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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1113 playlist up with 47609 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-07-15DesultoryForever GoneInto Eternity
2. 2019-07-15VoidCeremonyProfane Accumulation of Execrable ReverenceDystheismBlood Harvest
3. 2019-06-17IngestedExtinction EventThe Architect of ExtinctionCentury Media (Universal Music)
4. 2019-06-17What Weapons Bring WarSevered SkyWhat Weapons Bring WarSelf-Released
5. 2019-06-17Dark FortressEvenfallYlemCentury Media Records
6. 2019-05-20UnleashedDead ForeverIn the Eyes of DeathCentury Media
7. 2019-05-20Pyrrhon5. Turing's RevengeGrowth Without EndHandshake Inc
8. 2019-05-13RancorousCold RevengeStealth Dominion
9. 2019-05-13Hellish Grave03 Revenant AwakeningHell No Longer WaitsHelldprod Records
10. 2019-05-13sevenday curseof every seasonafter the storm
11. 2019-05-06No Innocent VictimNever Face DefeatFlesh & BloodVictory Records
12. 2019-04-29Through the Eyes of the DeadForever Ends TodayThe Scars of Ages EPLovelost
13. 2019-04-15Diamond HeadDon't You Ever Leave MeBorrowed Timemca
14. 2019-04-01RageTrue Face in EveryoneReflections
15. 2019-02-18East of the WallClowning AchievementFarmer's AlmanacForgotten Empire
16. 2019-02-18General SurgerySevere catatonia in pathologyInternecine Prurience Rehearsal Demo III 09.90
17. 2019-01-28Departure ChandelierForever Faithful to the EmperorAntichrist Rise to Power LPNuclear War Now! Productions
18. 2019-01-07RAGNAROK08_The Eight of the Seven PlaguesPsychopathologyAgonia Records
19. 2019-01-07Hecate EnthronedRevelations In Autumn FlameEmbrace of the Godless AeonM-Theory Audio
20. 2018-12-31Satanic SlaughterForever I BurnLand of the Unholy SoulsNecropolis
21. 2018-12-24DoombringerLabirynth of Everlasting Fire/Ecstasy of Witch BloodThe Grand SabbathNuclear War Now! Productions
22. 2018-12-17OuijaCrossing the Seventh GateRiding in the Funeral Paths, Disc 1Blackend
23. 2018-12-17TEMPLE OF BAALHeresy Forever EnthronedThe Vision Of Fading Mankind - Temple of Baal-Ritualization splitAgonia Records
24. 2018-12-03WormreichRevelation IIWormcult RevelationsMoribund Records
25. 2018-11-12AbhorredForever WarWallowing in Utter Chaos
26. 2018-11-12AeturnusSworn RevengeBeyond the Wandering Moon
27. 2018-11-12InsomniumEvery Hour WoundsOne For SorrowCentury Media Records
28. 2018-10-29ChurchburnRelieved By Burning LeadNonce Shall Live... The Hymns Of MiseryArmageddon Label
29. 2018-10-08Sworn EnemyNeverIntegrity Defines StrengthNon EMI
30. 2018-10-08Pig DestroyerSnuff Film at ElevenProwler in the YardRelapse Records
31. 2018-10-08UnmooredNow and ForeverCimmerianChrome Dreams
32. 2018-10-01Eternal SufferingRemain Forever in MiseryRecollections of Tragedy and MiseryPathos Productions
33. 2018-09-17PIG DESTROYERDeny Everything (Circle Jerks Cover)‘Blind, Deaf and Bleeding’ EPRelapse Records
34. 2018-09-10ONLY LIVING WITNESSSome will never knowInnocentscenturymedia
35. 2018-08-27MucopusOne Is Too Many and a Thousand Is Never EnoughMulch?!?
36. 2018-08-20LeviathanRun ForeverDeepest Secrets Beneath
37. 2018-08-06PIG DESTROYEREveBook Burner (ADD 10/15)Relapse Records
38. 2018-07-30MithrasTime Never LastsOn Strange LoopsMithras
39. 2018-07-23WargasmRevengeWhy Play Around?profile
40. 2018-07-23Code OrangeForeverForever
41. 2018-07-23AnataBetter Grieved Than FooledConductor's DepartureWicked World
42. 2018-06-25YobIn ReverieOur Raw HeartRelapse Records
43. 2018-06-18GazaHe Is Never Coming BackHe Is Never Coming BackBlack Market Activities
44. 2018-05-28Inevitable EndCollapse in ReverseThe Severed InceptionRelapse Records
45. 2018-05-28Corpsefucking ArtBEVERLY HILLS CORPSEZOMBIEFUCKSevared Records - via Metalhit
46. 2018-05-21Sadistic IntentReturn to the EveIn Memory of Celtic FrostDwell Ministries
47. 2018-05-14Iron Maiden05 Seventh Son of a Seventh SonSeventh Son of a Seventh Son
48. 2018-04-30MotorheadDeaf ForeverBBC Live And In Session
49. 2018-04-09B'zrkerIt Never BendsSelf Titled 7"
50. 2018-04-02Kill DivisionLocked Up ForeverDestructive ForceMetal Blade Records
51. 2018-04-02VehemenceShe Never Noticed MeGod Was CreatedMetal Blade
52. 2018-03-26Black Mass Pervertor03 Suffering, Our Everlasting BlissLife Beyond the Walls of Flesh CD/12" MLP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
