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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1301 playlist up with 54728 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-11-07KreatorAfter the AttackVarious Artists - Doomsday NewsNoise
2. 2022-09-05KreatorStrongest Of The StrongHate ´┐Żber AllesNuclear Blast Records
3. 2021-10-04KreatorTerror ZoneComa of SoulsEpic
4. 2021-07-26KreatorTotal DeathEndless Pain
5. 2019-02-04KreatorWitching HourIn The Name Of Satan
6. 2018-03-12KREATORStorming with menaceTerrible certainty
7. 2017-10-16KreatorAgents of BrutalityComa of SoulsEpic
8. 2017-05-01KreatorRiot of ViolenceOut Of The Dark, Into The Lightnoise
9. 2017-02-06KreatorSatan Is RealGods Of ViolenceNuclear Blast Records
10. 2017-01-02KreatorAfter the AttackVarious Artist: Doomsday Newsnoise
11. 2016-12-05KreatorPhobiaLive Kreation, Disc 1Steamhammer
12. 2016-09-19KreatorSuicide TerroristEnemy of GodSteamhammer
13. 2016-06-06KreatorUnited in HateDying AliveNuclear Blast Records
14. 2015-11-02KreatorThe PestilencePleasure to Killcombat
15. 2015-10-05KreatorThe Number Of The Beast (Iron Maiden)The Big Teutonic 4legacy
16. 2015-07-27KreatorRiot of ViolenceLive Kreationspv
17. 2015-03-30KreatorToxic TraceTerrible Certaintynoise
18. 2014-07-07KreatorWorld AnarchyEnemy Of Godspv
19. 2014-04-28KreatorFlag of HateFlag of Hatecobat
20. 2014-02-17KreatorFlag of HateLive Kreationspv
21. 2013-11-11KreatorFlag of HateFlag of Hatecombat
22. 2013-04-22KreatorThe PestilencePleasure to Killcombat
23. 2013-01-28KreatorPeople Of The LieComa of Soulsnoise
24. 2012-12-31KreatorAwakening Of The GodsOut Of The Dark, Into The Lightnoise
25. 2012-11-05KreatorAwakening Of The GodsFlag of Hatecombat
26. 2012-08-27KreatorMars Mantra + Phantom AntichristPhantom Antichristnuclearblast
27. 2012-07-30KreatorMars Mantra + Phantom AntichristPhantom Antichristnuclearblast
28. 2012-07-23KreatorFrom Flood Into FirePhantom Antichristnuclearblast
29. 2012-07-02KreatorFlag of HateFlag of Hatecombat
30. 2012-04-23KreatorTotal DeathFlag of Hatecombat
31. 2012-02-27KreatorRiot of ViolenceLive Kreationspv
32. 2011-11-14KreatorAwakening Of The GodsOut Of The Dark, Into The Lightnoise
33. 2011-04-25KreatorEndless PainFlag of Hatecombat
34. 2011-04-18KreatorPeople Of The LieComa of Soulsnoise
35. 2011-02-28KreatorCarrianPleasure to Killcombat
36. 2011-01-24KreatorRiot of ViolencePleasure to Killcombat
37. 2011-01-17KreatorTotal DeathFlag of Hatecombat
38. 2011-01-10KreatorViolent RevolutionLive Kreationspv
39. 2010-12-06KreatorTormentorFlag of Hatecombat
40. 2010-11-22KreatorToxic TraceTerrible Certaintynoise
41. 2010-09-13KreatorBlind FaithTerrible Certaintynoise
42. 2010-08-02KreatorFlag of HateFlag of Hatecombat
43. 2010-07-12KreatorChoir Of The DamnedPleasure to Killcombat
44. 2010-06-07KreatorDestroy What Destroys YouHordes of Chaosspv
45. 2010-03-08KreatorFlag of HateFlag of Hatenoise
46. 2010-03-01KreatorRipping CorpsePleasure to Killcombat
47. 2009-12-21KreatorThe PestilencePleasure to Killcombat
48. 2009-11-02KreatorDeath Is Your SaviourPleasure to Killnoise
49. 2009-10-26KreatorMen Without GodCause For Conflictnoise
50. 2009-10-12KreatorUnder the GuillotinePleasure to Killcombat
51. 2009-06-29KreatorRipping CorpsePleasure to Killnoise
52. 2009-06-15KreatorFlag of HateFlag of Hatecombat
53. 2009-06-08KreatorRipping CorpsePleasure to Killcombat
54. 2009-06-01KreatorLove Us or Hate UsExtreme Aggressionepic
55. 2009-04-13KreatorDestroy What Destroys YouHordes of Chaosspv
56. 2009-04-06KreatorRiot of ViolencePleasure to Killnoise
57. 2009-03-09KreatorWarcurseHordes of Chaosspv
58. 2009-03-02KreatorEscalationHordes of Chaosspv
59. 2009-02-23KreatorRadical ResistanceHordes of Chaosspv
60. 2009-02-16Kreatorto the AfterbornHordes of Chaosspv
61. 2009-02-09KreatorFlag of HateFlag of Hatenoise
62. 2009-02-02KreatorAbsolute MisanthropyHordes of Chaosspv
63. 2009-01-26KreatorDestroy What Destroys YouHordes of Chaosspv
64. 2009-01-19KreatorEscalationHordes of Chaosspv
65. 2009-01-05KreatorFlag of HateFlag of Hatenoise
66. 2008-12-15KreatorRiot of ViolenceLive Kreationspv
67. 2008-12-08KreatorTormentorFlag of Hatecombat
68. 2008-10-13KreatorPleasure to KillPleasure to Killnoise
69. 2008-06-02KreatorRipping CorpsePleasure to Killnoise
70. 2008-04-28KreatorPleasure to KillPleasure to Killcombat
71. 2007-11-05KreatorAgents of BrutalityComa of Soulsnoise
72. 2007-03-26kreatordeath is your saviour
73. 2006-12-25kreatorbetrayer
74. 2006-11-27kreatorripping corpse
75. 2006-07-10kreatorunder the gillotine
76. 2005-04-18kreatorafter the attack
77. 2005-03-07kreatorenemy of god
78. 2004-12-27kreatormurder fantasies
79. 2004-12-20kreatordystopia
80. 2004-11-29kreatorvoices of the dead
81. 2004-05-31kreatorphobia
82. 2004-02-09kreatoras the world burns
83. 2003-10-27kreatortormentor
84. 2003-09-29kreatorbetrayer
85. 2003-09-15kreatorphobia
86. 2003-08-26KreatorViolent Revelution
87. 2003-08-12KreatorBetrayer (live)
88. 2003-07-29kreatorbetrayer
89. 2003-07-22KreatorBlack Sunrise (live)
90. 2003-05-13KreatorAfter the Attack
91. 2002-01-15KreatorRipping Corpse
92. 2000-04-10KreatorAfter the Attack
93. 1999-10-18KreatorFuture Rory
94. 1999-10-11KreatorSoul Eraser
95. 1999-05-04KreatorNo REason to Exist
96. 1997-08-25KreatorFlag of Hate
97. 1997-06-30KreatorTotal Death
98. 1997-06-23KreatorAgents of Brutality
99. 1996-12-16KreatorComa of Souls
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