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ATTENTION: This server isn't set up 100% yet from the Nov 2020 forced migration and we are moving again. This server already costs me about the price of a car payment each month which isn't changing. So if something doesn't work, needs to be removed, updated, forgotten or whatever, either bear with me or email rev at return to the pit dot com. Remember, this site is basically a 90's flying toaster screensaver with pictures of people before they got their first tattoo.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1198 playlist up with 51138 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-03-22Knight StrikeSummertime LoverIntruder
2. 2021-02-01FogWhispered Myths ( of Ancient Times)Through the Eyes of NightWorld War III (American Music Corp)
3. 2021-01-25Fucking ViolenceHard TimesIngratidao
4. 2020-12-21AfferatusTime of LeprosyParallel Duality
5. 2020-12-14DEAD TREE SEEDSNo Time to ComplainPush the Button
6. 2020-12-07WØMBGreat Mother of Destruction, Time and DeathHere, The World Falls...Purodium Rekords
7. 2020-09-28Toxic HolocaustTime's EdgePrimal FutureeOne Music
8. 2020-09-14Blackout FrenzyFor the Millionth Time2004Blackout Frenzy
9. 2020-09-14FloorpunchTime To HealFast Times At The Jersey ShoreEqual Vision
10. 2020-08-31UnanimatedOceans Of TimeAncient God Of Evil
11. 2020-08-24Depressive AgeAutumn TimesFirst Depression
12. 2020-07-20Selenseas04. TimeThe Outer Limits - Out Aug 7thRockshots Records
13. 2020-06-22COMPOST PILEUntimely DeathDemo 1995
14. 2020-06-15SacrificeLost Through TimeSoldiers of Misfortune
15. 2020-05-18Norma JeanSometimes It's Our Mistakes That Make for the Greatest IdeasBless the Martyr and Kiss the ChildSolid State
16. 2020-04-20Buried InsideTime as AbjectionChronoclastRelapse Records
17. 2020-03-02Buried InsideTime as IdealogyChronoclastRelapse Records
18. 2020-02-17December WolvesTime Flies When You Wish You Were DeadCompletely Dehumanized
19. 2020-01-06HAVOHEJ07 ALL TIME IS NOWTable of Uncreation (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
20. 2019-12-16Deadwater DrowningGetting Sentimental on That AssDeadwater DrowningBlackmarket Activities
21. 2019-11-11Nuclear AssaultGood Times, Bad TimesGood Times, Bad Timesirs
22. 2019-09-30Darkest HourTimeless NumbersGodless Prophets & The Migrant Flora
23. 2019-09-16NeurosisThe Time Of The BeastsEnemy of the Sun
24. 2019-07-29Bastard SaplingLantern At The End Of TimeInstinct Is ForeverGilead Media
25. 2019-06-24Praise the FlameBefore The Creation of Time (Unleashed cover)Profane Cult 12" MLPBlood Harvest
26. 2019-06-10Imperator (Poland)Imperator - The Time Before Time - 02 AbhorrenceThe Time Before Time LP/CD/TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
27. 2019-05-27fogWhispered Myths (of Ancient Times)Through the Eyes of Night
28. 2019-04-15Vinnie VincentThat Time of YearInvasionchrystalis
29. 2019-01-28Downfall Of Gaia03 We Pursue the Serpent of TimeEthic Of Radical FinitudeMetal Blade Records