53. 2018-03-12OriginForneverEntityNuclear Blast GmbH
54. 2018-02-26Wastland RidersSeven Nations ArmyVarious Artitst - Extreme Metal Attack Festival ANNO XV 2018Helldprod
55. 2018-02-19LeviathanEvery Orifice Yawning Her PriceTrue Traitor, True Whore
56. 2018-02-19SHED THE SKIN05 Unbound RevenantHarrowing Faith (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
57. 2018-01-29Dead Dark SlideSummer Never EndsI am DeadDead Games Records
58. 2017-12-04GehennaNo One Will Ever Miss YouUpon The Gravehill
59. 2017-12-04PIGHEADRevengeful StrifeUntil All Flesh Decays
60. 2017-11-27NUPRAPTOR03 Burning The BelieversThe Heresiarch (CD, LP, TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
61. 2017-11-27Abysmal DawnLeveling The Plane of ExistenceLeveling The Plane Of Existence
62. 2017-11-20ArsisSeven Whispers Fell SilentA Celebration of GuiltEarache
63. 2017-11-20OBSCURASermon of the Seven SunsAkrasis (NA Promo)Relapse Records
64. 2017-11-20FallujahThe Night RevealsThe Flesh Prevailsunique_leader
65. 2017-11-20XibalbaNever KnellMadre Mia Gracias Por Los DiasSouthern Lord
66. 2017-11-20Breather ResistMidas in ReverseCharmerJade Tree Records
67. 2017-11-13Type O NegativeEveryone I Love Is DeadWorld Coming DownRoadrunner Records
68. 2017-11-13AyatEvery time a child says 'I don't believe in Allah' there is a little Allah somewhere that falls down deadCarry on, CarrionMoribund Records
69. 2017-11-13TONGUES..And The Ever Watchful CloudsHreiliaI, Voidhanger Records
70. 2017-09-11MotrheadWhite Line FeverMotrhead (Remastered)
71. 2017-09-11Brain CorrosionA Life No Womb Could Ever BreedSleazy Supremacy EP 2013
72. 2017-09-11Trap ThemDay 41 - Every Walk A QuarantineDarker HandcraftProsthetic Records
73. 2017-08-14SUMMON (U.S.)03 Eve Of Anti-CreationDark Descent of Fallen Souls (LP)Werewolf records
74. 2017-08-07Od'SaheCosmic Foreverpalace ov the Thousand NamesPhilosophy ov Self-destructionBlack Plague Records - via Metalhit
75. 2017-07-31NevermoreSeven Tongues Of GodThe Politics Of EcstasyCentury Media Records
76. 2017-07-17Pyrrhon5. Turing's RevengeGrowth Without EndHandshake Inc
77. 2017-06-19Nocturnal RitesFools Never DieGrand IllusionCentury Media
78. 2017-06-19AbigailProphecy of the Evening StarMantak / The Eastern Desekratorz
79. 2017-06-19ROOTRevenge of HellHeritage Of SatanAgonia Records
80. 2017-05-29IntegritySeven Sermones Ad MortuosSeasons in the Size of DaysVictory Records
81. 2017-04-03Bastard SaplingEvery Life Thrown To The EclipseInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media
82. 2017-02-20Cattle DecapitationThe Burden of Seven BillionThe Anthropocene ExtinctionMetal Blade Records
83. 2017-02-20DoroRevengeStrong And ProudNuclear Blast Records
84. 2017-02-13As I Lay DyingForeverFrail Words CollapseMetal Blade
85. 2017-01-23MassacraRevealing CrueltyEnjoy The Violence
86. 2017-01-09Discordance AxisVacuum SleeveThe Inalienable DreamlessHydra Head Records
87. 2016-12-26INVERLOCHFrom The Eventide PoolDistance Collapsed (NA Promo)Relapse Records
88. 2016-12-19ElvenkingNeverending NightsThe Winter's WakeCandlelight
89. 2016-12-05VircolacCharonic Journey (Stygian Revelation)The Cursed Travails of the Demeter mCDDark Descent Records
90. 2016-12-05HelmsplitterDenied The Light ForeverGreat Violence And Hidden Depths Split AlbumHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
91. 2016-12-05Judas PriestEvening StarHell Bent For Leather [The Remasters]
92. 2016-10-31One King DownForever Your EnemyGod Loves, Man KillsEqual Vision
93. 2016-10-24In DeathEvery BurialThe Devil SpeaksUnreleased
94. 2016-10-24Goddess of DesireMetal ForeverSymbol of TriumphMetal Blade Records
95. 2016-10-10Norma JeanEveryone Talking Over Everyone ElsePolar SimilarSolid State Records
96. 2016-09-19GRUESOMESeven DoorsDimensions of HorrorRelapse Records
97. 2016-09-12ProfanalA Call for RevengeSupreme FireIron Tyrant
98. 2016-08-29Crippler Cross FaceYou Will Never Know UsWhere Did We Put That Dead Horse We've Been Beatingurchin
99. 2016-08-29SargeistNocturnal RevelationLet the Devil InMoribund Records
100. 2016-08-22Vital RemainsCeremony Of The Seventh CircleLet Us Pray
101. 2016-08-15SpazzNot Even PhasedCrush Kill Destroy
102. 2016-08-08No ZodiacIrreversiblePopulation Control
103. 2016-07-25The CarrierEveryone Who I Knew and Loved Is GoneBlind to What is Right
104. 2016-07-25Despised IconGrind ForeverBeastNuclear Blast Records
