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New site? Maybe some day.


this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1360 playlist up with 56685 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2014-07-07MinistryStigmataLand of Rape and HoneyWarner Bros
2. 2014-07-07
3. 2014-07-07King DiamondThe 7th Day Of July 1777Abigailroadrunner
4. 2014-07-07Coven 6669Christsycle/Reaming The PopeBoneless Chrisianred_light_records
5. 2014-07-07AnthraxIndiansAmong the Livingisland
6. 2014-07-07Laaz RockitThe OmenAnnihilation Prinicipleenigma
7. 2014-07-07Swarm of the Lotusan ocean of fireWhen White Becomes Blackat_a_loss
8. 2014-07-07
9. 2014-07-07GravenSacrifice Of The Common ManThe Filth Will Cleanseself-released
10. 2014-07-07DISMALost In The Burial FogTowards The Megalithself-released
11. 2014-07-07Damagedthe Mirror PerilsToken Remedy Researchrotten
12. 2014-07-07SepulturaDead Embryonic CellsThe Roots of Sepultura
13. 2014-07-07
14. 2014-07-07The HeuristicThis Is First ManassasParapraxasblack_box
15. 2014-07-07
16. 2014-07-07Mutilation RitesGravitational CollapseHarbingerprosthetic
17. 2014-07-07King Of AsgardRemnant Of The PastKargmetalblade
18. 2014-07-07EntrailsYour Dead Dog SmileResurrected From The Grave (Demo Collection)metalblade
19. 2014-07-07OriginThe Absurfity Of What IOmnipresentnuclearblast
20. 2014-07-07
21. 2014-07-07Rude AwakeningDragging The AnchorCollateral Damagebridge9
22. 2014-07-07ExpireGravityPretty Lowbridge9
23. 2014-07-07Test Of TimePerceptionA Place Beyondbridge9
24. 2014-07-07
25. 2014-07-07Empire Of AurigaThe SolarthroneAscending The Solar Thronemoribund
26. 2014-07-07Old PaganThe ExecutionsMaledictusSVacula Productions
27. 2014-07-07The NightstalkerLord Of DarknessThe Chronicles Of Natural CityWolfshade
28. 2014-07-07
29. 2014-07-07CarnivoraThrash Of The TitansEternalself-released
30. 2014-07-07AlteriusSpilling Of Innocent BloodDemo EPself-released
31. 2014-07-07BiohazardSwitchbackNew World Disorder
32. 2014-07-07Liege LordFalloutMaster Controlmetalblade
33. 2014-07-07
34. 2014-07-07ByzantineTemporary TemplesAnd They Shall Take Up Serpentsprosthetic
35. 2014-07-07Solitude AeturnusFallingThrough the Darkest Hourpavement
36. 2014-07-07VikingThey Raped The LandMan Of Strawmetalblade
37. 2014-07-07DestructionUnder SurveillanceInventor Of Evilcandlelight
38. 2014-07-07KreatorWorld AnarchyEnemy Of Godspv
39. 2014-07-07
40. 2014-07-07Dead To FallGraven ImageEverything I touch falls to peicesvictory
41. 2014-07-07Darkest HourThe Misinformation AgeHidden Hands of a Sadist Nationvictory
42. 2014-07-07UnearthShattered by the SunThe Sting Of Conscience
43. 2014-07-07Blessing the HogsThe CarrierThe Twelve Gauge Solutiongoodfellow
44. 2014-07-07Population ReductionLegalize EverythingEach Birth a New Disastertankcrimes
45. 2014-07-07
46. 2014-07-07Mutilated VeteransCarnage WarfareNecro Crust Warheadhells_headbangers
47. 2014-07-07EvilnightLord Of DarkstarStormhymns Of Filthhells_headbangers
48. 2014-07-07RamlordRestrainedRamlord/Condensed Flesh - Splt CDself-released
49. 2014-07-07AvskyMushroom CloudMass Destructionhumanitys_plague
50. 2014-07-07
51. 2014-07-07NorttDe Dodes KorGraven
52. 2014-07-07Ed GeinChristianity as Foreign PolicyJudas Goats & Dieseleatersblackmarket_activities
53. 2014-07-07Psyopusthe white lightIdeas of Referenceblackmarket_activities
54. 2014-07-07EngineerBig Black Smilethe Dregsblackmarket_activities
55. 2014-07-07
56. 2014-07-07GravelandBlood Of Christians On My SwordThousand Swords
57. 2014-07-07EyeHateGodKill Your BossTake as Needed for Paincenturymedia
58. 2014-07-07MastodonHalloweenOnce More 'Round The SunWarner Bros
59. 2014-07-07Einsturzende NeubautenEin Stuhl in der HoelleHaus der Luegerough_trade
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