30. 2019-01-21Funeral NationYour Time Has ComeAfter the Battle
31. 2019-01-07PrajnaInto Rivers of TimeThe Summer Eclipse
32. 2018-09-03NekrogoblikonKilling Time (and Space)Welcome to Bonkers
33. 2018-07-30MithrasTime Never LastsOn Strange LoopsMithras
34. 2018-07-09TengilIt's All For SpringtimeshouldhavebeensProphecy Productions
35. 2018-05-28Heretic Cult RedeemerThe Oldest of TimesHeretic Cult Redeemer LPIron Bonehead Productions
36. 2018-05-07Lotus AshSometimes Comes The WolfThe Evening Redness
37. 2018-05-07Deeds of FleshFeeding TimeInbreeding the AnthropophagiRepulse Records
38. 2018-04-09Morbid SaintSign of the TimesDestruction System
39. 2018-03-12Iron MaidenCaught Somewhere In TimeSomewhere In Time
40. 2018-01-08transistor transistorwartime at the apolloself titled
41. 2017-12-25CrematoryOnly Once In A LifetimeJust Dreamingcombat
42. 2017-11-13AyatEvery time a child says 'I don't believe in Allah' there is a little Allah somewhere that falls down deadCarry on, CarrionMoribund Records
43. 2017-10-09Vacant EyesA Timeless VaultA Timeless Vault
44. 2017-10-09Tygers Of Pan TangRunning Out Of TimeCrazy Nights
45. 2017-10-02UnleashedThis Time We FightAs Yggdrasil TremblesNuclear Blast GmbH
46. 2017-07-17fogWhispered Myths (of Ancient Times)Through the Eyes of Night
47. 2017-06-26TiamatSummertime Is GoneAmanethesNuclear Blast
48. 2017-03-20Darkest HourTimeless NumbersGodless Prophets & The Migrant FloraSouthern Lord
49. 2017-03-13ZaoIn Times Gone PastThe Funeral of GodRoadrunner Records
50. 2017-03-06Grave DiggerHeroes Of This TimeKnights Of The Cross
51. 2017-02-20CORPUS DIAVOLISSigns Of End TimesAtra LumenATMF
52. 2017-02-20PunchTime ApartHow Nothing Lasts 7"
53. 2016-12-26InvertiaFleshless In Real TimeThe Biddings of TyrantsSelf-Released
54. 2016-12-12UnleashedBefore the Creation of TimeWhere No Life DwellsCentury Media
55. 2016-10-10AtheistPiece Of TimePiece Of Time
56. 2016-09-19SPEEDWOLFTime to AnnihilateRide With DeathHells Headbangers Records
57. 2016-09-19Burnt by the SunMortimerSoundtrack to the Personal RevolutionRelapse Records
58. 2016-08-29EyehategodServing Time in the Middle of NowhereSouthern DiscomfortCentury Media Records
59. 2016-07-25DarkthroneThe Claws Of TimeRavishing Grimness
60. 2016-06-27NasumTime to DischargeHelveteRelapse Records
61. 2016-05-16DismemberTime Heals NothingGod That Never WasCandlelight Records
62. 2016-05-02Every Time I DieI Been Gone a Long TimeHot Damn!Ferret Music
63. 2016-04-11Tombstoned03 Time TravelsIISvart Records
64. 2016-03-28ROTTEN SOUND06 Time for the FixAbuse to SufferSeason of Mist
65. 2016-03-14Pictures of PainTimeWorld DemisePitch Black Records
66. 2016-02-15The Burning (Lustre)Timeless Cosmic UnitySummoning the Lost EnergyDe Tenebrarum Principio
67. 2016-01-18XibalbaTime's UpMadre Mia Gracias Por Los DiasSouthern Lord
68. 2015-11-02NeurosisThe Time Of The BeastsEnemy Of The Sunalternative_tentacles
