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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1144 playlist up with 48759 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2020-02-10FloorpunchTolerateGoal Line Stand Demo Tape
2. 2020-02-10StarGazer (Australia)03 Conspirator's WindGloat / Borne LPNuclear War Now! Productions
3. 2020-01-27Nawaharjan04 Utfursko (Exploration)LokabrennaAmor Fati Productions
4. 2020-01-13KirraIntegrateRedefineEclipse Records
5. 2019-12-30Cult Of FireNávrat Zářného ZlaTriumvirát
6. 2019-12-02Disciple of DzoavitsThe Rats in the WallsGRIMOIRE
7. 2019-11-18Visceral DisgorgeSpastic Anal LacerationsIngesting PutridityAmputated Vein Records
8. 2019-11-18CycrypticTeratogenesisOmniarch
9. 2019-10-21DysmorfectomyGrating Of FleshHypothermal Dissection
10. 2019-10-14New LowsLast Of The RatsHarvest of the CarcassDeathwish Inc.
11. 2019-09-02WEEPING SORESTransfiguration Of Flesh Into DreamFalse ConfessionI, Voidhanger Records
12. 2019-08-26NecrotRather Be DeadBlood OfferingsTankcrimes
13. 2019-08-19MayhemA Grand Declaration of WarGrand Declaration of WarSeason of Mist
14. 2019-07-22EpicardiectomyCompulsory Autophagous LacerationsGrotesque Monument Of Paraperversive Transfixion
15. 2019-07-22Ghoulgotha1. Prophetic Oration of SelfProphetic Oration of Self 7" EPBlood Harvest
16. 2019-06-10Imperator (Poland)Imperator - The Time Before Time - 02 AbhorrenceThe Time Before Time LP/CD/TAPENuclear War Now! Productions
17. 2019-05-20Hummingbird of DeathThe Dark Ages Are OverratedDemo '05
18. 2019-05-13NECKBEARD DEATHCAMPOPERATION NEETSo Much For The Tolerant LeftProsthetic Records
19. 2019-05-06Dltre1 - Theovoratoris AduentusTheovoratorSepulchral Productions
20. 2019-04-01ConvergeWorms Will Feed/Rats Will FeastAxe to FallEpitaph Records
21. 2019-03-25Dying FetusEviscerated OffspringInfatuation With Malevolence Special Edition
22. 2019-03-11Vision of DisorderLiberationVision of DisorderRoadrunner Records
23. 2019-03-04Grave InfestationMortality RateInfesticideInvictus Productions
24. 2019-02-18DisgorgeLymphatic Orgy in a Ulcerated IncubationChronic Corpora InfestAmerican Line Productions
25. 2019-02-04AmptatorHellpanzer ExecrateSatanic Forcefucked Annihilation
26. 2019-01-14Success Will Write Apocalypse Across the SkyAutomated Oration and the Abolition of SilenceGrand Partition & The Abrogation of IdolatryNuclear Blast GmbH
27. 2019-01-14LIKCelebration of the TwistedCarnageMetal Blade Records
28. 2019-01-14Monstrathchrist-monstrath-fallcd037The World Serves To EvilDownfall Records
29. 2019-01-07SpeirlingWrath of the WildThe PiperUnholy Design - via Metalhit
30. 2019-01-07ARCHSPIRE02 02 - Human MurmurationRelentless MutationSeason of Mist
31. 2018-12-24Outre-TombeDsintgrationNcrovortexTemple of Mystery
32. 2018-12-10ImmortalWrath from AboveDamned in BlackOsmose Productions
33. 2018-11-19FACELESS BURIALTheriomorphic Meconium AspirationMultiversal AbattoirBlood Harvest Records
34. 2018-11-19SvartskogWrath of the GodsWith Fire and SwordNHR Records
35. 2018-11-12AnnihilatorOperation AnnihilationMetal
36. 2018-11-05AnvilCorporate PreacherPound For Poundmetalblade
37. 2018-10-22Outre-TombeAberrationNcrovortexTemple of Mystery
38. 2018-10-15108Declarations on a GraveA New Beat from a Dead HeartDeathwish Records
39. 2018-10-01LifeloverBecksvart FrustrationSjukdomProphecy
40. 2018-09-03WormedDehydratingPlanisphrium
41. 2018-08-13Skeletal EarthGenerations Of The LameEulogy Of A Dying FetusPavement Music
42. 2018-07-30Skeletal EarthGenerations Of The LameEulogy Of A Dying FetusPavement Music
43. 2018-07-16EmperorWrath Of The TyrantEmperor / Wrath Of The Tyrant
44. 2018-07-09Animals Killing PeopleHomo Sapiens Lab RatsKentucky Fried KillingSevared Records - via Metalhit
45. 2018-06-11INTER ARMATransfigurationParadise GallowsRelapse Records