105. 2016-07-18NailsYou Will Never Be One Of UsYou Will Never Be One Of UsNuclear Blast Records
106. 2016-07-11SURGIKILL03 Relentless RevengeSanguinary Revelations LPHells Headbangers Records
107. 2016-07-04Storm of ParticlesEverlastingStorm of ParticlesSelf-Released
108. 2016-07-04Bodies in the Gears of the ApparatusSeventeen Reasons to Die Wearing BlackSimian Hybrid Prototypethespew
109. 2016-07-04chroming roseNever Ending NightsPressure
110. 2016-06-27NailsViolence Is ForeverYou Will Never Be One Of UsNuclear Blast Records
111. 2016-06-20NailsViolence Is ForeverYou Will Never Be One Of UsNuclear Blast Records
112. 2016-06-13AscendancyForever DesensitizedBoston's Dead - Volume 1
113. 2016-06-13AeveronNever Led AstrayVVD - Destination Annihilation
114. 2016-06-06CHURCHBURNReturn To The Eve (Bonus Track)The Awaiting CoffinsArmageddon Label
115. 2016-05-23ExcelNever Look AwaySplit ImageRotten Records
116. 2016-05-16RamallahDays of RevengeKill a CelebrityThorp
117. 2016-05-16EyehategodLack of Almost EverythingDopesickCentury Media
118. 2016-05-09AbnormalityIrreversibleMechanisms of OmniscienceMetal Blade Records
119. 2016-04-18Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh SonSeventh Son of a Seventh Sonemi
120. 2016-04-18WargasmRevengeWhy Play Around?profile
121. 2016-04-11Lord BelialPazuzu - Lord of Fevers and PlagueThe Black Curse
122. 2016-03-21MotrheadCat Scratch FeverMarch r Die
123. 2016-03-14NoisemSeveredAgony Defined
124. 2016-03-07DESTROYER 666White Line FeverWildfireSeason of Mist
125. 2016-03-07Charred Walls of the DamnedForever Marching OnCold Winds on Timeless DaysMetal Blade
126. 2016-02-15Eye of the DestroyerEverything To GeinMethods of MurderSelf-Released
127. 2016-02-15K-X-PTo BelieveIII Part 2Svart Records
128. 2016-02-01Crossed OutNever ForgetDiscography - 1990-1993
129. 2016-01-18Power From HellREVELATIONS OF FLESHDevil's WhorehouseHells Headbangers Records
130. 2016-01-11Abysmal DarkeningA King ForeverSub Terra
131. 2016-01-04Dark AngelNever to Rise AgainLeave Scars
132. 2016-01-04KalmahBurbot's RevengeSwampsong [Japan Bonus Track]King
133. 2016-01-04SkycamefallingNovember's Neverending10.21 Full Length CDFerret Music
134. 2015-12-27Enter My SilenceNevernityRemote Controlled ScytheWorld War III Music
135. 2015-12-14Control DeniedBelieveThe Fragile Art Of Existence Remaster
136. 2015-11-23ThemForever BurnsSweet Hollowself-released
137. 2015-11-23Certo PorcosHate Never EndsOdio 666greyhaze
138. 2015-11-02Attackerthe Wrath of NevermoreBattle at Helms Deepmetalblade
139. 2015-11-02BansheeI BelieveCry In The Nightmetalblade
140. 2015-10-26RavensLecturn Of Burning Swords ReversedRavens Kriedxtreem
141. 2015-10-19Judas PriestNever SatisfiedRocka Rollacmc_international
142. 2015-10-19Publicist UKI Wish You'd Never Gone To SchoolForgive Yourselfrelapse
143. 2015-10-05Carach AngrenHaunting Echoes From The Seventeenth CenturyLammendam
144. 2015-09-28Only Living WitnessNinevehProne Mortal Formcenturymedia
145. 2015-09-28SnapcaseDecievedLookinglasself
146. 2015-09-28Blessed DeathDestruction's EveDestined for Extinctionroadracer
147. 2015-08-31NecropsyBest Day EverBuried In The Woodsxtreem
148. 2015-08-31AnnihilatorNever, NeverlandNever, Neverlandroadrunner
149. 2015-08-24PyrrhonImplant FeverThe Mother Of Virturerelapse
150. 2015-07-13Fuck the FactsEverywhere Yet NowhereDesire Will RotNoise Salvation
151. 2015-07-06AutopsySevered Survival21 Years Of Death, Doom, and Destructionpeaceville
152. 2015-06-22MasacreDeath Metal ForeverTotal Deathxtreem
153. 2015-06-08ChronosLord Of Plague And FeverEpilogo Funedre Demo
154. 2015-05-25Circle JerksDeny EverythingGroup Sex
155. 2015-05-11ReincarnationWeed For EveryoneVoidxtreem
156. 2015-05-04AeonForever NailedBleeding the Falsemetalblade
157. 2015-04-20KrugerAdam And Steve 1Adam And Stevelistenable
158. 2015-03-16Black TormentEverlasting Flame Of Satan In My HeartSatanic Holocaustold_cemetery
159. 2015-03-09Premonitions of WarBest Day Everthe True Face of Panicblackmarket_activities
160. 2015-03-09Vital RemainsForever UndergroundForever Undergroundosmose
161. 2015-02-16MartyrNameless, Faceless, NeverbornFeeding the Abscessgaly
162. 2015-02-16Creation of DeathNameless ForeverPurify Your Soul
163. 2015-02-02NyseiusExtinction Of The Seven Divine SpiritsDe Divinatoine Daemoniumatmf
