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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1126 playlist up with 48090 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-01-28TerrorMarch to RedemptionThe Damned, The ShamedCentury Media
2. 2018-12-03Agony Terror SystemSuddenly... The Amputation!3 Way Split CD
3. 2018-11-05Holy TerrorAlpha Omega - The Bringer Of BalanceTerror and the Submissionroadracer
4. 2018-10-08TerrorBetter Off Without YouLowest of the LowBridge Nine Records
5. 2018-07-02Northern TerrorScreams Of The ForestBlacker Than Black
6. 2018-04-23Holy TerrorThe Immortal WastelandMind Warsroadracer
7. 2018-02-19Northern TerrorRelentless CullBlacker Than Blackself-released
8. 2018-01-22TerrorKeep Your Mouth ShutTrustkill TakeoverTrust Kill
9. 2017-12-18TerrorizerHuman PreyWorld DownfallEarache
10. 2017-04-03Sheer TerrorJust Can't Hate EnoughJust Can't Hate EnoughBlackout!
11. 2017-03-13Extreme Noise TerrorPunishment SolitudeDamage 381Earache Records
12. 2017-02-06Northern TerrorThe Order Of WarBlacker Than Blackself-released
13. 2017-01-02Holy TerrorA Fools Gold-Ternimal Humor-Mind WarsMind Warsroadracer
14. 2016-08-22Extreme Noise TerrorJesus on My SideDamage 381Earache Records
15. 2016-08-22TerrorizerCondemned SystemWorld DownfallEarache
16. 2016-07-18TerrorizerEnslaved by PropagandaWorld DownfallEarache
17. 2016-05-23Extreme Noise TerrorWe the HelplessRetro-ButionEarache Records
18. 2016-01-04Terror (Cleveland)Carving TechniquesLegion of GoreHells Headbangers Records
19. 2015-11-02Holy TerrorJudas RewardMind Warsroadracer
20. 2015-08-24Terrordrome...For Mayhem To BeginVarious Artists - Greek Death/Grind Scene vol. 1
21. 2015-04-13TerrorizerStrategic WarheadsWorld Downfallearache
22. 2015-02-23Extreme Noise TerrorPeople Not ProfitVarious Artist - Grind Madness At The BBCearache
23. 2014-11-10Holy TerrorBlack PlagueTerror and the Submissionroadracer
24. 2014-05-19Excruciating TerrorAnother RejectionDevided We Fall
25. 2014-03-31Excruciating TerrorYou Reap What You SowDevided We Fall
26. 2014-03-10Unbounded TerrorDreamlordGrowing on Sorrow Demo 92
27. 2014-02-24Excruciating TerrorProphecy Of DoomVision Of Terror
28. 2014-01-06Excruciating TerrorUnder The Burning SkyExpression Of Pain
29. 2013-12-02Maze Of TerrorDamed To Eternal PyreSkullcrusherself-released
30. 2013-11-11Holy TerrorGuardians Of The NetherworldTerror and the Submissionroadracer
31. 2013-11-04TerrorRise Of The Poisoned YouthThe Damned, the Shamedcenturymedia
32. 2013-10-21Unbounded TerrorImmortal ViolenceNest Of Affliction
33. 2013-10-14Northern TerrorTears Of The MotherBlacker Than Blackself-released
34. 2013-09-09Maze Of TerrorRun With DeathSkullcrusherself-released
35. 2013-09-02Maze Of TerrorLord Of DestructionSkullcrusherself-released
36. 2013-08-26Maze Of TerrorHatred And RepressionSkullcrusherself-released
37. 2013-04-29Holy TerrorJudas RewardMind Warsroadracer
38. 2013-04-15Holy TerrorA Fools Gold-Ternimal Humor-Mind WarsMind Warsroadracer