46. 2018-06-04InfamyLaceratedBlood Shall Flow/Got What He Drepulse
47. 2018-05-28MucopusCorporation XDemo
48. 2018-05-14ObeisanceAkumulation of Veneration666 War!!!Old Cemetery Records
49. 2018-05-14TraumatomyStrategic DismembermentTranscendental Evisceration Of Necrogenetic Beasts
50. 2018-04-02GozuThey Probably Know KarateEquilibriumMetal Blade Records
51. 2018-03-19Razor Of OccamDay Of WrathHomage To MartyrsMetal Blade
52. 2018-03-12THE GROTESQUERY03 Wrath of the Garvulves (By the EyThe Lupine AnathemaXtreem Music
53. 2018-03-12General SurgerySlithering maceration of ulcerous facial tissueInternecine Prurience Rehearsal Demo III 09.90
54. 2018-03-05ThroaatGenocidal Cyborg WrathLive Inside of the Pentagram - Gravepuking NightmareSelf-Released
55. 2018-02-19GrimfistA World of WrathGhouls of GrandeurCandlelight Records
56. 2018-02-12TEMPTING FATEI'd Rather BurnI'd Rather Burn EPSeek and Strike
57. 2018-01-08The Ruins of BeverastWrath Of The SnakeThe Furious Waves Of Damnation
58. 2018-01-08NevermoreWe DisintegrateDead Heart, In A Dead WorldCentury Media
59. 2018-01-08COMMUNION (Chile)08 Consecrated to the AbyssAt the Announcement (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
60. 2017-12-25PhlebotomizedDesecration Of Alleged Christian HistoryImmense Intense Suspense
61. 2017-12-18Reign Of PestilenceWrath Of JesusIt's a Reign Of Pestilence Christmas!Roptopus Records
62. 2017-12-18UlcerrhoeaDeclaration of DependanceLine and Row
63. 2017-12-11CenotaphSuperimposed Guttural Vociferations of Ulceric A**l TurgorPuked Genital PurulencyHammer Muzik
64. 2017-12-04KILL THE CLIENTPostmortem ExonerationSet for Extinction (Radio Promo)Relapse Records
65. 2017-12-04MIDNIGHT02 Penetratal EcstasySweet Death and Ecstasy (CD, LP, TAPE)Hells Headbangers Records
66. 2017-12-04HellwitchNosferatuSyzygial MiscreancyDispleased Records - via Metalhit
67. 2017-11-20Trap ThemCollapse and MarathonSleepwell DeconstructorTrash Art!
68. 2017-11-20NeurolepsyDisintegrated CognizanceDisintegrated CognizanceSevared Records
69. 2017-11-13TraumatomyDisintegration In SufferingTranscendental Evisceration Of Necrogenetic Beasts
70. 2017-11-13DebaucheryIronclad Declaration Of WarF*ck HumanityMassacre (Soulfood)
71. 2017-10-23Cryptic FogThe Grand Berator Walks Amongst the Hall of MiseryStaring Through the VeilBlood Harvest Records
72. 2017-10-09ScissorfightRats U.S.A.Mantrapping for Sport and ProfitTortuga
73. 2017-08-28ConvergeWorms Will Feed/Rats Will FeastAxe to FallEpitaph Records
74. 2017-08-28SkinlessDeviation Will Not Be ToleratedTrample the Weak, Hurdle the DeadRelapse Records
75. 2017-08-07IMPIETYMagick-Consecration GoatsodomyVengeance Hell Immemorial (LP)Hells Headbangers Records
76. 2017-07-10ConvergeWorms Will Feed/Rats Will FeastAxe to FallEpitaph Records
77. 2017-07-10MayhemA Grand Declaration of WarGrand Declaration of WarSeason of Mist
78. 2017-07-03Iced EarthDeclaration DayLive In Ancient KourionCentury Media Records
79. 2017-07-03BESTIALIZED02. Declaration of EvilBestial Flags Of EvilutionBESTIALIZED
80. 2017-06-05EmperorWrath Of The TyrantEmperor [EP]Century Media
81. 2017-05-22MalignancyEmbryological TeratomasInhuman GrotesqueriesPlastic Head Music
82. 2017-04-17Atrocious AbnormalityBeyond OblierationEchoes of the Rotting
83. 2017-04-10Human MasticationBizarre Museum Of Eviscerated WhoresGrotesque Mastication of Putrid InnardsSevared Records - via Metalhit
84. 2017-02-27DeathwitchDesecration of the White ChristDawn of ArmageddonNecropolis Records
85. 2017-02-13ConvulseIncantation of RestorationWorld Without God
86. 2017-02-13Cultural WarfareRatten KriegFuture KillM-Theory Audio
87. 2017-02-13AllegaeonTerrathaw and the QuakeProponent for SentienceMetal Blade Records
88. 2017-02-06MucopusCorporation XMulch?!?