164. 2015-01-19Putrid EvocationRevelation Of Hell's ApocalypseEchoes Of Deathxtreem
165. 2015-01-12ImpaledGorevertureDeath After Lifedeath_vomit
166. 2015-01-12No ZodiacIrreversiblePopulation Control
167. 2015-01-05My Dying BrideGether Me Up ForeverTrinityfierce
168. 2015-01-05Happy DaysFor These Wounds Will Never Be As Deep As This EmptinessCause Of Death- Life
169. 2015-01-05Forest of ImpaledI Metamorphosis (Birth of the Seventh)Demonvoidred_stream
170. 2014-12-29ArchspireSeven Crowns And The Oblivion ChainThe Lucid Collectiveseason_of_mist
171. 2014-12-29ThergothonEverlastingStream From The Heavens
172. 2014-12-29SidiousRevealed In Profance SplendourRevealed In Profance Splendourkaotoxin
173. 2014-12-15RegurgitateRevel in Mentral ExcrementsEffortless Regurgitation... the Torture Sessionrelapse
174. 2014-12-08FallujahThe Night RevealsThe Flesh Prevailsunique_leader
175. 2014-12-08Everytime I DieNothing Dreadful Ever HappensLast Night in Townferret
176. 2014-11-24DeathNothing Is EverythingIndividual Thought Patternsroadrunner
177. 2014-11-24NightingaleForever And NeverAlive Again: The Breathing Shadow Parth IVBlack Mark
178. 2014-11-17Animus MortisSeven DecreesTestimoniaatmf
179. 2014-11-03AtriarchRevenantAn Unending Pathwayrelapse
180. 2014-11-03NecrowretchEven Death May DieEven Death May Diecenturymedia
181. 2014-10-20MotorheadWhite Live FeverKeep Us On The Road - Live 1997
182. 2014-10-20WormreichRevelation III: Devotion's Final WarWormcult Revelationsmoribund
183. 2014-10-06SwallowedReverence Through...Lunarterialdark_descent
184. 2014-09-22Puig DestroyerFlags Fly ForeverPuig DestroyerNo Sleep
185. 2014-09-08Judas PriestNever SatisfiedRocka Rolla
186. 2014-09-01Abysmal DawnLeveling The Plane Of ExistenceLeveling The Plane Of Existencerelapse
187. 2014-08-25SwallowedReverence Through...Lunarterialdark_descent
188. 2014-08-18Arch EnemyNever Forgive, Never ForgetWar Eternalcenturymedia
189. 2014-08-18XibalbaNever KneelMadre Mia Gracias Por Los Diassouthernlord
190. 2014-08-18CrucifyreBaphomet's RevengeBlack Magic Firepulverised
191. 2014-08-18Trap ThemLet Fall Each And Every Sedition SymptomBlissfuckerprosthetic
192. 2014-08-11NecrophagistSevenEpitaphrelapse
193. 2014-07-07Population ReductionLegalize EverythingEach Birth a New Disastertankcrimes
194. 2014-06-30CarpathianSeventykIsolationdeathwishinc
195. 2014-06-02The NightstalkerIf I Have Never FeltAgainst The Anesthetist
196. 2014-06-02Burnt By The SunSoundtrack to the worst movie ever madeSoundtrack to the Personal Revolutionrelapse
197. 2014-05-05Agent SteelNever SurrenderUnstoppable Force
198. 2014-04-28MaismalCall Of The RevenantCursed Redeemercenturymedia
199. 2014-04-28Devil You KnowSeven Years AloneThe Beauty Of Destructionnuclearblast
200. 2014-04-21Sound BarrierOn The LevelThe Speed Of Lightmetalblade
201. 2014-04-14InsomniumRevelationsShadows Of The Dying Suncenturymedia
202. 2014-04-14WormreichRevelation IV: Enim Satanas Meum SanguinemWormcult Revelationsmoribund
203. 2014-04-07Blessed DeathDestruction's EveDestined for Extinctionroadracer
204. 2014-03-31KillgasmRevenge of the PanzergoatA Stab In The Heart of Christmoribund
205. 2014-03-17Burnt By The SunSoundtrack to the worst movie ever madeSoundtrack to the Personal Revolutionrelapse
206. 2014-03-03DamnatoryRevengeThe Whispering Forest
207. 2014-03-03Bleeding FistRevelation Of DegenesisDeaths Old Stenchmoribund
208. 2014-03-03WormreichRevelation III: Devotion's Final WarWormcult Revelationsmoribund
209. 2014-03-03TortorumSeverance And PerseveranceKatabasisW.T.C Productions
210. 2014-02-17ConvergeMy Unsaid EverythingWhen Forever Comes Crashingeqv
211. 2014-02-17HaemorrhageHospital ThievesLive Carnage: Feasting On Marylandhorror_pain_gore_death
212. 2014-02-17LvcifyreThe Fiery Spheres Of The SevenSvn Eaterdark_descent
213. 2014-02-10Bleeding FistRevelation Of DegenesisDeaths Old Stenchmoribund
214. 2014-02-10The Old Dead TreeDon't Wake Me Up (Those Who Never Wear White)The Nameless Diseaseseason_of_mist
215. 2014-01-27InsisionRevealed And WorshippedRevealed And Worshippedearache
216. 2014-01-20Sevenday CurseRevelationsAfter the Stormtortuga
217. 2014-01-13Eternal TortureNever Forgive And Never ForgetEtherealNoiseheadrecords
218. 2014-01-06TyrEvening StarThe Lay Of Thryumnapalm
219. 2013-12-30Blessed DeathDestruction's EveDestined for Extinctionroadracer
