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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1113 playlist up with 47609 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-07-15NunslaughterCataclysm (The Rotting Christ)Demoslaughter [Disc 1]Hells Headbangers Records
2. 2019-07-15OSSUARY INSANEFallen to the PitsDemonize The Flesh 12"LPBlood Harvest Records
3. 2019-07-08Sigil (Canada)02 CompoundsDemonstration MMXIXFuneral Trance Records
4. 2019-06-17BasicSushi DateMisery Demo
5. 2019-06-17Nuclear AgePower Of Youth2013 Demo Cassette
6. 2019-06-10Jugular EmbolismMustard Pouring out of the EyesEruptions of Pus and Mucus Demo
7. 2019-06-03UNDEATH01 - Unadorned CoffinDemo '19Caligari Records
8. 2019-05-27ExodusDie By His HandDie By His Hand (Demo)
9. 2019-05-20Hummingbird of DeathThe Dark Ages Are OverratedDemo '05
10. 2019-05-20K.F.RA3 AzazelDemonologuePurity Through Fire
11. 2019-05-13Chemical DisasterDisagreementLost Souls in the Aboninable Realm of Darkness [Demo]
12. 2019-04-22Ossuary Insane03 ImprecariDemonize the Flesh LPBlood Harvest Records
13. 2019-03-18GorgutsConsidered Dead (Demo 1991)Demo Anthology
14. 2019-03-18Decaying ContinuumExpending Humanity WithinThe Burden of Entropy [Demo]
15. 2019-03-11DysenteryBaptized In DisbeliefDemo
16. 2019-03-04UNDEATH03 - Perverted Self ReflectionsDemo '19Caligari Records
17. 2019-02-18General SurgerySevere catatonia in pathologyInternecine Prurience Rehearsal Demo III 09.90
18. 2019-01-21Strike 3Re-RunDemo 1996
19. 2019-01-07Decaying ContinuumThe Chaotic UnknownThe Burden of Entropy [Demo]
20. 2018-12-31PandemoniumUnholy ExistenceDevilri (demo)
21. 2018-12-03HellhammerReaperDemon Entrailsmetalblade
22. 2018-11-19Rotting ObsceneWar Storm2011 DemoSelf-Released
23. 2018-11-19MilitianaryBeyond The Constricted SpaceDemo
24. 2018-10-29MORBIDBeyond The Last MidnightLast Supper (Demo 1988)
25. 2018-10-29Temeluchusregions of hell's fire kingdomDemo II
26. 2018-10-08Morbid MessiahGraveyard HeadhunterDemoniac ParoxysmMemento Mori
27. 2018-10-08MerauderTrack 01Demo 93 w/ Minus
28. 2018-10-08100 DemonsSomething Terrible100 DemonsDead Serious
29. 2018-10-01NunslaughterHells Unholy Fire (The Rotting Christ)Demoslaughter [Disc 1]Hells Headbangers Records
30. 2018-09-24Rained InLoose EndsDemo 2018
31. 2018-09-24DistressorPatience Runs ThinDemo 2018
32. 2018-09-10GolemMutilated OrgansRecall The Day Of Incarnation (Demo '93)
33. 2018-09-10ShiverClean SlateDemoShift
34. 2018-08-27EkbombsRecidivist Divisiondemo
35. 2018-08-20Life At ZeroBaptised In PissLife In Piss - Demo 2001
36. 2018-08-13DistressorDestroy The WeakDemo 2018
37. 2018-08-13DisembodiedRotgutDisfigured (Demo)
38. 2018-08-13Held HostageChapter Three in the Liars ManualDemo 2001
39. 2018-07-30Forest of ImpaledWings of ApocalypseDemonvoidRed Stream
40. 2018-07-23ShiverClean SlateDemoShift
41. 2018-07-16MythicThe OracleThe Immortal Realm (demo)
42. 2018-07-16CinzasIIDemo IPurodium Rekords
43. 2018-07-16Yog Sothots07. Slasher NoiseDemo 87
44. 2018-07-09Rude AwakeningUntamed WorldRA Demo 2011Self-Released
45. 2018-07-02Occult (HOL)Jaws of SatanLive Demo
46. 2018-06-25Rained InCoilDemo 2018
47. 2018-06-18NAMELESSAncient Burial GroundsDemo
48. 2018-06-18GolemBeyond The Future SkiesRecall The Day Of Incarnation (Demo '93)
49. 2018-06-11Corpse HoarderAnatolically Correct2014 Demo
50. 2018-05-28Last Gays Of HumanityBoiling Bodily InnardsDemo
51. 2018-05-28MucopusCorporation XDemo
52. 2018-05-28Necrolatry[pol]03. In To The Chapel Of SkullsConfessions (demo 92)
53. 2018-05-14HellhammerThe Third Of The StormsDemon Entrails
54. 2018-04-30Rained InAM GoldDemo 2018
55. 2018-04-30Strike 3ForgetDemo 1996
56. 2018-04-16Rained InCall It In The AirDemo 2018
57. 2018-04-09Strike 3Side By SideDemo 1996
58. 2018-04-02KnaavesJanuaryDemo 2018
59. 2018-04-02Break It UpYou've ChangedDemo
60. 2018-04-02Strike 3But I DoDemo 1996
61. 2018-04-02Strike 3UntitledDemo 1996
62. 2018-03-19KnaavesNine Lives LostDemo 2018
63. 2018-03-19Taphos04 Venomous TempestDemo MMXVI & 7" EP MMXVII CDBlood Harvest Records
64. 2018-03-12KnaavesJanuaryDemo 2018
