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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1140 playlist up with 48616 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-04-08HypocrisyAdjusting the SunFinal ChapterNuclear Blast Records
2. 2019-03-18HypocrisyFire in the SkyInto the AbyssNuclear Blast Records
3. 2018-12-31HypocrisyPath to BabylonFourth DimensionNuclear Blast Records
4. 2018-06-04HypocrisySlave to the ParasitesArrivalNuclear Blast Records
5. 2018-04-09HypocrisyHang Him HighA Taste of Extreme DivinityNuclear Blast GmbH
6. 2017-01-23HypocrisyUnleash the BeastInto the AbyssNuclear Blast Records
7. 2015-10-12HypocrisyRoswell 47Abductednuclearblast
8. 2015-03-09HypocrisyThrough the Window of TimeThe Final Chapternuclearblast
9. 2015-01-05HypocrisyBlack MetalOsculum Obscenumnuclearblast
10. 2014-08-11HypocrisyApocalypseThe Fourth Dimensionnuclearblast
11. 2014-04-28Hypocrisycraving for another killingVirusnuclearblast
12. 2014-01-20HypocrisyTo Escape Is To DiePenetralianuclearblast
13. 2013-12-30HypocrisyBlack ForestThe Fourth Dimensionnuclearblast
14. 2013-08-19HypocrisySoldier Of FortuneEnd Of Disclosurenuclearblast
15. 2013-06-24HypocrisyTales Of Thy SpinelessEnd Of Disclosurenuclearblast
16. 2013-04-01HypocrisyHell Is Where I StayEnd Of Disclosurenuclearblast
17. 2012-09-03HypocrisyWeed Out The WeakA Taste Of Extreme Divinitynuclearblast
18. 2011-09-12HypocrisyStillbornthe Arrivalnuclearblast
19. 2010-08-30HypocrisyOrgy In BloodThe Fourth Dimensionnuclearblast
20. 2010-06-28HypocrisyLiesThe Final Chapternuclearblast
21. 2010-03-01HypocrisyWeed Out The WeakA Taste Of Extreme Divinitynuclearblast
22. 2010-01-18HypocrisyPenetraliaPenetralianuclearblast
23. 2009-12-07HypocrisySolar EmpireA Taste Of Extreme Divinitynuclearblast
24. 2009-11-23HypocrisyNo TomorrowA Taste Of Extreme Divinitynuclearblast
25. 2009-11-16HypocrisyTaste Of Extreme DivinityA Taste Of Extreme Divinitynuclearblast
26. 2009-11-09HypocrisySolar EmpireA Taste Of Extreme Divinitynuclearblast
27. 2009-10-26HypocrisyWeed Out The WeakA Taste Of Extreme Divinitynuclearblast
28. 2009-02-16HypocrisyScrutinizedVirusnuclearblast
29. 2008-10-27HypocrisySlave to the Parasitesthe Arrivalnuclearblast
30. 2007-04-30HypocrisyBorn Dead Buried Alive
31. 2007-04-02Hypocrisystillborn
32. 2007-02-12Hypocrisythe abyss
33. 2006-10-23Hypocrisythe abyss
34. 2006-10-02Hypocrisyunleash the beast
35. 2006-07-17Hypocrisyeraser
36. 2006-07-10Hypocrisystillborn
37. 2006-07-03Hypocrisythe abyss
38. 2006-06-26Hypocrisyfire in the sky
39. 2005-12-12Hypocrisythe fourth dimension
40. 2005-12-05Hypocrisyadjusting the sun
41. 2005-11-07Hypocrisyliving to die
42. 2005-10-24Hypocrisylet the knife do the talking
43. 2005-10-17Hypocrisya thousand lies
44. 2005-10-10Hypocrisyliving to die
45. 2005-10-03Hypocrisycompulsive psychosis
46. 2005-09-26Hypocrisya thousand lies
47. 2005-09-19Hypocrisyfearless
48. 2005-09-12Hypocrisywarpath
49. 2005-09-05Hypocrisycompulsive psychosis
50. 2005-08-29Hypocrisycraving for another killing
51. 2005-08-22Hypocrisyleft to rot (live)
52. 2004-12-06Hypocrisydigital prophecy
53. 2004-11-01Hypocrisylies
54. 2004-07-05Hypocrisyunleash the beast
55. 2004-06-14Hypocrisyleft to rot
56. 2004-03-22Hypocrisykilling art
57. 2004-01-05Hypocrisythe fourth dimension
58. 2003-12-22Hypocrisyorgy in blood
59. 2003-12-15Hypocrisyosculum obscenum
60. 2003-05-20HypocrisyTotal Eclipse
61. 2002-12-31HypocrisyDigital Prophecy
62. 2002-10-15HypocrisyDestroyed
63. 2002-08-27HypocrisyKilling art (live)
64. 2002-05-28HypocrisyHatred
65. 2002-05-21HypocrisyAll turns black
66. 2002-04-16HypocrisyEdge of Madness
67. 2002-04-09Hypocrisyanother deadend (from another dead man)
68. 2002-03-26Hypocrisyturn the Page
69. 2002-03-19Hypocrisyturn the page
70. 2002-03-12HypocrisyA Public Puppet
71. 2002-02-26HypocrisyThrough the Window of Time
72. 2002-01-01HypocrisyThrough the window of time
73. 2001-10-09HypocrisyKilling art
74. 2001-08-28HypocrisyKilling
75. 2001-08-28HypocrisyKilling
76. 2001-08-14HypocrisyKilling Art
77. 2001-08-14HypocrisyKilling Art
78. 2001-07-31HypocrisyDeathrow (no Regrets)
79. 2001-07-31HypocrisyDeathrow (no Regrets)
80. 2000-10-24HypocrisyIntruterine
81. 2000-10-24HypocrisyIntruterine
82. 2000-10-03HypocrisyUnfold the Sorrow
83. 2000-09-25HypocrisyDigital Prophecy
84. 2000-09-12HypocrisyUnleash the Beast
85. 2000-08-28HypocrisyFire in the Sky
86. 2000-08-21HypocrisyBlinded
87. 2000-03-13HypocrisyBlack Magic
88. 2000-01-03HypocrisyThrough the Window of Time
89. 1999-11-01HypocrisyPleasure of Molestation (live)
90. 1999-09-27HypocrisyApocalypticaly Bird
91. 1999-07-19HypocrisyReversed Reflections
92. 1999-07-12HypocrisyDisconnected Magnetic Corridors
93. 1999-07-05HypocrisyApocalyptic Hybrid
94. 1999-06-28HypocrisyFractured Millenium
95. 1999-05-24Hypocrisythe Final Chapter
96. 1999-05-17HypocrisyPleasure of Molestation
97. 1999-05-10HypocrisyBeginning of Thead
98. 1999-04-27Hypocrisythe 4th Dimension (live)
99. 1999-04-20HypocrisyKilling Art (live)
100. 1999-04-13HypocrisyKilling Art
101. 1999-04-06HypocrisyOcullum Obscenum
102. 1999-03-29HypocrisyApocalypse
103. 1997-06-23HypocrisyPoint of No Return
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