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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1227 playlist up with 52157 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-10-11RavenousRavenous - Hubris - 04 Die 1,000 DeathsHubris - Out Oct 22ndFeast Beast Records
2. 2020-09-14RavenLong Day's JourneyWalk Through FireMetal Blade
3. 2020-08-31GravenImperialistThe Filth Will CleanseSelf-Released
4. 2020-08-17Graven ImageNo Rest (For You)Warn The Children
5. 2020-01-13Craven IdolAura of UndeathTowards Eschaton
6. 2019-09-02GravenUtopian WombThe Filth Will CleanseSelf-Released
7. 2019-02-11Bergraven03 Den följsamma plåganDet framlidna minnetNordvis Productions
8. 2019-01-07Ravenous DeathEvil Dementia (The Voices of the Nobodies)Chapters of an Evil TransitionMemento Mori
9. 2018-07-09RAVENS CREED04 Get Killed or Try DyingGet Killed or Try DyingXtreme Records
10. 2018-04-23RavenThunderlordNothing Exceeds Like Excesscombat
11. 2018-03-12GravenUtopian WombThe Filth Will CleanseSelf-Released
12. 2017-12-25Graven DuskIn a Dismal MistGraven Dusk
13. 2017-10-30Craven Idol05 Dashed to DeathThe Shackles Of MammonDark Descent Records
14. 2017-02-27Craven Idol03 Black Flame DivinationThe Shackles Of MammonDark Descent Records
15. 2016-10-31RavencultBeneath the Relics of OldForce of Profanationhells_headbangers
16. 2016-09-19RavenAgainst The GrainWalk Through FireMetal Blade
17. 2016-03-14RavensireSolitary VagrantThe Cycle Never EndsCruz Del Sur Music
18. 2016-01-11RaventaleDark Substance Of DharmaDark Substance Of Dharma
19. 2015-10-26RavensLecturn Of Burning Swords ReversedRavens Kriedxtreem
20. 2015-10-26GravenThe Stygian OrderThe Filth Will Cleanseself-released
21. 2015-06-01RavenBattle March, Tank Treads (The Blood Runs Red)ExterminationSPV
22. 2014-11-10RavenThunderlordNothing Exceeds Like Excesscombat
23. 2014-09-08GravenImperialistThe Filth Will Cleanseself-released
24. 2014-07-07GravenSacrifice Of The Common ManThe Filth Will Cleanseself-released
25. 2014-06-30RavenInto The Jaws Of DeathNothing Exceeds Like Excesscombat
26. 2014-04-28RavenInto The Jaws Of DeathVarious Artists - Ultimate Revenge 2combat
27. 2013-04-22RavenDo Or Die!Madatlantic
28. 2013-03-25GravenThe Stygian OrderThe Filth Will Cleanseself-released
29. 2013-02-25GravenUtopian WombThe Filth Will Cleanseself-released
30. 2013-02-11Raven Black NightNocturnal BirthBarbarian Wintermetalblade
31. 2013-01-28Raven Black NightMorbid GladiatorBarbarian Wintermetalblade
32. 2012-12-31RavenInto The Jaws Of DeathNothing Exceeds Like Excesscombat
33. 2012-08-13RavenMind Over MetalAll For One
34. 2012-04-23RavenHard RideStay Hardatlantic
35. 2011-07-25Count RavenFallen AngelsMessiah Of Confusionnoise
36. 2011-06-20RavencultSnakes CrawlMorbid Bloodhells_headbangers
37. 2011-05-16RavencultWinds Of DamnationMorbid Bloodhells_headbangers
38. 2011-05-09RavencultPossessed On Burial GroundMorbid Bloodhells_headbangers
39. 2010-12-27RavenInto The Jaws Of DeathNothing Exceeds Like Excesscombat
40. 2010-08-23RavenHellraiser/ActionRock Until You Dropneat
41. 2010-07-12RavenAgainst The GrainWalk Through Firemetalblade
42. 2010-07-05RavenTrainwreckWalk Through Firemetalblade
43. 2010-06-21RavenBulldozerWalk Through Firemetalblade
44. 2010-06-14RavenWalk Through FireWalk Through Firemetalblade
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