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  • :The Trve Mayhem
    post by the_reverend @ Feb 18,2017 11:51pm  [link]
    I don't know about anything that went on behind the scenes to call things "the true" and "official" or whatever. Once I could hear the vocals, it sounded really good. I still think the stage show of Mayhem is kind of boring, but the show was extremely well attended. When I got there, I was amazed that the line before doors went down the whole block. Plus, Inquisition played the song with the stolen Immortal riff (tyrants).

    I also found out that Trevr Noah was right next door at the Wang. Call me a liberal hippy snowflake cuck, but it would have been cool to have seen Trevor.
    Feb 18, 2017 Royale (Boston, MA)
    black_anvil - 2017-02-18
    Black Anvil(181)
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    inquisition - 2017-02-18
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    mayhem - 2017-02-18
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    :Obeisance and Sacrocurse in worcester
    post by the_reverend @ Feb 4,2017 3:30am  [link]
    The bands were really good, but I was more worried about Hillarie's camera that I sort of broke...
    Feb 3, 2017 Ralph's (Worcester, MA)
    obeisance - 2017-02-03
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    peuchrist - 2017-02-03
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    sacrocurse - 2017-02-03
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    witch_king - 2017-02-03
    Witch King(86)
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    :Revocation in Manchvegas
    post by the_reverend @ Jan 29,2017 1:11am  [link]
    :Benefit for Kathy Kave
    post by the_reverend @ Jan 15,2017 12:17am  [link]
    :ENTOMBED AD at Once
    post by the_reverend @ Jan 7,2017 2:36am  [link]
    :New Year's Siege
    post by the_reverend @ Jan 1,2017 2:27am  [link]
    :Churchburn in PVD
    post by the_reverend @ Dec 11,2016 3:34am  [link]
    :Espresso bar 20th anniversary
    post by the_reverend @ Dec 3,2016 2:02am  [link]
    :Good Bye FightAmp
    post by the_reverend @ Nov 11,2016 1:47am  [link]
    :Metal Thursday Halloween covers day one
    post by the_reverend @ Oct 28,2016 2:14am  [link]
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    INFERNAL ANGELS stream new album Feb 15, 2017 
    bassist Trish Doan (kittie) dead at 31 Feb 14, 2017 
    Dillinger Escape Plan tour bus hit by truck Feb 12, 2017 
    PESTIFER stream entire album Feb 8, 2017 
    NECROWRETCH post new track Feb 8, 2017 
    Black Cilice post new track Feb 7, 2017 
    REPLACIRE stream new track, Horsestance Feb 7, 2017 
    Venenum post new track Feb 6, 2017 
    Entartung post new track Feb 6, 2017 
    AntropomorphiA posts new track Feb 6, 2017 
    OBITUARY Premiere Second Single Feb 6, 2017 
    WEEDEATER announce US tour Feb 6, 2017 
    DESECRATE THE FAITH post new track Feb 6, 2017 
    Midnight post new track to Clrvynt Feb 3, 2017 
    Horn posts new track to no clean singing Jan 23, 2017 
    WARBRINGER release new song Jan 19, 2017 
    LIVID sign to prosthetic records Jan 18, 2017 
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