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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1133 playlist up with 48353 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2019-09-16Extinction AgendaPatron Saint of ChainsawsThe Grace DefileExtinction Agenda
2. 2017-08-28Darken The SkyVelvet Chains Of DissastisfactionDemo 2002self-released
3. 2017-06-26REPLACIRE07 Moonbred ChainsDo Not DeviateSeason of Mist
4. 2016-12-05EthernalBlood, Chains and MiseryGrim EthernityUnholy Design - via Metalhit
5. 2015-07-20Morbid SlaughterChainsaw BladeA Filthy Orgy Of Horror And DeathBoris
6. 2015-05-25ScaphismChainsawdomyFestering Human Remainsself-released
7. 2015-05-25FleshcutDisfigured By ChainsawGruesome And Vile
8. 2014-10-27Gotham CitySwords And ChainsThe Unknown
9. 2014-10-20Running WildChains Of LeatherWild Animal EP
10. 2014-06-30DIOEgypt (The Chains Are On)Last In Linewarner_bros
11. 2014-06-23Morbus ChronChainsSwevencenturymedia
12. 2013-05-06Cryptic Warningchainsaw sacrifice ritualSanity's Aberationself-released
13. 2012-10-22DesolateGrotesquely Chainsawn RemainsSanity Obiliteratedpathos
14. 2012-07-09The If In LifeChainsaw CityFour Steps: To Becoming A Social Animalself-released
15. 2012-03-26GoreChainsawMean Man's Dream
16. 2011-09-05Darken the SkyVelvet Chains Of DissastisfactionSix Sigmaself-released
17. 2011-05-16Death Ray VisionChainsaw Of BeesEpisode One: Get Lost Or Get Deadself-released
18. 2011-05-16EthernalBlood, Chains, & MiseryGrim Ethernityunholy_designs
19. 2011-01-31ScaphismChainsodomyBoarcorpse-Composted-Scaphism - splitself-released
20. 2010-12-20ScaphismChainsodomyBoarcorpse-Composted-Scaphism - splitself-released
21. 2010-11-01PertnessInvisible ChainsFrom The Beginning To The Endkarthago
22. 2010-02-15MorticianChainsaw DismembermentChainsaw Dismembermentrelapse
23. 2009-12-28Extinction AgendaPatron Saint of Chainsawsthe Grace Defileself-released
24. 2009-08-03Napalm DeathFood ChainsNapalm Death/Coalesceearache
25. 2008-09-22CrossexaminationUnlimited ChainsawMenace II Sobrietyorganized_crime
26. 2008-08-25CrossexaminationUnlimited ChainsawMenace II Sobrietyorganized_crime
27. 2008-08-11the SummonedChainsaw FaceliftHarvestrespawn
28. 2008-07-21Corpsefucking ArtHomicidal Chainsaw ButcheryCorpse Fuck Art/Goretrade splitunited_gutteral
29. 2008-07-07the SummonedChainsaw FaceliftHarvestrespawn
30. 2007-08-06MorticianChainsaw DismembermentChainsaw Dismembermentrelapse
31. 2006-11-13napalm deathfood chains
32. 2006-10-23Extinction AgendaPatron Saint of Chainsaws
33. 2006-03-13regurgitatephrenetic chainsaw slaughter of a crippled infant
34. 2006-01-09within chocking rangechainsaw anthem
35. 2005-11-21Corpsefucking Arthomicidal chainsaw butchery
36. 2005-04-18napalm deathfood chains
37. 2004-03-22Cryptic Warningchainsaw sacrifice ritualSanity's Aberationself-released
38. 2004-03-08life at zerochainsaw enema
39. 2003-09-09Darken the Skyvelvet chains of dissastisfaction
40. 2003-07-08LeviathanFucking your ghost in chains of ice
41. 2003-02-18Corpsefucking ArtHomicidal Chainsaw Butchery
42. 2002-11-26KataklysmBound in Chains
43. 2002-10-08DarkaneBound In Chains
44. 2002-08-13Corpsefucking ArtHomicidal Chainsaw Butchery
45. 2001-10-23Napalm DEathFood Chains
46. 2001-03-27MorticianChainsaw Dismemberment
47. 2000-10-17Napalm DeathFood Chains
48. 2000-10-17Napalm DeathFood Chains
49. 2000-08-28MorticianChainsaw Dismemberment
50. 2000-07-10PsychristAbate the chains of BuleEmbrace Rapture in Disgustdissident
51. 2000-03-06SatyriconTied in Bronze Chains
52. 2000-01-17SatyriconTied in Bronze Chains
53. 1999-07-05MorticianChainsaw Dismemberment
54. 1997-02-24Napalm DeathFood chains
55. 1997-01-27Napalm DeathFood Chains
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