89. 2017-01-23December WolvesDesperately Seeking SatanBlasterpiece TheatreWicked World
90. 2017-01-16Harvest Gulgaltha03 Transcend the WrathfulAltars of Devotion LP/CDNuclear War Now! Productions
91. 2016-12-19Kratornas03 - KRATORNAS - ARCHANGELS OF DESTRUCTIONDevoured By DamnationGrathila Records
92. 2016-12-12ElysiaIncinerateMasochist
93. 2016-11-14DeathwitchWrath of SathanasDawn of ArmageddonNecropolis Records
94. 2016-11-07Fates WarningPirates Of The UndergroundThe Spectre Withinmetalblade
95. 2016-11-07Metal ChurchGods Of WrathMetal Churchelektra
96. 2016-10-24Take Over And DestroySeparate From the ShadowsTake Over And DestroyProsthetic Records
97. 2016-10-10Strong Intention04 3rd Space Gorilla GeneratorRazorblade Express (featuring Mike IX Williams of EYEHATEGOD)PATAC Records
98. 2016-10-03RegurgitateDeterioration of Grated GenitalsSickening Bliss3D
99. 2016-10-03FunebrarumAdoration of Abscessed CadaversBeneath the Columns of Abandoned GodsNecroharmonic Records
100. 2016-08-22Discordance AxisOratorio in GreyThe Inalienable DreamlessHydra Head Records
101. 2016-08-15BehexenWrathful Dragon Hau-HraNightside Emanations
102. 2016-08-08Christ DeniedCastration in the Name of GodAborted/Christ Deniedsoulreaper
103. 2016-08-08Gutteral SecreteIncestuous RefigurationArtistic Creation with Cranial StumpsUnmatched Brutality Records
104. 2016-08-01Morbid AngelDoomsday CelebrationBlessed Are The SickCombat Records
105. 2016-07-04Ascended Dead4. Blood ConsecrationArcane Malevolence 7" EPBlood Harvest
106. 2016-07-04WarscarsKilling RateKilling Rate
107. 2016-06-06CENTINEXGENERATION OF FLIESDoomsday RitualsAgonia Records
108. 2016-04-25TelochObliterationThus Darkness SpakeSaturnal Records
109. 2016-03-21MotrheadCat Scratch FeverMarch r Die
110. 2016-03-21MisanthropeCharming Castrationnigma Mystica
111. 2016-03-21SamaelCelebration of the FourthCeremony of OppositesCentury Media
112. 2016-03-14Occult Burial03 Black AdorationHideous ObscureInvictus Productions
113. 2016-02-15CrowbarHigh Rate ExtinctionCrowbar
114. 2016-02-15Begrime Exemious04 Rat Amongst the HerdThe Enslavement ConquestDark Descent Records
115. 2016-01-18Cannibal CorpseEvisceration PlagueEvisceration PlagueMetal Blade Records
116. 2015-12-21MythicLament ConfigurationMourning In the Winter Solstic
117. 2015-11-16NorcrosemenKh(x)s - Satvrn FratricidivmVglnsBlood Harvest
118. 2015-11-02Attackerthe Wrath of NevermoreBattle at Helms Deepmetalblade
119. 2015-10-19CarcassI Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)Split - Carcass/Cerebral Boreearache
120. 2015-10-12I Killed EveryoneGrimoire I - EviceratedNecrospire
121. 2015-08-31Rivers Of NihilDehydrateMonarchymetalblade
122. 2015-07-27Godless Truthdriven to lacerateArrogance of Supreme Poweramputated_vein
123. 2015-07-27WitchavenConflagrationTerrorstormmetalhit_dot_com
124. 2015-06-22CrowbarWrath Of Time Be JudgementBroken Glass
125. 2015-05-25UtopieSuffocate And Perish In Separation Of HumanityInstinct From Existence
126. 2015-04-13TerrorizerStrategic WarheadsWorld Downfallearache
127. 2015-03-16Sacral RageLost Chapter E. SutratmaIllusions In Infinite Voidcruz_del_sur
128. 2015-03-16Bestial MockeryHells VociferationGospell of the Insaneosmose
129. 2015-03-02Warrel DaneThe Day The Rats Went To WarPraises to the War Machinecenturymedia
130. 2015-02-16AllegaeonAtrophy Of HippocratesFragments of Form and Functionmetalblade
131. 2015-01-26WendeJourney Of The Unseen Wrath 1The Third And The Noblemoribund
132. 2014-12-01Demonic RageEvoking The Pestilence + Cadaver Christ's DesecrationVenomus Wine From Putrid Bodiesiron_bonehead
133. 2014-11-24General SurgeryIdle Teratoma CoreCorpus In Extremis: Analysing Necroticism
134. 2014-11-24Anaal NathrakhDesideratumDesideratummetalblade
135. 2014-11-03CankerObliterationPhysicalxtreem
136. 2014-09-29WarlockWrathchildHellboundmercury
137. 2014-09-29GhoulgothaDisintegration ParadoxProphetic Oration Of Self 7-inchBlood Harvest
138. 2014-09-22BloodsoakedYou're In Love (Ratt Cover)Religious Apocalypsecomatose
139. 2014-09-08Pretty Little FlowerInstant DisintegrationPulverizing Letal Force
140. 2014-09-01GodcrusherDiabolic LiberationDemo
141. 2014-09-01MalignancySeparated AnxietyMotivated By Hungerunited_gutteral
142. 2014-08-18BehemothPenetrationSlaves Shall Serve EPcenturymedia
143. 2014-07-28Force Of DarknessThe Mystical VibrationAbsolute Verb Of Chaos And Darknesshells_headbangers
144. 2014-07-28AlesanaCongratulations, I Hate YouOn Frail Wings of Vanity and Waxfearless
145. 2014-07-14Complete FailureDrag MigratorThe Art Gospel Of Aggravated Assaultseason_of_mist
146. 2014-06-23Last Days of HumanityUlcerated OffalHymns of Indigestible Suppuration
147. 2014-04-28School Of ViolenceLab RatsWe The People
148. 2014-04-14DealbreakerFrom ScratchReflectionsself-released