220. 2013-11-11ExodusFaster Than You'll Ever Live To BePleasures Of The Fleshcombat
221. 2013-11-11EmpyreSword Plan/Never Ending BattleThe Foundationcoat_of_arms
222. 2013-11-11CitiesDecieverAnnihilation Absolutemetalblade
223. 2013-11-11Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh SonSeventh Son of a Seventh Sonemi
224. 2013-10-21The Lurking CoprsesShe Will Never Come Home23 Tales Of Terrorhells_headbangers
225. 2013-09-23Bodies in the Gears of the ApparatusSeventeen Reasons To Die Wearing Black2" epself-released
226. 2013-09-16OnirophagusFeverishPrehumanxtreem
227. 2013-08-12EnthronedSatan Never SleepsRegie Sathanas: A Tribute To Cernunnosmetalblade
228. 2013-08-05At The GatesForever BlindPurgatory Unleashed: Live At Wakenearache
229. 2013-08-05Autumn BlazeEvery Sun Is FragileEvery Sun Is Fragilepulverised
230. 2013-07-15Colin of ArabiaEveryday I Walk The Same Way HomeIllegal Exhibitions of Speedrock_vegas
231. 2013-07-08UnleashedDead ForeverWhere No Life Dwellscenturymedia
232. 2013-06-24ImpetigoRevenge of the Scabby ManUltimo Mondo Cannibalerazorback
233. 2013-06-10FireNever RunVarious Artists: Street Survivorsmetalblade
234. 2013-05-13Fragments Of Unbecomingthe seventh sunray enlights my pathwaySkywards I A Sylphe's Ascensionmetalblade
235. 2013-05-06Blessed DeathDestruction's EveDestined for Extinctionroadracer
236. 2013-04-29CrowbarWill That Never DieCrowbarmayhem
237. 2013-04-29Revelation's HammerRevelation's HammerRevelation's Hammermy_kingdom
238. 2013-04-15Blessed DeathDestruction's EveDestined for Extinctionroadracer
239. 2013-04-08SvartsynReveation In The WatersBlack Testamentagonia
240. 2013-02-18DeathchainSeven Asakku ShadowsRitual Death Metalsvart
241. 2013-02-18Dark FortressEvenFallYlemcenturymedia
242. 2013-02-18Old WoundsDisbelieveFrom Where We Came Is Where We'll RestGlory Kid Ltd
243. 2013-02-11BeheadedNever To DawnNever To Dawnunique_leader
244. 2013-02-11Pig DestroyerDeny Everything (Circle Jerks)Blind, Deaf, and Bleeding EPrelapse
245. 2013-02-11Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh SonSeventh Son of a Seventh Sonemi
246. 2013-01-28Beyond the Sixth SealEverything Toughthe Resurrection of Everything Toughmetalblade
247. 2013-01-21CastleEver HunterBlacklandsprosthetic
248. 2013-01-21BenumbOnce And Never AgainWithering Strands of Hoperelapse
249. 2013-01-21Deadwater Drowningthe best sex I ever had stared with a 900-number and a credit card verificationepblackmarket_activities
250. 2013-01-14Pig DestroyerEveBook Burnerrelapse
251. 2013-01-07RagnarokThe Elevenfold SealMaledictionagonia
252. 2013-01-07RefusedIt's Not O.K. (To Pretend That Everything's Alright)Various Artists - Victory Style IIvictory
253. 2012-12-31Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh SonSeventh Son of a Seventh Sonemi
254. 2012-12-24DimentianonIt Never Endssplit-Dimentianon-Rigor Sardonicouslargactyl
255. 2012-12-24BeheadedNever To DawnNever To Dawnunique_leader
256. 2012-12-10Trap ThemDay Two: They Followed The Scent Of Jihad All The Way To The Thieves ParadiseSleepwell Deconstructortrash_art
257. 2012-12-03Blessed DeathDestruction's EveDestined for Extinctionroadracer
258. 2012-11-26MardukSeven Angels, Seven TrumpetsPlague Angelregain
259. 2012-11-26RagnarokThe Elevenfold SealMaledictionagonia
260. 2012-11-19BeheadedNever To DawnNever To Dawnunique_leader
261. 2012-11-12Sentinel BeastRevengeDepths Of Deathmetalblade
262. 2012-11-12Wet NightmareOvermediacated UnderachieverWet Nightmarehandshake_inc
263. 2012-11-05ChastainChild Of EvermoreThe Voice Of The Cultleviathan
264. 2012-10-15ConvergeMy Unsaid EverythingWhen Forever Comes Crashingevr
265. 2012-10-08WeaponEmbers And RevelationsEmbers And Revelationrelapse
266. 2012-09-03Colin of ArabiaEveryday I Walk The Same Way HomeIllegal Exhibitions of Speedrock_vegas
267. 2012-09-03Rude AwakeningSevered TiesDemo 2011self-released
268. 2012-08-27StrikerForeverArmed To The Teethnapalm
269. 2012-08-20PanteraForever TonightI Am the Nightmetal_magic
270. 2012-08-20iRANACHEveryword Spoked is Another Nail in this CoffinStructures of Lies/iRANACH splitdeepsix
271. 2012-08-20Grave DiggerMetal Will Never DieHome At Last EPnapalm
272. 2012-08-20Blessed DeathDestruction's EveDestined for Extinctionroadracer
273. 2012-08-13ShockwaveRevenge of Bruticusthe Ultimate DoomTriple Crown
