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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1361 playlist up with 56716 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2009-12-21MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2009-12-21
3. 2009-12-21King DiamondNo Presents for ChristmasNo Presents for Christmasroadrunner
4. 2009-12-21Metal XmasGod Rest Ye Merry GentlemanWe Wish You a Metal Xmas and a Headbaning New Yeararmoury
5. 2009-12-21RavageFreedom FightersThe End of Tomorrowmetalblade
6. 2009-12-21Through the Eyes of the DeadBetween the Gardens That Bathe In BloodThe Scars of Agesself-released
7. 2009-12-21
8. 2009-12-21DBCthe Genesis ExplosionUniversecombat
9. 2009-12-21Scale The SummitGlacial PlanetCarving Desert Canyonsprosthetic
10. 2009-12-21AtheistLifePiece of Timeracercar
11. 2009-12-21Buried Insidethe Fallacy of Wild life ConservationSuspect Symmetryrelapse
12. 2009-12-21
13. 2009-12-21ImmortalTyrantsSons of Northern Darknessnuclearblast
14. 2009-12-21NileUtterances of the Crawling DeadThose Whom The Gods Detestnuclearblast
15. 2009-12-21OpethCircle Of The TyrantsVarious Artist: In Memory Of Celtic Frostdwell
16. 2009-12-21
17. 2009-12-21Black AnvilDethroned EmperorTime Insults the Mindrelapse
18. 2009-12-21Celtic FrostVisions of MortalityMorbid Talesmetalblade
19. 2009-12-21NifelheimDie In FireVarious Artist: In Conspiracy With Satan - A Tribute To Bathoryhellspawn
20. 2009-12-21AnacrusisNot ForgottenReasonmetalblade
21. 2009-12-21NunslaughterThe Dead PlagueHells Unholy Firerevenge_productions
22. 2009-12-21
23. 2009-12-21AsphyxSerenade In LeadLast One On Earthcenturymedia
24. 2009-12-21CarnivoreCarnivoreCarnivoreroadrunner
25. 2009-12-21Destroyer DestroyerHorse DrawnLittered With Arrowsgoodfellow
26. 2009-12-21Repulsive DissectionSepticemiaCut Open the Aberrationsevared
27. 2009-12-21
28. 2009-12-21KornJingle BallsMixed Up
29. 2009-12-21Metal XmasGrandma Got Runover By A ReindeerWe Wish You a Metal Xmas and a Headbaning New Yeararmoury
30. 2009-12-21DevourmentSerial CocksuckerButcher the Weakself-released
31. 2009-12-21DrippingInheritance Of The Ancient MalignancyBring The Sufferingnecroharmonic
32. 2009-12-21Animals Killing PeopleAnimals are Beasts Men are MonstersKentucky Fried Killingsevared
33. 2009-12-21
34. 2009-12-21Dimmu BorgirThe Sacreligious ScornIn Sorte Diabolinuclearblast
35. 2009-12-21Aetherius ObscuritasBlack MedicineKekete Orvossag - Black Medicineparagon
36. 2009-12-21Black AngelApocalyptic War IIBlack Angel/Black Empireold_cemetery
37. 2009-12-21Drive-by BukakkeOne Warrior NationMidnight Manslaughter (Special Edition)self-released
38. 2009-12-21AmputatedRepugnant Genital DeformityWading Through Rancid Offalsevared
39. 2009-12-21
40. 2009-12-21DeathSacrificalScream Bloody Gorecombat
41. 2009-12-21God DethronedUnder a Silver MoonThe Grand Grimoiremetalblade
42. 2009-12-21Godless RisingDevour The CrossRising Hatredpathos
43. 2009-12-21DestructorPounding EvilMaximum Destructionauburn
44. 2009-12-21
45. 2009-12-21DarkthroneDevided We StandHate Themmoonfog
46. 2009-12-21Blessed DeathDigital WarDestined for Extinctionroadracer
47. 2009-12-21Candy Striper Death OrgyNitromethaneNitromethanescreaming_ferret
48. 2009-12-21KreatorThe PestilencePleasure to Killcombat
49. 2009-12-21Godless TruthDeformed In EcstacyArrogance of Supreme Poweramputated_vein
50. 2009-12-21
51. 2009-12-21A Breath Before SurfacingCosmetic AbonimationDeath Is Swallowed In Victorymediaskare
52. 2009-12-21BoarcorpseBaby Pasteself-titledself-released
53. 2009-12-21In The ShitWhat Would Chris Dodge Do?Bostonself-released
54. 2009-12-21Skeleton WitchWhere The Light Has FailedBreathing The Fireprosthetic
55. 2009-12-21WatchfireThe TempestTwo Years in the Valleyself-released
56. 2009-12-21Word For WordScumbagManchester Foreverarrest
57. 2009-12-21
58. 2009-12-21BurstCrystal AssunderPrey on Liferelapse
59. 2009-12-21CallistoDead WeightProvidencefullsteam
60. 2009-12-21IchabodSuccubusReaching Empyreanrootsucker
61. 2009-12-21Crimson GloryLady Of WinterTranscendenceroadracer
62. 2009-12-21OverkillEliminationThe Years of Decaymegaforce
63. 2009-12-21
64. 2009-12-21Another VictimJudgement's ComingApocalypse Nowevr
65. 2009-12-21Rise and FallIn CirlcesOur Cirlce Is Viciousdeathwishinc
66. 2009-12-21Cave InCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermiahydrahead
67. 2009-12-21ConvergeWretched WorldAxe To Fallepitaph
68. 2009-12-21CoalesceJoyless In LifeOXEPrelapse
69. 2009-12-21November's DoomEmpathy's GreedInto Night's Requiem Infernalend
70. 2009-12-21OmMedication Is The Practice Of DeathGod Is Gooddrag_city
71. 2009-12-21Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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