149. 2014-03-17Rotten SoundCorporate FucksUnder Pressurerepulse
150. 2014-03-03SargeistReturn Of The RatsFeeding The Crawling ShadowsW.T.C Productions
151. 2014-02-17Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet EarthExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
152. 2014-02-17EngraveStorm of OblierationThe Rebirthworld_war_iii
153. 2014-02-17DamagedAfter World ObliterationPurified In Painrotten
154. 2014-01-27Edge Of SanityHuman AberrationNothing But Death Remains
155. 2014-01-27Broken HopeChemically CastratedGrotesque Blessings
156. 2013-12-23The Holy MountainWrathEnemiesnoidea
157. 2013-12-16NasumEviacerated By The Fiendsplit - NASUM&AUTORITAR&CARDIOID&DENAK&SLIGHT SLAPPERS&IRRITATEhostile_regression
158. 2013-12-16AbstainMy GenerationSplit CD - Arsedestroyer/Abstain
159. 2013-11-18Deadly BlessingEscape The WrathAscend From The Cauldronnew_renaissance
160. 2013-10-21A Different Breed of KillerThe Cleansing ApparatusI, Colossusrise
161. 2013-10-21General SurgeryLab RatsA Collection Of Depravationrelapse
162. 2013-10-21MacabraContribution To Your Dis-Elaboration (Sustenance Of The Void)Blood-Nurtured Nature
163. 2013-10-21Animals Killing PeopleHomo Sapiens Lab RatsKentucky Fried Killingsevared
164. 2013-10-14Praise The FlameMayhemic Wrath of GloriorProfane CultBlood Harvest
165. 2013-10-07Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet EarthExploiting Dysfunctionrelapse
166. 2013-09-09Hail of BulletsOperation ZOn Divine Windsmetalblade
167. 2013-08-26EmethStratumInsidiousbrutal_bands
168. 2013-07-29ExhorderDesecratorVarious Artists: At Death's Doorracecar
169. 2013-07-29SinisterDesecrated FleshDiabolical Summoningnuclearblast
170. 2013-07-22ImpetigoUnadulterated BrutalityUltimo Mondo Cannibalerazorback
171. 2013-07-01ImpietyCeremonial Necrochrist RedesecrationVengeance Hell Immemorialhells_headbangers
172. 2013-06-17New LowsLast Of The RatsHarvest Of Carcassdeathwishinc
173. 2013-06-10ImpietyAccelerate The AnnibilationThe Impious Crusadehells_headbangers
174. 2013-06-10Num SkullPirate's NightRitually Abusedmedusa
175. 2013-06-10Post Ejaculation Depression"Aye Aye Aye" the Pirate SaidPost Ejaculation Depressionnew red archives
176. 2013-05-27CarcassI Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)Wake up and Smell the Carcassearache
177. 2013-05-13Hail of BulletsOperation ZOn Divine Windsmetalblade
178. 2013-05-06Forest Of RemorseRitual Penetrationdemo
179. 2013-04-15Iced EarthDeclaration DayLive In Ancient Kourioncenturymedia
180. 2013-03-25MucopusCorporation XDemoself-released
181. 2013-03-25The FacelessAutotheist Movement III: DeconsecrateAutotheismsumerian
182. 2013-02-04The FacelessAutotheist Movement III: DeconsecrateAutotheismsumerian
183. 2013-01-28Black JesusAtrocity GeneratorBlack Jesus Saveshells_headbangers
184. 2012-12-24DesolateDeface And ObliterateSanity Obiliteratedpathos
185. 2012-12-24SpektrTeratologyCypheragonia
186. 2012-12-17NifelheimDesecration of the DeadDevil's Forceregain
187. 2012-11-12Grand Supreme Blood CourtPublic CastrationBow Down Before The Blood Courtcenturymedia
188. 2012-10-22CreptusFlames Of DesecrationThe Vile VortexPain Gore Death Productions
189. 2012-09-24Fates WarningThe ApparationVarious Artist - The Best Of Metal Blade IIImetalblade
190. 2012-09-03The County Medical Examinersmaturating decompositional gasOlidous Operettasrelapse
191. 2012-09-03MonumentsDegenerateGnosiscenturymedia
192. 2012-08-20RevilersFrustrationRevilerspatac
193. 2012-08-13NileNatural Liberation Of Fear Through The Ritual Deception Of DeathAt The Gate Of Sethunuclearblast
194. 2012-07-23Death SkullNocturnal Desecrate RitualsAnnihilation Of The Pigold_cemetery
195. 2012-07-16NileWhen My Wrath Is DoneAt The Gate Of Sethunuclearblast
196. 2012-07-16Bane of ExistenceEvicerationHumanity's Splintered Salvationself-released
197. 2012-07-16QueensrycheOperation: MindcrimeMindcrime on the Moorerhino
198. 2012-06-04Sanguis ImperemPathetic ObsecrationsIn Glory We March Towards Our Doomhells_headbangers
199. 2012-05-28Strong Intention3rd Space Gorilla GeneratorRazorblade ExpressPATAC
200. 2012-05-21UnsaneRatWreckalternative_tentacles
201. 2012-05-21NasumWrathShiftrelapse
202. 2012-05-14IntenseOverratedBurn In Beautiful Fireindie
203. 2012-03-26((Thorlock))Triceratops((Thorlock))handshake_inc
204. 2012-02-13VoreWrath Wrought RuinMaleficusself-released
205. 2012-01-30CarcassI Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)Wake up and Smell the Carcassearache
206. 2012-01-23Guttural SecreteIncestuous RefigurationArtistic Creation with Cranial Stumpsunmatched_brutality
207. 2012-01-09MithrasWrath Of God (Live)Time Never Lastsglactic
208. 2012-01-02CianideDesecration StormGods Of Deathhells_headbangers
