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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1239 playlist up with 52613 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-03-09Western MassacreFaceliftFreedom Through Violence
2. 2019-07-29MassacreFrom BeyondFrom BeyondEarache Records
3. 2019-07-22MassacreCryptic RealmsFrom BeyondEarache Records
4. 2019-04-29Beneath the MassacreRegurgitated Lullaby for the Born DeadEvidence of InequityGaly Records
5. 2018-04-16Beneath the MassacreOur Common GraveDystopiaProsthetic Records
6. 2018-02-12Beneath the MassacreLeft HandIncongruousProsthetic Records
7. 2015-09-14Beneath the MassacreThe WastelandDystopiaprosthetic
8. 2015-06-29MassacreSuccubusFrom Beyondearache
9. 2014-12-01Beneath the MassacreDesigned To StrangleMaree Noireprosthetic
10. 2014-06-16MassacreDarkness FellBack From Beyondcenturymedia
11. 2014-05-05MassacreHonor The FallenBack From Beyondcenturymedia
12. 2014-04-14MassacreShield Of The SonBack From Beyondcenturymedia
13. 2014-03-24MassacreSuccumb To RaptureBack From Beyondcenturymedia
14. 2014-03-17MassacreAscension Of The DeceasedBack From Beyondcenturymedia
15. 2013-05-27Beneath the MassacreLithium OverdoseDystopiaprosthetic
16. 2012-06-25MassacreCryptic RealmsFrom Beyondearache
17. 2012-05-21MassacreDeath Metal ForeverTotal Deathxtreem
18. 2012-05-07Beneath the MassacreLightIncongruousprosthetic
19. 2012-04-02Western MassacreDefectorFreedom Through Violenceself-released
20. 2012-03-26Western MassacreRoadhouseFreedom Through Violenceself-released
21. 2012-03-26Beneath the MassacreItIncongruousprosthetic
22. 2012-03-12Beneath the MassacreHuntedIncongruousprosthetic
23. 2012-03-05Beneath the MassacreGriefIncongruousprosthetic
24. 2012-02-27Beneath the MassacreLeft HandIncongruousprosthetic
25. 2012-01-02MassacreConflicts For PeaseTotal Deathxtreem
26. 2011-06-13MassacreCryptic RealmsFrom Beyondearache
27. 2011-01-10Beneath the MassacreDesigned To StrangleMaree Noireprosthetic
28. 2010-11-01MassacreChamber Of AgesFrom Beyondearache
29. 2010-10-18Beneath the MassacreThe Casket You Slept InMaree Noireprosthetic
30. 2010-09-27Beneath the MassacreBlack TideMaree Noireprosthetic
31. 2010-09-20Beneath the MassacreDesigned To StrangleMaree Noireprosthetic
32. 2010-09-13Beneath the MassacreThe Casket You Slept InMaree Noireprosthetic
33. 2009-03-23Beneath the MassacreThe WastelandDystopiaprosthetic
34. 2009-02-23Beneath the MassacreProcreating the InfectionDystopiaprosthetic
35. 2009-02-02Beneath the MassacreBitterDystopiaprosthetic
36. 2009-01-12Beneath the MassacreNo FutureDystopiaprosthetic
37. 2009-01-05Beneath the MassacreCondemnedDystopiaprosthetic
38. 2008-12-29Beneath the MassacreProcreating the InfectionDystopiaprosthetic
39. 2008-12-22Beneath the MassacreOur Common GraveDystopiaprosthetic
40. 2008-12-15Beneath the MassacreThe WastelandDystopiaprosthetic
41. 2008-12-01Beneath the MassacreThe WastelandDystopiaprosthetic
42. 2008-11-17Beneath the MassacreReign of TerrorDystopiaprosthetic
43. 2008-11-10Beneath the MassacreNo FutureDystopiaprosthetic
44. 2008-11-03Beneath the MassacreOur Common GraveDystopiaprosthetic
45. 2008-10-27Beneath the MassacreBitterDystopiaprosthetic
46. 2008-07-07Dance Club MassacreWet Between the ThighsFeast of the Blood Monstersblackmarket_activities
47. 2008-06-16Dance Club MassacreWet Between the ThighsFeast of the Blood Monstersblackmarket_activities
48. 2008-06-02Dance Club MassacreDevon Butler's Dying WishesFeast of the Blood Monstersblackmarket_activities
49. 2007-08-13Crimsion Massacrethe Devourerthe Luster of Pandemoniumdeathgasm
50. 2007-07-30Crimsion Massacrethe Devourerthe Luster of Pandemoniumdeathgasm
51. 2007-07-23Crimsion MassacreEpochthe Luster of Pandemoniumdeathgasm
52. 2007-07-23Beneath the MassacreTotalitarian HypnosisEvidence of Inequitygaly
53. 2007-01-08Beneath the Massacreprofitable kill count
54. 2006-07-24Beneath the Massacrecomfoming prejudice
55. 2006-06-26Beneath the Massacrecomforting prejudice
56. 2006-04-17Beneath the Massacretotalitarian hypnosis
57. 2006-04-10Beneath the Massacrenever more
58. 2006-04-03Beneath the Massacreprofitable kill count
59. 2006-03-27Beneath the Massacreregurgitated lullaby for the born dead
60. 2006-03-20Beneath the Massacrenever more
61. 2006-03-13Beneath the Massacreregurgitated lullaby for the born dead
62. 2006-03-06Beneath the Massacreconforming prejudice
63. 2006-02-27Beneath the Massacreprofitable killcount
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