65. 2018-03-12General SurgerySlithering maceration of ulcerous facial tissueInternecine Prurience Rehearsal Demo III 09.90
66. 2018-03-12What Weapons Bring WarBrush Your Teeth With My Cock2005 DemoSelf-Released
67. 2018-03-05KnaavesNine Lives LostDemo 2018
68. 2018-02-26Weekend NachosI Am Not The Wedding Singer (demo)Demo
69. 2018-02-19Dark Crystal (NLD)Haunting the FireFirst Warning [Demo]
70. 2018-02-12Nerve Gas TragedyEndless PainDemo
71. 2018-02-05Desolate (Spain)InDemo-2015
72. 2018-01-22VoivodChemical Warfare [Slayer cover]Morgoth Invasion [Live Demo December 1984]
73. 2018-01-08The Taste Of SilverEdge Of The Avant-GardeWinter Demo
74. 2018-01-01BrotherComfortDemoself-released
75. 2017-12-04EkbombsSocial Surgerydemo
76. 2017-11-27The CarrierAlcatrazDemo 06'
77. 2017-11-27Nerve Gas TragedyDie AloneDemo
78. 2017-11-13What Weapons Bring WarThe Autumn's CradleDemo 2003
79. 2017-10-23HellhammerSatanic RitesDemon Entrails
80. 2017-10-02Sinicle04_Angels & DemonsAngels & DemonsSelf-Released
81. 2017-09-25Iron LungBody EnclosingDemonstrations In Pressure And Volume EP
82. 2017-09-18CoathangerSounds Like Someone DyingDemo
83. 2017-09-11BehemothGoat With a Thousand YoungDemonicaMetal Blade
84. 2017-09-04BehemothDark TriumphDemonicaMetal Blade
85. 2017-09-04Ascended04 - Drifting in a voidThe art of necromancy - Demo 2008
86. 2017-09-04InfesterAfterbirth... The MealDarkness Unveiled demo'92
87. 2017-08-28Darken The SkyVelvet Chains Of DissastisfactionDemo 2002self-released
88. 2017-08-21NunslaughterNunslaughterRitual Of Darkness (demo)hells_headbangers
89. 2017-08-21Ossuary Insane04 The Olde Ragged CrossDemonize the Flesh LPBlood Harvest Records
90. 2017-07-31Demons & WizardsPoor Man's CrusadeDemons & WizardsSteamhammer Records
91. 2017-07-10Ossuary Insane03 ImprecariDemonize the Flesh LPBlood Harvest Records
92. 2017-07-03TestamentTen Thousand ThronesDemonicMusic For Nations
93. 2017-06-26NecromisNecromisNecromis demo 1992
94. 2017-06-26Gruesome Fate4. septic incisionsgruesome fate[us] - live gurgulations demo 1992G
95. 2017-06-19ANACRUSISToo Many Prophets demoScreams and Whispers Demos
96. 2017-06-19Infernal Death(The) Immortal RaceDemo #1
97. 2017-06-19Paineaterpaineater - 04 infestation hellswarmHypersexual Violence Demo
98. 2017-06-12PESTIGORE2. Sea of SoulsTwisted Perversions... Unbearable Delight. DEMO 1992
99. 2017-06-12NecrophagistFermented Offal DischargeDemo Tapes (1995)
100. 2017-05-29WAR MASTERchapel of the apocalypsechapel of the apocalypse -demo-
101. 2017-05-08Suffocation (Pre-Fleshcrawl)Festering FleshFestering Flesh Demo
102. 2017-05-08AbacinateLife is NiceOut of the System (Demo)Independent
103. 2017-05-08TestamentNew Eyes of OldDemonicMusic For Nations
104. 2017-05-08ROGUEWhirlwind Insanity2 song demo
105. 2017-03-27GatherI Hate Ayn RandTotal Liberation Demo
106. 2017-03-27EntrailsYour Dead Dog SmileResurrected from the Grave (Demo Collection)Metal Blade Records
107. 2017-02-27Northern CurseStatic EclipseDemoSelf-Released
108. 2017-02-27Carnal ForgePull the TriggerFiredemonCentury Media Records
109. 2017-02-27NecronyHill Of Cadaverssevere malignant pustule (demo)
110. 2017-02-20Dismantle The CyborgSlow DecayDemo
111. 2017-02-06Extinction AgendaCreature Of Unconscious DesignDemoJuventus
112. 2017-01-23CANDLE01 BetrayalDemo 2016Fighter Records
113. 2017-01-16Rotting ObsceneMetamorphic Transcendence2011 DemoSelf-Released
114. 2017-01-16Northern CurseStatic EclipseDemoSelf-Released
115. 2017-01-16American NightmareSore Throat Syndrome4 Song DemoBridge 9
116. 2017-01-09In Dire NeedA Final Farewell (To Geinea Bissau)Demo
117. 2017-01-02SummoningBeyond Bloodred HorizonsDemo 94 (Promo ) (Demo)
118. 2016-12-26Mental ComaCivilized AbuseFragments Of DemocracyHorror Pain Gore Death Productions
119. 2016-11-21Maligner03 Adrenaline RushDemon TAPEBlood Harvest Records
120. 2016-10-24100 DemonsHis Father's Son100 DemonsDead Serious
121. 2016-10-24MerauderLife Is PainDemo 93 w/ Minusself-released
122. 2016-10-10DemigodAnxietyUnholy Domain [Demo]
123. 2016-10-03NIGHT DEMON03 Ancient EvilNight Demon (TAPE)Shadow Kingdom Records
124. 2016-09-26100 DemonsDying in My Own Arms100 DemonsDead Serious
125. 2016-09-26Obsidian TongueThe Noble2010