209. 2011-12-19RossomahaarPortals Of Chaos (The Final Transmigration)Imperium Tenebrarummore_hate
210. 2011-12-12The Red ChordHour Of RatsFed Through the Teeth Machinemetalblade
211. 2011-12-05MithrasWrath Of God (Live)Time Never Lastsglactic
212. 2011-11-28CondemnedBaptismal Incineration Upon SimonistsRealms Of The Ungodlyunique_leader
213. 2011-11-28Visceral DisgorgeSpastic Anal LacerationsIngesting Putridityamputated_vein
214. 2011-11-07MucopusCorporation XMulch?!?amputated_vein
215. 2011-11-07Piara PosesaBlack Rain Of Incinerated CorpsesHagase La Oscuridadold_cemetery
216. 2011-10-24Guttural SecreteIncestuous RefigurationArtistic Creation with Cranial Stumpsunmatched_brutality
217. 2011-10-24Trap ThemDay Four: Collapse And MarathonSleepwell Deconstructortrash_art
218. 2011-10-10Desolate ShrineChaos And WrathTenebrous Towershammer_of_hate
219. 2011-09-19General SurgeryFulgurationLeft Hand Pathologylistenable
220. 2011-09-12Atrocious AbnormalityOpen Wound PenetrationEchoes of the Rottingcomatose
221. 2011-08-29DeceasedIn The Labratory Of Joyous GloomSurreal Overdosepatac
222. 2011-08-22CianideDesecration StormGods Of Deathhells_headbangers
223. 2011-07-11CursedReparationsTwogoodfellow
224. 2011-07-04NecrovorousMind LacerationsFuneral For The Sanepulverised
225. 2011-06-27BehemothConjuration Ov Sleep DaemonsAbyssum Invocation CD1metalblade
226. 2011-06-20Desolate ShrineChaos And WrathTenebrous Towershammer_of_hate
227. 2011-06-20Visceral DisgorgeSpastic Anal LacerationsIngesting Putridityamputated_vein
228. 2011-03-21MucopusCorporation XMulch?!?amputated_vein
229. 2011-02-21Infernal ExecratorDiabolos Execratus ExescariMCBL: Heathen Blood Cultold_cemetery
230. 2011-02-14Deadly BlessingEscape The WrathAscend From The Cauldronnew_renaissance
231. 2011-02-07MalignancyEmbryological TeratomasInhuman Grotesquerieswillowtip
232. 2011-02-07Nocturnal BloodGhouls WrathDevastated Graveshells_headbangers
233. 2011-01-31SargeistBurning Voice Of AdorationLet The Devil Inmoribund
234. 2011-01-17Hammers Of MisfortuneRats AssemblyFields Church Of Broken Glassmetalblade
235. 2011-01-17TristaniaYear Of The RatRubiconnapalm
236. 2011-01-17EmethStratumInsidiousbrutal_bands
237. 2011-01-10SkinlessDeviation Will Not Be ToleratedTrample The Weak, Hurdle The Deadrelapse
238. 2010-12-27SviergEarth Lacerated By Saturn's RingsMMIXmetalhit_dot_com
239. 2010-12-06Grim ReaperWrath Of The RipperSee You In Hellrca
240. 2010-11-29SargeistBurning Voice Of AdorationLet The Devil Inmoribund
241. 2010-11-22Hail of BulletsStrategy Of AttritionOn Divine Windsmetalblade
242. 2010-11-22SargeistBurning Voice Of AdorationLet The Devil Inmoribund
243. 2010-11-15Kevorkian's AngelsCastration Of ChristThe Sound Of Modern Hatenotcommon
244. 2010-11-01Hail of BulletsOperation ZOn Divine Windsmetalblade
245. 2010-11-01MadballDemonstrate My StyleDemonstrate My Styleroadrunner
246. 2010-10-25SinisterDesecrated FleshDiabolical Summoning
247. 2010-10-25EmeraldAlterationRe-Forgedpure_steel
248. 2010-10-25General SurgeryCapricious Provisional Cadaver GraterLeft Hand Pathologylistenable
249. 2010-10-18Warrel DaneThe Day The Rats Went To WarPraises to the War Machinecenturymedia
250. 2010-10-18This BeastRise Of The Invertebratesdemoself-released
251. 2010-10-11Warrel DaneThe Day The Rats Went To WarPraises to the War Machinecenturymedia
252. 2010-09-27Pathology (US)Eviserated Human TorsoIncisions Of Perverse Debaucherycomatose
253. 2010-09-20Brain DrillObliteration UntoldQuantum Catastrophemetalblade
254. 2010-09-13TerrorizerCorporation Pull InWorld Downfallearache
255. 2010-09-06Among the DecayedLaceratedA Perfect Day For Terrordeath_hatchet
256. 2010-08-16King Of AsgardWrath Of The GodsFi'mbulvintrmetalblade
257. 2010-08-09Pathology (US)Eviserated Human TorsoIncisions Of Perverse Debaucherycomatose
258. 2010-07-26Pathology (US)Eviserated Human TorsoIncisions Of Perverse Debaucherycomatose
259. 2010-07-19Mouth Of The ArchitectGeneration Of GhostsQuietlytranslation_loss
260. 2010-07-12Brain DrillObliteration UntoldQuantum Catastrophemetalblade
261. 2010-06-28CrowbarHigh Rate ExtinctionCrowbarmayhem
262. 2010-06-28TerrorizerCorporation Pull InWorld Downfallearache
263. 2010-06-28NominonWrath Of ShivaMonumentombdeathgasm
264. 2010-05-17masteryNumerationLethal Legacycorporate_punishment
265. 2010-05-17Sin of AngelsAdministrative Maximumin the Grip of Despairobscenity_cult
266. 2010-03-29DarkworFoederatiFoederatiself-released
267. 2010-03-15DarkworDesecrating The RemainsFoederatiself-released
268. 2010-03-08Between the Buried and MeAspirationsself-titledlifeforce
269. 2010-03-08RegretWe're All DesperateRegret/Misery Brigade split CDorganized_crime
270. 2010-03-01BehemothInauguration Of Scorpio DomeThelema 6olympic
