy Researchrotten
5. 2012-07-16Remembering Neverplotting a revolution in A minorWomen and Children Die Firstferret
6. 2012-07-16LudicraPath Of AshVarious Artist - Metal Swimadult_swim
7. 2012-07-16
8. 2012-07-16Spawn of PossessionSpiritual DecepitionIncursorelapse
9. 2012-07-16DeathSpirit Crusherthe Sound of Perseverancenuclearblast
10. 2012-07-16SvartsynThe True LegendThe True Legendagonia
11. 2012-07-16
12. 2012-07-16Convergethe Saddest DayPetitioning the Empty Skyevr
13. 2012-07-16GazaWindowless, HouseHe Is Never Coming Backblackmarket_activities
14. 2012-07-16Fit For An AutopsyThe JackylDemo 2008self-released
15. 2012-07-16
16. 2012-07-16NileWhen My Wrath Is DoneAt The Gate Of Sethunuclearblast
17. 2012-07-16Grand MagusValhalla RisingThe Huntnuclearblast
18. 2012-07-16MorgothExit To TerminationCurse To Livecenturymedia
19. 2012-07-16Ministry Of HateBaggedAll Your Godz Are DeadMalicman
20. 2012-07-16
21. 2012-07-16RevocationNo FuneralChaos Of Formsrelapse
22. 2012-07-16Skeleton WitchThe Despoiler Of Human LifeBreathing The Fireprosthetic
23. 2012-07-16After the BombsForward Into Death
24. 2012-07-16Bolt ThrowerLast Stand Of HumanityThose Once Loyalmetalblade
25. 2012-07-16Where Fear And Weapons MeetThe Man Who Knew Too LittleThe Weapon
26. 2012-07-16
27. 2012-07-16VonWatainSatanic Blood
28. 2012-07-16WatainReaping DeathLawless Darknes
29. 2012-07-16Ripping CorpseThrough The Skin To The SoulDreaming with the Deadkraze
30. 2012-07-16NominonMountian Of HateMonumentombdeathgasm
31. 2012-07-16Anaal NathrakhLocus Of DamnationPassioncandlelight
32. 2012-07-16
33. 2012-07-16Bane of ExistenceEvicerationHumanity's Splintered Salvationself-released
34. 2012-07-16Dying FetusIn The TrenchesReign Supremerelapse
35. 2012-07-16Cannibal CorpseFollowed Home Then KilledTorturemetalblade
36. 2012-07-16MasterThe New EliteThe New Elitepulverised
37. 2012-07-16
38. 2012-07-16Feast EternalWith FireWith Fireopen_grave
39. 2012-07-16ScissorfightGranite State DestroyerNew Hampshiretortuga
40. 2012-07-16Non Compos MentisStalkerSmile When you Hatewonderdrug
41. 2012-07-16Hour Of 13Piste 5The Ritualisteyes_like_snow
42. 2012-07-16
43. 2012-07-16QuillsIn The Flickering Lightself-titledgaly
44. 2012-07-16Red FangHank Is DeadVarious Artist - Metal Swimadult_swim
45. 2012-07-16Only Living WitnessKnew Her GoneInnocentscenturymedia
46. 2012-07-16Black FlagBeat My Head On The WallMy Warsst
47. 2012-07-16MadballHardcore PrideLegacy
48. 2012-07-16Napalm DeathRise AboveDeath By Manipulationearache
49. 2012-07-16SodomBlasphemerOn Night In Bangkokspv
50. 2012-07-16
51. 2012-07-16Old Man's Childthe Spawn of the Lost CreationSlaves of the Worldcenturymedia
52. 2012-07-16Through the Eyes of the DeadBeneath Dying SkiesBloodlustprosthetic
53. 2012-07-16Bestial MockerySuicide BlasphemyChristcrushing Hammerchainsawhells_headbangers
54. 2012-07-16
55. 2012-07-16OdenwrathNightbutchery In The Oaken Pathsthe RavencultRavenpath
56. 2012-07-16Sadistik ExekutionBurnt OfferingWe Are Death Fukk You
57. 2012-07-16Burnt OfferingPrisoners Of Warself-titledwalkthrufire
58. 2012-07-16Obsidian TongueMoonroomVolume I: Subradiant Architecturedissociation
59. 2012-07-16WitchsorrowGod Curse UsGod Curse Usmetalblade
60. 2012-07-16DioMaster Of The MoonMaster Of The Moonsanctuary
61. 2012-07-16
62. 2012-07-16KamelotOn The Coldest Winter NightEpicaspv
63. 2012-07-16QueensrycheOperation: MindcrimeMindcrime on the Moorerhino
64. 2012-07-16Dark FortressThe UnfleshEidoloncenturymedia
65. 2012-07-16NephasthUseless CrossImmortal Unholy Triumphworld_war_iii
66. 2012-07-16A Life Once Lostthe Tidethe Fourth Plague: fliesrobotic_empire
67. 2012-07-16
68. 2012-07-16Paths of Possessionbring me the head of ChristPromises In Bloodmetalblade
69. 2012-07-16Six Feet UnderSnakesTrue Carnagemetalblade
70. 2012-07-16Random Acts of ViolencePoint of FailureUnleashinghamfist
71. 2012-07-16Kyoty11Undiscovered Country Of Old Death And Strange Years In The Frightful Pasttokyo_jupiter
72. 2012-07-16Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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