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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1226 playlist up with 52125 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-08-16Spirit AdriftRide Into the LightEnlightened in Eternity
2. 2021-08-16Galadriel (Svk)Kingdom Under The OceanEmpire of Empiness
3. 2021-07-05GaladrielImmortal VisionsEmpire of Empiness
4. 2021-06-21DrippingUntitledBring the SufferingNecroharmonic Records
5. 2021-02-01Sadistic Drive03 Acid VomitAnthropophagy LPBlood Harvest Records
6. 2020-12-28Valdrin02 Exsanguination TunnelsEffigy of Nightmares CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
7. 2020-05-25Valdrin03 Red Burning Candles of HatredEffigy of Nightmares CD/LP/TAPEBlood Harvest Records
8. 2020-01-13Drittmaskin03 GiftlokkSosial ProlapsEdged Circle Productions
9. 2018-12-31THE DRIPRise to FailureA Presentation of Gruesome Poetics (NA Promo)Relapse Records
10. 2018-09-17Valdrin04 Funeral Tides Of OrcusTwo Carrion Talismans CD/LPBlood Harvest Records
11. 2018-02-12Brain DrillNemesis of NeglectQuantum CatastropheMetal Blade
12. 2017-12-11THE DRIPBygones Only Burn OnceA Presentation of Gruesome Poetics (NA Promo)Relapse Records
13. 2017-11-13THE DRIPBygones Only Burn OnceA Presentation of Gruesome Poetics (NA Promo)Relapse Records
14. 2017-10-02THE DRIPLash in, Lash outA Presentation of Gruesome Poetics (NA Promo)Relapse Records
15. 2017-07-03DrippingBleeding Virgin WhoreBring the SufferingNecroharmonic Records
16. 2017-06-19THE DRIPCatalystA Presentation of Gruesome Poetics (NA Promo)Relapse Records
17. 2017-04-03THE DRIPBygones Only Burn OnceA Presentation of Gruesome Poetics (NA Promo)Relapse Records
18. 2017-02-20XANDRIACall Of DestinyTheater Of DimensionsNapalm Records
19. 2017-02-13XandriaValentineNeverworld's End [Symphonic Metal]Napalm Records
20. 2016-10-03Drive-By BukkakeAnnihilation (Mortician)Oozing Doom (Disc 2)
21. 2016-09-19Brain DrillAwaiting Imminent DestructionQuantum CatastropheMetal Blade
22. 2016-08-22Spirit AdriftForm and ForceChained To OblivionProsthetic Records
23. 2016-01-18DrippingBring the SufferingBring the SufferingNecroharmonic Records
24. 2015-12-14Drive-By BukkakeMidnight ManslaughterMidnight Manslaughter
25. 2015-07-27DrippingDisembowlment of the ThroneBring The Sufferingnecroharmonic
26. 2014-09-15Drive-by BukakkeCasket StenchMidnight Manslaughterself-released
27. 2014-05-26The DripBlack ScreenA Presentation OF Gruesome Poeticsrelapse
28. 2014-04-14The DripSirenA Presentation OF Gruesome Poeticsrelapse
29. 2014-04-14Drive-by BukakkeWe Want Fun (Andrew W.K.)Oozing Doomself-released
30. 2014-04-07The DripRise To FailureA Presentation OF Gruesome Poeticsrelapse
31. 2013-12-09Drive-by BukakkeGremlin TsunamiOozing Doomself-released
32. 2013-09-16Diamond DriveFice StagesTemporalityNoiseheadrecords
33. 2013-04-29DrippingInheritance Of The Ancient MalignancyBring The Sufferingnecroharmonic
34. 2013-03-25DRIBeneath The Wheel
35. 2012-09-24PiledriverThe ExecutionerStay Uglycobra
36. 2012-08-20DRIFive Year PlanCrossover
37. 2011-08-22Drive-by BukakkePain And Destruction (Demolition)Oozing Doomself-released
38. 2011-06-20Drive-by BukakkeWe Want Fun (Andrew W.K.)Oozing Doomself-released
39. 2011-06-13Drive-by BukakkeGrim And Frostbitten KingdomsOozing Doomself-released
40. 2011-05-30Drive-by BukakkeCarnage Rules (Green Jelly)Oozing Doomself-released
41. 2011-05-09Drive-by BukakkeDead At Birth (Death Threat)Oozing Doomself-released
42. 2011-05-02Drive-by BukakkeAnnihilation (mortician)Oozing Doomself-released
43. 2011-01-03Devil DriverEnd Of The LineThe Fury Of Our Maker's Handroadrunner
44. 2010-12-27Parkway DrivePicture Perfect PatheticKilling with a Smileepitaph
45. 2010-09-20Brain DrillObliteration UntoldQuantum Catastrophemetalblade
46. 2010-09-06Brain DrillBeyond BludgeonedQuantum Catastrophemetalblade