69. 2015-10-12Woods of YpresA Meeting Place And TimeAgainst The Seasons: Cold Winter Songs From The Dead Summer Heatearache
70. 2015-09-21Twin LordsTil Time's EndDevastating Planetary Shifthandshake_inc
71. 2015-07-20AlestormBack Through TimeBack Through Timenapalm
72. 2015-06-22CrowbarWrath Of Time Be JudgementBroken Glass
73. 2015-05-25NeurosisTimes of GraceTimes of Gracerelapse
74. 2015-05-25EyeHateGodServing time in the Middle of NowhereSouthern Discomfortcenturymedia
75. 2015-05-04Praise The FlameBefore The Creation OF Time (Unleashed)Profane CultBlood Harvest
76. 2015-04-27Nuclear AssaultGood Times, Bad TimesGood Times, Bad Timesirs
77. 2015-04-27CromagsHardtimesthe Age of Quarrelprofile
78. 2015-03-09HypocrisyThrough the Window of TimeThe Final Chapternuclearblast
79. 2015-03-09Rings Of SaturnGodless TimesLugal Ki Enunique_leader
80. 2015-02-23WaldhiemFight Against TimeFight Against Time
81. 2015-01-26Lord DyingA Wound Outside Of TimePoisoned Altarsrelapse
82. 2015-01-19ExhumedDinner Time in the MorgueSlaughtercultrelapse
83. 2015-01-19Electric WizardTime To DieTime To Diespinefarm
84. 2015-01-19WormedSpacetime Ekleipsis VorticityExodromos
85. 2015-01-05MotheaterOut TimeLowering The Doomplay_the_assassin
86. 2014-12-22Revelations Of RainTimeEmanation Of Hatredsolitude_productions
87. 2014-10-20Cattle DecapitationOne Thousand Times DecapitationKarma Bloody Karmametalblade
88. 2014-10-20WarsorePathetic Waste Of TimeJapan Tour
89. 2014-09-01Test Of TimeTimelineA Place Beyondbridge9
90. 2014-08-25KataklysmWhen Time Stands StillEpic: The Poetry Of War
91. 2014-08-18Buried InsideTime As CommodityChronoclastrelapse
92. 2014-08-11Rotting ChristTime Stands StillKhronoscenturymedia
93. 2014-08-11ExtolTime Stands StillUndeceivedsolid_state
94. 2014-07-28NasumSometimes Dead Is BetterHuman 2.0relapse
95. 2014-07-21Test Of TimeTimelineA Place Beyondbridge9
96. 2014-06-23AllegaeonGravimetric Time DilationElements Of The Infinitemetalblade
97. 2014-04-28Bolt ThrowerThis Time It's WarThe IVth Crusademetalblade
98. 2014-04-21Iron MaidenCaught Somewhere In TimeSomewhere in Timeemi
99. 2014-02-03ScissorfightMaritime DisastersPotential New Agent For Unconvential Warfare EP
100. 2014-01-20CynicSentimentFocusroadrunner
101. 2013-12-23XibalbaTime's UpMadre Mia Gracias Por Los Diassouthernlord
102. 2013-12-02Napalm DeathBedtime StoryLeaders Not Followers: Part 2centurymedia
103. 2013-11-25SepsisTime To Pull A Gun...With No Mercymetal_age
104. 2013-10-07Intense Hammer RageMy Fist, Her Face, Same Time, Same PlaceAvagoyamugs
105. 2013-08-12Buried InsideTime As ImperialismChronoclastrelapse
106. 2013-07-22OlivaFather TimeRaise The CurtainAFM
107. 2013-07-15Youth ChoirSometimes Fat Guys Dont Wear WhiteDemo 2013
108. 2013-07-08ImmortalWithstand The Fall Of TimeAt The Heart Of Winterosmose
109. 2013-05-27IntegrityNo Time for Sudden GlancesClosuredeathwishinc
110. 2013-05-27Laaz RockitI've Got TimeNo Stranger Too Dangeroustarget