274. 2012-07-30EluveitieNeverlandHelvetiosnuclearblast
275. 2012-07-30ImpietyRevelation DecimationRavage & Conquerpulverised
276. 2012-06-18As I Lay DyingForeverFrail Words Collapsemetalblade
277. 2012-06-11MartyrNameless, Faceless, NeverbornFeeding the Abscessgaly
278. 2012-06-04Napalm DeathYour AchievementVarious Artists - Earache: World's Shortest Recordsearache
279. 2012-05-21MassacreDeath Metal ForeverTotal Deathxtreem
280. 2012-04-23Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh SonSeventh Son of a Seventh Sonemi
281. 2012-04-02Napalm DeathEveryday PoxUtilitariancenturymedia
282. 2012-03-26Septic FleshUnbelieverSumerian Daemonsseason_of_mist
283. 2012-03-26Eternal SufferingRemaining Forever In MiseryRecollections Of Tragedy & Miserypathos
284. 2012-03-12SacrificeForever EnslavedForward to Terminationmetalblade
285. 2012-03-12Night in GalesFeverfeastThunderbeast
286. 2012-03-12Deathspell OmegaHave You Beheld The Fevers?Paracletus
287. 2012-03-05At The GatesForever BlindPurgatory Unleashed: Live At Wakenearache
288. 2012-03-05Discordance AxisVacuum SleeveThe Inalienable Dreamless
289. 2012-02-27SpeedwolfNever TwiceRide With Deathhells_headbangers
290. 2012-02-20Charred Walls Of The DamnedForever Marching OnCold Winds On Timeless Daysmetalblade
291. 2012-02-20KvelertakSjohyenar (Hevets Herrer)Kvelertakindie
292. 2012-02-06UnleashedDead ForeverWhere No Life Dwellscenturymedia
293. 2012-01-30Lord BelialPanzuzu - Lord Of Fevers And PlagueThe Black Curseregain
294. 2012-01-30Rotten SoundRevengeMurderworksrepulse
295. 2012-01-16Backstabbers IncEven Slaves Will Be Swimming In The Blood Of The Iron FistKamikaze Missionstrash_art
296. 2012-01-09Blessed DeathDestruction's EveDestined for Extinctionroadracer
297. 2012-01-02MardukSeven Angels, Seven TrumpetsPlague Angelregain
298. 2011-12-26Woods of YpresEverything I Touch Turns To Gold (Then To Coal)The Green Albumearache
299. 2011-12-12Rude AwakeningSevered TiesDemo 2011self-released
300. 2011-11-28MithrasTime Never LastsTime Never Lastsglactic
301. 2011-11-28Rude AwakeningSevered TiesDemo 2011self-released
302. 2011-11-21WargasmRevengeWhy Play Around?profile
303. 2011-11-14Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh SonSeventh Son of a Seventh Soncapitol
304. 2011-10-31Hallow's EveHallow's EveTales of Terrorcombat
305. 2011-09-26DemeritNever Gonna ChangeNever Say Die
306. 2011-09-12Toxic HolocaustRevelationsConjure And Commandrelapse
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579. 2005-02-28A Life Once Lostnevermore will I have an understanding...
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581. 2005-02-14deadwater drowningthe best sex I ever had started with a 900 number and a credit card verification
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623. 2004-05-31deadwater drowningthe best sex i ever had started with a 900 number and credit card verification
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627. 2004-04-19As I Lay Dyingforever
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629. 2004-04-12the Nightmare Continueshaving a blast severing nerves
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631. 2004-03-15vehemenceshe never noticed me
632. 2004-03-15walls of jerichorevival never goes out of style
633. 2004-03-08A Life Once Lostnevermore wil I have an understanding
634. 2004-03-01Fragments Of Unbecoming the seventh sunray enlights my pathway
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636. 2004-02-23maledictatradtional neverending friend
637. 2004-02-16A Life Once Lostnevermore will they have an understanding
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655. 2003-10-13the takeovereveryone for themselves
656. 2003-09-29dimension zerosilent night fever
657. 2003-09-29As I Lay Dyingforever
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659. 2003-09-22Backstabbers Inceverything left unsaid in the last 3o songs or so
660. 2003-09-15the takeoverno fire burns forever
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662. 2003-09-09the bledi never met another genimi
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664. 2003-08-26With Honorto Believe
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672. 2003-07-15Lorde of All DesiresImpervious the Art of Revenants
673. 2003-07-08Dying Fetusthe best sex I ever had...
