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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1226 playlist up with 52125 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-09-13Sepulchral VoiceKiller InstinctEvil Never Rests
2. 2021-03-22Sepulchral VoiceKiller InstinctEvil Never Rests
3. 2020-05-18ASGKillers For HireFeeling Good Is Good EnoughVolcom Entertainment
4. 2019-12-30Circle of Dead ChildrenStrip Naked for the KillerZero Comfort MarginWillowtip Records
5. 2019-09-23The EngineerKid KillerCrooked Voices
6. 2019-04-15Hallow's evePain KillerMonumentEnigma
7. 2018-12-03Bastard SaplingThe Killer In Us AllInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media
8. 2018-11-05SaintSteel KillerTimes EndPure Metal
9. 2018-02-12THE LURKING CORPSESThe Killer is Near23 Tales of Terror (2LP)Hells Headbangers Records
10. 2017-08-14InfestNazi KillerNo Man's SlaveNostradamus
11. 2017-05-29APOSENTO (Spain)04 Portrait of a KillerBleed to DeathXtreem Music
12. 2017-01-23BomberKillerSatan's ShitfuckersOld Cemetary Records
13. 2016-10-10WarlordLady Killer (1975)Warlord
14. 2015-12-07Gotham CityKiller AngelsGotham City / Killer Angels 7"Ripped by Strappado
15. 2015-10-05Lord MantisRitual KillerPervertorcandlelight
16. 2015-06-15Iron MaidenKillersKillers
17. 2014-07-28Bastard SaplingThe Killer In Us AllInstinct Is Forevergilead media
18. 2014-02-17Judas PriestPainkillerPainkillersony
19. 2013-12-02UnbridledMy Wife Is A Serial KillerDeathcore Glamourhard as hell records
20. 2013-11-25ZodiacCortez The KillerA Hiding Placeprosthetic
21. 2013-07-08UnbridledMy Wife Is A Serial KillerDeathcore Glamourhard as hell records
22. 2013-06-03Witch CrossKiller DogsFit For Fighthells_headbangers
23. 2013-04-22Lucifer's FriendCool Hand KillerMean Machineelektra
24. 2012-09-24Witch CrossKiller DogsFit For Fighthells_headbangers
25. 2011-11-28Otto KinzelWe Are All Doomed: The Zodiac Killer"I Want To Report A Murder"bluntface
26. 2011-04-11Vicious RumorsRazorback KillersRazorback Killersspv
27. 2010-12-13DevourmentBaby Killer138unmatched_brutality
28. 2010-09-27DeathPainkillerthe Sound of Perseverancenuclearblast
29. 2010-07-12DeathPainkillerthe Sound of Perseverancenuclearblast
30. 2010-05-24DevourmentBabykiller138unmatched_brutality
31. 2010-05-24To the WolvesRobot KillerDeath and the Company You Keepself-released
32. 2010-03-15DevourmentBabykiller138unmatched_brutality
33. 2010-02-08One Dead Three WoundedThank God For PainkillersPaint The Townlxl
34. 2009-12-14GoretradeSerial KillerCorpse Fucking Art/Gortrade Splitunited_gutteral
35. 2009-10-12Backstabbers IncI say kill the killersBroken Bonesblackmarket_activities
36. 2009-09-143 Inches of BloodSilent KillerHere Waits Thy Doomcenturymedia
37. 2009-06-29DeathPainkillerthe Sound of Perseverancenuclearblast
38. 2009-06-29Blessed DeathPainkillerDestined for Extinctionroadracer
39. 2009-06-22the ParaplegicsOJ Simpson & the Hunt for the Real KillersRunning in Circlesdrunk_rock
40. 2009-06-01DevourmentBabykiller138unmatched_brutality
41. 2009-03-30Vio-lenceSerial KillerEternal Nightmaremca
42. 2009-03-02DevourmentBabykiller138unmatched_brutality