126. 2016-08-29Halo Suffocation MachineComaDemo 2000
127. 2016-07-25HexenslaughtAltar Of DeathDemo IInvictus Productions
128. 2016-07-18Perverted CeremonyBlack FluidsDemo 1 TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
129. 2016-07-18Death Courier04 Mass ImpalementEP and Demo LPNuclear War Now! Productions
130. 2016-07-11UNITED VOIDNightbreedDEMO
131. 2016-07-046L6Free1992 Demo 1
132. 2016-05-16DamagedInternal Dismemberment ConflictsDo Not Spit/Passive Backseat Demon EnginesRotten Records
133. 2016-04-04FRONT BEASTBroken Seal Of White LightDemon Ways of Sorcery (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
134. 2016-03-21Sacred SwordBackyard RockersDemo 1988
135. 2016-03-21Rampant DecayCocaine FrenzyDemo 2009
136. 2016-03-14Fuming MouthImmolateDemo
137. 2016-03-14Goatlord07 The FogDemo '87 / Reh. '88 DLPNuclear War Now! Productions
138. 2016-02-29DREADPretzelAbominate Demo
139. 2016-02-226L6Take it Back1992 Demo 1
140. 2016-02-08AcceptDemon's NightRestless And Wild [Demo Version]
141. 2016-01-25GorgutsCalamitous Mortification...And Then Comes Lividity (Demo)
142. 2016-01-18CyperusJudgement DayCyperus (Demo)
143. 2015-11-30ShiverRapefaceDemoShift
144. 2015-11-16PeucharistVomit Right In god's Face2015 Demoself-released
145. 2015-11-16LivverNo LoveDemo 2011self-released
146. 2015-10-19Cirith UngolReturn To LankhmarCirith Ungol (Demo)
147. 2015-09-28HellhammerPower Of SatanDemon Entrailsmetalblade
148. 2015-09-21100 demonsLord Have Mercy100 Demonsdeathwishinc
149. 2015-08-31Job for a CowboyTarnished GluttonyDemonocrasymetalblade
150. 2015-08-24ProcreationAfterlifeIncantations Of Demonic Lust For Corpses Of The Fallennuclear_war_now
151. 2015-08-10MayhemDeathcrushDeathcrush (demo)phantom
152. 2015-07-27CatalepsyObituary Feardemo 87
153. 2015-06-22Halo Suffocation MachineLeft StandingDemo 2000
154. 2015-06-22Amon AmarthRisen From The SeaThor Arise (demo)
155. 2015-06-15MucophagusMaggots To FleshDemo 1Self-Released
156. 2015-06-15PossessedSwing Of The AxeDemo 1985
157. 2015-06-08ChronosLord Of Plague And FeverEpilogo Funedre Demo
158. 2015-06-01No ZodiacDrowningDemo
159. 2015-06-01GoatlordUnholy Black SlutDemo 87nuclear_war_now
160. 2015-05-25Coke BustPower JunkiesDemoself-released
161. 2015-05-18DoomhammerBlack Metal RevoltThe Law Of The Drunk 0 Demo Collectionold_cemetery
162. 2015-05-18NunslaughterChurch Of Disgust (Rehersal Demo June 23rd 1993)Demo Slaughter CD2hells_headbangers
163. 2015-03-16Apollo RaCrimson StreetsRa Pariah (demo)
164. 2015-03-16Fuming MouthInfernal VoidDemoself-released
165. 2015-03-09Found Dead HangingObserving Cash Flow Analysis at my Local Crack Housedemoself-released
166. 2015-03-02DisgorgeMurder (Extreme Noise Terror)Give The Sick More Say (Demo)
167. 2015-02-09Sonus MortisHarbinger Of Doomdemo 2013self-released
168. 2015-02-02Fuming MouthInfernal VoidDemoself-released
169. 2015-01-12DetenteWidows WalkDemo IIxtreem
170. 2015-01-12Cavalera ConspiracyFather Of HatePandemoniumnapalm
171. 2015-01-05Forest of ImpaledI Metamorphosis (Birth of the Seventh)Demonvoidred_stream
172. 2014-12-29Rude AwakeningErisionDemo 2011self-released
173. 2014-12-22RepulsionThe Stench Of Burning DeathSlaughtering of the Innocent Demo
174. 2014-12-08Cavalera ConspiracyBonzai KamikazeePandemoniumnapalm
175. 2014-12-08Malevolent CreationViolent OffspringDemo I
176. 2014-12-08Violent HammerArmy Of The DamnedMore Victims: Demo 2014Shadow Kingdom
177. 2014-11-24EntrailsMidnight DeathResurrected From The Grave (Demo Collection)metalblade
178. 2014-11-24ValhallaKingdom Of IceDemo 2004
179. 2014-11-17Cavalera ConspiracyI, BarbarianPandemoniumNo Sleep
180. 2014-10-13Diabolical MessiahCurse Of MegatonsSatan Tottendemon VictoryBlood Harvest
181. 2014-10-06UnanimatedThrough The GatesFire Storm (Demo)
182. 2014-09-29Bestial WarlustLeft For VulturesSatan's Fist - Demo 1996hells_headbangers
183. 2014-09-15GodcrusherFuneral SermonDemo
184. 2014-09-08Malevolent CreationInjected SufferingDemo I
185. 2014-09-08GodcrusherGodcrusherDemo
186. 2014-09-01GodcrusherDiabolic LiberationDemo
187. 2014-09-01MadballLive or DieDemonstrate My Styleroadrunner