271. 2010-02-22ConvergeWorms Will Feed/Rats Will FeastAxe To Fallepitaph
272. 2010-01-11SvartskogWrath Of The GodsWith Fire And SwordNHR
273. 2010-01-04MucopusCorporation X
274. 2010-01-04Between the Buried and MeAspirationsself-titledlifeforce
275. 2010-01-04November's DoomWhen Desperation Fills The VoidInto Night's Requiem Infernalend
276. 2009-10-26ConvergeWorms Will Feed/Rats Will FeastAxe To Fallepitaph
277. 2009-10-19The Red ChordHour Of RatsFed Through the Teeth Machinemetalblade
278. 2009-09-28the Autumn OfferingDoomed GenerationRevelations Of The Unsungstillborn
279. 2009-08-17SkinlessDeviation Will Not Be ToleratedTrample The Weak, Hurdle The Deadrelapse
280. 2009-07-20The Monolith DeathcultWrath of the Ba'athTrivmviratetwilight_vertrieb
281. 2009-06-29AsphyxIncarcerated Chimaerasself-titledcenturymedia
282. 2009-06-29DarkthroneSardonic WrathSacrificing the God of Doubtmoonfog
283. 2009-05-11PestilenceDehydrated IIResurrection Macabremascot
284. 2009-05-04Guttural SecreteIncestuous RefigurationArtistic Creation with Cranial Stumpsunmatched_brutality
285. 2009-05-04TerrorizerCorporation Pull InWorld Downfallearache
286. 2009-04-27Attackerthe Wrath of NevermoreBattle at Helms Deepmetalblade
287. 2009-03-30Razor of OccamDay of WrathHomage to Martyrsmetalblade
288. 2009-02-23Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the DilapidationDusted Ratinaself-titledbizarre_leprous
289. 2009-02-09Rebuilding the RuinsPirate Metaldemoself-released
290. 2009-02-09MeshuggahRational GazeNothingnuclearblast
291. 2009-01-26CrematoryTransmigration...Just Dreamingcombat
292. 2008-12-22Reign of PestilenceWrath of JesusIt's a Reign of Pestilence Christmasroptopus
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294. 2008-12-15EngraveStorm of OblierationThe Rebirthworld_war_iii
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320. 2008-01-28EmethStratumInsidiousbrutal_bands
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334. 2007-06-18Pristinathe rat, the pig, the spiderBoner Jams 07spare_change
335. 2007-06-18DisfearRat RaceMisanthropic Generationrelapse
336. 2007-06-11skinlessdeviation will not be toleratedTrample The Weak, Hurdle The Deadrelapse
337. 2007-04-30CrowbarHigh Rate Extinction
338. 2007-04-23random acts of violencetransfiguration
339. 2007-04-16Hate EternalSaturated in Dejection
340. 2007-04-09the County Medical Examinersmaturating decompositional gas
341. 2007-03-19Dying FetusUnaduterated Hatred
342. 2007-03-19the County Medical ExaminersExpeditious Evisceratory Mishap
343. 2007-03-19Guttural SecreteIncestuous RefigurationArtistic Creation with Cranial Stumpsunmatched_brutality
344. 2007-03-05Dragonforceoperation ground and pound
345. 2007-03-05Godless Truthdriven to lacerate
346. 2007-02-19my bitter endcomforatable with corpses
347. 2007-01-29the County Medical Examinersmaturating decompositional gas
348. 2007-01-22Trap themcollapse and marathon
349. 2006-12-18amputatorhellpanzer excrate
350. 2006-12-11random acts of violencetransfiguration
351. 2006-11-06Last Days of Humanityulcerated offal
352. 2006-10-30deicidedesecrationthe Stench Of Redemptionearache
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354. 2006-09-18deicidedesecrationthe Stench Of Redemptionearache
355. 2006-09-18behemothpenetration
356. 2006-09-04deicidedesecrationthe Stench Of Redemptionearache
357. 2006-08-28Desensitisedintrospective exploration
358. 2006-08-21walls of jerichothe revolving door strategy
359. 2006-08-14behemothpenetration
360. 2006-08-07destructionfrustrated
361. 2006-08-07skinlessdeviation wouldn't be tolerated
362. 2006-07-31behemothpenetration
363. 2006-07-17Zirconexploration of the mind
364. 2006-06-26skinlessDeviation Will Not Be Tolerated
365. 2006-06-12Dragonforceoperation ground and pound
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373. 2006-05-01christ deniedcastration in the name of god
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375. 2006-04-10krisiunvicious wrath
376. 2006-04-03krisiunvicious wrath
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380. 2006-02-13krisiunvicious wrath
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393. 2005-09-05premonitions of warmarathon
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403. 2005-06-27Among the Decayedlacerated
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405. 2005-06-13Godless Truthdriven to lacerate
406. 2005-06-13anal cuntyou are an interior decorator
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409. 2005-05-30Biomechanicalregenerated
410. 2005-05-23Pilloryiratedad as a hangnail in a finger fuck
411. 2005-05-02Cephalic Carnagewrath
412. 2005-04-18queensrycheoperation mind crime
413. 2005-04-18suffocationmass obliteration
414. 2005-04-11carcassI Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)