111. 2013-02-18HateTimeless KingdomSolarfleshnapalm
112. 2013-01-28HateTimeless KingdomSolarfleshnapalm
113. 2013-01-14AtheistPiece of TimePiece of Timeracercar
114. 2013-01-07Buried InsideTime As CommodityChronoclastrelapse
115. 2012-12-31CromagsHardtimesthe Age of Quarrelprofile
116. 2012-12-24Revelations Of RainTimeEmanation Of Hatredsolitude_productions
117. 2012-12-24Buried InsideTime As A Surrogate ReligionChronoclastrelapse
118. 2012-12-24WasteformBedtime ButcherDesigned By Disgustpathos
119. 2012-12-10Sonic PulseAdventiure TimeLarger Than Lifeself-released
120. 2012-12-03Unreal OverflowsWhen Time Is UpFalse Welfarextreem
121. 2012-08-13Dark PassengerSerpents Of Timeepself-released
122. 2012-07-23Wolves in the Throne Room+ChaplinA Face In A Nighttime Mirror Part 1 (Diadem Of 12 Starsn/a
123. 2012-06-18AllegaeonTimeline DissonanceFormshiftermetalblade
124. 2012-05-21ArtilleryTime Has ComeFear Of Tomorrow
125. 2012-05-07Saint VitusDragon TimeMournful Criessst
126. 2012-04-30PentagramWartimeDay Of Reckoningnapalm
127. 2012-04-16CoalesceSometimes Selling out Is Waking Up0:12 Revolution In Just Listeningrelapse
128. 2012-04-02WWIIITime For TerrorWWIIIhollywood
129. 2012-03-12AsphyxInto The TimewastesDeathhammercenturymedia
130. 2012-01-16CromagsHardtimesthe Age of Quarrelprofile
131. 2011-12-26Dark AngelTime Does not HealTime Does not Healcombat
132. 2011-11-28MithrasTime Never LastsTime Never Lastsglactic
133. 2011-10-31HelloweenIntro: Happy Helloween/A Little TimeI Want Out - Livenoise
134. 2011-10-10Brutal TruthEnd TimeEnd Timerelapse
135. 2011-10-03DestructionTime Must EndCracked Brainnoise
136. 2011-09-26DismemberTime Heals NothingThe God That Never Wascandlelight
137. 2011-09-26Brutal TruthEnd TimeEnd Timerelapse
138. 2011-08-15Abysmal DawnIn Service Of TimeLeveling The Plane Of Existencerelapse
139. 2011-07-25VomitoryHate In A Time Of WarOpus Morits VIIImetalblade
140. 2011-06-27Abysmal DawnIn Service Of TimeLeveling The Plane Of Existencerelapse
141. 2011-06-06MotheaterOut TimeLowering The Doomplay_the_assassin
142. 2011-05-09Children Of TechnologyIts Time To Face The DoomsdayIts Time To Face The Doomsdayhells_headbangers
143. 2011-01-24Kill the ClientPrimetime DogmaSet For Extinctionrelapse
144. 2011-01-10GwarTime for DeathHell-oslave_pit_enterprises
145. 2010-12-27Dead OrchestraTime To KillSounds Like Time Tasteschoke_hit
146. 2010-11-29Death With A DaggerTime To DieSpeedTrap/Death With A Dagger Splitpure_steel
147. 2010-08-23Napalm DeathTime Waits For No SlaveTime Waits For No Slavecenturymedia
148. 2010-07-19Buried InsideTime As A Surrogate ReligionChronoclastrelapse
149. 2010-06-28Bruce Dickinson/SamsonHard TimesHead Ongrand_slamm
150. 2010-06-14CynicSentimentFocusroadrunner
151. 2010-05-24100 demonsTime Bombself-titleddeathwishinc
152. 2010-05-24Iron MaidenCaught Somewhere In TimeSomewhere in Timecapitol
153. 2010-05-10UnleashedThis Time We FightAs Yggdrasil Tremblesnuclearblast