188. 2014-08-11Break It Upyou've Changeddemoself-released
189. 2014-07-28Diabolical MessiahDivine WarSatan Tottendemon VictoryBlood Harvest
190. 2014-07-28Chemical CascadesCosmic WinterDemoself-released
191. 2014-07-21Chemical CascadesSpine Of The WorldDemoself-released
192. 2014-07-21EntrailsStormy DeathResurrected From The Grave (Demo Collection)metalblade
193. 2014-07-14VoivodBlack CityMorgoth Invasion (Live Demo December 1984)
194. 2014-07-14Diabolical MessiahDivine WarSatan Tottendemon VictoryBlood Harvest
195. 2014-07-07EntrailsYour Dead Dog SmileResurrected From The Grave (Demo Collection)metalblade
196. 2014-07-07AlteriusSpilling Of Innocent BloodDemo EPself-released
197. 2014-06-09HellhammerTrumph of Death!Demon Entrails
198. 2014-06-02Dead By WednesdayDemocracy Is DeadDemocracy Is Deadfury 76
199. 2014-06-02TemeluchusSemen Surrounding Sacrificed Virgin BloodDemo II
200. 2014-05-26The Auburn Systemold man on the mountainDemo-Son Of The 7th
201. 2014-05-12AlteriusSpilling Of Innocent BloodDemo EPself-released
202. 2014-04-28AlteriusSpilling Of Innocent BloodDemo EPself-released
203. 2014-04-07AlteriusSanctuaryDemo EPself-released
204. 2014-03-10General SurgeryCrimson ConcertoInternecine Prurience Rehearsal Demo III 09.90
205. 2014-03-10Unbounded TerrorDreamlordGrowing on Sorrow Demo 92
206. 2014-02-24It Will End in Pure HorrorWalking DeadNight Of The Living Demo
207. 2014-02-17Red Equals MeltdownCandorDemo 2013
208. 2014-02-03HaxenWe All Worship Deathdemo 2010self-released
209. 2014-02-03Eyes Like AutumnBlasting Holes In The Sky Until She Bleeds SunshineDemo 2002
210. 2014-01-27Eyes Like AutumnJules VerneDemo 2002
211. 2013-12-30WrenYnis Vitrindemo
212. 2013-12-30Forest of ImpaledBeyond the Black Mountain RealmDemonvoidred_stream
213. 2013-12-30Unholy GoatfuckerOakn Gallows, Shroud Of SnowDemo
214. 2013-12-09the Nightmare Continuesthe bible was written by those who thought the earth was flatdemoself-released
215. 2013-12-09MucopusSuperfluous AnomiaDemo
216. 2013-12-09Rotting ObsceneWar Storm2011 Demoself-released
217. 2013-11-25GorefestTangled In GoreThe Demos
218. 2013-11-11Rigor MortisDemonsDemonsCapitol
219. 2013-11-04METHMOUTHCulture ShockDemo 2013
220. 2013-09-30METHMOUTHTear You DownDemo 2013
221. 2013-09-30WehrmachtGore FlixDemo 1986self-released
222. 2013-09-30RefluxThere's No Sunlight In My CubicleThe Illusion Of Democracyprosthetic
223. 2013-09-16SodomDevil's AttackVictim Of Death (demo)
224. 2013-09-09HellhammerBlood InsanityDemon Entrailsmetalblade
225. 2013-08-26Front BeastBeaer Of Satan's FlameDemon Ways Of Sorceryhells_headbangers
226. 2013-08-05Stagnant YouthInvasion/ReignDemo 2013self-released
227. 2013-08-05UnanimatedThrough The GatesFire Storm (Demo)
228. 2013-07-22BaphometInfernal InvocationMorbid Realities (Demo 89)self-released
229. 2013-07-22METHMOUTHAnxiety CrutchDemo 2013
230. 2013-07-22MadballLive or DieDemonstrate My Styleroadrunner
231. 2013-07-15NihilistSentenced To DeathDemoscandlelight
232. 2013-07-15ExtractThe Dear LeaderNuclear Demonstration
233. 2013-07-15ThunderHawkLoneliest Way To Diedemoself-released
234. 2013-07-15METHMOUTHSolidified HateDemo 2013
235. 2013-07-15GlueClose But No CigarDemo 2012
236. 2013-07-15Youth ChoirSometimes Fat Guys Dont Wear WhiteDemo 2013
237. 2013-07-15NambrotTrack twoDemo 1994
238. 2013-07-01BehemothThy Winter KingdomDemoniametalblade
239. 2013-06-17FornTrack 1demoself-released
240. 2013-06-17HellhammerBlood InsanityDemon Entrails
241. 2013-06-10FornTrack 2demoself-released
242. 2013-05-13Rotting ObsceneWar Storm2011 Demo
243. 2013-05-06Dark Was The NightNegative Sun2012 demo
244. 2013-05-06Epik CenterGrab The Reinsdemo
245. 2013-05-06Forest Of RemorseRitual Penetrationdemo
246. 2013-04-29PandemiaMejestic SufferingPersonal Demonslost_disciple
247. 2013-04-15Rotting ObsceneWar Storm2011 Demoself-released
248. 2013-04-01Of The BetrayedWith Weapons RaisedDemo 2006
249. 2013-04-01Rotting ObsceneMetamorphic Transcendence2011 Demoself-released
250. 2013-04-01Vattnet ViskarDespair (Within The Void)demoself-released
251. 2013-03-25MucopusCorporation XDemoself-released
252. 2013-03-25ChainsJoin The SabbathDancing With My Demons 7"hells_headbangers