43. 2008-12-29DevourmentBabykiller138unmatched_brutality
44. 2008-10-27DerangedThe Killer Wore Black Glovesthe Red Light Murder Caseregain
45. 2008-09-01DerangedStriped Nude for Your Killerthe Red Light Murder Caseregain
46. 2008-09-01Fuck the FactsApathy is a Karma KillerDisgorge Mexicorelapse
47. 2008-03-31Iron MaidenKillersMaiden Japanemi
48. 2008-03-17EvileKiller from the DeepEnter the Graveearache
49. 2008-02-25To the WolvesRobot KillerDeath and the Company You Keepself-released
50. 2008-01-21EvileKiller from the DeepEnter the Graveearache
51. 2008-01-21Blessed DeathPainkillerDestined for Extinctionroadracer
52. 2007-12-31DevourmentBabykiller138unmatched_brutality
53. 2007-10-15Suicide SilenceHands of a Killerthe Cleansingcenturymedia
54. 2007-09-24DevourmentBabykiller138unmatched_brutality
55. 2007-09-03Vio-lenceSerial KillerEternal Nightmaremca
56. 2007-06-11DeathPainkiller
57. 2007-05-07DevourmentBabykiller
58. 2007-04-30ScarletCarbon Copy killerSomething to Lust Aboutferret
59. 2007-03-12DevourmentBabykiller
60. 2007-03-05Backstabbers IncI say kill the killers
61. 2007-01-08Vio-lenceSerial Killer
62. 2006-10-23Protest the Heroheretics and killersKeziavagrant
63. 2006-10-16Unleashedpsycho killer
64. 2006-09-11deathPainkiller
65. 2006-07-17Desensitiseda killer's excuse
66. 2006-05-08devourmentbabykiller
67. 2006-01-23devourmentbabykiller
68. 2006-01-09six feet undertorture killer
69. 2005-12-19devourmentbabykiller
70. 2005-10-03Backstabbers IncI say kill the killers
71. 2005-07-18iron maidenkillers
72. 2005-01-24deathPainkiller
73. 2005-01-10Backstabbers Inci say kill the killers
74. 2004-10-25deathPainkiller
75. 2004-06-07scarletcarbon copy killerSomething to Lust Aboutferret
76. 2004-05-10devourmentbabykiller
77. 2003-09-02Backstabbers IncI say kill the killers
78. 2003-07-08ScarletCarbon Copy killersSomething to Lust Aboutferret
79. 2003-05-20ScarletCarbon Copy killerSomething to Lust Aboutferret
80. 2003-02-25DevourmentBaby Killer
81. 2002-08-20DevourmentBabykiller
82. 2002-03-05Backstabbers IncKill the killers
83. 2002-03-05Backstabbers IncKill the killers
84. 2002-01-15DeathPainkiller
85. 2001-08-28Six Feet UnderTourture Killer
86. 2001-08-28Six Feet UnderTourture Killer
87. 2001-07-24Lord BelialKiller Smile
88. 2001-07-24Lord BelialKiller Smile
89. 2001-07-11Backstabbers IncAll the killers
90. 2001-05-15Six Feet UnderTouture Killer
91. 2001-03-13Six Feet UnderTourture Killer
92. 2000-12-25DeathPainkiller
93. 2000-08-14Six Feet UnderTourture Killer
94. 2000-06-05Six Feet UnderTourture Killer
95. 2000-05-29Six Feet UnderTourture killer
96. 2000-05-01Six Feet UnderTouture Killer
97. 2000-02-14Six Feet UnderTourture Killer
98. 1999-12-06DeathPainkiller
99. 1999-11-01DeathPainkiller
100. 1999-09-27Six Feet UnderTourture Killer
101. 1999-09-06Earth CrisisBreeding the killers
102. 1999-09-06Shai HuludFearless Vampire Killers
103. 1999-08-09Shai HuludFearless Vampire Killers
104. 1997-08-25Iron MaidenKillers
105. 1997-08-18Morpheus SisterKiller (ra dva)
106. 1997-05-12Fear FactoryHunter Killer
107. 1996-12-10Fear Factoryhunter-killer
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