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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1327 playlist up with 55604 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2013-07-15MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2013-07-15
3. 2013-07-15The MelvinsNumber 2 Pencil26 Songs
4. 2013-07-15Wolves Like UsToo OfficialGet Goneprosthetic
5. 2013-07-15Phantom LordThe New MeInsanity
6. 2013-07-15Majestic DownfallWhite DarkThree
7. 2013-07-15
8. 2013-07-15Quest Of AidanceDeadly Viral StrainMisanthropic Propagandapulverised
9. 2013-07-15MumakilArmy Of FreaksFlies Will Starverelapse
10. 2013-07-15NailsGod's Cold HandsAbandon All Lifesouthernlord
11. 2013-07-15KoreshCheer Up GlasgowChump
12. 2013-07-15Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatusa Lubricated Rubber Glove and Pornographic Photos of a Decapitated Chinese Hooker2" epself-released
13. 2013-07-15
14. 2013-07-15ImpietyLucifer's Legion (Sorcery Cover)The Impious Crusadehells_headbangers
15. 2013-07-15BeheritDestroyer of Thousand WorldsEngram (vinyl rip)spinefarm
16. 2013-07-15NihilistSentenced To DeathDemoscandlelight
17. 2013-07-15Black BreathFeast Of The DamnedSentenced To Lifesouthernlord
18. 2013-07-15Insanity (USA)Fire Death FateDeath After Deathhells_headbangers
19. 2013-07-15
20. 2013-07-15Parasitic EjaculationCerebral VivisectionRationing The Sacred Human Remains
21. 2013-07-15Blood Red ThronePrimative Killing MachineBlood Red Throne
22. 2013-07-15ExtractThe Dear LeaderNuclear Demonstration
23. 2013-07-15Deeds Of FleshEntranced In Decades Of Psychedelic SleepPortals To Canaanunique_leader
24. 2013-07-15ThunderHawkLoneliest Way To Diedemoself-released
25. 2013-07-15
26. 2013-07-15Ad DajjalThysiaCiclico
27. 2013-07-15Colin of ArabiaEveryday I Walk The Same Way HomeIllegal Exhibitions of Speedrock_vegas
28. 2013-07-15CrosscheckOver AnalyzedOver Analyzed
29. 2013-07-15METHMOUTHSolidified HateDemo 2013
30. 2013-07-15Bare Your TeethDeadweight7"
31. 2013-07-15Fever DreamsSpineAs Above, So Below
32. 2013-07-15XibalbaMadre MiaMadre Mia Gracias Por Los Diassouthernlord
33. 2013-07-15
34. 2013-07-15Word For WordBreaking All The RulesManchester Foreverarrest
35. 2013-07-15Crystal MethodistWishful ThinkingA.D.H.Dcotter_pin
36. 2013-07-15VoivodAstronomy DomineAstronomy Domine singlemca
37. 2013-07-15Austrian Death MachineGet To The ChoppaA Very Brutal Christmasmetalblade
38. 2013-07-15
39. 2013-07-15Amon AmarthWe Shall DestroyDeceiver Of The Godsmetalblade
40. 2013-07-15EucharistThe Religion Of The Blood-Red VelvetA Velvet Creation
41. 2013-07-15At The GatesSouls of the Evil DepartedAt the Gates/Grotesquecenturymedia
42. 2013-07-15DeicideCrucifixationDeicideroadrunner
43. 2013-07-15EntrailsHeadless DawnRaging Deathmetalblade
44. 2013-07-15
45. 2013-07-15Call Of The VoidAbominationDragged Down A Dead End Pathrelapse
46. 2013-07-15An Isle Ate HerDas EkelPhrenia
47. 2013-07-15CentinexDreams Of DeathSubconscious Lobotomy
48. 2013-07-15Ecliptic DawnDarkest RoseElysian Hypnosis
49. 2013-07-15Edge Of SanityDecepted By The CrossNothing But Death Remains
50. 2013-07-15
51. 2013-07-15SlayerHate WorldwideWorld Painted Blood
52. 2013-07-15Messe NoirPiece By PieceVarious Artists - Gateway To Hell 2: A Tribute To Slayerdwell
53. 2013-07-15Drown Retarded ChildrenFagholic AutoxicDemented Continuumdeath_deaf
54. 2013-07-15AbnormityDisease Of HumanityIrreversible Disintegration
55. 2013-07-15The ObsoleteII - Create. Condition. Conform.Create. Condition. Conform.
56. 2013-07-15
57. 2013-07-15AcraniusAlways BattlesomeWhen Mutation Becomes Homicidal
58. 2013-07-15God MacabreInto NowhereThe Winterlong
59. 2013-07-15GraveInto The GraveInto The Grave
60. 2013-07-15Loose EndNew ViolenceFree Spirit
61. 2013-07-15GlueClose But No CigarDemo 2012
62. 2013-07-15Youth ChoirSometimes Fat Guys Dont Wear WhiteDemo 2013
63. 2013-07-15Satanic ThreatSatanic ThreatIn To Hellhells_headbangers
64. 2013-07-15
65. 2013-07-15NambrotTrack twoDemo 1994
66. 2013-07-15Nirvana 2002SlumberDisembodied Spirits
67. 2013-07-15No EmpireWasted Days2013
68. 2013-07-15Infera BruoDust Of StarsDesolate Unknownself-released
69. 2013-07-15TribulationWanderer In The Outer DarknessThe Formulas Of DeathAjna
70. 2013-07-15Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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