253. 2013-03-18DoomhammerAt Midnight We StrikeThe Law Of The Drunk 0 Demo Collectionold_cemetery
254. 2013-03-04Vattnet ViskarVattnet Viskardemoself-released
255. 2013-02-04It Will End in Pure HorrorWalking DeadDemoself-released
256. 2013-02-04LivverFrozenDemo 2011self-released
257. 2013-01-14Follow The FliesWaste Of YearsDemo 2006
258. 2012-12-17East BeastDeceased FeastDemo 2012frequency_deleted
259. 2012-12-10NachzehrerPlague Bringer: Death March CommenceDemo 2010self-released
260. 2012-12-03Strung AlongStrung AlongDemo 2012self-released
261. 2012-12-03MigranaPira De CadaveresDemo 2012self-released
262. 2012-11-26DoomhammerAt Midnight We StrikeThe Law Of The Drunk 0 Demo Collectionold_cemetery
263. 2012-11-26Rude AwakeningErisionDemo 2011self-released
264. 2012-11-19Vattnet ViskarDespair (Within The Void)demoself-released
265. 2012-11-12Death HavenSetting Fire to the Garden of Edendemoself-released
266. 2012-10-01EvocationOn The Journey To HeavenEvoked From Demonic Depths - The Early Yearscenturymedia
267. 2012-09-24NunslaughterRitual Of DarknessDemo Slaughter CD1hells_headbangers
268. 2012-09-17Vio-lenceBodies on BodiesMehcanic Demoself-released
269. 2012-09-17EvocationGenesisEvoked From Demonic Depths - The Early Yearscenturymedia
270. 2012-09-10Prelude To AgonyHell I wroughtdemoself-released
271. 2012-09-10Deathgod MessiahBastard ChristBastard Christ demo 2009self-released
272. 2012-09-03Rude AwakeningSevered TiesDemo 2011self-released
273. 2012-09-03Assault On The LivingThe Vile Undeaddemoself-released
274. 2012-08-27HerugrimGlade Of MadnessDemoself-released
275. 2012-08-27Dust BoltInto MadnessViolent Demolitionnapalm
276. 2012-08-27EvocationA Journey To HeavenEvoked From Demonic Depths - The Early Yearscenturymedia
277. 2012-08-20PowerwolvesSlaughtering The MachinesSlaughtering The Machines - demo 2010self-released
278. 2012-08-20Rude AwakeningErisionDemo 2011self-released
279. 2012-08-20Dust BoltViolent AbolitionViolent Demolitionnapalm
280. 2012-08-20EvocationVeils Were BlownEvoked From Demonic Depths - The Early Yearscenturymedia
281. 2012-08-13LivverIn HellDemo 2011self-released
282. 2012-08-13Dust BoltShattered By RealityViolent Demolitionnapalm
283. 2012-08-13Assault On The LivingInfection Of The Massesdemoself-released
284. 2012-08-13EvocationDesolte SpiritsEvoked From Demonic Depths - The Early Yearscenturymedia
285. 2012-08-13HellhammerReady For A SlaughterDemon Entrails
286. 2012-08-06Dust BoltMarch Thru PainViolent Demolitionnapalm
287. 2012-08-06The WormsLeaking Out Of My BrainThe Dirty Demoself-released
288. 2012-08-06Stabwoundancient art of guttingDemos
289. 2012-07-23PowerwolvesSlaughtering The MachinesSlaughtering The Machines - demo 2010self-released
290. 2012-07-16Fit For An AutopsyThe JackylDemo 2008self-released
291. 2012-07-09SacrilegeBlind AcceptanceReaping The Demo(n)sxtreem
292. 2012-07-09PorphyriaFrailties of Humanitydemo 2003self-released
293. 2012-07-09Job for a CowboyTongueless And BoundDemonocrasymetalblade
294. 2012-07-02AustralisSynapse CollapseDemo 2012
295. 2012-07-02Prosanctus InferiLips of Plasma Vomiting Sanctimonious PyxPandemonic Ululations Of Vesperic Palpitationhells_headbangers
296. 2012-06-25MilitianaryEagle Has Landeddemoself-released
297. 2012-06-25PowerwolvesSlaughtering The MachinesSlaughtering The Machines - demo 2010self-released
298. 2012-06-18Visual PollutionproblemsDemo
299. 2012-06-18Ed GeinBathed In OrangeDemoself-released
300. 2012-05-28MordacityRedemption Denieddemoself-released
301. 2012-05-21AustralisAstral AnnihilationDemo 2012self-released
302. 2012-05-14LivverTsunamiDemo 2011self-released
303. 2012-05-07DemoralizerCycle Of ViolenceDemoself-released
304. 2012-05-07Job for a CowboyBlack DischargeDemonocrasymetalblade
305. 2012-04-30DemoralizerAcid Pool PartyDemoself-released
306. 2012-04-30LegacyDarkened PathDemo 2000self-released
307. 2012-04-16DemoralizerExecution ReleaseDemoself-released
308. 2012-04-16LivverIn HellDemo 2011self-released
309. 2012-04-09Forest of ImpaledThe ImpalerDemonvoidred_stream
310. 2012-04-09Job for a CowboyBlack DischargeDemonocrasymetalblade