47. 2010-08-09Brain DrillMonumental FailureQuantum Catastrophemetalblade
48. 2010-07-12Brain DrillObliteration UntoldQuantum Catastrophemetalblade
49. 2010-06-28Brain DrillAwaiting Imminent DestructionQuantum Catastrophemetalblade
50. 2010-06-21Brain DrillEntity Of ExtinctionQuantum Catastrophemetalblade
51. 2010-06-14Brain DrillMonumental FailureQuantum Catastrophemetalblade
52. 2010-06-07Brain DrillMercy To NoneQuantum Catastrophemetalblade
53. 2010-05-24Brain DrillBeyond BludgeonedQuantum Catastrophemetalblade
54. 2010-05-17Brain DrillNemesis Of NeglectQuantum Catastrophemetalblade
55. 2010-05-10Brain DrillMercy To NoneQuantum Catastrophemetalblade
56. 2010-05-03Brain DrillNemesis Of NeglectQuantum Catastrophemetalblade
57. 2010-03-15Drive-by BukakkeCasket StenchLive On The Stress Factorself-released
58. 2009-12-28Drive-by BukakkeCrimson MaskLive On The Stress Factorself-released
59. 2009-12-21DrippingInheritance Of The Ancient MalignancyBring The Sufferingnecroharmonic
60. 2009-12-21Drive-by BukakkeOne Warrior NationMidnight Manslaughter (Special Edition)self-released
61. 2009-11-30Drive-by BukakkeCreampie Vending MachineLive On The Stress Factorself-released
62. 2009-07-20Drive-by BukakkeKill YourselfMidnight Manslaughter (Special Edition)self-released
63. 2009-07-13Drive-by BukakkeOne Warrior NationMidnight Manslaughter (Special Edition)self-released
64. 2009-03-02Drive-by BukakkeMidnight ManslaughterMidnight Manslaughterself-released
65. 2009-01-19DRIPaying to PlayDefinitionrotten
66. 2008-12-29Drive-by BukakkeMidnight ManslaughterMidnight Manslaughterself-released
67. 2008-12-15PiledriverLord of AbominationsStay Uglycobra
68. 2008-08-04Drive-by BukakkeMidnight ManslaughterMidnight Manslaughterself-released
69. 2008-07-28Parkway DrivePandoraKilling with a Smileepitaph
70. 2008-07-21Drive-by BukakkeCocaine BuffetMidnight Manslaughterself-released
71. 2008-07-14Drive-by BukakkePathway to PenetrationMidnight Manslaughterself-released
72. 2008-07-07Drive-by BukakkeCasket StenchMidnight Manslaughterself-released
73. 2008-06-30Drive-by BukakkeMidnight ManslaughterMidnight Manslaughterself-released
74. 2008-01-21PiledriverMetal Death RacerStay Uglycobra
75. 2008-01-07DRIGod is BrokeDealing with It!beer_city
76. 2007-12-31DRIMad ManDealing with It!beer_city
77. 2007-12-24PiledriverMetal Death RacerStay Uglycobra
78. 2007-08-20DRIYes Ma'amDealing with It!death
79. 2007-06-04DrippingDecompose Fixation
80. 2007-03-26DRIgive my taxes back
81. 2006-12-18drithe explorer
82. 2006-12-18Drive-by Bukakkejackhammer abortion
83. 2006-12-18drippinginhereitance of the ancient malignancy
84. 2006-04-10drippingInheritance Of The Ancient Malignancy
85. 2005-08-15drippingdisembowlment of the throne
86. 2005-08-08devil driverdriving down the darkness
87. 2005-07-25drippingtemples of inhumanity
88. 2005-07-04drippingbleeding virgin whore
89. 2005-06-13drippingschizophrenic apparitions of molested corpses
90. 2005-06-06drippingdecoposed fixation
91. 2004-03-29DRIdry heaves
92. 2004-03-01DRIdry heaves
93. 2003-11-24drippingdecompose fixation
94. 2003-08-19DRIEnemy Within
95. 2003-05-13DRIThink for yourself
96. 2001-12-25DrippingDecompose Fixation
97. 2001-08-21DrippingDecompose Fixation
98. 2001-08-21DrippingDecompose Fixation
99. 2001-08-14DrippingDecompose Fixation
100. 2001-08-14DrippingDecompose Fixation
101. 2001-07-11Fredrick Thordendal13-15
102. 2000-08-28DRIThrashhard
103. 2000-02-28DRIAbduction
104. 1999-08-09Fredrick thorndale's special defectstracks
105. 1999-03-22Fredrick Thorndails Special Defectsthe Sun Door
106. 1999-03-15Fredrick Throndals Special DefectsTransmigration of Souls
107. 1997-09-01DRIPraying to play
108. 1997-03-31DrillInnuendo
109. 1997-03-17DrillOver and Out
110. 1997-03-03DRIDrawn and Quartered
111. 1997-02-24DrillOver and Out
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