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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1240 playlist up with 52647 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-10-04ALKUHARMONIAN KANTAJAHarbinger (Of The Fallen Hearts)Shadowy PeripheralsI, Voidhanger Records
2. 2021-04-12As We SufferThe Fallen PillarsThe Fallen PillarsSelf-Released
3. 2020-12-07BlasphemyFallen Angel of DoomFallen Angel of Doom
4. 2020-08-17UnanimatedThe Blackness Of The Fallen StarFire Storm (Demo)
5. 2019-12-30Black BreathFallenHeavy BreathingSouthern Lord
6. 2019-10-07Type O NegativeBurnt Flowers FallenOctober Rust
7. 2019-07-29SodomRemember The FallenOne Night In Bangkok CD1
8. 2019-07-15OSSUARY INSANEFallen to the PitsDemonize The Flesh 12"LPBlood Harvest Records
9. 2019-03-11SodomRemember the FallenAgent OrangeSteamhammer/SPV
10. 2018-11-19sevenday curselament of the fallenafter the storm
11. 2016-12-05CHURCHBURNCrown Of Fallen KingsThe Awaiting CoffinsArmageddon Label
12. 2016-08-15THRONEUM04 Inner Eye...Fallen AsleepMorbid Death Tales (CD, LP)Hells Headbangers Records
13. 2016-06-06HatebreedFrom Grace We've FallenThe Concrete ConfessionalNuclear Blast Records
14. 2016-01-25ExumerFallen SaintPossessed By Fire
15. 2015-09-14Malevolent CreationBlood Of The FallenDead Man's Pathcenturymedia
16. 2015-08-24BattleloreVoice of the Fallenthe Last Alliancenapalm
17. 2015-07-06XibalbaFallenMadre Mia Gracias Por Los Diassouthernlord
18. 2015-06-08Rings Of SaturnHeavens Have FallenLugal Ki Enunique_leader
19. 2015-06-01DrudkhFallen Into OblivionEastern Frontier In Flamesseason_of_mist
20. 2015-05-25PrimordialFallen To RuinStorm Before Calmmetalblade
21. 2015-05-25Dark FuneralRemember the FallenDiabolis Interiumnecropolis
22. 2015-05-25InfernaeonFirst Of The FallenGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
23. 2015-05-25BathoryGreat Hall Awaits A Fallen BrotherNordlandblack_mark
24. 2015-05-25KrisiunSentinel Of The Fallen EarthWorks of Carnagecenturymedia
25. 2015-05-25Icy SteelFallen HeroesAs The Gods Commandpure_steel
26. 2014-05-05MassacreHonor The FallenBack From Beyondcenturymedia
27. 2014-04-28InfestAmong The Fallen OnesCold Blood Warxtreem
28. 2014-04-07Eternity BurningCrestfallen ShadowImmortal EpitaphEternity Burning
29. 2013-12-30Bal-SagothThe Fallen Kingdoms Of The Abyssal PlainThe Chthonic Chronicles
30. 2013-09-23Abysmal DawnTwilight's FallenProgrammed to Consumerelapse
31. 2013-07-08UnanimatedBlackness Of The Fallen StarIn The Forest Of The Dreaming Dead
32. 2013-07-01VaettirAnguish Of A Fallen EmpireVaettirself-released
33. 2013-04-01Heaven Shall BurnFallenVETOcenturymedia
34. 2013-03-11TYRFields Of The FallenThe Lay Of Thryumnapalm
35. 2013-02-25VaastFallenself-titledself-released
36. 2012-11-19ExumerFallen SaintFire & Damnationmetalblade
37. 2012-08-27ExumerFallen SaintFire & Damnationmetalblade
38. 2012-08-13Darkness By OathFallen Angel Of DeathNear Death Experiencemetalblade
39. 2012-08-06The ForeshadowingFallen ReignOionosmetalblade
40. 2012-06-11BattleloreVoice of the Fallenthe Last Alliancenapalm
41. 2012-03-12CatameniaFallenThe Time Unchained
42. 2011-12-05SargonCrestfallenIn Contemptold_cemetery
43. 2011-09-26Sevenday CurseLament Of The FallenAfter the Stormtortuga
44. 2011-08-15TYRFields Of The FallenThe Lay Of Thryumnapalm
45. 2011-07-25Count RavenFallen AngelsMessiah Of Confusionnoise
46. 2011-02-28VaettirAnguish Of A Fallen EmpireVaettirself-released
47. 2011-02-21Sevenday CurseLament of the FallenAfter the Stormtortuga
48. 2010-10-11InfernaeonFirst Of The FallenGenesis To Nemesisprosthetic
49. 2010-09-13SodomRemember The FallenOn Night In Bangkokspv
50. 2010-07-26ManegarmFallen HarskareNordststjanans Tidsalderdispleased
51. 2010-06-21SoulflyRise Of The FallenOmen
52. 2008-09-29BattleloreVoice of the Fallenthe Last Alliancenapalm
53. 2008-08-18Abysmal DawnTwilight's FallenProgrammed to Consumerelapse
54. 2008-06-09Abysmal DawnTwilight's FallenProgrammed to Consumerelapse
55. 2008-05-26Incantationthe Fallen PriestPrimordial Dominationibexmoon
56. 2008-05-05Abysmal DawnTwilight's FallenProgrammed to Consumerelapse
57. 2008-03-17Kingdom of SorrowFree the FallenLead into Demiserelapse
58. 2008-02-18Kingdom of SorrowFree the FallenLead into Demiserelapse
59. 2007-02-26sodomremember the fallen
60. 2007-01-08Nephillimthe fallen
61. 2006-01-02soultornfallen
62. 2005-12-26eternity burningcrestfallen shadow
63. 2005-10-03God Forbidto the fallen hero
64. 2005-10-03Sevenday Curselament of the fallen
65. 2005-04-04blasphemyfallen angel of doom...
66. 2005-03-07sodomremember the fallen
67. 2005-01-31soilworkthe crest fallen
68. 2004-02-09gadgetcrestfallen
69. 2003-12-15Sevenday Curselament of the fallen
70. 2003-11-17krisiunsentinel of the fallen earth
71. 2003-10-27krisiunsentinel of the fallen earth
72. 2003-07-22NaglfarWrath of the Fallen
73. 2003-07-15UnpersonsLast tesr for a fallen
74. 2003-04-08CryptopsyDepths You've Fallen
75. 2003-03-11Old Man\'s ChildAgnoy of Fallen Grace
76. 2002-09-24the Hope ConspiracyFallen
77. 2002-01-01DeteriorotFallen Misery
78. 2001-07-17Averse SefiraFallen Beneath
79. 2001-03-27DiecastRemember the Fallen
80. 2000-05-29Dark FuneralRemeber the fallen
81. 2000-05-15Dark FuneralRemember the Fallen
82. 1999-12-20CryptopsyDepths you've fallen
83. 1999-05-31HellshockFallen from Grace (live)
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