311. 2012-04-02NunslaughterI Am DeathDemo Slaughter CD1hells_headbangers
312. 2012-04-02LivverLoveDemo 2011self-released
313. 2012-03-26Rampant DecayLiferuiner MassgraveDemo 2009obscenity_cult
314. 2012-03-26War MasterChapel Of The ApocalypseChapel Of The Apocalypse - Demo 2009self-released
315. 2012-03-19LivverFrozenDemo 2011self-released
316. 2012-03-12DeafheavenDaedalusDemo 2010
317. 2012-03-12BaphometUnexpected InternmentMorbid Realities (Demo 89)self-released
318. 2012-03-12LivverTsunamiDemo 2011self-released
319. 2012-03-12It Will End in Pure HorrorWalking DeadDemoself-released
320. 2012-03-12MerauderLife Is PainDemo 93self-released
321. 2012-03-05SepukuNo CompromiseDemoself-released
322. 2012-03-05StabwoundDemo #3Demos
323. 2012-03-05Insufferable IngrateRewarding Failuredemoself-released
324. 2012-02-27Insufferable Ingrate#3demoself-released
325. 2012-02-20Dry Heave86'dDemo 2010self-released
326. 2012-02-20Forest of ImpaledDemonvoidDemonvoidred_stream
327. 2012-02-13Rude AwakeningErisionDemo 2011self-released
328. 2012-02-06NunslaughterBurning AwayDemo Slaughter CD1hells_headbangers
329. 2012-01-30NunslaughterImpale The SoulDemo Slaughter CD1hells_headbangers
330. 2012-01-30East BeastDeceased FeastDemo 2012frequency_deleted
331. 2012-01-30Graves#5Demoself-released
332. 2012-01-30Dry HeaveYour WorldDemo 2010self-released
333. 2012-01-23MadballFor My EnemiesDemonstrate My Styleroadrunner
334. 2012-01-16Graves#4Demoself-released
335. 2012-01-16RepulsionDecomposedSlaughtering of the Innocent Demo
336. 2012-01-02Dry HeaveTrust No OneDemo 2010self-released
337. 2011-12-12Dry HeaveSong Of The BeastDemo 2010self-released
338. 2011-12-12Rude AwakeningSevered TiesDemo 2011self-released
339. 2011-11-28Rude AwakeningSevered TiesDemo 2011self-released
340. 2011-11-21WrenchneckQuitter (live)Hope Street Demolitionself-released
341. 2011-11-07Rude AwakeningErisionDemo 2011self-released
342. 2011-11-07Dry HeaveYour WorldDemo 2010self-released
343. 2011-10-24Forest of ImpaledBeyond the Black Mountain RealmDemonvoidred_stream
344. 2011-10-24SepukuBlackwaterDemoself-released
345. 2011-10-17SiegeGrim Reaperdemo tapeself-released
346. 2011-10-10SepukuNapalm EnemaDemoself-released
347. 2011-10-03PowerwolvesSlaughtering The MachinesSlaughtering The Machines - demo 2010self-released
348. 2011-10-03Hatred AliveInfectedDemo 2011self-released
349. 2011-09-26Hatred AliveExtinctionDemo 2011self-released
350. 2011-09-05Oneiric RealmOde To The Sleep MachinesDemo 2010self-released
351. 2011-08-01Take A Lap6demoself-released
352. 2011-08-01Festering Sewage7demoself-released
353. 2011-07-11NachzehrerIncetual DemoncyBlack Trash Ritual (demo 2010)self-released
354. 2011-07-04Vattnet ViskarDespair (Within The Void)demoself-released
355. 2011-05-30BloodgeonShackleddemoself-released
356. 2011-05-23NachzehrerIncetual DemoncyBlack Trash Ritual (demo 2010)self-released
357. 2011-05-02Vattnet ViskarDespair (Within The Void)demoself-released
358. 2011-05-02CythraulWorld Of Sorrowdemoself-released
359. 2011-04-18SacrilegeSpirit CryReaping The Demo(n)sxtreem
360. 2011-03-21SutureThose Without EyesMorbid Scuplture Demo(n)ologyamputated_vein
361. 2011-03-21HellhammerTrumph of Death!Demon Entrails
362. 2011-03-21Dorian Gray#1demoself-released
363. 2011-03-14Dorian Gray#3demoself-released
364. 2011-03-14Engraved In BoneBrought Back From RotPlagues-Demo 2011self-released
365. 2011-02-28Engraved In BoneSeven DaysPlagues-Demo 2011self-released
366. 2011-02-28NachzehrerOnward To Hell FrostBlack Trash Ritual (demo 2010)self-released
367. 2011-02-21PowerwolvesSlaughtering The MachinesSlaughtering The Machines - demo 2010self-released
368. 2011-01-31PowerwolvesUnleash The WolvesSlaughtering The Machines - demo 2010self-released
369. 2011-01-31Obsidian TongueDissociationDemo 2010self-released
370. 2011-01-31GonerJapanese Titledemoself-released
371. 2011-01-17Rampant DecayIronic MustacheDemo 2009obscenity_cult
372. 2011-01-17GonerOverpowereddemoself-released
373. 2011-01-17PowerwolvesSlaughtering The MachinesSlaughtering The Machines - demo 2010self-released
374. 2011-01-10GonerSenseless Apocalypticismdemoself-released