674. 2003-07-08Putrid PileSevered Head momento
675. 2003-06-03The HauntedEverlastin
676. 2003-06-03Invocation of nehekBeauty Everlasting
677. 2003-05-27In FlamesSeven Day lie
678. 2003-05-20Darkest HourSeven Day Lie
679. 2003-05-20MerauderBelieve
680. 2003-05-20HateSphereDisbeliever
681. 2003-04-01The HauntedEverlasting
682. 2003-04-01Hate PlowEveryone Dies
683. 2003-03-25Back of tha NeckFight Everyone
684. 2003-02-25Total WarRevenge
685. 2003-02-11AscendancyForever Desensitized
686. 2003-02-11Still BreathingEverything
687. 2003-01-21CatalystBurning forever Still
688. 2003-01-07Commit SuicideIn all this revelation
689. 2003-01-07Love Lost but not ForgottenIt never Happend
690. 2002-12-24CatalystBurning Forever Still
691. 2002-12-01Commit Suicidein all this Revelation
692. 2002-11-12Locked in a VacancyEverything I know about sex I learned by watching porno
693. 2002-10-15Nocturnal RitesNever Dies
694. 2002-09-03Still BreathingEverything
695. 2002-08-27GorerottedMutilated in minutes, severed in seconds
696. 2002-08-27Love Lost but not ForgottenIt never happened
697. 2002-08-06Love Lost but not ForgottenIt Never Happened
698. 2002-07-23Cattle DecapitationLand of Severed Meatus
699. 2002-07-23WarhammerCrush the Disbeliever
700. 2002-07-23Dimension ZeroSilent Night Fever
701. 2002-07-17Dimension ZeroNot Even Dead
702. 2002-07-17AnaphylaxisI found nothing in forever
703. 2002-07-09IncisionMy Fever
704. 2002-06-02Deathline Int'lWe Believe
705. 2002-05-14SoilworkBalck Star DecieverNatural Born Chaosnuclearblast
706. 2002-04-16PiecemealSeverence
707. 2002-04-16ConvergeMy Unsaid Everything
708. 2002-04-09At The Gatesforever blind
709. 2002-03-26IranachEveryword Spoked is Another Nail in this Coffin
710. 2002-03-12iRANACHEveryword Spoked is Another Nail in this Coffin
711. 2002-03-12StringfaceBeliever
712. 2002-03-05The BerzerkerForeverself-titledearache
713. 2002-03-05Burnt By The SunSoundtrack to the worst movie ever made
714. 2002-03-05The BerzerkerForeverself-titledearache
715. 2002-03-05Burnt By The SunSoundtrack to the worst movie ever made
716. 2002-02-26IranachEveryword Spoked is Another Nail in this Coffin
717. 2002-02-26UnderoathNever Meant to Break yout Heart
718. 2002-01-29Everytime I DieNothing Dreadful Ever Happens
719. 2002-01-22iRANACHEveryword Spoked is Another Nail in this Coffin
720. 2002-01-22CoalesceBurn Everything that Bears Our Name
721. 2002-01-04Eternal SufferingLove will never Conquer Hate
722. 2002-01-01Enter My SilenceNevernity
723. 2001-12-25Imapled NazareneNever Forgive
724. 2001-11-13Mork GryningForever Underground Preponderance
725. 2001-10-30DiabolicExtimction Leven Event
726. 2001-10-30Lorde of All DesiresImpervious the Art of Revenant
727. 2001-10-30Six Feet UnderIt Never Dies
728. 2001-10-30DiabolicExtimction Leven Event
729. 2001-10-30Lorde of All DesiresImpervious the Art of Revenant
730. 2001-10-30Six Feet UnderIt Never Dies
731. 2001-10-09DeicideWorry in the House of ThievesIn Torment In Hellroadrunner
732. 2001-10-02UnleashedDead Forever
733. 2001-09-25At The GatesForever Blind
734. 2001-07-31Old Man\'s ChildMy Evil Revelations
735. 2001-07-31Old Man\'s ChildMy Evil Revelations
736. 2001-05-29EnthronedSatan Never Sleeps
737. 2001-05-22God Dethronedthe Poison Apple/Eve
738. 2001-05-22NoctuaryForever Shourded with this world
739. 2001-05-15ZyklonHammer Revelation
740. 2001-05-08Goddess of DesireMetal ForeverSymbols of Triumphmetalblade
741. 2001-05-08Children of BodomEverytime I die
742. 2001-05-01God DethronedThe Posion Apple (Eve and the Serpent in the garden of Eden)
743. 2001-04-17Stampin' GroundEveryone Owes a Death
744. 2001-04-17Vital REmainsForever UndergroundForever Undergroundosmose
745. 2001-04-03diecastExacting My REvenge
746. 2001-03-20Children of BodomEverytime I Die
747. 2001-03-06Goddess of DesireMetal ForeverSymbols of Triumphmetalblade
748. 2001-02-27DiecastExacting My Revenge
749. 2001-02-20Children of BodomEverytime I Die
750. 2001-02-13DiecastExacting My REvenge
751. 2001-02-06DeminiconSevered Bloodline
752. 2001-01-23DemoniconEveloping Rage
753. 2001-01-23Lorde of All DesiresImpervious the Art of Revenants
754. 2001-01-16KataklysmBreeding the Everlasting
755. 2001-01-09NoctuaryForever Shrouded within this World
756. 2000-12-31Endlessa weeping mist reveals
757. 2000-12-25NoctuaryForever Silent
758. 2000-11-31Lorde of All DesiresImpervious the Art of Revenants
759. 2000-11-21NoctuaryForever Silent
760. 2000-10-10Anal BlastRed Light Fever
761. 2000-10-10Anal BlastRed Light Fever
762. 2000-10-03Pissing RazorsYou'll Never know
763. 2000-09-18ExhumedFester Forever
764. 2000-09-04NothingfaceEverlasting Godstopper
765. 2000-09-04Lorde of All DesiresImpervious the Art of Revenants
766. 2000-08-28Pissing RazorsYou'll never Know