415. 2005-04-04Mardukthrone of rats
416. 2005-03-14impietysunrise defloration
417. 2005-02-28the wage of sinseparate ways
418. 2005-02-14As I Lay Dyingthe pain of separation
419. 2005-02-14impietysunrise defloration
420. 2005-01-31Totten Korpsimperator of the black abyss
421. 2005-01-24carcassI Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)
422. 2005-01-17nasumwrathShiftrelapse
423. 2005-01-01the wage of sinseparate ways
424. 2004-12-06carcass coversurpuration
425. 2004-11-22nasumwrathShiftrelapse
426. 2004-11-15Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet Earth
427. 2004-11-08the Hostage Heartpressing my lips to the cup of wrath and death
428. 2004-11-08MucopusCorporation X
429. 2004-11-08Guttural SecreteIncestuous RefigurationArtistic Creation with Cranial Stumpsunmatched_brutality
430. 2004-11-01morbid angelblessed are the sick/leading the rats
431. 2004-11-01napalm deathmulti national coporations-instincts of survival-stigmatized-parasites
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435. 2004-09-13Deadguyapparatus
436. 2004-08-30MucopusCorporation X
437. 2004-08-23MucopusCorporation X
438. 2004-08-23Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet Earth
439. 2004-08-16The Acacia Strainextreme wrath of jhiaxus
440. 2004-08-02soil of the undeadviolent desecration
441. 2004-07-26Destinythe admiration of sadness
442. 2004-06-21Destinythe admiration of sadness
443. 2004-06-14black flagrat's eye
444. 2004-06-07CarcassI Told You So (Corporate Rock Really Does Suck)
445. 2004-06-07Cephalic Carnagebserver to the Obilteration of Planet Earth
446. 2004-05-10forest of impaledfor ours is the kingdom (desecrate the heavens)
447. 2004-03-29luddite cloneoratory
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449. 2004-02-23diabolicalcaged wrath
450. 2004-02-16nileexecration text
451. 2004-01-26between the buried and measpirationsself-titledlifeforce
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453. 2004-01-05Discordance Axisoratorio in grey
454. 2003-12-08Deadguyapparatus
455. 2003-11-24the endher (inamorata)
456. 2003-11-24Between the Buried and Measpirationsself-titledlifeforce
457. 2003-11-24cenotaphsuperimposed gutteral vociferations of ulceric anal turgorPuked Genital Purulencyhammer_muzik
458. 2003-11-03underthreatdesperate human's path
459. 2003-10-05fleshgrindenslaved to my wrath
460. 2003-10-057th nemesisconjuration of blades
461. 2003-09-15Last Days of Humanityulcerated offal
462. 2003-09-15infamylacerated
463. 2003-08-26arch enemyLeader of the Rats
464. 2003-08-26DisfearRat RaceMisanthropic Generationrelapse
465. 2003-08-19DisfearRat RaceMisanthropic Generationrelapse
466. 2003-08-12Battlelorete War of Wrath
467. 2003-07-22GoratoryWrath of the Pipers Pit
468. 2003-07-22Everytime I diePornogratherapy
469. 2003-07-22NaglfarWrath of the Fallen
470. 2003-07-15MorticianAspirations
471. 2003-06-03Between the Buried and MeAspirationsself-titledlifeforce
472. 2003-05-27InfamyLacerated
473. 2003-05-20the EndHer (inamorata)
474. 2003-04-29Dew ScentedDegeneration
475. 2003-04-15BenumbFrustration of the Complacent Self-loathing
476. 2003-04-15Vulgar PigeonsWhen Exhilaration Becomes a Pruluence
477. 2003-04-08The EndHer (inemorate)
478. 2003-04-01Goratorythe Wrath of Pipers Pit
479. 2003-04-01BileMy Generation (who)
480. 2003-03-04ImpaledHypocratic Oath
481. 2003-02-18Infernal TormentBirth Rate Zero
482. 2003-02-18Anasarcathe Beast (perverse Penetration
483. 2003-02-11SinisterDesecrated Flesh
484. 2003-02-04The EndHer (inamorata)
485. 2003-01-28Beyond the Sixth Sealthe Birthing Apparatus
486. 2003-01-14VilePath to Incineration
487. 2003-01-07Dies IraeGenocide Generation
488. 2002-12-31ScarveAlteration
489. 2002-11-26scarveAlteration
490. 2002-11-19ExhorderDescrator
491. 2002-09-17SepulturaRatamahatta
492. 2002-09-10MeshuggahRational Gaze
493. 2002-08-27SepulturaRatamahata (live)
494. 2002-08-06Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet Earth
495. 2002-07-09VomitoryBlood Rature
496. 2002-07-02Held HostageThe Art of Separation
497. 2002-06-04December WolvesDesperately Seeking Satan
498. 2002-06-04Held Hostagethe act of Separation
499. 2002-06-02ShedSeparated
500. 2002-06-02Sister Machine GunDegenerate
501. 2002-06-02BileMy Generation
502. 2002-06-02RammsteinHeitrate mich
503. 2002-05-07Reballiunthe Legacy of Eternal Wrath
504. 2002-04-23ExhorderDesecrator
505. 2002-03-12InfamyLacerated
506. 2002-02-26Cannibal CorpseCompelled to Lacerate
507. 2002-01-29NephasthThe Wrath will be the Fire
508. 2002-01-29Borknagarliberated
509. 2001-12-18GoretradeLaceration
510. 2001-11-20GoretradeLaceration
511. 2001-10-23VoivodTechnocratic Manipulators
512. 2001-10-09Old Man\'s ChildWorld Expiration