375. 2011-01-10Prosanctus InferiCauterzing Unholy LegionsPandemonic Ululations Of Vesperic Palpitationhells_headbangers
376. 2011-01-10SacrilegeWinds Of VengenceReaping The Demo(n)sxtreem
377. 2011-01-10I DestroyerLucifernationdemo 2010self-released
378. 2011-01-10PowerwolvesUnleash The WolvesSlaughtering The Machines - demo 2010self-released
379. 2011-01-03PorphyriaFrailties of Humanitydemo 2003self-released
380. 2011-01-03GonerBarbaric Ritualsdemoself-released
381. 2011-01-03I DestroyerSeige Of Deathdemo 2010self-released
382. 2011-01-03PandemiaPersonal DemonsPersonal Demonslost_disciple
383. 2010-12-27Weekend NachosSnowball Fightdemoself-released
384. 2010-12-27PowerwolvesRegretSlaughtering The Machines - demo 2010self-released
385. 2010-12-27Obsidian TongueDissociationDemo 2010self-released
386. 2010-12-20PowerwolvesSlaughtering The MachinesSlaughtering The Machines - demo 2010self-released
387. 2010-12-20HaxenBackfire Suicidedemo 2010self-released
388. 2010-12-20This BeastRain Of Terrordemoself-released
389. 2010-11-29Obsidian TongueKinship As A Wound: IIDemo 2010self-released
390. 2010-11-22Fires Of OldBlack Iron ToughDemoself-released
391. 2010-11-15Obsidian TongueKinship As A Wound: IDemo 2010self-released
392. 2010-11-01MadballDemonstrate My StyleDemonstrate My Styleroadrunner
393. 2010-10-18This BeastRise Of The Invertebratesdemoself-released
394. 2010-10-11MadballLive or DieDemonstrate My Styleroadrunner
395. 2010-10-11This BeastPillage The Villagedemoself-released
396. 2010-10-04This BeastRain Of Terrordemoself-released
397. 2010-09-27Crippling FearLife SupportDemoself-released
398. 2010-09-27Oneiric RealmOde To The Sleep MachinesDemo 2010self-released
399. 2010-09-06Oneiric RealmOde To The Sleep MachinesDemo 2010self-released
400. 2010-08-09PorphyriaFrailties of Humanitydemo 2004self-released
401. 2010-08-09NachzehrerBarsarkar-gangBlack Trash Ritual (demo 2010)self-released
402. 2010-07-26Crippling FearLife SupportDemoself-released
403. 2010-07-26Humanity Falls#4Demoself-released
404. 2010-07-19Crippling FearColumbian NecktieDemoself-released
405. 2010-07-12NachzehrerIncetual DemoncyBlack Trash Ritual (demo 2010)self-released
406. 2010-07-12KatahdinThe Root Of Wind And Stormdemo 2009self-released
407. 2010-07-05NachzehrerOnward To Hell FrostBlack Trash Ritual (demo 2010)self-released
408. 2010-07-05The Ominous Order Of Fith MongrelsHoof And AshBastard Demochainsaw_safety
409. 2010-06-21Carnal ForgeI Smell Like Death (Son Of A Bastard)Firedemoncenturymedia
410. 2010-05-24Humanity Falls#2Demoself-released
411. 2010-05-24PerversorMarch To The Temple of DoomDemon Metalhells_headbangers
412. 2010-05-171349Psalm 7:77Demonoirprosthetic
413. 2010-05-101349Atomic ChapelDemonoirprosthetic
414. 2010-05-10Blue AsideA Traveler of Time and SpaceDemo 2009self-released
415. 2010-05-031349When I Was FleshDemonoirprosthetic
416. 2010-04-05PerversorVictory Of The Legions Of The DamnedDemon Metalhells_headbangers
417. 2010-01-25KatahdinThe Root Of Wind And Stormdemo 2009self-released
418. 2009-10-26Abstract RaptureThe VoidDemocadenciamaddening_media
419. 2009-10-05Coke BustLine in the SandDemoself-released
420. 2009-09-21Abstract RapturePrimal Sin CrisisDemocadenciamaddening_media
421. 2009-09-14Abstract RaptureThe VoidDemocadenciamaddening_media
422. 2009-09-14Coke BustPower JunkiesDemoself-released
423. 2009-08-31Hummingbird Of DeathPass the Effing PopcornDemoswine
424. 2009-08-10GorgutsRottenatomyAnd Then Comes Lividity/Demo Anthologygaly
425. 2009-08-03the SummonedAnatomy Of A Bar FightDemo 2009self-released
426. 2009-07-27For It Together#3Demo 2009 - Knowing You Are Aloneself-released
427. 2009-06-22Found Dead HangingWith the Lack of Faith in the World and the Recent Fluctuations in Gas Prices... It Wouldn't Surprisdemoself-released
428. 2009-06-08Dismantle the CyborgIron Furnacedemoself-released
429. 2009-05-18DeathOpen CasketDemo REH
430. 2009-05-18Get Laid#1demoself-released
431. 2009-05-18Dismantle the CyborgSlaughter of the Profanedemoself-released
432. 2009-05-11Dismantle the CyborgSlow Decaydemoself-released
433. 2009-05-11Pitfall#2demoself-released