767. 2000-08-28EmptinessEverything
768. 2000-08-28MocturyForever Shrouded within this World
769. 2000-08-21Hate PlowEverybody Dies
770. 2000-08-21Nothing faceEverlasing Godstopper
771. 2000-08-07Polictracklovers Revenge
772. 2000-07-17Hacate EnthronedForever in Ebony drowning
773. 2000-07-17Coffin TextRevengeful Entity
774. 2000-07-17Hacate EnthronedForever in Ebony drowning
775. 2000-07-17Coffin TextRevengeful Entity
776. 2000-06-19DeicideForever Hate YouInsineratehymnroadrunner
777. 2000-06-05Autumns BleedingNever bow Down
778. 2000-05-29Shadows FallRevel In My Loss
779. 2000-05-15Satanic SlaughterForever I Burn
780. 2000-05-08KataklysmBreading the Everlasting
781. 2000-05-08SomnusForever the Serpet
782. 2000-05-01Shadows FallRevel in My Loss
783. 2000-05-01ConvergeMy Unsaid Everything
784. 2000-04-03EnthronedSatan Never Sleeps
785. 2000-03-27Six Feet UnderRevenage of the Zombies
786. 2000-03-20Thy PrimordialRevealed Through the Ages
787. 2000-03-13SomnusForever the Serpent
788. 2000-01-24Six Feet UnderRevenge of the Zombie
789. 1999-12-06Forest of ImpaledI Metamorphosis (Birth of the Seventh)
790. 1999-11-22Lorde of All DesiresImpervious the Art of Revenants
791. 1999-11-22Malevolent CreationEve of the Apocalypse
792. 1999-11-08Angel DustNever
793. 1999-11-0116 voltEveryday Everything
794. 1999-10-25At the gatesThe Fevered Circle
795. 1999-10-04Iron MaidenSeventh Son
796. 1999-09-27Goddess of DesireMetal ForeverSymbols of Triumphmetalblade
797. 1999-09-13Vital RemainsForever UndergroundForever Undergroundosmose
798. 1999-08-30Goddess of DesireMetal ForeverSymbols of Triumphmetalblade
799. 1999-08-23EnthronedSatan Never SLeeps
800. 1999-08-23Endlesseverlasting dream
801. 1999-08-23Lorde of All DesiresImpervious the Art of Revenants
802. 1999-08-21Lorde of All DesiresImpervious the Art of Revenants
803. 1999-08-21EndlessA weeping Mist Reveals
804. 1999-08-21Lorde of All DesiresImpervious the Art of Revenants
805. 1999-08-21EndlessA weeping Mist Reveals
806. 1999-08-16RegurgitateRevel in Mentral Excrements
807. 1999-08-16Satanic SlaughterForever I burn
808. 1999-08-02Snapcasetruthhits everybody
809. 1999-07-26UnleashedDead Forever
810. 1999-07-26Goddess of DesireMetal ForeverSymbols of Triumphmetalblade
811. 1999-07-26EndlessA weeping mist reveals
812. 1999-07-19Goddess of DesireMetal ForeverSymbols of Triumphmetalblade
813. 1999-07-19EndlessEverlasting dream
814. 1999-07-19HypocrisyReversed Reflections
815. 1999-07-12Snapcase/boy sets fireTruth hits every body
816. 1999-06-28American Head ChargeNever Get Caught
817. 1999-06-28EndlessEverlasting Dream
818. 1999-06-28Killen GodEverlasting Egypt
819. 1999-06-14EndlessA Weeping Mist Reveals
820. 1999-06-07in AeternumForever Blasphemy
821. 1999-05-31Celtic FrostReturn to the Eve
822. 1999-05-31SculptureI never know
823. 1999-05-31IntegrityNever Surrender
824. 1999-05-24Satanic SlaughterForever I burn
825. 1999-05-10DeicideBelieve the Lie
826. 1999-04-27Six Feet UnderRevernge of the Zombie
827. 1999-04-20DiecideBeieve the Lie (live)
828. 1999-03-29BoyslifeThe Tyranny of What Everybody knows
829. 1999-03-29Killen GodEverlasting Eqypt
830. 1999-03-22Emperorthe loss and curse of reverence
831. 1997-11-24DeicideBelieve the Lie
832. 1997-11-24PigEverything
833. 1997-11-24KDCNever SAy Never
834. 1997-11-17BiopsyNever Inhale
835. 1997-11-10PigEverything
836. 1997-11-10BiopsyNever Inhale
837. 1997-10-27Mr. BungleEveryone I went to highschool with is dead
838. 1997-10-27BiopsyNever Inhale
839. 1997-10-271000 Homo DJ'sApathy Forever I burn
840. 1997-10-20BiopsyNever inhale
841. 1997-10-20God's GirlfriendWhen the Levee Breaks
842. 1997-10-13SkrewSeventh Eye
843. 1997-09-01Satanic SlaughterForever I Burn
844. 1997-09-01Anal CuntYou went to See Dishwalla and Everclear (you're gay)
845. 1997-08-25EclipseReciever
846. 1997-07-21BiohazardAfter Forever
847. 1997-06-23InsultEverytime I puke, I think of you
848. 1997-06-09IntegritySeven Sermons ad Mortuos
849. 1997-06-09Ten Yard FightBelieve
850. 1997-05-1913mgToxic Everyone
851. 1997-05-19WargasmRevenge
852. 1997-03-31Pain EmissionNever Again
853. 1997-03-24WumpscutBunker Gate Seven
854. 1997-03-17WumpscutBunker Gate Seven
855. 1997-02-24WumpscutBunk Gate Seven
856. 1997-02-17Pain EmissionNever Again
857. 1997-02-17WumpscutBunker Gate Seven
858. 1997-01-27Pain EmissionNever Again
859. 1997-01-13Pain EmissionNever Again
860. 1997-01-06MobyEverythign is Wrong
861. 1997-01-06Pain EmissionNever Again
862. 1996-12-23KlankDeciever
863. 1996-12-23Killing FloorNever go right
864. 1996-09-23Sick of it AllMy Revenge/world of Hate
865. 1996-09-09DNSFeverish And Disoriented
866. 1996-09-02DesendentsEverything Sux
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