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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1164 playlist up with 49707 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-11-11Meliah RageMeliah RageKill To Surviveepic
2. 2019-04-15ProngLost And FoundLost And Foundepic
3. 2018-11-05Meliah RageThe PackKill To Surviveepic
4. 2018-02-12Judas PriestHellriderA Touch of EvilEpic
5. 2017-10-16KreatorAgents of BrutalityComa of SoulsEpic
6. 2017-04-24Meliah RageMeliah RageKill To Surviveepic
7. 2016-05-23AcceptFast as a SharkStaying a LifeEpic
8. 2016-05-02Lamb of GodLaid to RestAshes of the WakeEpic
9. 2016-04-18Meliah RageThe PackKill To Surviveepic
10. 2016-02-08Judas PriestEat Me AliveA Touch of EvilEpic
11. 2016-02-01Lamb of GodBlood of the ScribeAshes of the WakeEpic
12. 2016-01-04Lamb of GodOne GunAshes of the WakeEpic
13. 2015-12-14Faith No MoreWar PigsThe Real Thingepic
14. 2015-03-02StrangerThe BellThe Bellepic
15. 2014-12-29Faith No MoreSurprise You're Dead!The Real Thingepic
16. 2014-09-15In FlamesWhen The World ExplodesSiren Charmsepic
17. 2014-09-08Lamb of GodWalk With Me In HellSacrementepic
18. 2014-09-01Faith No MoreSurprise You're Dead!The Real Thingepic
19. 2014-06-02Faith No MoreSurprise You're Dead!The Real Thingepic
20. 2014-06-02ProngFace ValueRude Awakeningepic
21. 2014-05-12StrangerReady To FightStrangerepic
22. 2014-05-12Faith No MoreSurprise You're Dead!The Real Thingepic
23. 2014-04-28Meliah RageImpaling DoomKill To Surviveepic
24. 2014-03-10Judas PriestMessanger of DeathA Touch of Evilepic
25. 2013-10-28AcceptFlash Rockin' ManStay A Lifeepic
26. 2013-09-02Suicidal TendenciesInstitutionalizedSuicidal Tendenciesepic
27. 2013-04-01Suicidal TendenciesinstitutionalizedSuicidal Tendenciesepic
28. 2013-03-18Suicidal TendenciesinstitutionalizedSuicidal Tendenciesepic
29. 2012-10-15Burn the PriestGoatfishBurn The Priestepic
30. 2012-07-23Burn the PriestGoatfishBurn The Priestepic
31. 2012-03-05Suicidal TendenciesInstitutionalizedSuicidal Tendenciesepic
32. 2011-09-19Lamb of GodLaid To RestAshes of the Wakeepic
33. 2011-08-15Suicidal TendenciesinstitutionalizedSuicidal Tendenciesepic
34. 2010-12-27Fifth AngelCry Out The FoolFifth Angelepic
35. 2010-11-08Suicidal TendenciesHearing VoicesHow Will I Laugh Tommorowepic
36. 2010-07-26Lamb of GodHourglassAshes of the Wakeepic
37. 2010-02-15Suicidal TendenciesinstitutionalizedSuicidal Tendenciesepic
38. 2009-06-01KreatorLove Us or Hate UsExtreme Aggressionepic
39. 2009-03-09ProngHell If I CouldProve You Wrongepic
40. 2009-03-02Lamb of GodSet to FailWrathepic
41. 2009-01-19Lamb of GodSet to FailWrathepic
42. 2008-07-21Lamb of GodNow You got Something to Die for (live)Walk with me in Hellepic
43. 2008-07-14Lamb of GodLaid to RestAshes of the Wakeepic
44. 2008-06-16Judas PriestWarNostradamusepic
45. 2008-05-05Judas PriestNostrodamusVisions Singleepic
46. 2008-01-07Suicidal TendenciesHearing VoicesHow Will I Laugh Tommorowepic
47. 2007-10-29Lamb of GodOmertaAshes of the Wakeepic
48. 2007-07-16Lamb of GodHourglassAshes of the Wakeepic
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