154. 2010-05-10Blue AsideA Traveler of Time and SpaceDemo 2009self-released
155. 2010-04-19BulldozerWhiskey Time
156. 2010-01-25ViolatedVengeance Of TimeOnly Death Awaitsduplicated
157. 2010-01-18BoysetsfireOur Time Honored Tradition of CannibalismAfter the Eulogyvictory
158. 2009-10-05Mind EraserTime Served (And What You Leave)Glacial Reignpainkiller
159. 2009-10-05the_NetworkYour Own Personal Time BombBishop Kent Manningblackmarket_activities
160. 2009-09-21AnthraxGot the TimePersistence of Timeisland
161. 2009-09-21Buried InsideTime As A Surrogate ReligionChronoclastrelapse
162. 2009-08-17Porcupine TreeTime FliesTime Flies (single)roadrunner
163. 2009-08-17CromagsHardtimesthe Age of Quarrelprofile
164. 2009-08-03Suicide SilenceNo Time to BleedNo Time to Bleedcenturymedia
165. 2009-07-27NasumTime to DischargeHelveterelapse
166. 2009-07-13Eryn Non DaeWhen Time ElapsesHydra Lernaiametalblade
167. 2009-06-15VengeanceBefore the TimeDestruction Comesintense
168. 2009-06-01WarbringerAbandoned by TimeWaking Into Nightmarescenturymedia
169. 2009-06-01ChildrenTime is the LivingHard Times Hanging at the End of the Worldkemado
170. 2009-05-25Agoraphobic NosebleedTimelord Two (Paradoxical Reaction)Agorapocalypserelapse
171. 2009-04-20Agoraphobic NosebleedTimelord Two (Paradoxical Reaction)Agorapocalypserelapse
172. 2009-04-06Eternal LordAll Time HighBlessed be this Nightmareferret
173. 2009-03-16Pro-painHour of the TimeNo End in Sightregain
174. 2009-03-09Architects UKBorrowed TimeHollow Crowncenturymedia
175. 2009-02-16Severed HeadWasted Timedemoself-released
176. 2009-02-09Napalm DeathTime Waits For No SlaveTime Waits For No Slavecenturymedia
177. 2009-01-05Eternal LordAll Time HighBlessed be this Nightmareferret
178. 2008-09-29Into EternityTime Immemorialthe Incurable Tragedycenturymedia
179. 2008-09-22DragonforceHeros of Our TimeUltra Breakdownroadrunner
180. 2008-08-25Kingdom of SorrowGrieve a LifetimeLead into Demiserelapse
181. 2008-04-21Into EternityTimeless WinterGigantour 2 - Various Artistsimage
182. 2008-04-21SacrilegeFather Time (Beneath the Gaze)Turn Back Trilobitemetalblade
183. 2008-03-17FalconerPurgatory TimeGrime vs. Grandeurmetalblade
184. 2008-03-10OphthalamiaTime for WarDominionno_fashion
185. 2008-03-10Kingdom of SorrowGrieve a LifetimeLead into Demiserelapse
186. 2008-02-25Kingdom of SorrowGrieve a LifetimeLead into Demiserelapse
187. 2007-12-31MadballPride (Times are Changing)Demonstrate My Styleroadrunner
188. 2007-12-10Deadwater Drowninggetting sentimental on that assepblackmarket_activities
189. 2007-11-05X-piralTimechaserHuntersburning_star
190. 2007-10-22Negligent Collateral CollapseRuntime ErrorCzech Assault -Various Artistsrelapse
191. 2007-10-15AlchemistNothing in No TimeTripsisrelapse
192. 2007-10-01KonkhraTime will HealWeed out the Weakdiehard
193. 2007-10-01InsultEverytime I puke, I think of youI wanna be a Burn Victimknow
194. 2007-08-06Buried Insidetime as ideologyChronoclastrelapse