434. 2009-04-20Slimy Cunt and the Fist FucksDon't BelongBastards e.p. Demoself-released
435. 2009-04-20Abstract RaptureFractureDemocadencia
436. 2009-03-09MadballNuestra FamiliaDemonstrate My Styleroadrunner
437. 2009-02-23Rebuilding the RuinsIt came from helldemoself-released
438. 2009-02-16Severed HeadWasted Timedemoself-released
439. 2009-02-09Rebuilding the RuinsPirate Metaldemoself-released
440. 2009-02-02Since the Flood24KDemo 2002self-released
441. 2009-02-02Break it UpYou've Changeddemoself-released
442. 2009-02-02Rampant DecayCocaine FrenzyDemo 2009obscenity_cult
443. 2009-01-26Rampant DecayLove Potion #213Demo 2009obscenity_cult
444. 2009-01-19MastKamakaze KingDemo 2009self-released
445. 2009-01-12MastPilots Fly SoloDemo 2009self-released
446. 2009-01-05MastKamakaze KingDemo 2009self-released
447. 2008-12-29No IllusionsTerrordemoself-released
448. 2008-12-22No IllusionsBoston Bar Punk is Really Boringdemoself-released
449. 2008-11-24Kill AndradeDown Playdemoself-released
450. 2008-11-10Forest of ImpaledI Metamorphosis (Birth of the Seventh)Demonvoidred_stream
451. 2008-11-03Since the Flood24KDemo 2002self-released
452. 2008-11-03Forest of Impaledthe Gateway of the GodsDemonvoidred_stream
453. 2008-09-29Death HavenA Dead Advocatedemoself-released
454. 2008-09-15Forest of ImpaledBeyond the Black Mountain RealmDemonvoidred_stream
455. 2008-08-25Death HavenA Dead Advocatedemoself-released
456. 2008-08-18Death HavenSetting Fire to the Garden of Edendemoself-released
457. 2008-07-21Beneath the SkyLast CallWhat Demons do to Saintsvictory
458. 2008-06-23Hail PlanktonDemonic Assault ContinuesWe Devour the Brave - Demo 2008unknown
459. 2008-06-16MechannibalClosed CircuitPhobia Demoself-released
460. 2008-06-16Hail PlanktonSpecial TreasureWe Devour the Brave - Demo 2008unknown
461. 2008-06-09MechannibalWings of FearPhobia Demoself-released
462. 2008-06-09Hail PlanktonTribes of MidnightWe Devour the Brave - Demo 2008unknown
463. 2008-05-19Heisai Yasokawa's EMPTY ORCHESTRA#4demoself-released
464. 2008-05-12Heisai Yasokawa's EMPTY ORCHESTRA#2demoself-released
465. 2008-03-24Coathanger...Sucks to be Me Right Nowdemo 2008self-released
466. 2008-03-10Coathanger AbortionSo... This is Salvation?Demo 2007self-released
467. 2008-02-25PledgePay the PriceBurning Bridges Demo 2008self-released
468. 2008-02-18PledgeSocially Accepted AddictionsBurning Bridges Demo 2008self-released
469. 2008-01-21Coathanger AbortionSo... This is Salvation?Demo 2007self-released
470. 2007-12-31MadballPride (Times are Changing)Demonstrate My Styleroadrunner
471. 2007-12-24WehrmachtGore FlixDemo 1986self-released
472. 2007-12-10Celtic FrostI Won't DanceInto the Pandemoniumcombat
473. 2007-11-19Ancient Master#2Demo 2006self-released
474. 2007-10-08MadballLive or DieDemonstrate My Styleroadrunner
475. 2007-08-13Crimsion Massacrethe Devourerthe Luster of Pandemoniumdeathgasm
476. 2007-08-13AbnormalityVisions2007 Demoself-released
477. 2007-08-06AbnormalityEpitomize the Weak2007 Demoself-released
478. 2007-07-30Crimsion Massacrethe Devourerthe Luster of Pandemoniumdeathgasm
479. 2007-07-23Crimsion MassacreEpochthe Luster of Pandemoniumdeathgasm
480. 2007-07-09George Orwell the Musical#3demoself-released
481. 2007-06-18Abnormality#32007 Demoself-released
482. 2007-05-28Abnormality#42007 Demoself-released
483. 2007-05-21Abnormality#32007 Demoself-released
484. 2001-10-09Carnal ForgeChainedFiredemoncenturymedia
485. 2001-08-28Carnal ForgeCovered with fire (I'm in Hell)Firedemoncenturymedia
486. 2001-08-28Carnal ForgeCovered with fire (I'm in Hell)Firedemoncenturymedia
487. 2001-07-31Carnal ForgeCover with Fire (I'm in hell)Firedemoncenturymedia
488. 2001-07-31Carnal ForgeCover with Fire (I'm in hell)Firedemoncenturymedia
489. 2000-12-25Carnal ForgeCure of BlasphemyFiredemoncenturymedia
490. 2000-12-12Carnal ForgeChainedFiredemoncenturymedia
491. 2000-12-12Carnal ForgeChainedFiredemoncenturymedia
492. 2000-11-28Carnal ForgeI smell liek Death (son of a Bastard)Firedemoncenturymedia
493. 2000-11-14Carnal ForgeDefacesFiredemoncenturymedia
494. 2000-11-14Carnal ForgeDefacesFiredemoncenturymedia
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