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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1238 playlist up with 52574 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2018-12-10OpethDemon Of The Fall (Live)Garden Of The Titans (Opeth Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre)Nuclear Blast Records
2. 2018-09-24OpethThe Drapery FallsBlackwater ParkMusic For Nations
3. 2018-08-06OpethThe Leper AffinityBlackwater ParkMusic For Nations
4. 2018-01-08OpethThe Leper AffinityBlackwater ParkMusic For Nations
5. 2017-12-25OpethInto the Frost of WinterOrchidCandlelight Records
6. 2016-11-14OpethDirge for NovemberBlackwater ParkMusic For Nations
7. 2016-10-03OpethStrange BrewSorceressNuclear Blast Records
8. 2016-09-26OpethChrysalisSorceressNuclear Blast Records
9. 2016-06-06OpethCircle of the TyrantsIn Memory of Celtic FrostDwell Ministries
10. 2016-03-14OpethThe Twilight Is My RobeOrchidCandlelight Records
11. 2015-11-16OpethDirge For NovemberBlackwater Parkkoch
12. 2015-10-19OpethBleakBlackwater Parkkoch
13. 2014-10-20OpethForest Of OctoberOrchidcandlelight
14. 2014-02-10Opeththe night and silent waterOrchidcandlelight
15. 2013-04-01OpethInto The Frost Of WinterOrchidpeaceville
16. 2011-07-18OpethBleakBlackwater Parkkoch
17. 2009-12-21OpethCircle Of The TyrantsVarious Artist: In Memory Of Celtic Frostdwell
18. 2009-02-16Opethby the pain i see in othersDeliverencekoch
19. 2008-02-04OpethUnder a Weeping Moonthe Roundhouse Tapespeaceville
20. 2008-01-07Opethghost of perditionthe Roundhouse Tapespeaceville
21. 2007-12-31OpethBleakthe Roundhouse Tapespeaceville
22. 2007-11-26OpethbleakBlackwater Parkkoch
23. 2007-10-15OpethAdventMorningrisecandlelight
24. 2007-01-01opethinto the frost of winter
25. 2006-10-16opeththe night and silent water
26. 2006-08-21opeththe dreapery falls
27. 2006-04-24opethCircle Of The Tyrants
28. 2005-10-17opeththe baying of the hounds
29. 2005-09-19opethghost of perdition
30. 2005-09-12opethreverie/harlequin forest
31. 2005-08-29opeththe baying of hounds
32. 2005-08-22opeththe baying of hounds
33. 2005-05-09opethnectar
34. 2004-08-23opethby the pain I see in others
35. 2004-06-21opethleaper affinityBlackwater Parkkoch
36. 2004-03-29opethby the pain I see in others
37. 2004-02-16opethleaper affinityBlackwater Parkkoch
38. 2003-12-29opethdeliveranceDeliverenceroadrunner
39. 2003-12-22opeththe lepper affinityBlackwater Parkkoch
40. 2003-11-10opethby the pain I see in others
41. 2003-07-22OpethCircle Of The Tyrants
42. 2003-05-20OpethDeliverenceDeliverenceroadrunner
43. 2003-01-21OpethCircle Of The Tyrants
44. 2003-01-14OpethDeliverenceDeliverenceroadrunner
45. 2003-01-07Opethby the pain I see in Others
46. 2002-12-31OpethBy the Pain I see in Others
47. 2002-12-24OpethDeliveranceDeliverenceroadrunner
48. 2002-12-17OpethMaster's Apprentices
49. 2002-12-01OpethDeliveranceDeliverenceroadrunner
50. 2002-11-26OpethWreath
51. 2002-11-12opethby the pain i see in others
52. 2002-11-05Opethwreath
53. 2001-04-17OpethHarvest
54. 2001-04-10OpethBleakBlackwater Parkkoch
55. 2001-04-03OpethBlackwater ParkBlackwater Parkkoch
56. 2001-03-27OpethBleakBlackwater Parkkoch
57. 2001-03-06opethAncient Skin
58. 2001-02-27Opeththe Funeral Portrait
59. 2001-02-20Opeththe Leper AffinityBlackwater Parkkoch
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