195. 2007-07-02Dark AngelTime Does not HealTime Does not Healcombat
196. 2007-05-28InsultEverytime I puke, I think of you
197. 2007-05-07autumnmy new time
198. 2007-03-26cromagshardtimes
199. 2007-03-19buried insideTime As A Surrogate ReligionChronoclastrelapse
200. 2007-03-05Cannibal Corpsethe time to kill is now
201. 2007-01-29buried insideTime As A Surrogate ReligionChronoclastrelapse
202. 2007-01-22Beneath the Skyhow the times have changed
203. 2007-01-01deeds of fleshfeeding time
204. 2006-12-25Atheistpiece of time
205. 2006-12-04deadwater drowninggetting sentimental on that ass
206. 2006-11-27neversayneverfirst time human
207. 2006-11-06TYRwings of timeRagnaroknapalm
208. 2006-10-16children of bodomevery time i die
209. 2006-10-09into eternitytimeless winter
210. 2006-09-04Konkhratime will heal
211. 2006-08-28cromagshardtimes
212. 2006-08-21buried insideTime As A Surrogate ReligionChronoclastrelapse
213. 2006-08-21cattle decapitationone thousand times decapitation
214. 2006-07-24crematoryonly once in a lifetime
215. 2006-07-24cynicsentiment
216. 2006-07-17CromagsHardtimes
217. 2006-06-26zaokinning time til it's time to die
218. 2006-06-26agnostic fronttime will comeCause For Alarmrelativity
219. 2006-06-12integrityno time for sudden changes
220. 2006-06-05Cannibal Corpsethe time to kill is now
221. 2006-05-22Cut Throatone time
222. 2006-04-17dismembertime heals nothingThe God That Never Wascandlelight
223. 2006-03-27Cut Throatone time
224. 2006-03-20if hope diestime is not on our side
225. 2006-03-13negligent collateral collapseruntime errorCzech Assault -Various Artistsrelapse
226. 2006-02-27Atheistpiece of time
227. 2006-02-06eternity voidtime spins omnipotent
228. 2006-01-23cromagshardtimes
229. 2006-01-09100 demonstime bomb
230. 2005-06-13negligent collateral collapseruntime errorCzech Assault -Various Artistsrelapse
231. 2005-04-25buried insideTime As A Surrogate ReligionChronoclastrelapse
232. 2005-04-04buried insideTime As A Surrogate ReligionChronoclastrelapse
233. 2005-03-28buried insidetime as abjectiveChronoclastrelapse
234. 2005-03-21buried insideTime As A Surrogate ReligionChronoclastrelapse
235. 2005-03-07buried insidetime as ideologyChronoclastrelapse
236. 2005-02-28buried insidetime as ideologyChronoclastrelapse
237. 2005-02-21buried insidetime as imperialismChronoclastrelapse
238. 2005-02-14buried insidetime as ideologyChronoclastrelapse
239. 2005-02-07buried insidetime as a commodityChronoclastrelapse
240. 2005-01-31buried insidetime as a commodityChronoclastrelapse
241. 2005-01-24100 demonsTime Bomb
242. 2005-01-24buried insidetime as abjectionChronoclastrelapse
243. 2005-01-24children of bodomeverytime i die
244. 2005-01-17buried insideTime As A Surrogate ReligionChronoclastrelapse
245. 2005-01-10buried insidetime as ideologyChronoclastrelapse
246. 2004-11-01ophthalamiaTime for WarDominionno_fashion
247. 2004-07-26A Perfect Murdertime bomb...
