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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1160 playlist up with 49506 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-06-01The Sun Through a Telescope02 - Everyday Is Like Black Hole SvndayI Die SmilingHandshake Inc
2. 2020-06-01CrucifistSkull Smashing Face Ripping DeathPerpetual Conversion-Dan Lilker/Dave HoferHandshake Inc
3. 2019-05-20SulacoBuild and BurnBuild and BurnHandshake Inc
4. 2019-05-20Pyrrhon5. Turing's RevengeGrowth Without EndHandshake Inc
5. 2019-04-01Blurring02 Terminus and the WingBlurringHandshake Inc
6. 2018-05-21Blurring08 Thirteen Versions of YesterdayBlurringHandshake Inc
7. 2018-01-29The Sun Through a Telescope02 - Cro-Magnon NightmareSummer DarkyardHandshake Inc
8. 2018-01-01Blurring05 Terminus and the FlameBlurringHandshake Inc
9. 2017-12-11Blurring03 The Devil I KnowBlurringHandshake Inc
10. 2017-07-17Pyrrhon5. Turing's RevengeGrowth Without EndHandshake Inc
11. 2017-07-10Blurring02 Terminus and the WingBlurringHandshake Inc
12. 2017-07-10CrucifistSkull Smashing Face Ripping DeathPerpetual ConversionHandshake Inc
13. 2016-04-04Pyrrhon2. Forget YourselfGrowth Without EndHandshake Inc
14. 2015-12-07Total Fucking Destruction04 HalucinautOur Love is a RainbowHandshake Inc
15. 2015-09-28BlacklistersBig TickerAdulthandshake_inc
16. 2015-09-21Twin LordsTil Time's EndDevastating Planetary Shifthandshake_inc
17. 2015-09-07GridlinkConstant AutumnLonghenahandshake_inc
18. 2015-06-22Ash Of CedarsSun InvertAsh Of Cedarshandshake_inc
19. 2015-06-08PyrrhonCancer MantraGrowth Without Endhandshake_inc
20. 2015-05-11PyrrhonViral ContentGrowth Without Endhandshake_inc
21. 2015-05-04PyrrhonThe MassGrowth Without Endhandshake_inc
22. 2015-05-04BlurringLike WolvesBlurringhandshake_inc
23. 2015-02-02HaapojaMina Olen HerraCollaboration LPhandshake_inc
24. 2015-01-05GreberThe SpiceKiln Hardened Psalmshandshake_inc
25. 2015-01-05TheoriesHeadless HeartlessSplit - Theories/Wakehandshake_inc
26. 2014-12-22GreberFrederictionKiln Hardened Psalmshandshake_inc
27. 2014-12-08GridlinkRetract PerditionLonghenahandshake_inc
28. 2014-10-13GreberDie PietroKiln Hardened Psalmshandshake_inc
29. 2014-10-13Couch SlutReplacement Addiction 2My Life As A Womanhandshake_inc
30. 2014-10-13Nuclear AssaultRadiation SicknessPerpetual Conversionhandshake_inc
31. 2014-07-14WakeStaticSplit - Theories/Wakehandshake_inc
32. 2014-06-23Diseased ReasonParting WordsRecombinanthandshake_inc
33. 2014-06-16Theories9 to 5Split - Theories/Wakehandshake_inc
34. 2014-03-31DephosphorusHammer Of LogicRavenous Solemnityhandshake_inc
35. 2014-03-10GridlinkKetsuiLonghenahandshake_inc
36. 2014-02-17DephosphorusAstrocyte PortalRavenous Solemnityhandshake_inc
37. 2014-02-17GridlinkStay Without MeLonghenahandshake_inc
38. 2014-01-20GridlinkStay Without MeLonghenahandshake_inc
39. 2014-01-13GridlinkThe Last RavenLonghenahandshake_inc
40. 2014-01-06The Sun Through A TelescopeMr. Yawning Infinity Chasm - SuperInfinityI Die Smilinghandshake_inc
41. 2014-01-06TerminusGardensTerminushandshake_inc
42. 2013-03-18Wet NightmareEscalator MutilatorWet Nightmarehandshake_inc
43. 2013-02-25Total Fucking DestructionMonstersMonsters EPhandshake_inc
44. 2013-02-18VitA Hymn Of BenedictionThe Dry Seasonhandshake_inc
45. 2012-12-31Wet NightmarePunkdeathWet Nightmarehandshake_inc
46. 2012-11-12Wet NightmareOvermediacated UnderachieverWet Nightmarehandshake_inc
47. 2012-06-04Ladder DevilsCommon DogsForget Englishhandshake_inc
48. 2012-05-28((Thorlock))Man Will Lose((Thorlock))handshake_inc
49. 2012-03-26((Thorlock))Triceratops((Thorlock))handshake_inc
50. 2012-03-05((Thorlock))Assneck((Thorlock))handshake_inc
51. 2012-02-13SulacoDingy MetropolisBuild And Burnhandshake_inc
52. 2011-12-12SulacoMake A MoveBuild And Burnhandshake_inc
53. 2011-11-07SulacoDingy MetropolisBuild And Burnhandshake_inc
54. 2011-11-07The Sun Through A TelescopeDarkyardSummer Darkyardhandshake_inc
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