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  • :Benefit for Kathy Kave
    post by the_reverend @ Jan 15,2017 12:17am  [link]
    The show was so good and there were a lot of people there to support one amazing lady. If you don't know Kathy, you are missing out. I remember driving all the way to her club to see bands play a few times (and eat pizza). But it was a 5hr drive for me so I didn't go as much as I wanted to. She, however, would pop up at shows 7hrs away from her house all the time. If you want to read a great article on her, click here. The pheonix did a great job interviewing people about this lovely lady.
    Jan 14, 2017 Hardcore Stadium (Cambridge, MA)
    back_of_tha_neck - 2017-01-14
    Back Of Tha Neck(143)
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    barfight_champs - 2017-01-14
    Barfight Champs(83)
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    cruel_hand - 2017-01-14
    Cruel Hand(133)
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    cut_throat - 2017-01-14
    Cut Throat(141)
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    lenny_lashley - 2017-01-14
    Lenny Lashley(30)
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    randomshots - 2017-01-14
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    slapshot - 2017-01-14
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    :ENTOMBED AD at Once
    post by the_reverend @ Jan 7,2017 2:36am  [link]
    My first show of the new year! All the bands ruled. I might be getting old, but it was a bit too loud so I had to hide my old man ears from the speakers on the side of the stage.
    Jan 6, 2017 ONCE (Sommerville, MA)
    bacterial_husk - 2017-01-06
    Bacterial Husk(106)
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    entombed_ad - 2017-01-06
    Entombed Ad(177)
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    full_of_hell - 2017-01-06
    Full Of Hell(112)
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    randomshots - 2017-01-06
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    torbid_north - 2017-01-06
    Torbid North(144)
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    :New Year's Siege
    post by the_reverend @ Jan 1,2017 2:27am  [link]
    :Churchburn in PVD
    post by the_reverend @ Dec 11,2016 3:34am  [link]
    :Espresso bar 20th anniversary
    post by the_reverend @ Dec 3,2016 2:02am  [link]
    :Good Bye FightAmp
    post by the_reverend @ Nov 11,2016 1:47am  [link]
    :Metal Thursday Halloween covers day one
    post by the_reverend @ Oct 28,2016 2:14am  [link]
    :On Broken Wings cd release
    post by the_reverend @ Oct 23,2016 1:56am  [link]
    :Mongolian hordes at the city gates!
    post by the_reverend @ Oct 16,2016 2:37am  [link]
    :Rock and Shock 2016 day one
    post by the_reverend @ Oct 15,2016 2:12am  [link]
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