248. 2004-07-12A Perfect Murdertime bomb
249. 2004-06-07blood has been shedtimepiece
250. 2004-05-24100 demonstime bomb
251. 2004-03-29Backstabbers Inci don't care how many times you've seen fightclub, you are not tyler durden
252. 2004-03-08most precious bloodlife during wartime
253. 2004-03-01melecheshincendium between mirage and time
254. 2004-01-12walls of jerichochanging times
255. 2003-12-29Backstabbers IncI don't care how many times you've seen rfight club, you are not tyler durden
256. 2003-12-22negligent collateral collapseruntime errorCzech Assault -Various Artistsrelapse
257. 2003-12-15Backstabbers IncI dn't care how many times you've seen fight club, you are not tyler durden
258. 2003-11-17Decrepit Birth...and time beginsAnd Time Beginsunique_leader
259. 2003-10-13deadwater drowninggetting sentimental on that ass
260. 2003-09-15summitthis time around
261. 2003-07-08Brutal TruthTime
262. 2003-04-22PandemiaDemonic Time
263. 2003-03-25PandemiaDemonic Time
264. 2003-03-18PandemiaDemonic Time
265. 2003-03-11The Accursedto live on Borrowed time
266. 2003-02-25Indecisionthis Time tomorrow
267. 2003-01-21BurialEnd Times
268. 2002-07-23IndecisionThis time Tomorrow
269. 2002-05-26GwarTime for Death
270. 2002-04-23CromagsHardtimes
271. 2002-03-26Negligent Collateral Collapseruntime error
272. 2002-02-26HypocrisyThrough the Window of Time
273. 2002-01-01HypocrisyThrough the window of time
274. 2001-12-25SeveranceWhen the Timecomes
275. 2001-11-27SeveranceWhen the Times Comes
276. 2001-08-28Cradle of FilthNo Time to Cry
277. 2001-08-28Cradle of FilthNo Time to Cry
278. 2001-05-15Belfegorthe Time of the Empire
279. 2001-05-08Children of BodomEverytime I die
280. 2001-05-01IntegrityNo Time for Sudden Glances
281. 2001-03-20Children of BodomEverytime I Die
282. 2001-02-20Children of BodomEverytime I Die
283. 2000-12-31Konkhratime will heal you
284. 2000-11-21Dying FetusIn Times of War
285. 2000-10-03Rotting ChristTime Stands Still
286. 2000-09-25ExhumedDinner Time in the Morgue
287. 2000-09-12ExhumedDinnettime in the Morgue
288. 2000-07-17PandemiaPresentiment of Sould
289. 2000-07-17PandemiaPresentiment of Sould
290. 2000-05-22OphthalamiaTime for WarDominionno_fashion
291. 2000-05-08Pissing RazorsSurvival of Time
292. 2000-03-27KonkhraTime will Heal
293. 2000-02-21Blood Has Been ShedTimeiere
294. 2000-02-21EyeHateGodServing time in the Middle of Nowhere
295. 2000-02-07EyeHateGodServing time in the Middle of Nowhere
296. 2000-01-24BetrayerOn the Wings of Time
297. 2000-01-10Humans BeingNo Time for now
298. 2000-01-03HypocrisyThrough the Window of Time
299. 2000-01-03Deeds of FleshFeeling Time
300. 1999-12-20Dark TranquillityOn your Time
301. 1999-11-0110 minute WArningNo More Time
302. 1999-09-27TurmoilCoptic Times
303. 1999-08-30MadballWe Should Care/Waste of Time
304. 1999-04-13NeurosisTime of Grace
305. 1999-03-15NeurosisTime of Grace
306. 1999-03-15Crocodile Shoplack ov time
307. 1997-10-13Thy PrimordialWhere only the Seasons marks the paths of time
308. 1997-09-01CrematoryOnly on in a life time
309. 1997-08-04Front 242Rythm of Time
310. 1997-06-30InsultSome times I wish I was Retarded
311. 1997-06-23InsultEverytime I puke, I think of you
312. 1997-05-05GwarTime for Death
313. 1997-05-05Humble GodsRunning out of time
314. 1997-05-05OverkillTime to Kill
315. 1997-02-17Machine headHard Times
316. 1997-01-20KlankTime
317. 1997-01-06Front 242Rythm of time
318. 1996-12-30KlankTime
319. 1996-12-10KlankTime
320. 1996-12-02ThrallSometimes I get this Urge
321. 1996-11-11KlankTime
322. 1996-11-11Humble godsRunning out of Time
323. 1996-10-21Humble GodsRunning out of Time
324. 1996-09-30judgeForget This Time
325. 0000-00-00Indecisionthis Time Tomorrow
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