39. 2013-01-14Northern TerrorLands of Freezing DeathBlacker Than Blackself-released
40. 2012-12-17Holy TerrorGardians Of The UnderworldTerror and the Submissionroadracer
41. 2012-11-05Holy TerrorChristian ResistanceMind Warsroadracer
42. 2012-08-13TerrorizerFear of NapalmWorld Downfallearache
43. 2012-06-18Northern TerrorFate Of A Doomed ShipBlacker Than Blackself-released
44. 2012-04-02TerrorizerFear of NapalmWorld Downfallearache
45. 2011-12-05TerrorizerRipped To ShredsWorld Downfallearache
46. 2011-11-14Holy TerrorAlpha Omega - The Bringer Of BalanceTerror and the Submissionroadracer
47. 2011-04-25TerrorizerDead Shall RiseGrindcrusher - various artistearache
48. 2011-04-04Terror 2000HeadrushFaster Disasternuclearblast
49. 2011-02-28Extreme Noise TerrorHuman Errorretro-butionearache
50. 2010-12-27TerrorizerRipped To ShredsWorld Downfallearache
51. 2010-12-13Holy TerrorDamned By JudgesMind Warsroadracer
52. 2010-10-25Holy TerrorDamned By JudgesMind Warsroadracer
53. 2010-09-13TerrorizerCorporation Pull InWorld Downfallearache
54. 2010-09-13Extreme Noise TerrorJesus on my sideDamage 381earache
55. 2010-06-28TerrorizerCorporation Pull InWorld Downfallearache
56. 2010-01-25TerrorPush It AwayLowest Of The Lowbridge9
57. 2009-11-02Holy TerrorBlood Of The SaintsTerror and the Submissionroadracer
58. 2009-05-04TerrorizerCorporation Pull InWorld Downfallearache
59. 2009-04-13Holy TerrorMortal FearTerror and the Submissionroadracer
60. 2009-01-05Sheer TerrorWallsOld, New, Borrowed, + Blueblackout
61. 2008-10-20Extreme Noise TerrorWork for Neverretro-butionearache
62. 2008-06-02TerrorNever AloneThe Damned, the Shamedcenturymedia
63. 2008-05-12Extreme Noise TerrorJesus on my sideDamage 381earache
64. 2008-05-05Northern TerrorScreaming of the ForestBlacker Than Blackself-released
65. 2008-04-14Northern TerrorLands of Freezing DeathBlacker Than Blackself-released
66. 2008-03-31Holy TerrorDebt of PainMind Warsroadracer
67. 2008-03-31TerrorizerDead Shall RiseGrindcrusher - various artistearache
68. 2008-03-249 Shocks Terrornew desi9 Shocks Terror/Killers Split
69. 2007-12-319 Shocks Terrornew desi9 Shocks Terror/Killers Split
70. 2007-12-17TerrorizerDead Shall RiseWorld Downfallearache
71. 2007-10-08TerrorizerFear of NapalmWorld Downfallearache
72. 2007-07-16Extreme Noise TerrorShallow ExistenceDamage 381earache
73. 2007-07-09Forever in Terrorthe Chosen OneRestless in the Tidesmetalblade
74. 2007-06-25Forever in Terrorin the face of the facelessRestless in the Tidesmetalblade
75. 2007-06-18Forever in Terrorto Burn Alone, to Burn AliveRestless in the Tidesmetalblade
76. 2007-06-11Forever in TerrorAll Left DrowningRestless in the Tidesmetalblade
77. 2007-06-04Forever in TerrorI'm not afraid of tomorrowRestless in the Tidesmetalblade
78. 2007-05-28Forever in Terrorupon your graveRestless in the Tidesmetalblade
79. 2007-05-21Extreme Noise TerrorJesus on my sideDamage 381earache
80. 2007-05-07terrorizercrematorium
81. 2007-03-26Holy TerrorMortal fear
