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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1238 playlist up with 52574 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-12-20Green Lung04_Reapers ScytheBlack HarvestSvart Records
2. 2020-09-21Cattle DecapitationInto The Public BathThe Harvest FloorMetal Blade
3. 2020-08-24Circle Of Dead ChildrenOak And IronHuman Harvest
4. 2020-07-20Mosaic (Germany)03 Schwarze ErdeHarvestEisenwald Records
5. 2020-06-22Nekus03 Necromancer's Death ChantDeath Nova Upon the Barren Harvest CD/12" MLP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
6. 2020-05-04New LowsPlaguegroundsHarvest of the CarcassDeathwish Inc.
7. 2020-02-10EndseekerEpitome of DecadenceThe HarvestMetal Blade Records
8. 2020-02-10New LowsThe Horrible And The MiserableHarvest of the CarcassDeathwish Inc.
9. 2019-11-18Third Chamber3 Third Chamber - ChokeHarvesting Our Decay (EP) - Out Nov 22nd, 2019Self-Released
10. 2019-10-14New LowsLast Of The RatsHarvest of the CarcassDeathwish Inc.
11. 2019-09-02EndseekerSpiritual EuphoriaThe HarvestMetal Blade Records
12. 2019-04-01Circle Of Dead ChildrenDestiny Of The SlugHuman Harvest
13. 2018-08-27Circle Of Dead ChildrenSleepwalkerHuman Harvest
14. 2018-08-06Circle Of Dead ChildrenCorsage Of Fresh Meat And RottHuman Harvest
15. 2017-10-16New LowsPlaguegroundsHarvest Of The Carcass
16. 2017-09-25GuiltHarvest/DecayHarvest/Decay
17. 2017-04-10New LowsThe Pounding And The HolleringHarvest of the CarcassDeathwish Inc.
18. 2017-01-09GuiltLiving HellHarvest/Decay
19. 2017-01-02GuiltHarvest/DecayHarvest/Decay
20. 2016-07-18Wild ThroneLone LustHarvest of DarknessRoadrunner Records
21. 2015-08-24Cattle DecapitationTooth Enamel And ConcreteThe Harvest Floormetalblade
22. 2015-01-26Circle of Dead ChildrenBuzzard BlizzardHuman Harvest
23. 2014-09-29New LowsNew LowsHarvest Of Carcassdeathwishinc
24. 2014-08-18Blood SimpleDead Man WalkingRed Harvestroadrunner
25. 2013-12-09New LowsAnguishHarvest Of Carcassdeathwishinc
26. 2013-06-17New LowsLast Of The RatsHarvest Of Carcassdeathwishinc
27. 2013-05-27SkineaterDismantlingDermal Harvestpulverised
28. 2013-05-13New LowsBurn And RazedHarvest Of Carcassdeathwishinc
29. 2013-03-25SkineaterHe Was MurderedDermal Harvestpulverised
30. 2013-02-18SkineaterMade Of GodsickDermal Harvestpulverised
31. 2013-01-28New LowsHarvest Of CarcassHarvest Of Carcassdeathwishinc
32. 2013-01-14SkineaterHe Was MurderedDermal Harvestpulverised
33. 2012-11-05New LowsPlaguegroundsHarvest Of Carcassdeathwishinc
34. 2012-09-03Cattle DecapitationInto the Public BathsThe Harvest Floormetalblade
35. 2012-01-16Cattle DecapitationWe Are Horrible PeopleThe Harvest Floormetalblade
36. 2010-08-16Cattle DecapitationInto the Public BathsThe Harvest Floormetalblade
37. 2009-09-07Cattle DecapitationWe Are Terrible PeopleThe Harvest Floormetalblade
38. 2009-06-08Cattle DecapitationA Body FarmThe Harvest Floormetalblade
39. 2009-06-01Cattle DecapitationThe Product AliveThe Harvest Floormetalblade
40. 2009-06-01This EndingInstigator of Dead FleshDead Harvestmetalblade
41. 2009-05-25Cattle DecapitationInto the Public BathsThe Harvest Floormetalblade
42. 2009-05-25This EndingMachineryDead Harvestmetalblade
43. 2009-05-18Cattle DecapitationThe Ripe Beneath the RindThe Harvest Floormetalblade
44. 2009-05-11Cattle DecapitationIn AxestasyThe Harvest Floormetalblade
45. 2009-03-02Cattle DecapitationA Body FarmThe Harvest Floormetalblade
46. 2008-09-01the Summonedthe Beauty within a MassacreHarvestrespawn
47. 2008-08-18the SummonedEncasedHarvestrespawn
48. 2008-08-11the SummonedChainsaw FaceliftHarvestrespawn
49. 2008-08-04the SummonedBring Forth the CrowsHarvestrespawn
50. 2008-07-21the Summonedthe Beauty within a MassacreHarvestrespawn
51. 2008-07-14the SummonedBring Forth the CrowsHarvestrespawn
52. 2008-07-07the SummonedChainsaw FaceliftHarvestrespawn
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