513. 2001-10-02Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet Earth
514. 2001-09-04BileMy Generation
515. 2001-09-04BileMy Generation
516. 2001-08-28EngraveStorm of Oblieration
517. 2001-08-28KalmahAlteration
518. 2001-08-28EngraveStorm of Oblieration
519. 2001-08-28KalmahAlteration
520. 2001-07-24Circle of Dead ChildrenCremationism (become the Flame)Observer to the Obliteration of Planet Earth
521. 2001-07-24Circle of Dead ChildrenCremationism (become the Flame)Observer to the Obliteration of Planet Earth
522. 2001-07-11Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet Earth
523. 2001-06-26Flesh CrawlCreation of Wrath
524. 2001-06-19SinisterDesecrated Flesh
525. 2001-05-22VilePath to Incineration (demo)
526. 2001-04-24ExhorderDececrator
527. 2001-04-24SuffocationMass Obliteration
528. 2001-04-03vilePath to Incineration (demo)
529. 2001-03-27VilePath to Inceration (demo)
530. 2001-03-13VilePath incineration
531. 2001-02-20CatastrophicLab RatsCleansingmetalblade
532. 2001-02-20BileMy Generation
533. 2000-12-31Bane of ExistenceEviceration
534. 2000-12-25Cephalic CarnageObserver to the Obilteration of Planet Earth
535. 2000-11-21BrujeriaLaboratorio Cristalitor
536. 2000-11-07Old Man\'s ChildWorld Expiration
537. 2000-11-07DamagedAfter World Obliteration
538. 2000-11-07Old Man\'s ChildWorld Expiration
539. 2000-11-07DamagedAfter World Obliteration
540. 2000-10-03MalignancySeparated Anxiety
541. 2000-08-28LividityLaceration for an unclean twat
542. 2000-08-21ImmortalWrather from Above
543. 2000-08-14BileMy Generation
544. 2000-07-31BenumbLaceration of Belief
545. 2000-07-31Christ DeniedCastration
546. 2000-07-17Luddite CloneOratory of the Tigsaw
547. 2000-07-17Luddite CloneOratory of the Tigsaw
548. 2000-06-12MayhemGrand Deteration of war
549. 2000-05-08SuffocationMass Obliteration
550. 2000-05-01Old Man\'s ChildWorld Expiration
551. 2000-04-10ExhorderDesecrator
552. 2000-04-03ImpietyMagik Consecration Goat Sodomy
553. 2000-04-03Nokturnal Mortumthe 13th Asbath Celebration
554. 2000-04-03Flesh CrawlCreation of Wrath
555. 2000-03-20Old Man\'s ChildWorld Expiration
556. 2000-03-20IncantationDesecration (of the Heavenly Graceful)
557. 2000-03-06SoilworkCormeration Speedkill
558. 2000-01-03DeathwitchDesecration of the White Christ
559. 1999-11-08MorticianObliteration
560. 1999-10-25G.G. AllinCastration Crucifxtion
561. 1999-10-25Amon AmarthMetal Wrath
562. 1999-10-18VoivodTechnocratic Manipulators
563. 1999-10-18NifelheimDesecration of the Dead
564. 1999-10-11Brutal TruthChoice of a new Generation
565. 1999-10-04VoivodTechnocratic Manipulators
566. 1999-09-27BileMy Generation
567. 1999-09-20Brutal TruthPostulate them Liberate
568. 1999-08-30CryptopsyDefenstration
569. 1999-08-23TerrorizerAfter world obilteration
570. 1999-08-21Pessimisttunnel Rats
571. 1999-08-21Pessimisttunnel Rats
572. 1999-08-16CryptopsyDefentration
573. 1999-07-12Lorde of All Desiresthe Immoratalizing Winter
574. 1999-06-28Sacred ReichAdministrative Decisions
575. 1999-06-14TestamentEyes of Wrath
576. 1999-05-31Nokturnal Mortumthe 13th Asbath Celebration
577. 1999-05-31BileMy Generation
578. 1999-05-24Nokturnal Mortumthe 13th Asbath Celebration
579. 1999-03-15SkinlabExcellerate
580. 1999-03-15Fredrick Throndals Special DefectsTransmigration of Souls
581. 1997-11-17Shai HuludSolely Concentrating on the N. Aspects of life
582. 1997-10-27Infernal TormentBirthrate Zero
583. 1997-10-20BileMy Generation
584. 1997-08-25SamaelMacabre OperattaBlood Ritualcenturymedia
585. 1997-07-14SepulturaRatamahatta
586. 1997-07-14BileMy Generation
587. 1997-07-07BileMy Generation
588. 1997-06-30SepulturaShow me the Wrath
589. 1997-06-30SepulturaRatamahatta
590. 1997-06-16Crocodile ShopCelibrate the Enemy
591. 1997-05-19SamaelPoison InfiltrationBlood Ritualcenturymedia
592. 1997-05-19RammsteinHierate Mich (edit)
593. 1997-05-19ShedSeparated
594. 1997-05-12Nuclear AssaultRessuration
595. 1997-05-12ShedSeparated
596. 1997-05-12BileMy Generation
597. 1997-05-12SepulturaRatamahatta
598. 1997-05-05Coal ChamberMy Frustration
599. 1997-04-28Withered BeautyImmoratlity is Mine
600. 1997-04-28ShedSeparate
601. 1997-04-21ShedSeparated
602. 1997-04-21BileMy Generation
603. 1997-04-21Cannibal CorpsePost Moratl Ejactualtion
604. 1997-04-08BileMy Generation
605. 1997-03-31BileMy Generation
606. 1997-03-31SepulturaRatamahatta
607. 1997-03-31SnogCorporate Slave
608. 1997-03-17SnogCorporate Slave
609. 1997-02-24Morbid AngelBlessed are the Sick/Leading the Rats
610. 1997-02-24SepulturaRatamahatta
611. 1997-02-03SepulturaRatamahatta
612. 1997-01-13SepulturaRatamahatta
613. 1997-01-06KMFDMWrath
614. 1996-12-10SepulturaRatamahatta
615. 1996-11-25Crowbarhigh rate extinction
616. 1996-11-11SepulturaRatamahatta
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