82. 2007-02-05Extreme Noise Terrorraping the earth
83. 2007-01-22terrorizerdoomed forever
84. 2007-01-08terrorizercrematorium
85. 2007-01-01terrorizerneed to live
86. 2006-12-25terrorizermayhem
87. 2006-12-11extreme noise terroricon of guilt
88. 2006-12-04extreme noise terrorsubliminal
89. 2006-10-30terrorizermayhem
90. 2006-10-09terrorizermayhem
91. 2006-10-02terroralways the heardway
92. 2006-10-02terrorizerlegacy of brutality
93. 2006-09-25terrorizerdead shall rise 06
94. 2006-09-18terrorizerdarker days ahead
95. 2006-08-28terrorizerFear of Napalm
96. 2006-08-21terroralways the hard way
97. 2006-08-07Terrorizerripped to shreds
98. 2006-07-17terrorstrike you down
99. 2006-06-26extreme noise terrorlame brain
100. 2006-04-10terrorizerhuman prey
101. 2006-03-20extreme noise terrorwork for never
102. 2005-09-12terrorizerFear of Napalm
103. 2005-05-16terrorizerstorm of storm
104. 2005-01-31sheer terrorgoodbye farwell
105. 2004-12-20terror 2000Headrush
106. 2004-11-22terrorspit my rage
107. 2004-11-22terror 2000Headrush
108. 2004-10-18terrorspit my rage
109. 2004-10-04terrorall I've got
110. 2004-09-20terrorkeep your mouth shut
111. 2004-09-13terrorout of my face
112. 2004-09-06terrorovercome
113. 2004-08-23terrorno one cares
114. 2004-08-02terrorare we alive?
115. 2004-07-26terrorkeep your mouth shut
116. 2004-06-21terrordon't need your help
117. 2003-09-15terrorpush it away
118. 2003-09-15terror 2000Headrush
119. 2003-09-02Extreme Noise TerrorUtopia Burnt
120. 2003-08-26TerrorPush it away
121. 2003-05-27TerrorMy Bloody Rampage
122. 2003-04-22TerrorAnother Face
123. 2003-04-08TerrorBetter of without you
124. 2003-04-01TerrorNothing to me
125. 2003-02-11Extreme Noise TerrorShallow Existence
126. 2002-08-20Terror 2000Killing Machine
127. 2002-08-06Terror 2000Back with Attack
128. 2002-07-30Terror 2000Burn-out in Blood
129. 2002-07-23Extreme Noise TerrorWe the Helpless
130. 2002-07-23Terror 2000Infernal Outlaw
131. 2002-07-17Terror 2000in speed at night
132. 2002-07-09Terror 2000Headrush
133. 2002-07-02Terror 2000Back with Attack
134. 2001-03-20TerrortronLive in the studio
135. 2000-11-31Extreme Noise TerrorCrawl
136. 2000-07-24TerrorizerEnslaved by Propaganda
137. 1999-08-30Sheer TerrorCollege Boy
138. 1999-08-23TerrorizerAfter world obilteration
139. 1999-06-07Extreme Noise Terror3rd world Genocide
140. 1999-05-17Sheer TerrorCollege Boy
141. 1997-10-13Extreme Noise TerrorDownside
142. 1997-09-01Swap Terrorists#7
143. 1997-09-01Extreme Noise TerrorIcon of Guilt
144. 1997-08-25Extreme Noise TerrorShallow Existence
145. 1997-08-25Swap Terrorist#3
146. 1997-08-18Swap Terrorist#2
147. 1997-08-18Entreme Noise TerrorIcon of Guilt
148. 1997-08-04Extreme Noise TerrorJesus Within
149. 1997-03-24Swamp TerroristSkizzopierce
150. 1997-01-27Sheer TerrorCollege Boy
151. 1997-01-13Swamp TerroristsRight Here
152. 1997-01-06Swamp TerroristsOstracize
153. 1996-09-09Sheer TerrorCollege Boy
154. 1996-09-02Sheer TerrorCollege Boy
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