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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1364 playlist up with 56812 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-11-07OverkillDeny the CrossTaking Overmegaforce
2. 2021-11-01OverkillBelieve In The FightThe Wings Of WarNuclear Blast Records
3. 2021-05-03OverkillDeny the CrossTaking OverMegaforce
4. 2020-08-31OverkillFear His NameTaking OverMegaforce
5. 2019-03-11OverkillWelcome To The Garden StateThe Wings Of WarNuclear Blast Records
6. 2019-02-25OverkillA Mother's PrayerThe Wings Of WarNuclear Blast Records
7. 2017-11-06OverkillRotten to the CoreFeel the Firemegaforce
8. 2017-03-13OverkillLet's All Go To HadesThe Grinding WheelNuclear Blast Records
9. 2017-02-06OverkillOur Finest HourThe Grinding WheelNuclear Blast Records
10. 2015-11-23OverkillWrecking CrewTaking Overmegaforce
11. 2015-08-31OverkillEliminationThe Years of Decaymegaforce
12. 2015-06-22OverkillEliminationThe Years of Decaymegaforce
13. 2015-04-27OverkillFeel The FireFeel The Firemegaforce
14. 2013-11-11OverkillDeny the CrossTaking Overmegaforce
15. 2012-10-29OverkillI, HurricaneBloodlettingMetal-is
16. 2012-09-24OverkillEliminationElimination singlemegaforce
17. 2012-04-23OverkillEliminationElimination singlemegaforce
18. 2012-03-05OverkillFatal If SwallowedTaking Overmegaforce
19. 2011-11-28OverkillWrecking CrewTaking Overmegaforce
20. 2011-09-05OverkillDeny the Cross (live)Wrecking Everything (live)spitfire
21. 2010-12-06OverkillOverkillFeel the Firemegaforce
22. 2010-10-11OverkillHello From the GutterUnder the Influencemegaforce
23. 2010-07-26OverkillDeath RiderVarious Artists - Metal Massacre Vmetalblade
24. 2010-03-22OverkillDeny the CrossTaking Overmegaforce
25. 2009-12-21OverkillEliminationThe Years of Decaymegaforce
26. 2009-02-02OverkillHello From the GutterUnder the Influencemegaforce
27. 2009-01-05OverkillWho Tends the FireThe Years of Decaymegaforce
28. 2008-04-14OverkillRotten to the CoreFeel the Firemegaforce
29. 2008-03-31OverkillDeny the CrossTaking Overmegaforce
30. 2007-12-31OverkillDeny the CrossWrecking Everything (live)spitfire
31. 2007-12-24OverkillDeny the CrossTaking Overmegaforce
32. 2007-09-24OverkillShadow of a DoubtImmortalisbodog_music
33. 2006-11-20overkilldeny the cross
34. 2006-07-03overkilli hate
35. 2005-05-16overkillshred
36. 2005-04-25overkillbats in the belfry
37. 2005-04-04overkillloaded rack
38. 2005-03-28overkillplay the ace
39. 2005-03-21overkilllove
40. 2003-08-26OverkillDeny the Cross
41. 2003-03-25OverkillShred
42. 2002-11-19OverkillDeath Rider
43. 2002-08-06OverkillDeny the Cross
44. 2002-07-17OverkillDeny the Cross (live)
45. 2002-04-23OverkillBirth of Tension
46. 2001-10-23OverkillDeny the Cross
47. 2001-04-24OverkillDeny the Cross
48. 2000-11-14OverkillBleed me
49. 2000-11-14OverkillBleed me
50. 2000-10-31OverkillDeath Comes Out to Play
51. 2000-10-31OverkillDeath Comes Out to Play
52. 2000-10-17OverkillSkull Crusher
53. 2000-10-17OverkillSkull Crusher
54. 2000-05-08OverkillDeath Rider
55. 2000-04-10OverkillDeny the Cross
56. 2000-03-20OverkillDeny the Cross
57. 1999-11-15OverkillDeny the Cross
58. 1999-11-01OverkillPlaying with Spiders Skullkrushers
59. 1999-10-04OverkillDeny the Cross
60. 1999-05-04OverkillDeny the Cross
61. 1999-05-04OverkillWho Feeds the Fire
62. 1997-08-04OverkillUse Your Head
63. 1997-05-05OverkillTime to Kill
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